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Your Little Secret

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Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction, a product of my own insatiable imagination. Any resemblance of the characters in this story to other persons, real or otherwise, is purely coincidental. Thank you for reading.

I know your secret. The one you hide from others. I know what you really, truly desire, deep down, but would never admit to anyone else – even to me. I can feel it, see it in your eyes as my gaze meets yours, looking deeply into them as the fire smolders, somewhere deep inside.

I think about it when I see you lying there, softly snoring next to me, your chest slowly rising and falling with each breath. I see the sexy curve of your firm, tight ass and imagine exploring it more. It has always been a ‘no-go’ zone, and you’ve muttered some nonsense before about it being ‘exit only’ when joking with your friends. But you don’t really mean that. We both know the truth. The truth about your little secret. And I want more than anything to demonstrate my love for you by helping you explore that secret desire in the privacy of our own room. It will be our little secret. No one else has to know.

I can’t help myself as I watch you lying there, softly snoring. The covers have been thrown off and your tight ass cheeks are bathed in a gentle glow from the moonlight cascading through the window. I lick my lips as I stare at it, feeling the wetness building in my pussy, a little twitch down below as I feel myself getting turned on.

I reach one hand out and lightly cup one cheek, feeling the warmth of your baby soft skin against my palm. It feels so firm, so smooth, and I enjoy the feeling of holding it for several moments. You continue to lightly snore. I begin to slowly rub your ass cheek, softly with my hand, giving you a light massage.

You suddenly roll over on your stomach, so I sit up and place both hands on your cheeks. I enjoy the warmth and softness as both of your cheeks press against my palms, closing my eyes softly and tilting my head back as I listen to the soft rhythm of your breath. I begin to slide my hands up to your lower back, then slowly massage them up the length of your back, kneading your tense muscles as I go, and you begin to stir.

You are awake now, thoroughly enjoying the backrub. You moan softly as I knead the tense knots out of those muscles. I know you work so hard, and you deserve a good rub down to help ease the tension that working hard brings. I continue to work on your back muscles for several minutes, getting all those little knots out between your shoulder blades. You moan and groan in approval as I continue to rub and knead your tension away.

I begin to slowly slide my hands back down towards your tight little rear, and you wiggle your hips in approval of my actions. Finally, my hands are now resting on your ass cheeks again, feeling the warmth against my palms, and I begin to knead and rub your cheeks, spreading them apart as I rub.

I Bursa Escort look down and can see it, as the moonlight shines through the window. Your tight pink little rosebud, winking at me in response each time I spread your cheeks wide with my hands. I know what it wants. I know your secret desire, and lusty thoughts fill my mind as I feel my wetness increasing between my legs.

I continue to massage your ass muscles, spreading those cheeks wide with each rub, pausing a little so I can look down and peek at your rosebud, admiring the way it puckers and seems to be begging for more attention. I just can’t ignore it, I know what I need to do next.

I begin to gradually work my hands inward with each rub, getting closer and closer to your crack. Now my fingers are almost exclusively rubbing your ass crack, and I ‘accidentally’ run my finger right down your crack and flick it over your tight little rosebud. You jump your hips in response and let out a loud moan. I think you’re surprised, but I know you’re enjoying it.

I bend my face down towards your beautiful ass cheeks, lightly kissing each one all over before moving my face to your crack, using my hands to gently massage your cheeks and spread them wide. I lower my face and hold my tongue out and give you a great big lick, right up the length of your ass crack. You gasp, jerking your hips suddenly as I do this. I hear you moan and whisper “Yes.”

Feeling encouraged to go on, I then take my tongue and focus specifically on your sweet little rosebud. I hold your tight cheeks apart with my hands, and you move your legs apart to give me more room to work. It’s still a pretty far reach, so I have to point my tongue to get it in there, touching and probing your rosebud with the tip of my tongue, desperately trying to push it in a little. You moan and jerk your hips again, and I can feel you hump the bed slightly.

I know we need to change positions if we are going to do this properly. I lightly kiss you on each ass cheek before touching your hip and lightly pulling upwards. You get the hint, and raise your ass into the air, getting on your hands and knees, lowering your face towards the pillow. Now I have you in a position that I can show you my true love and appreciation for all that you do for me. You have always given me such good love, it’s time for me to return the favor.

I massage your ass cheeks again, really kneading those muscles, spreading your cheeks wide with each stroke. I see your rosebud winking at me with each stroke. I hold your cheeks apart and lean forward, sticking my tongue out to lick your balls for a few moments before heading north, licking the full length up to your tailbone, stopping at your tight little hole to tease it for a few moments, penetrating it slightly with my tongue.

I hear you gasp and moan with pleasure in response to this, saying “Fuck, yes.” I know what happens next. So do Bursa Escort Bayan you. You are holding very still, not moving and barely breathing as we both anticipate my next move. I ask you “Do you want my finger in there?” I want to hear you say it more than anything.

