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‘X’ Marks The Spot

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

*Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Chell-speck. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes.

Just a flash story.


Valerie Webster sat, wedged into a corner of the couch. Absently, her head bobbed to the booming, thudding music that someone had put into Makeda’s sound system. Makeda McMann was a fellow classmate in Valerie’s Western Civilization class at the University of Louisiana at DeGarde, and for some reason, the attractive African-American girl seemed to like Valerie.

The nineteen year old brunette did not like parties, did not like large groups of people, did not like rap music. But she had been unable to think of a plausible excuse to get out of coming to Makeda’s Valentine’s Day party when Makeda had asked her what she was doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Valerie had said, honestly, nothing.

She supposed she could have gone on a date with Danny, Daniel Gueydan, put up with his boorish posturing and posing. The date would have ended up with her on her knees, sucking his cock, or on her back, letting him hump on her for two, three minutes. But Valerie was just so tired of the pretense of it all.

So, Valerie wedged herself into a corner of the couch and prayed the music would end soon, even as her head moved in time to the beat. She wondered how long was long enough to be socially polite before she could make her escape. Most of the people in attendance were in relationships and truthfully, it was depressing for the pudgy girl, seeing all the happy, excited faces around her.

“Girl, want anything? Makeda asked, voice loud to be heard over the music.

“Yeah, turn that noise off,” Valerie wanted to say, but mutely shook her head.

“Sure? Nothing to drink?” Makeda offered, affectionately rubbing Valerie’s arm. “Oh, oh, we got some chips, got some crackers and queso cheese; sure you don’t want nothing?”

“No, no, I’m fine,” Valerie forced a smile to her face.

With another affectionate rub to Valerie’s arm, Makeda left Valerie’s side. Valerie watched Makeda’s ample rump in her snug blue jeans as Makeda walked away. Then Valerie glanced around at the dimly lighted room.

Makeda and her boyfriend had pulled their kitchen chairs into the living room. The chairs were tall; the table itself was quite tall. The four chairs were across from the couch and Valerie saw two attractive women enter the room and hoist themselves into the tall chairs. The Latina at the end wore a pair of extremely snug distressed jeans and ripped wife beater’s shirt torn to just beneath her braless breasts. Valerie felt a wave of resentment as she looked at the girl’s taut abdomen, at her lightly tanned flesh and long dark hair.

She also felt a bit of a resentment, looking at the girl’s jeans; she could tell they were a Barragona, or an excellent knock-off. Most distressed jeans were slightly baggy, relaxed in appearance, but the Barragona jeans were snug fitting. And, Barragona distressed jeans had the beginnings of tears and rips but the tears and rips did not go all the way through the denim material. Also, Barragona jeans had the rips and tears running vertically, never running horizontal.

The other young woman was an attractive blonde. The blonde wore a translucent corset of filmy white lace paired with a black miniskirt. Valerie could just make out the blonde’s light brown areolae and something metallic glinting when the light hit the newcomer’s chest just right. Apparently, the blonde had pierced nipples.

Valerie could also see the lacy cuffs of the blonde’s stocking tops just underneath the hem of the miniskirt. She could see the pair of Surewill Flamingo sunglasses tucked into the cuff of the blonde’s right thigh. Glancing up, Valerie saw that the blonde had another pair of Surewill sunglasses covering her eyes from view. Valerie did not know the name of the series covering the beautiful girl’s eyes, but she had immediately recognized the Flamingo, the ‘Pink Slut’ sunglasses resting on the girl’s shapely thigh.

Valerie’s father, Glen Webster had balked at the price tag the Flamingo series sunglasses demanded. Barbara, her mother had stood firmly by Glen’s side; no sunglasses were worth that kind of money. Especially sunglasses that had such a derogatory connotation.

A slight commotion from the direction of the kitchen caused the two women to swivel in their perches to look to the right. The blonde uncrossed her stocking clad legs and Valerie could clearly see the young woman’s thatch of blonde curls. And, dangling and spinning slightly, Valerie saw a glint of gold against the backdrop of blonde curls.

Valerie also turned to see what the hubbub was about. A moment later, Frank Johnson, Makeda’s boyfriend stomped into the living room and reduced the volume on the stereo. Valerie resisted the urge to applaud; she was beginning to get a bit Ağrı Escort of a headache from the constant thrum and bark of the music.

Swiveling to look forward, Valerie again saw the blonde’s crotch, saw the glint of gold dangling. She looked over at the other young woman and realized, she could see much of the Latina woman’s large, round breasts as the girl leaned toward her companion, engaged in a lively discussion. The girl had dark brown areolae and her nipples were hard, exposed to the chilled air in the apartment.

