You’re My Bad Boy Now

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“So tell me; how’s it feel having Kyle back home,” the words I’ve been dreading for weeks now finally come out of her mouth.

We were having such a good session too, but now you’ve caused my whole body to go into a panic with just the mention of my son’s name. Whatever you do legs don’t cross yourselves or she’ll see how uncomfortable you are, and even though I’ve been coming in here once a week for a year and a half trying to get my shit together after that ass-hole ex-husband of mine left me for that young teacher’s aide it’s that image of my baby with an enormous bulge in his jeans that’s all I can see now. So be careful Sam; you know how good she is at picking up all those little nuisances most of the rest of us don’t even see, but I guess that’s why I chose her for my therapist. I wonder though; do I tell her what’s really going on inside me or wait for her to figure it out for herself?

“Well; he’s finally been discharged, and his physical therapy is pretty much over too,” is all I hear coming out of my mouth as the butterflies inside my stomach already have my insides churning.

That’s it; just keep it simple I hear the voice inside my head whispering as those eyes of hers just seem to be looking right through me, but there’s no way she’ll ever be able to figure out how I really feel if I don’t give her anything to fixate on. So just stay calm and take a deep breath; and besides, there’s less than ten minutes left of our session. Oh God, please make that clock’s hands start spinning around so I can get out of here in one piece and maybe I’ll even think about going back to church.

“So let’s see, he had two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan,” she asks as I feel that ache between my legs slowly starting to intensify.

Whatever you do Sam, don’t cross those long legs of yours or she’ll know for sure what’s really going on inside you. I have no idea why my panties always begin to soak whenever I even think about him, but they do, and the worst part is he knows it too. How couldn’t he with the way my eyes always seem to linger on him lately? But now he wants me to rub that special lotion the VA gave him that will help soften those horrific scars that for some reason is playing a part in all of this in a way I still haven’t quite figured out yet, but I know it’s something only a wife or girlfriend should do considering where the scars are located, and yet there’s a part of me that desperately wants to do it too.

“That’s right,” is all I can manage to say as my heart just seems to beating faster and faster as I try not to make it obvious as I take another quick glance at the clock again.

“A wounded warrior returning home to the one person who will always give him that gift of unconditional love,” she says as I’m sifting through each word looking for a hidden meaning which is only adding to my paranoia.

Do you really want to know how I feel about him; I don’t think so. But every night for the last few weeks as I lay in bed rubbing myself like I use to do when I was in high school thinking about spreading my legs apart for my boyfriend it’s really Kyle that I’m thinking about. I have no ideas how my wires got so screwed up but it’s how I feel now, but there’s no way I can tell you, is there? He went away a boy and came back a man, but not just any man, and there’s a part of me that’s been seduced by him already. The truth whether I want to admit it or not is from the neck down I’m already his, but it’s only what’s between my ears that’s holding me back from giving him what he wants from me.

“I gave him life and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make him happy,” I say instantly regretting what I just shared with her.

“You know Sam; I’ve noticed that you’re not coming in wearing that old faded sweat shirt anymore. I think having Kyle home has helped boost your self-esteem, don’t you,” she asks as I just know she’s already connecting the dots.

What do you want me to say? Of course I’ve gotten my self-esteem back; what woman my age wouldn’t with having a pair of eyes always undressing her. I still remember how annoyed I use to get when he was in high school and I’d catch him sneaking glances at me, but now those same looks only turn my legs to jelly. Is it the two bullet wounds and that jagged scar running up his side that’s at work here? I know I should be telling you all these emotions that are flooding my senses but I’m afraid you’ll take them away from me. It just feels so good to have that sexual part of me awake again after going into hibernation through the separation and divorce, and it’s not as if I’m really going to take my own son as my lover; right kitty.

“I think I’m just finally coming out of my funk, that’s all,” is all I can think to reply.

“I hope as you’re looking in the mirror you see the attractive young woman staring back at you that even men Kyle’s age find so desirable,” she says as the sound of the timer’s bell telling us the session has finally ended makes me realize just how uptight I’ve gotten in the last few minutes.

