WWF with Benefits

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For Women

Frances and I have been playing WWF and exchanging stories and emails for three months. We even exchanged pics and some were sexy but Frances was up front that I was not her type. I respected that but I was also very forthright in my attraction to her. She is 40 years old but looks much younger in her pics. Her wavy auburn hair surrounds a very attractive round face. Her smile is genuine and could light up a room coupled with kind eyes. Her body is thick with curves in all the right places. She is very open about her sexuality and I’ve had multiple fantasies about her since we’ve met.

As fate would have it, I had to travel to LA to help with a large startup project. It was a three week assignment with long hours anticipated. Frances and I continue to keep in touch and she lets me know she will be in LA to train a client for her new job. She said she would like to meet for dinner but made it clear it was purely plutonic. I accepted and hoped deep down that once she met me she might change her mind.

We choose to meet in a neutral spot so there would be no expectations with a hotel dinner. Being the anal type I arrived at the small Mexican restaurant 15 minutes early and order a beer to calm my nerves from my stressful day and meeting her for the first time.

Frances is from Alabama and I expect she will arrive a bit late assuming she is a laid back southerner. I guess right and she strides in 20 minutes past our agreed upon time. We exchange a friendly hug and moved on to our table. Frances has a calming presence and she is just as pretty in person as she is in her pics. She is dressed professionally with khaki linen pants that show off her shapely hips and a conservative light blue blouse that is loose fitting but still show her ample bosom. Her hair is pulled back and her face is stunning. She wears little makeup which is a big plus for me. I’m wearing a blue pinstripe dress shirt with business casual grey pants.

She and I chat for a while and I let her do most of the talking as she is very excited about her new job. A round of drinks arrive and I can see ka├žak iddaa that Frances is flush as she is not a big drinker. Her laughs become louder and she starts to get a little flirty with me. I try to keep my composure but I can feel my cock getting harder as she is touching my hand and let’s her beautiful wavy hair down. This is where I say to myself I want her.

We talk about stories we exchanged and I can see she is getting excited thinking about them. I focus on one she wrote about public sex and how much it turned her on. She tells me it’s the thrill of being seen but not being told to stop that really turns her on. At this point I am very aroused but also in need of a restroom break from the multiple beers I’ve consumed. Excusing myself i go and take care of business. Exiting the bathroom I see Frances in the hallway smiling.

Her blouse is unbuttoned exposing most of her large breasts. I can’t hide my excitement as my cock is visibly bulging. She approaches me and pushes me into a coat closet in the hallway. I am stunned at her aggressiveness since I still thought she wasn’t attracted to me in that way. Her hand on my cock quickly dismisses that notion and she pulls my mouth to hers. Her lips are soft and her tongue is not shy as we commence with our first kiss. Frances tells me she wants to sample a different kind of man and I am that man. My cock is now fully engorged and there is a visible pre-cum stain on my pants. Taking my time I open Frances’ blouse all the way and slide it off her shoulders and let it gently hit the floor. Her breasts are large and firm with thick pink nipples that are visibly aroused. A gentle touch over them makes Frances gasp. Her hips are grinding into my hardness and I undo her pants sliding my fingers on her hips she helps me slide her pants off exposing her sweet completely shaved pussy. My fingers can’t resist touching her. As my hand works it way down she reaches for my belt and undoes my pants. Suddenly we are completely naked. Frances reaches for my cock and smiles. I’m not long at five inches but I’m thick and have a curved shaft.

Frances ka├žak bahis uses her thumb on the tip to draw out more juice and begins to work it around my head. My fingers are slowly exploring her increasingly wet lips as I curl them and slide two over her throbbing clit and up inside. My thumb presses against her clit and my fingers work inside creating pressure on her pubic bone and clit simultaneously. As her breathing becomes heavier my cock throbs with anticipation. Our nipples are rubbing together as we work ourselves into a hot frenzy. She whispers crack the door and turn on the light. Knowing she wants to live her voyeuristic fantasy I comply.

I turn back and she is lying on a bed of coats with her legs spread and her hands working her pussy and nipples. I begin to stroke my cock and we feed off of each other’s pleasure. Her eyes locked on me and gaze down at her fingers telling me to help her achieve her goal. Crawling slowly on the floor I glide my tongue up over her calves focusing on how she is touching herself, slowly inching up I reach her inner thighs which are trembling with excitement. She reaches for my head and pulls it towards her glistening lips. My tongue flutters on her swollen clit and she moans with pleasure. Spreading her lips with my fingers I tongue fuck her sliding in and out with my thumb pressing on her clit. Her body begins to quiver and she lets out a deep hard moan as her firm thighs squeeze my head and her juices flood my tongue. My hands hoisting her round ass up as my tongue draws multiple spasms from her. Again her hands pull on my head and guide up towards her.

My tongue is sampling every inch of her body and my hands are gently caressing her ribs and the sides of her firm breasts. My mouth locked on her pert nipples I begin to suck while my fingers work her into another frenzy. Her hands pulling on my ass I know she wants me inside. I resist and tease her clit and lips with the tip of my swollen cock. She groans and with all her strength pulls my ass towards her. My cock enters her tight pussy and she lets out a primal illegal bahis moan. Her wetness envelops my hardness and I can feel my juices swelling as I plunge in and out of her rising up to use my shaft to glide over her clit and my head grinding the entrance creating a deep tingling in the tip of my cock. Our mouths are locked as my hands pinch her nipples and our hips work in a perfect rhythm. Frances pauses and smiles.

I turn and see our waiter is spying on us. Frances pulls my ass towards her and whispers for me to fuck her from behind. Frances is now facing the waiter and he enters the closet. I get behind her and begin to finger her and play with her ass. Our waiter comes closer and is visibly aroused. As I’m working her pussy he is now right in front of her. He opens his pants and exposes his enormous cock. Frances gasps and she tells me to fuck her. He is stroking his cock and is now right at her mouth. Frances takes as much as she can and is pushing her ass into my cock and sucking his at the same time. My cock is starting to swell and I can feel her pussy muscles tightening as she is ready to climax again. Our waiter is moaning heavily and is about to explode into her mouth. My fingers are now in her ass as I begin to release into her. Frances is trembing as she lets loose with a massive body wrenching orgasm. My juice and our waiters are filling her at the same time. Having completely emptying ourselves we collapse on our bed of coats. Our waiter quickly dresses and leaves without a word.

Frances is glowing having fulfilled multiple fantasies. I stroke her thick hair and we share muliltiple soft kisses. Realizing we have exceeded our wildest expectations we get dressed and return to our table.

Our waiter approaches our table hesitantly but Frances’ smile immediately puts him at ease. He asks if we enjoyed our meal and of course we nod in sync. He then asks if we want dessert and we both laugh saying we are totally full and couldn’t eat another bite. He smiles knowingly, leaves our check and thanks us for being such nice patrons. Frances and I talk for a while longer and we leave together and say goodbye with a long kiss. I thank for accepting me, she smiles, says nothing and turns away. Our time together ends but we now have a bond that can’t be broken.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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