The blonde reached over and tugged down the hem of her companion’s torn top. When she moved, Valerie again looked at the blonde’s golden curls, looked at the glint of shiny metal. The Latina squealed at first, then playfully hefted the hem of her top and fully exposed her breasts. With a waggle that sent her large breasts jiggling merrily, the woman then lowered her top again. Both girls laughed and Valerie smiled as the girl smoothed the top down over her breasts.

Valerie suddenly needed to use the bathroom so wiggled out of the corner of the couch. She made her way to the hallway and sighed in relief; the bathroom was unoccupied at that moment.

Hoisting her short skirt, Valerie cursed her addiction to chocolates. At five feet, three inches, she weighed one fifty eight. Much of the weight was in her hips and buttocks and thick thighs. Happily, some of that weight too had migrated to her breasts, but more than a few pounds also found her belly.

Valerie’s fingers edged toward her baby smooth crotch. She’d waxed her pussy bare of the stiff crop of brown hair, had done it purely on a whim. Now, Valerie liked the feeling of the soft, smooth skin under her fingertips.

“Not that anyone’s ever going see it, but, oh well,” Valerie muttered to herself.

Valerie pulled the graying cotton panties up then smoothed her skirt down. Absently, she thought she might take some of her birthday money and buy herself some pretty panties, instead of the serviceable panties her mother always bought for her.

In the mirror, Valerie used a hand to sweep her shoulder length brunette curls back. With a final look at herself, her round face, her warm brown eyes, her pouting lips, Valerie decided she was cute. She wasn’t gorgeous like the two unknown party guests seated across from her. But she was cute.

“What would, why would they want anything to do with you?” Valerie asked her reflection. “A fat, lonely…you won’t even admit it to yourself…why would they…”

“But I’m cute,” Valerie said out loud to her now scowling reflection.

Valerie abruptly left the bathroom. Turning the corner from the hallway, Valerie saw that Shelly Cronaur, a tall blonde had commandeered Valerie’s former post in the corner of the couch. And Shelly was busily making out with a young man with greasy, stringy hair. Valerie did not personally know Alvin Schmidt, but had heard rumors that Alvin was a small time drug dealer. Valerie decided she’d been polite, had stayed long enough to pay any social dues she might owe to Makeda.

Valerie looked around for Makeda but did not see her friend in the living room or the kitchen of the small duplex. She did see Frank, Makeda’s boyfriend holding court with three other former high school athletes as they loudly argued about the ULD Storm’s baseball team’s chances that year.

Valerie had her cell phone and car keys and wallet in a small zip pouch slung over her shoulder. She could very easily turn and cut through the kitchen to the small foyer, just cut through and leave the party. But she decided to see if she could find Makeda and let her friend know she was leaving.

The unit was a two bedroom one bathroom floor plan. Valerie saw that one bedroom door was firmly closed and the other was slightly ajar. She also saw that the bathroom door was now firmly shut.

Valerie gently eased the door of the closest bedroom open and peered in. She could just make out two forms lying on the bed, illuminated poorly by a faint nightlight. She also heard the unmistakable sounds of two people having sex. For a long moment, Valerie stood, listening to the passionate grunts and giggles.

Valerie doubted that the woman on the bed would be her friend; Makeda’s boyfriend was less than ten feet away in the small kitchen. Turning, Valerie debated with herself; open the other door and see if Makeda was in there, or just leave. Or, possibly, Makeda was in the bathroom.

Facing the closed bedroom door, Valerie heard the bathroom door open. She started to turn but was suddenly, forcefully shoved against the tightly closed bedroom door. Strong hands held Valerie in place, her heavy breasts mashed against the solid door.

“Hi,” a soft voice whispered into Valerie’s ear.

“Huh?” Valerie squeaked, startled.

A tongue rasped against Valerie’s ear lobe. Teeth firmly bit down on Valerie’s sensitive lobe. One of the hands pushing her against the door moved and Valerie felt her captor’s firm breasts Ağrı Escort Bayan and belly pressing against her back. Valerie again squeaked when the hand groped her full buttocks.

“Mm, nice,” the soft voice purred in Valerie’s ear.

The woman’s breasts pushed more heavily against Valerie, pinning her in place against the door. The assailant’s other hand worked itself between the unyielding door and Valerie’s soft belly. Valerie thought of screaming when the hand worked up underneath her large breasts, but Valerie knew no one would hear her over the still far too loud music.