Of mardin escort course I see that woman staring back at me as I’m standing naked in front of my mirror every night, and the thought of oiling my boobs and having him sliding in and out between them until he pastes my neck and face with all that sticky goo like his father use to do is the image that I just can’t get out of my head. I can’t be the only mother who’s been cursed with these feelings, and yet they’re all so seductively alluring in a way that makes them seem so harmless. I could just kill that bastard for putting me in this position with our son, but the thought of him changing diapers again in his late forties as his tart’s belly continues to swell with their baby at least gives me some satisfaction.

“Well; I guess I’ll see you next week then,” is all I say as her eyes staring into mine is both unnerving and exciting me at the same time.


Tell me mirror; do I have the body that a twenty-four year old finds attractive? Oh how you’ve starved yourself to get back down to what you weighed in college; remember how all those boys were always trying to get between those long legs of yours? I do, and so does my kitten; don’t you kitty. But you were strong back then; that is until you couldn’t take the strain anymore from the throbbing between your legs. Let’s face it Sam; when it comes to sex you always want more, and when you found out Jack was cheating on you; you cut him off without hesitation. That not only drove him away but also left you with that crippling pain between your legs; smart move Sam, you killed two birds with one stone.

But what do I do now? Is all this just a tease for my kitty? You’re thinking too much; that’s always been your problem. Just let whatever happens happen, and besides, he probably isn’t even attracted to you. But if he’s not attracted to me why do I catch him with a bulge in his jeans when I come back from yoga class still wearing my tights. He wants you Sam, and once you start rubbing lotion on that gladiator body of his do you really think your hands will be able to stop themselves from giving him what he wants. I don’t know, but I have to find out.

So let’s take a good hard look at yourself, you’re boobs aren’t sagging yet and you still got that killer ass like you had back in college. But it’s those long legs that so many men have dreamed about getting between that’s you’re best asset, and you know how much your baby loves looking at them too. Of course being totally hairless down there just like all those girls he’s been with certainly makes you feel younger; doesn’t it? But looking at that bare slit for some reason just excites you so much, and for some reason kitty it makes me feel like a virgin again. I bet with all the dicks’ you’ve swallowed you can’t even remember that far back; can you kitty? That’s what you get for getting greedy; once that first one slid inside you you wanted to be stretched again, didn’t you? I don’t fault you kitty; because I felt the same way too.

So what’s it going to be Sam, the safe one piece or the naughty bikini that you know will put a boner in his swimming trunks? That’s it; take another sip of wine to numb yourself just enough to slide this skimpy bottom up your legs, and to think that Penny’s would have a mannequin in the juniors section dressed in such a risqu├ę bathing suit for some reason excites you kitty; doesn’t it? It makes both you and I feel closer to Kyle’s age, and that’s not a bad thing, is it? For years Joanie Perrile has been playing tennis with her son without anything under that short little skirt she wears, and she says it the feeling of those eyes on her ass as she’s bending over to pick up a ball that’s given her marriage a taste of what it was like on their honeymoon again. It’s all about teasing; so just behave yourself kitty and enjoy the attention we’re both going to be getting.


“Now that’s more like it Sam,” I hear my baby say as my insides are spinning around just like they use to do before going back to school after a long summer’s break.

How could you do this to yourself I hear the voices in my head screaming at me as I feel every part of my body being dissected inch by inch; you’re not standing in your dimly lit bedroom looking at your reflection in a mirror now, are you Sam? But I’ve seen this hungry look on his face too many times before to know what’s really going through his head, and I’m sure the quivering of my thighs is already telling him what’s going on inside me too. Control yourself kitty; this is all just for fun, and even though my eyes are trying their best not to focus on what’s between his legs it’s a battle that is already lost. You look a lot bigger than your father, and I’m sure you know how to use it too; don’t you?

“My one piece got ripped in the dryer, but I guess this is better than nothing,” I reply as the feeling of the sun already making my face feel its heat is only adding mardin escort bayan to the stress building inside me.

