Wrong Number Ch. 05

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This is chapter five in this series. Chapter one was my entry into the 750-word challenge. This chapter, along with the ones before and after it will each be 750 words each (Title to end). Some may have what you’re looking for while others may be a tease. The end of this series is not in sight, so I hope you enjoy each chapter as they come.

Wrong Number

Chapter Five


He flipped through the images he was able to save of his naked mother as he jerked his cock again. He typically wasn’t able to cum back to back, but he knew it was possible as he stared at his mother’s bare ass. He was also fueled by the prospect his mother knew his side of their argument was a smoke show. He would fuck his mother given the chance and now she knew it.

While it took a bit longer to cum the second time, it still happened faster than he would have thought. More of his baby batter pooled in the same spot as the rest had on his shirt while more dribbled down his cock to join the drying clump that was already there. He yanked off his headphone and headed directly to the shower to clean up.

The ultrabet yeni giri┼č images of what he saw happen in that office were engrained in his mind. He stayed in his room replaying it over and over while trying to figure out what was happening.

“Why is Mom so willing to put herself on display for me like that. It took almost no effort for it to happen,” he thought.

He opened his phone and flipped through the screenshots he took of his mother again. Again, he pulled out his cock and stroked it. He imagined he was the one sitting on the edge of the desk watching his mother’s head bob up and down in his cock before shooting his load down her throat.

“Swallow it,” he grunted as he turned slightly to the side.

His cum gathered on the towel he used after his shower and he was quick to stuff his dick back in his pants and ball up the towel when he heard a knock on his door.

“Yeah?” he shouted as he stuffed the towel into his hamper.

There was no answer.

“Come in.”

The door opened and his mother walked in wearing her pajamas and ultrabet giri┼č a robe. The expression on her face would not have revealed to anyone that anything odd had happened between them. She closed the door behind her and walked in. She pulled her phone from the pocket on her robe and began swiping up and down, left and right.

“What are you doing?” Greg shyly asked his mother.

Just as he finished asking, his phone lit up with a text message.

“I’m sure you’ll find that much better in quality than the snapshots you took of me earlier,” she said to him as she turned back toward the door. “Dinner is ready”

She walked away as he opened the text message from her. His heart raced as he saw a thumbnail view of his mother naked. He tapped on the picture to open it to full screen. He felt his cock begin to harden immediately. There was his mother standing in front of her full-length mirror in her room. She had absolutely nothing on. One hand was holding the phone while the other was wrapped around her midsection.

She was beautiful. She was just shorter than him. ultrabet g├╝venilirmi Her breasts were the size of oranges and hung just a little. They were probably very perky before she had him. She had a little weight around her belly, and he knew she was self-conscious about it. Her dark brown hair gathered over one shoulder and ended just above the nipple on one of her tits. Her pussy was completely shaved, and she stood with her legs opened slightly.

He zoomed in and looked at the lips between her legs. He wanted to suck them into his mouth.

“Stop gawking and come to dinner,” his mother whispered from his door.

He jumped slightly, tossing his phone onto his bed and made his way to the kitchen, following her. When he arrived, his father was already seated, and his mother took her normal place at the table. The food was already on the table and Greg took his normal seat. The conversation between his parents was normal when his father turned to him.

“Anything interesting happen today?”

He did his best to not let on that he watched his mother lick another woman’s pussy.

“No, I put in a few applications today. Should probably hear from someone soon,” he casually mentioned.

His father nodded approvingly, “Good. I’ve got to go back to work for a bit tonight. You and your mother can relax. I hear she had a challenging day today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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