“Mm hmm, God, you’re beautiful. I want to…” the soft voice said.

Valerie almost staggered to the ground when the unknown assailant suddenly twisted the door knob, opening the bedroom door. But the arm that had wedged between door and breasts held Valerie up as her captor urged her into the dark bedroom.

A nightlight glinted softly, casting more shadows than light about the small room. Valerie felt a bed against her thighs as her unseen groper propelled them into the room. The music’s volume dropped somewhat as the door was closed. Valerie wasn’t sure but she thought she could hear the privacy lock being engaged as she was pushed, face first onto the bed. Her attacker fell on top of her, mashing her into the soft mattress.

“Mm hmm,” her assailant cooed and nuzzled Valerie’s neck. “Hey, can you feel my post?”

Thus saying, the unseen groper gave Valerie’s neck a slow lick. The attacker paused for a moment, apparently waiting for Valerie’s response. Then she gave Valerie’s neck a second, slower lick.

“Well? Can you feel it?” the girl whispered and lightly bit down on Valerie’s ear lobe again.

“I, yeah,” Valerie agreed and suddenly, the girl was no longer lying on top of her.

Her relief was short-lived; the girl rolled Valerie onto her back and again lay on top of Valerie, pressing Valerie into the soft mattress.

In the dim lighting of the nightlight, Valerie wasn’t sure, but she thought the girl’s eyes might be blue. She could definitely tell that the girl’s hair was a whitish blonde. As there were at least four blonde girls at the party, this did narrow the list of suspects somewhat.

“Oh, you, your eyes are beautiful,” the blonde enthused and kissed Valerie’s lips.

Valerie could definitely feel the post now as the girl dragged her tongue over Valerie’s lips. Valerie opened her mouth and the blonde wormed her tongue into Valerie’s mouth. The blonde sucked and coaxed Valerie’s tongue out, rasping the post back and forth over Valerie’s tongue. The blonde’s hands fumbled with Valerie’s blouse, edging the simple garment up and over Valerie’s slight paunch.

“Mmph!” Valerie objected, panicked as she felt another pair of hands at the hem of her skirt.

Valerie could feel two breasts, hard nipples dragging over her chubby thighs. Valerie could feel the two breasts dragging upward as the hands edged the hem of Valerie’s skirt upward.

Valerie could feel her bra cups being pushed up, over her large breasts. Her blouse and bra was now bunched uncomfortably under her chin and the blonde’s hands pinched and twisted her nipples while she continued to suck on Valerie’s tongue.

“I, what? What, why are you doing this,” Valerie panted as the blonde swiveled her head and began tonguing Valerie’s exposed nipples.

“Because you’re so fucking sexy,” a second voice cooed.

“Want you, you need to eat me, eat my pussy,” the blonde suddenly ordered and quickly swiveled up and straddled Valerie’s head.

The blonde’s hands now squeezed Valerie’s breasts in a tight grip. Valerie grunted as the blonde pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger.

“Come on,” the blonde said impatiently and rose up onto her knees.

In the dim lighting of the room, Valerie watched the blonde reach down and part her lips. Valerie could see something glittering in the faint light, see the shiny object twist and twirl.

“See? X marks the spot,” the blond giggled.

Again, the blonde’s crotch descended. Before the girl’s bent hips and thighs blocked out all light, Valerie saw that the girl had a gold hoop threaded through her clitoral hood. Dangling from the hoop was a gold ‘X.’ The blonde’s inner lips peeked out of her thatch of blonde curls and Valerie could smell the woman’s excitement.

Valerie stuck out her tongue and trailed her tongue up and down the blonde’s lips, tasting her. She moved her hands up, moved her hands to the blonde’s thighs, edging her hands up to open the blonde’s inner lips for her tongue.

Valerie could feel her briefs being tugged down her thick legs. To her surprise, Valerie lifted her hips to aid the removal of her panties. Both the blonde and her friend cooed in pleasure as Valerie’s bald mound came into view. The other woman used her hands to part Valerie’s thick thighs.

“Oh yes, oh, oh that, that’s it, mm hmm,” Valerie could hear the blonde pant as Valerie bounced the Escort Ağrı ‘X’ with her tongue.

Valerie groaned as she felt warm breath blowing across her wet slit. Valerie used her thumbs to open her blonde companion’s sex more fully. Valerie groaned again and shuddered as she felt a tongue dragging up and down her wet pussy.

Valerie suddenly came to the realization that her pussy was wet. She was enjoying this nameless lesbian tryst. Valerie was not being given a choice; there was a crotch being pressed against her face and a tongue at her own crotch. Yet, she was enjoying this moment.