“To tell you the truth Sam; I wouldn’t mind seeing you in nothing,” he says as the feeling of his eyes continuing to go up and down my body already has my kitty besides herself.

I just love it so much when you call me Sam, and if Mom or Mommy came off your lips this mood we’re both sharing would be destroyed forever. But you know how to push all my buttons; don’t you? And just letting myself stand here having your eyes feast on all the skin that I’m offering to you is just such a thrill that’s only drawing me closer to you. But I still remember how you were such a brat with how you use to leave all those pornographic pictures on your computer monitor for me to find; remember? Back then you wanted my lips to wrap themselves around you like the girls did to those boys in the images that were always waiting for me to find. Of course now if you exposed me to all those erotic pictures again you’d have me in a panic, and you probably know it too.

“Oh stop, I’m an old lady compared with the girls you’ve been with,” I say almost in a whisper hoping what comes out of his mouth next won’t decimate me emotionally.

“None of them ever had a body like yours,” he says as hard as I’m trying not to look my eyes just can’t help themselves as they continue to focus on the bulge in his swimming trunks.

That’s it baby; let your eyes undo my top and slide my bottoms down my legs. Am I what you imagined I would be? But I must be or you wouldn’t be hard, and that look in your eyes tells me all the things that you want to do to me. Oh God Sam; is this just a dream or is it really happening to me? You know it’s real, and the feeling of his finger sliding across that nearly invisible scar from when I had the caesarian already has my legs trembling. You know what that scar means, don’t you? I’m just as tight now as I was in college, and I can squeeze you just as much as all those girls you’ve ever been with. But all of this is just harmless teasing, isn’t it baby?

“My teeny scar that’s almost invisible,” is all that comes out of my mouth as the way his fingers are just lingering so close to my kitty is just taking my breath away.

“Maybe you can help take some of my scars away too,” he says as his fingers slowly slide down to the flimsy material of my bikini bottom as the sound of my heart echoing in my ears seems to be getting louder and louder.

How many pairs of panties have these fingers pulled down while you were overseas is what I want to know? Hundreds; but why wouldn’t they with the way you were facing down death every day. I was so afraid for you when you first enlisted; how was my timid baby going to survive in such an awful world was always on my mind. But you’re not timid anymore; are you? And just the way your fingers have already slipped inside the waist band of my bikini tells me you’re a bad boy now. No matter how hard your father tried making believe he was a bad ass as he was pumping me in the middle of the night pretending to be a burglar always fell short, but you could pump me in the middle of the day and have me scared out of my mind; couldn’t you?

“You’ll see baby; my hands will take those scars away,” I say so softly with our eyes staring into each other’s.

“I think it’s going to take more than just your hands,” he says as the sound of my phone ringing makes me realize I have to get away or I’ll be standing naked in front of him any second now.

“I’ll do whatever I have too,” I whisper as I let him see my eyes lock onto his crotch.

“You’re phone’s ringing again,” he says finally breaking me from my trance.

“You want another beer,” I ask as I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited as the feeling of his eyes on my ass as I’m walking away just feels so right.

“You better get a glass of wine for yourself while you’re at it,” I hear him say as if he could read my mind.


Would you please just calm down kitty; no amount of begging is going to change my mind about letting him spit inside you. Believe me; I want him just as much as you do, and when I felt his hands slide between my legs when we were under water it was only my lungs screaming for air that made me break free of him. But I do love the way he’s putting all those moves on me as though being his mother isn’t even part of the equation, and the way we so easily flirted with each other just brought back so many of those memories from college. I so loved playing hard to get back then, and whoever I was torturing was rewarded if only they waited long enough for me to tire of teasing them. But that was different than what’s happening now, and yet I know myself well enough that in a moment of weakness I could easily give myself to him. Maybe it’s that danger of not being able to control myself that’s exciting me so much, and I could see it in his eyes when he was rubbing me that he knew I was escort mardin weakening.

