Zach and Mrs. Smith’s Panties Ch. 05

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Three enchantresses, two breedings and a few butts.

WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including breeding and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen.

If you wish to read about Zach’s loss of his virginity by Mrs. Smith, breeding his mother and sister and the beginning of his ‘calling’ then go back and start with Chapter 1. This whole story line is a shout out to those early pulp adult novels that I read in my youth before sites like Literotica existed. This story line will end with this last very long chapter that takes an alternate path at first then returns to the previous characters. Hope you enjoyed the series.

After breeding Vivian impregnating two different eggs as she ovulated twice Mrs. Smith joined her daughter in bed. Mrs. Smith claimed my cock up her ass and enjoyed when I filled it with pulses of my cum. After a short rest mother and daughter coaxed my cock rock hard. I then got a two lips blow job that had both women sucking cock and kissing. Each took hot cum globs on their tongue, their tits then snowballed my cum between them as they kissed like lovers.

When I got home Mom and Sammy were in bed together. Mom and I made love that night and Sammy rode my cock in the morning. We all showered together and my new ‘wives’ made me breakfast. Afterwards Mom asked me if I wanted my ‘wives’ to be naked all day and available for my needs.

“I think we should dress and cuddle today and spend a quiet day while I recover from all my special assignments I have had these past few days. I think I’d like to go up to Dad’s cabin for some alone time. Would that be ok? I’ll be back by the weekend.”

So that’s what we did. We watched TV, hugged, had lunch then I prepared my motorcycle packs with clothes and cooked food. We always kept the cabin stocked with essentials and have a generator for electricity. Our cabin was up in the hills and we had contracted with a telecommunications company and let them install a cell tower. I would have Wi-Fi, cable and cell phone. I was hardly roughing it.

As I rolled down the street I saw Mrs. Smith and Vivian standing by Vivian’s car. They waved me down and after I pulled of my helmet they each gave me a long deep kiss. Vivian put my hand on her belly then started to cry as she realized two babies were already growing in her womb. They both gave me a bear hug and naughty Vivian pushed my hand lower onto the crotch of her shorts then laughed. They wished me a safe trip and Mrs. Smith told me I could stop by whenever I had a need and she promised not to pester me or be clingy.

I got up to the cabin with a few hours of daylight left and set everything up and kicked off the generator. I had a quiet night but just before I was to turn it my cell phone dinged. There were two pics. One was white with a red circle in it and the other was dark with a yellow or golden circle in the middle. I could not decipher what it was when another text arrived.

“How do you like our butt plugs? Dana picked out the colors and we have been wearing them up our butts all day. We have even larger ones we’re gonna push up there and get ready for your cock.” (Laurel)

Ding came another text. “So when you get back home call me. ‘Mrs. Dempsey’ and Daddy are gonna be away for the whole weekend with my brother so I expect your fat monster cock showing up at my house. You’re gonna take two virgin assholes as I got Dana’s daddy to agree to a weekend sleep over to keep me company. Poor Dana’s daddy! Poor Dana’s asshole! You better do me just as good! See you soon!” (Laurel).

I wondered if my cock would ever again get some alone time as I turned in for the night. My sleep was filled with dreams. I saw a dark haired woman and I making love then a flaming redhead who I bred. That modulated into a series of dreams with many women and I having sex many of which I left with child. I saw my Mom and sister Samantha nursing my two daughters. The night ended with a vision of me as a doctor with many female patients, many who needed my special skill applied where they needed it most. I awoke very refreshed but with a cock as hard as a rock!

I went to rub it out when a whisper entered my thoughts; “Zachery come to me.”

As if in a trance I walked out naked onto the cabin porch. There was the thought again, “Zachery come to me.”

The morning air was fresh and clean. I walked down the hill to our lake access beach. I stood there breathing in the fresh morning air and immersed in the sounds and sights of nature. I looked at the lake in front of me and the waters became disturbed. As I stepped a foot into the water a few yards out a black shape just below the water rose up. What looked like black weeds floated out from the central shape. I thought a huge turtle has surfaced.

