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I was in my last days of the 11th grade when My Father was transferred completely across country.
I would leave all of my friends that I had made in the 4 years that my pop was stationed in Washington.
I had not decided to go to a party for the end of school but thought what the hell. It was a costume party. I had all sorts of stuff but not a full costume ready. With a bit of thought I started to pull things together and came up with a very good Zorro outfit that did not look cheep. I even had a sword that was just right. Really the only thing that I had trouble with was the mask. But I have a sister who helped me with cutting it out…. When I put it on even she could not tell who I was..

This was the last night that I was going to be in this town so I decided to just go with what ever happened short of drugging or drinking myself to oblivion. When I got there it wasn’t hard to tell who some of my class mates were. Sally was a girl that I really liked a lot but we were just not in the same crowd. I went over to her and started talking to her in a cheesy Spanish accent. Oh I forgot to say that I also had put on a very good fake mustache so I was further disguised. We talked only for a short time with her trying to figure out who I was. I did not want to tell so I told her that I would reveal who I was later that night or before the end of school tomorrow. Yeah Right. Sally dragged me out into the large garden that several areas that were very secluded and away from the house. She said that the mysteriousness of my costume and the Spanish accent was making her horny… Whoa.. I was digging this.. We started to make out in the dark and she was getting hotter by the second. She reached out and checked out my Cock finding it hard and ready… She gasped and said for me to give it to her turning around pulling her dress over her ass showing me a very beautiful ass without nothing to spoil the view.
I bent down and gave that sweet ass a kiss and a lick and she groaned. I bulled out my cock and asked her if she really wanted it and she reached back, grabbed and nearly pulled it off getting it lined up. I slowly pushed in listening to her sigh and them moan. I did everything I could think of to keep from cumming to fast. To my amazement and her delight I lasted about 10 minutes and she came at least 3 times before I came in her silk pussy. We sat and talked a bit and then got up and straightened up before we went inside. Sally went one way and I went to the food… I was ravenous after what we did. I was thankful that The weather was cool so what sweat we did break didn’t smell.

I had just finished a plate of really good food when Cheryl came up to me and tried to figure out who I was. Again I did not want to tell. Surprisingly she said that Sally had told her of the mysterious Zorro that would not tell who he was. I told her that Zorro Never told who he was and why destroy the mystique. After a few minutes she grabbed my hand and took me out the back where Sally and I had just had a great time. We sat on the bench talking for about 10 minutes when she leaned into me and laid one of the best kisses on me that I have ever had… I thought that I would lose my mustache but it stayed on. Lips as moist as ever and a tongue that knew how to play. Cheryl then got down and knelt in front of me stating that Sally had told her that I had a great cock and that she wanted it. She dug it out and I am proud to say that it was ready to do anything that Cheryl wanted to.. Oh those lips could kiss a cock.. The tongue was as good or better on my cock as it was in my mouth.. after some time Elazığ Escort she stood up pulled her dress up showing my her treasure that was ready to play.. “Give it to me” she said and I laid her down on the bench with my cape as a pillow.. Always the gentleman is Zorro. I bent down and kissed her hot pussy and loved it.. I didn’t think that I would miss it after that night but I was wrong. I did. Oh she tasted like…. More…. She wanted me in her so I stopped licking the best desert I had ever had. Slowly I pushed into her. She moaned and gasped as my hard cock pushed into a hot velvet sheath. I was grateful that I had come not long ago and also that I had some food because.. Damn I needed it with Cheryl.. She came and came and just gushed. 20 minutes it had to be. I was getting tired when she just collapsed and said enough and that I had worn her out. I wore her out??? How about me.. Holding on to a wild cat.. I was glad that she was a quite cummer. We sat talking and she again tried to get it out of me as to who I was. No I said and maybe at school. Mystery.

We straightened up and went back in.. I went to the bathroom to “Freshen Up” Like get the pussy juice off my face and some deodorant.