“Mmm…” you moan in response, pushing your ass higher into the air, but still not saying it. I think you’re afraid to say it, afraid to admit your dirty little secret to me. But it’s okay, honey. I already know. It’s safe to tell me. It will be our little secret, and no one will ever know. I wrap my arms around you from behind, giving you a hug. I know you’re resisting, and I also know how badly you want it. I won’t force you to say it, I just want you to feel comfortable. Your moan tells me all I need to know.

I place my index finger in my mouth, lightly sucking on it and getting it good and wet. I slowly pull it out of my mouth and position the tip of my index finger right at the entrance of your waiting rosebud. I feel you shudder beneath my touch when you feel me touch you there. You’re very excited, and your cock begins to swell and throb, even without any direct stimulation.

I begin to slowly push my finger inside your waiting hole, feeling your sphincter gripping my finger tightly, the pulsations throbbing tightly around me. “Oh, fuck! Yes!” you scream, pushing back against me slightly, humping your hips as your cock thrusts in the air against nothing at all, hard and ready to explode.

“Mmm, does that feel good? Do you like that?” I ask as I slowly begin to finger your tight little rosebud.

“Yes!” you scream, gasping, panting and moaning as your fists tightly clench the bedsheets, your face buried in the pillow as I continue to gently finger-fuck your ass, feeling my pussy twitch and spasm in response to your reaction. I can feel my juices running down my thigh. Seeing you in such passion turns me on more than anything, and I know I won’t last long.

I love to see you so turned on, and I want to show you pleasure like you’ve never seen before. I continue to slide my finger in and out of your tight little rosebud and wrap my other hand around your cock, gripping it firmly at the base and just holding on for now. I hear you gasp, and you begin thrusting your hips. I decide to hold still, keeping my finger still in your ass and my hand on your cock. You’re moving your hips in a rocking motion, fucking your ass with my finger as my hand glides up and down your cock while you move. It’s all incredibly hot. I feel your rosebud clench on my finger a little, and I know you’re getting close.

I’m not quite ready for you to finish yet. I decided to switch positions first. I remove my hand from your cock and slowly slide my finger out of your ass. You hold perfectly still at first, then begin pushing your ass into the air even higher, saying without words that you want me to do it again. I look Escort Bursa down at you lovingly and smile, giving you a light kiss on your beautiful ass cheek.

I then lie down on the bed underneath you, my head directly under your groin. I take my left hand and wrap it up around your ass cheek, lightly caressing you first before letting my fingers explore your crack. I find your waiting rosebud – it is now open and ready for me to explore more. It seems to be inviting me in. I slowly slide my finger in, wiggling it a little against your prostate. Your sphincter pulls me in all the way. You buck your hips a little in response. Now I take my right hand and grab your throbbing, pulsating cock. I can feel the blood rushing through it as it throbs beneath my fingers. I lift up slightly, taking the tip of it in my mouth. My tongue swirls around the tip in little circles, exploring you like a lollipop. I want to taste you, every bit of you, and your sweetness fills my mouth as I’m treated to some warm precum on my tongue. I moan in delight, sending shivers up your spine as the vibrations from my moan fill your cock. You moan in response and begin slight movements of your hips in response to my actions.

I begin moving my finger slowly in and out of your ass, and again feel that clench as your sphincter grips me tightly, pulling my finger even deeper inside of you. The head of your cock swells as I push it deeper into my mouth, pulling you all the way in and beginning to swallow, massaging your head with my throat muscles as I do. You moan and say “Oh fuck! Oh yes! I’m gonna cum!”

I can’t hold on any longer. I begin to cum hard, without even touching myself. The stimulation of your pleasure is enough to push me over the edge. My pussy clamps down hard, orgasmic spasms ripping through my body and I tense up, shaking and gasping a little as I ride the orgasmic waves.

I begin to slide my hand up and down your shaft quickly, while my other hand works on your tight little rosebud at a fever pitch now. My mouth is focusing on the tip of your cock, working its magic and flicking my tongue across that sensitive bundle of nerve endings right at the base of the head. Within seconds, you explode, pushing deep into my throat and shooting your load straight down it. I have to swallow quickly so I don’t gag, taking every last drop. I can feel your tight little rosebud squeezing rhythmically, the squeeze so tight it’s nearly cutting off my circulation. You’re so turned on with all this wonderful pleasure that you continue to convulse with orgasmic waves for a full minute before you begin to relax. You’re still having aftershocks. I feel your legs shaking, struggling to hold you up any longer.

I slide my finger slowly out of your ass, and you say “Aaah! Fuck!” as I remove it, your sphincter clamping down on my fingers again with yet another orgasmic spasm. I crawl out from under you and lie next to you, lightly rubbing your back with my fingers and you quiver in response to my touch, every nerve ending on fire. You collapse to the bed, looking over at me. We gaze into each other’s eyes with a deep mutual understanding. No one will ever know. It will be our little secret.

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