But then a pale white band broke the surface and I watched spell bound as a beautiful face appeared. Dark captivating eyes stared at me as a delicate face and a broad smile shone at me. mersin escort Then snow white shoulders broke above the water and long black hair floated about them. When two large breasts surfaced I knew it was a woman. The breasts were nice and full. Her breasts and their fullness spoke to me of softness and nourishment. On each breast was a dark areole and because of the cold water very firm dark full nipples.

As she rose further the lake water ran sensuously between her breasts and down her pillow tummy ending in a dark hair covered vulva. Her waist pulled in then flared out to broad hips that spoke of fruitfulness. Her nether lips shone from the lake water calling me to fill them with my strength. She rose no further and the clear lake water lapped against her labia and awashed her long black hair around her full hips. She smiled brightly but did not walk any further.

“The breeze is blowing your sexual scent towards me and I find it very strong and desirous. Come enter the water and caress my body with your strength,” she said hauntingly while looking me over and stopping at my groin. Her speech had a strange accent somewhat older more ancient sounding.

What I have always liked about my cock is that since I turned eighteen it always stays its full eight thick inches and just gets hard when I’m aroused. The companion large balls make for an intimidating package. I got a lot of razzing my senior year of high school once I started showering after practice. The team told rumors and warnings spread to all the cheerleaders and senior girls about what a huge cock Zach had.

But since my Mom and sister and Mrs. Smith made me a sexually experienced man I felt no embarrassment about the full size of my cock. Mrs. Dempsey and Vivian benefited from my size and my newly educated abilities, staying power and quick recovery. I had bred three women since losing my virginity; my Mom, my sister Samantha and Mrs. Smith’s daughter Vivian.

I entered the water and walked forward and my mystery lake woman retreated until we were chest deep in the lake water standing so close I could feel her hard nipples rub against me. The water lapped at her hard nipples as they appeared then disappeared behind the soft waves of the lake water. The lake water was crystal clear and I could see the swell of her breasts and the darkness between her thighs.

She put her hands around my neck and suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist capturing my cock against her labia and my abs. Even in the cold water a warmth caressed the underside of my cock. Her pussy lips rose up my cockshaft until she reached my dickhead. She rubbed the knot under my dickhead with what felt like a large walnut. I had to guess it was her clit and I wanted to get my lips around it. With a slight shift of her hips my dickhead entered her warm wet pussy and she slowly slid down on my fat long cock.

She settled down on the base of my cock and I felt my dickhead push against the very tight end of her vagina. She moaned and rotated her hips circling my cockhead in her warm tight wetness. She rose up and slid back down on my cock her big clit rubbing against the base of my cock and my groin. She rode my cock up and down using the waves she generated to support her firm ass. Her full breasts massaged my torso as her hard nipples scraped across my chest. My hands had moved onto her ass to support her and I squeezed each full firm ass cheek.

She read me with her deep penetrating dark eyes. “Now hold me Zachery, while I cum on your nice long thick cock,” she said and started riding my cock up and down into her feminine oven. She dropped to my balls and my dickhead hit the top of her pussy and kissed the doorway to her womb.

Her pussy tightened and her dark eyes opened wide and her teeth were bared as she shook through a strong orgasm squeezing my cock all along its eight inch length. She bit into my shoulder and I could smell my blood. Power pulsed throughout my body and I thrust my cock up deep into her vagina. My cock was crushed along the walls of her pussy as it pulsed over and over. There was a warmth on my balls in the cold water as her juices flowed down my cock. She slowed and placed her face on my neck and licked where she broke the skin and drank some more of my warm blood. She kissed the wound and the pain went away. She moved to my lips and kissed me deeply as we inhaled each other’s breath. I could taste my blood on her lips and it seemed to invigorate me.

“Carry me to the beach and claim me hard and deep my chieftain and give up your strength by filling me with your cum!” she cast her spell.

I carried her out of the water as its cold ran between us. She was still impaled on my hard cock imbedded in her hot oven. Out of the water her pussy felt like a kid glove over filled with melted butter. I dropped to my knees and lay her on her back and placed my hands on her firm full breasts. She moaned when I gave each a firm grip then I pulled on her hard dark nipples and she hissed at me and bared her teeth.