I again hit the food getting a bigger plate than I had before. After that and a couple bottles of water I was leaning against a door jam talking to Ralph who also did not know who I was when Carla came over and asked Ralph to excuse the two of us. Dragging me over to a quite corner she started asking me the same questions that Sally and Cheryl asked.. “ Ah My beautiful Rose why destroy the mystique
of the evening” I laid it on and she seemed to melt from what I was saying to her. As with the other two she grabbed me and took me out to the bench that I had used twice before. We sat there talking and again I told my lie about telling tomorrow. She was good with that and then we started to kiss..she pushed me onto my back on the bench and opened my pants pulling them off and lightly grabbing my inflating cock. She purred and bent down to suck me int her mouth but stopped and said “shit Cheryl was telling the truth! You two did fuck!” And with that she took me as far as she could go. Oh If Carla had been the first I would not have lasted 10 seconds. Ah I was floating being held to the world by her mouth sucking my cock. Carla got up pulling up her dress showing me a beautiful pussy, dripping and ready. I thought, Doesn’t any of the girls at my school wear panties? Slowly, oh so tormentingly slowly she sat on my hard shaft. I watched her eyes in the darkness to see if they opened.
She groaned and finely hit bottom. I was being squeezed constantly by her hot, slick, TIGHT pussy.
She said “Oh your dick in my cunt feels so damn good” Again, Slowly, she started to move up and down on my ridged pole. Her speed was getting faster and faster the more she came. I was along for the ride but at the same time that she set out a loud whimper and collapsed on me I came with everything I had. Thinking “I still had some to give??” Carla stayed on my chest for a few minutes recovering. “You and I are going to get married because I want this all the time” I was feeling both great because I had given her a ride that she gushed about and Bad because I would never see her again. I felt like such a Cad.

We straightened up and went inside again going separate ways with me going to the food. I was working off everything I took in.

I was talking with some of the guys from my class again not telling who I was when Amber came up behind me and put her arms around me saying that if I told her Elazığ Escort Bayan who I was that she would not tell anyone. I said Excuse us and took Amber out into the back yard and stood by the short wall that was around the deck and told her that I would not tell tonight. We talked a short time when I pulled her to me and looking into her eyes I kissed her long and softly. She was breathless and horny when we broke the kiss. And she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bench. Oh I wish I had that bench now as it has sentimental value to me. Amber did not need any warm up telling me that Sally, Carla and Cheryl had told her what they had done with me and it made her so hot she was steaming. She bent over raised her dress and showed me that she also wasn’t wearing panties. “Ram it into me and fuck me hard, Zorro!” “Give me your sword” Standing there with her milk white ass pointing at me I did as she asked and rammed it in her. “Yes” she said and pushed back against me as I gave her everything I had left. 20 minutes and 30 orgasms later I blew all that I had left for the night into her wet hot hole. She stood up turned around and kissed me stating that She and the other girls were going to marry me and keep what I had to themselves. I told her that that would be something.. I kissed her again and took her inside..

By now the other guys knew something was going on and were getting miffed so I decided that was it for me in the town I grew up in. I left the party without anyone seeing me go. The next morning we left The Rock and headed to Key West.

Fast forward 5 years.

I pulled into town. It looked pretty much as I remembered it. I really missed that place.. I was coming back to stay so I found a big place with plenty of room and a good sized private back yard.

I went shopping for food and stuff for my new home when I ran into Carla. She was holding on to a child that was about 5 years old and I have to admit looked like me… I said Hi and asked her how she was and what was happening telling her that I had just got back into town. She said that she and Zoe, Her daughter, were just shopping and that there were still old school mates here. She looked at me kind of funny for a second and then asked where I was staying. I told her the house number and she asked if it was the one with all the bedrooms. I told her yes and she asked why I bought such a big house for just myself… I told her that I don’t like small places and other than that it just felt right.

I asked her over that evening and she said that only if she could bring Zoe.. I said sure as I do love kids.