I still remember how Jack reacted as my hand was sliding up and down him as we watched that scene in the movie Taboo where the mother’s mouth was riding up and down her son. He loved it just as much as I did, and when he started squirting all over me all I could think of was all the times my baby left those nasty pictures for me to find. So many of my friends have shared stories over a glass of wine with me that always had me squirming in my seat how they mercilessly teased their sons, but for whatever reason teasing my scrawny offspring just never appealed to me back then. Of course he’s not scrawny anymore; is he kitty? And the way he went right for your sweet spot is only causing even more confliction inside me. But there’s just that edge to him now that makes my panties begin to soak whenever we’re together, and I can already feel those big hands wrapped around my throat squeezing the life out of me as he’s penetrating me again and again. Be honest with yourself Sam; he’ll do things to you that his father was incapable of doing no matter how hard he tried.

So how are you going to handle it Sam? You know he’s going to be lying on his bed naked when you go in to rub that lotion on him tomorrow morning, and any thought of a towel covering him shot out of his head the second your hand was rubbing him as he had your kitty so close to getting off. Admit it; you were measuring him, weren’t you? He’ll go deeper inside you than anyone else you’ve ever been with before, and having him balls deep just appeals to you so much; doesn’t it? Please kitty; just promise me you’ll settle for his fingers, but I just know you won’t. Oh Jack; look what you’ve done to not only me but also to our son too. I hope that young girl’s pussy was worth it!


“C’mon on Sam; you got me off, let me get you off too,” I hear him say as my hand just continues to slide up and down him not wanting to release its grip even though he’s already ejaculated.

Can there be anything more exciting for a woman than watching a stream of semen exploding out of her lover’s organ, and that look of utter joy on his face as I milked him finally brought that maternal side of me in line with the rest of me. But you knew this was going to happen, and the minute you opened the door and you saw him lying naked with that gorgeous organ of his already erect you sensed the battle was over. Something tells me there’s a lot more to Joanie’s stories than she’ll ever share with me, and once any woman’s hand has wrapped itself around an erect penis it won’t be long before it’s sliding inside her. But I at least have to try and deny myself what my kitty wants, don’t I? But you’re just so long and thick, and all those soldier’s scars for some reason just turn me on so much. I remember how my eyes teared up that first time I stood by you in the hospital bed looking at what war had done to you, but now you’re all healed, and it’s my kitty who’s weeping now. She wants you, and I know you know it too.

“No baby, I shouldn’t,” is all I can think to reply I’m sure so unconvincingly too.

The second my fingers started gliding up and down your body smearing all that lotion on you I’m sure you could see my eyes locked on your member, couldn’t you? It’s just been so long since I’ve felt my insides swelling like they use too when your father was taking care of me. But you’ll do more to me than just stretch me out, won’t you? I could see it in your eyes as you had one hand between my legs and the other one holding me down as I struggled trying to hold my breath until my panic finally convinced you to release me. You’re a bad boy, aren’t you? I bet you could sneak into my room in the middle of the night and pin me to my mattress like my imaginary burglar has been doing to me for years. Will you rape and sodomize me like the naughty girl that I am? Your father couldn’t, not convincingly anyway.

“Just my fingers, I promise,” he whispers as I feel myself being pulled down next to him with my hand still wrapped around him.

You’re so bold, and feeling my robe being pulled off of me so easily makes me wonder if maybe this is only just a dream after all. I knew I should have worn panties but that train already left the station, and the way my legs are being opened now as though their powerless to resist is only making this that much more exciting for you kitty, isn’t it? I think it’s just every woman’s secret fantasy to be dominated by someone who completely takes their will away from them, and as I feel his fingers slipping inside me it’s that thought he’s my son doesn’t matter to me now.

“Promise me; just your fingers,” I moan as my tiny knob feels herself starting to be rubbed too.

You’re just so good at giving a woman what she needs, aren’t you baby? You’re father never had the patience to treat me like this, for him it was all about how I was going to get him off. He’d throw me a bone once in a while when he’d pretend to be my night stalker, but it was grudgingly at best. But you’ll feed all my dark desires; won’t you baby? It’s obvious though how you’re holding me that even if I resisted what you’re doing to me, you’d do it anyway. That’s what I need baby; so just keep rubbing me until I can’t take it anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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