The mersin escort bayan shore was covered with small smooth stones brought down by the glaciers as the lake was formed thousands of years ago. I knelt and pulled her hips towards me and buried my cockhead against the doorway to her womb. It did not yield but my mystery woman seemed to enjoy that I was so deep inside her. I pulled back to my cockhead and slid my full fat cock back in hard. I did that for several minutes watching her tits wiggle on her chest.

The cool breeze kept her nipples rock heard and I could not resist. I brought my lips onto a nipple and sucked hard. I was shocked to taste warm milk flow over my tongue and I nursed on that fat breast. When that one emptied I moved to the other and drank it dry. I then bit the nipple on her left tit and pulled it out with my teeth. I was still running my pussy lubed cock in and out of her tight cunt pushing my pubic ridge against her swollen clit.

“You call what you are doing fucking me hard and deep?” she rebuked me. “Fuck me chieftain with your big cock or pull out and go home!”

I got angry and started pounding her pussy hard and deep driving her ass into the pebbles and shaking her tits and causing her pussy to froth. She moaned each time my dickhead punched her cervix and she pushed her hips upwards to meet my cock driving down. She wrapped her strong legs around my back and ground her fat clit against the base of my cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she moaned and her pussy gripped my cock and pulsed over and over. Warm fluid poured out from her pussy lips causing me to build to my orgasm. She slammed her hips up towards me and squeezed her cunt tight on my cock each time it went deep. It felt like her cunt was milking my cock like a farm girl on the prized family cow. My balls pulled up tight then pulsed and I screamed as each bolt of cum shot out my engorged dickhead. Six, seven, eight blasts of cum burned out my dickhead as I drove my cock deep on each blast.

My chest was heaving as I dropped onto her pillow breasts and our sweat merged on our torsos. With great strength she rolled me onto my back with my cock still filling her pussy. She tightened her pussy trapping my cum within so none leaked out. She tenderly ran her hands across my chest then licked off my sweat.

She then bit softly up my body nipping each nipple and again bit into my neck and sucked the trickle of blood that oozed. She nestled atop my chest and we slept from the exhaustion of lovers. I dreamed of breading many women some in warm beds and some on cold stones warmed by a night bonfire. We awoke when the air became chilly and she pushed up and slid her pussy off my cock. None of my cum leaked out as if her body had absorbed it all.

She stood then offered me her hand and with unexpected strength pulled me up and back into the cold mountain lake to rinse off. “Walk with me back to your cabin. You will spend some time with me as I continue your education. Do not be concerned about your plans. You will find that time will not pass while with me.”

She took my right arm and we walked up to the cabin. Suddenly a raven flew past her left shoulder and it made me jump. “Don’t worry about her. I won’t let her peck out your eyes unless you’re disrespectful,” she laughed lightly as the raven cawed loudly and setting on the eve of the cabin.

She entered the cabin bedroom and lay on her back sideways on my bed with her legs spread wide. Her pussy opened and her blushed inner lips shone from her moistness and running juices. “I can smell your scent on this bed Zachery and I read your mind that you wish to worship my womanness. Do not ask my chieftain. Take what you desire from a woman once she had yielded herself to you. If her legs are wide with anticipation give her pleasure before you take your own. Wait until she screams your name before you paint her insides with your hot thick virile man cum. Now place your lips on my nether lips and drink your fill.”

“Who are you mistress?” I asked lost in her spell.

“Until I have reveled myself more fully to you please call me Morgan.”

“I have seen you in my dreams haven’t I Mistress Morgan?” I asked somewhat startled.

“You ask too many questions my chieftain, now kneel and eat my pussy and drink my honey and make me cum until defeated I call your name for mercy,” Morgan growled and pulled her pussy lips apart and brought her heals up onto the side of the bed. Then she dropped her knees to the side and she was spread eagled. I watched as her pussy juices ran out from the coral pink between her lips and wet between her ass cheeks.

Her dark star shone from her warm honey and I was spellbound to lick there also. “Do you wish to take your pleasure there my chieftain? Shall I give my body totally for your pleasure. You have claimed the ass of all your women so far and I see two more preparing themselves for your horsecock. Begin to please me Zachery and I shall give you my gift if you make me escort mersin cum many times,” she teased me rubbing her anus with her own thick lube.