“In other words, Val, you’re not being given a chance to chicken out. You’re not building up expectations, making promises to yourself, only to pussy out at the last fucking minute,” Valerie thought.

She tried to force her tongue up into the blonde’s pussy as far as she could. Again, she found the blonde’s clitoral piercing and flicked at the ‘X’ forcefully.

“I, augh, oh, oh yes! God yes!” the blonde cried out and Valerie felt her face become quite wet.

“I, oh, oh God!” Valerie shuddered as the other woman thrust two fingers into her while sucking gently on Valerie’s fat clitoris.

“Oh, you, you’re good,” the blonde husked as Valerie’s tongue again lapped at the ‘X’ piercing.

Valerie shuddered and began hunching her crotch up against the other woman’s mouth. The other woman was thrusting three fingers into Valerie’s pussy. The blonde was still painfully squeezing and mashing Valerie’s fat breasts.

“Aieegh, I oh God. Aieegh!” Valerie screamed in orgasm.

Valerie again felt her face become wet when the blonde reached another orgasm. She shuddered and grunted through a second, then third orgasm.

“Mm hmm,” the blonde cooed, licking Valerie’s face. “Baby, you need let me taste her.”

“Mm hmm,” the other woman grunted, obviously pleasuring herself while pleasuring Valerie.

Valerie suddenly found a new crotch being pressed against her mouth. The blonde knelt between Valerie’s spread legs.

The other woman’s pussy had a stronger scent of musk. It was not an unpleasant aroma; it was just a stronger aroma than the blonde had exuded. The taste was also slightly stronger as Valerie lapped at the puffy inner lips.

“Mm, oh, oh yes, that, oh…” her new friend cooed as Valerie attempted to force her tongue deeply into the woman’s depths.

“Mmng, ack!” Valerie grunted as the blonde worked three, then four fingers into her.

Valerie again shuddered and grunted in orgasm as the blonde sucked forcefully on Valerie’s clitoris. Shaking, Valerie attempted to wiggle away from the blonde’s hand; the intruding fingers was stretching her quite uncomfortably.

“Bet, I bet I can get my fist…” The blonde told her friend.

“Mmng! No, no please…” Valerie begged as the Blonde twisted her fingers inside of Valerie’s sex.

Valerie grunted as the girl riding her face pressed her full weight against Valerie’s fat breasts. The weight pressing down on her breasts was excruciating, the pressure against her chest made breathing very difficult. Valerie could also feel the blonde’s five fingers forcing into her splayed, stretched pussy.

Valerie screamed out as she now felt the blonde’s tightly clenched fist rasping along her inner walls. Valerie screamed as the other woman’s fingernails dug into her extremely tender areolae.

“Oh, oh yes, oh yes, that, that’s it, that…Augh!” the other woman barked out in orgasm as Valerie frantically licked, flicked her tongue against the woman’s clitoris.

“Mmng! I oh, oh Jesus!” Valerie screamed out in orgasm.

“Hey sleepy head!” Makeda smiled down, discretely tugging Valerie’s skirt down over Valerie’s exposed mound.

“I uh, huh?” Valerie said, blinking against the harsh overhead light.

Valerie gasped and pulled her bunched up bra and blouse down, covering her fat breasts. Makeda smiled as Valerie looked around in confusion.

“Had too much to drink?” Makeda asked.

“I, no, no, remember? I, I didn’t have anything to drink,” Valerie winced as her movements caused pain in her tortured nipples.

Taking a step from the bed caused Valerie’s crotch to throb. Obviously her pussy was quite sore from the blonde fisting her.

“I mean, girl, you welcome to stay, you know that,” Makeda continued prattling as Valerie checked her zip pouch for keys and cell phone and wallet.

Obviously, the two women had not had theft on their minds; everything was still in her small pouch. She looked around and realized, the two women had stolen something; they’d taken her panties as a souvenir of their little fun.

“Hey, Makeda, uh, going make me clean all this…oh! Hey, I uh, I thought everyone was gone,” Frank Johnson snapped then stepped back as he spotted Valerie in the room.

“I come in here to get the fucking vacuum cleaner, all right?” Makeda snarled at Frank. “That all right?”

“Yeah, yeah, shit, like I fucking knew what you was doing?” Frank snapped in response. “Where’s the cheese dip go?”

“Get the plastic wrap, cover the bowl, put it in the fridge Frank. It’s not rocket science Frank,” Makeda snapped.

“Men, I swear to God; they are fucking useless,” Makeda confided to Valerie.

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