When she got there I had some things hung on the walls and had a modest dinner made for the three of us. After dinner we sat in the living room and I played with Zoe and talked with Carla. She asked me when I had left the Rock as she was looking at a sword that I had hanging on the wall. I told her that I left the last day of 11th grade. I was looking at her when I said it and I saw the light come on. She called Zoe over to her and said “ Zoe,. This is your Daddy!” I wasn’t shocked as I could see the family resemblance easily. Carla came over to me and asked why it took so long to come back. I told her that I did not know that she had gotten pregnant. She kissed me and told me that She, Amber, Cheryl and sally never found out who was Zorro and to this day it was a mystery. We sat for some time just holding Zoe. Zoe fell asleep in my arms sleepily saying before she crashed “I Love you Daddy” I was hooked. I had a Daughter and she loves me.

Carla was on the phone for a few Escort Elazığ minutes coming back sitting next to me as Zoe slept.. Not 5 minutes later the door opened and Cheryl came in with a 5 year old girl with her. Cheryl came over to me and said Damn… You. Sheepishly I said Hi Cheryl.. She came over to me and slapped me. As my ear was ringing to call the fire department she leaned in and kissed me. Oh man just as I remembered it. She called her daughter over and told me that her name is Zada and then said” Zada, This is your Daddy” Oh heavens I had 2 Daughters.. Zada came over to me and asked me “are you really my daddy, cause I don’t have a daddy” I held out my arms and said Yes I am your daddy. She came into my arms and gave me a big hug saying “I love you Daddy!” And promptly fell asleep in my arms. The Girls just smiled and kissed my cheek. I laid Zoe and Zada on a bed in one of the rooms..

I had just gotten back into the living room when Amber came into the house holding the hand of a child that looked like my sister at 5 years old. She came over to me and looked at me real hard. Then Carla told her to look at the wall where my Zorro Sword was hanging. Somewhat shocked she said “It’s true, He is Zorro!” I quietly said Yes. She said that she remembered me and that she really had a crush on me but was too shy to say anything to me, but then I was gone and that was that, but that she didn’t think that I was Zorro. She came up to me and pulled me into a long breathtaking kiss. I really did miss that kiss. She call her daughter over to her and said “Zuki, This is your daddy!” Zuki looked at me as I had dropped to my knees and she said ”your my Daddy?” I said yes Zuki. She Smiled so brightly that the room lit up. She jumped into my arms and hugged me. “I have a daddy!” Dang, from a bachelor with no kids or wife to having 3 daughters in one day. Zuki fell asleep rather quickly and I put her with her sisters… Wow Sisters..

As I got back to the living room Sally showed up. With her was a little boy. Sally came up to me and said..You.. I said Me. Sally stated that she remembered me and that she also had a liking for me but the time never happened to do anything about it and then I was gone. She came over and looked me in the eyes and kissed me hot and hard. After that she called her Son over and said “Zack, This is your Father.!” Zack looked at me and held out his hand for a shake but I took him into my arms and hugged him telling him that I was so very happy to have him as my son. As he was sleepy already he fell asleep in my arms as did his sisters. I put him in bed with his sisters.

I walked out into the living room and looked at 4 very beautiful women. I sat and asked “Now what”.
The Girls looked at me and said together as if planned “ We Marry you!” Amber had told me 5 years before that all my girls were going to marry me. And that is what they planned to do. Carla stood up came over and knelt in front of me and took my pants and underwear off and stated that this is it. Then she sucked my cock to the root. Oh I tried to hold off but there was no way and I blew it all down her throat. She took it all and said that she wanted that for the last 5 years. Amber came over and showed me that her ass was still as perfect as it was then. Hard…. Wood Hard.. and she wanted it hard and I gave her what she wanted. We fucked in front of my other “Wives” until she told me that she could not anymore. We all went to bed after locking the house and continued till I was drained. 9 months later we had the next 4 children. This time it was 3 boys and one girl.. We did not continue the Z’s..

That was 13 years ago and we had another set of 4. That time it was 2 and 2.

I am a bit worried tonight.. My Son “Zack” is going to his last High School party…

He is going as “Zorro”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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