I knelt beside the bed and brought my face near her nether lips. I breathed in her scent and it overwhelmed me. I pushed out my tongue and starting with her darkstar I licked through her warmth until I flipped her large clit. I took her clit between my lips like a succulent nipple. Morgan moaned and pulled my hair. I licked down and pushed my tongue into the opening of her dark star and her warm oven. My tongue was coated with her pussy honey.

I placed my lips to her dark downy pussy lips and sucked her juices into my mouth and swallowed again and again. Her honey warmed my throat and stomach as I drank at her sexual well. I moved my lips onto her walnut sized woman knot and moved my tongue left and right. Morgan moaned and pushed her pussy against my face.

I took two of my fingers and ran them through her wet lips picking up warm lube. I slowly pushed my fingers into her warm oven and curled them forward until I found her g-pad. I began massaging that mound inside her as I licked her clit. Morgan moaned and moved her pussy across my face. That movement caused my ring finger to graze her anus. She moaned at that and pushed against me. Her puckered ring was so lubed from her pussy honey that my finger pushed past her anal ring and entered the forbidden portal.

Morgan moaned and pushed back harder taking my finger up deep to my palm. I pulled back and added my pinkie to her ass and started moving both sets of fingers in and out of her body while sucking her clit. Her breathing became labored as her breast rose and fell. Her neck and torso turned bright red against her pale white skin. Suddenly her pussy and ass started pulsing on my fingers as she moaned louder and louder. She reached down and pulled my hair. It hurt but I let her crash through a powerful orgasm.

“Zachery, oh Zachery, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so strongly! Your fingers are driving me crazy. Stop, stop, it’s too sensitive. Stop sucking me. Pull out your fingers. Oh I’m cumming again!” she moaned loudly as her pussy soaked my fingers and the bed sheet. She breathed deeply and quickly then let out one long breath then pulled me down onto her sweaty tits.

Morgan rested for some time then rolled us over and sat on my thighs. My cock was hard and straight resting against her pubic curls. “Your cock wasn’t always so long and thick was it Zachery?” she asked as she rubbed my cock with her own warm pussy juice.

“No ma’am it happened just after I turned eighteen. One morning I woke up and my cock had changed to this size and length. I was frightened that something was medically wrong but I couldn’t talk to my Mom about my cock and heavy balls. I went to a clinic and the doctor was a mature female. Once I dropped my pants her eyes got wide and her hands started petting my cock. I thought she was gonna lean forward and take it in her mouth. After some time she told me it looked perfectly wonderful but to come back if it ever got painful and she might be willing to give my cock some relief.”

“It was soon after that that I went out for lacrosse and the guys razzed me about my cock size when we showered. They let their girlfriends know about my size and it killed my having any chance for having a serious girlfriend. I was lucky that Laurel agreed to go to the prom and that night I received a handjob and tons of my hot thick cum shot all over her little titties.”

“Then in the morning I told my Mom and sister about my frustration with my cock size and got an erotic blowjob from them both at the same time. Little did I know I would lose my virginity to a mature neighbor woman later that day. I can’t believe what progressed with my sexual experience. I bred my Mom and sister and a young woman and fucked my girlfriend’s mom. I don’t know how things got so out of control.”

“I caused your cock to grow and your balls to fill with very fertile cum. I placed that thought in your sister’s head and the desire to be bred in both your Mom and sister. You shall spend your life breeding daughters and will have no wife but your Mom and sister. I shall watch over you your whole life and I will claim your essence when you come to your end. And some time in the future I shall give you a special gift to be an empath to woman. It will give you an ability to read their desires and gift them with great pleasure. You will breed many of these women.”

As Morgan was telling me all this she was dripping her pussy honey on my cock shaft as she was sliding the doorway to her vagina up and down my cock. She now was sitting directly on my cock shaft as she held it captive against my abs. She had her pussy lips on either side of my cock and was bathing it in warm pussy juice. She reached forward and rubbed her walnut sized clit back and forth across my sensitive knot under my cockhead.

I was starting to breath heavily as her pussy job on my cock had been going on for several minutes. Morgan reached back and played with my balls with her slender fingers and the tips of her long black hair. When she leaned back her full firm breast projected out and up. I reached up and took each breast in my hands and massaged them roughly. She moaned loudly when I pulled and twisted each large dark nipple.

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