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In the early morning hours, when the sky is just beginning to lighten to grey and the birds begin their vocal practices, when the only thing which should logically be stirring in the streets are the night-shift workers and the dust, you wake, bleary-eyed, and glance over at the clock; 4:49 am. You roll back over and realize that you don’t feel my familiar warmth in the bed next to you, nor can you detect the faintly vanilla scent of me, except where it resides in the sheets. You put out your hand, hoping maybe I’ve just rolled away, but I’m not there. And what’s more, the sheets are cold where I usually lay, so you know I haven’t merely gotten up to get a drink, or to use the facilities. You glance at the clock again. 4:51 am, and you’re wondering where I am.

You get up from the bed, intent on searching me out. But you know where you’ll find me. You stumble out into the living room, where I always retreat when I can’t sleep. Here, I sit either in front of the computer for hours, writing, rewriting, editing and perfecting my stories. Or I sit in front of the television, staring at the classics channel and crying. Tonight, I am sitting in front of the computer, staring intently at the screen as my fingers fly over the keyboard. I do not even hear you come out of the bedroom. I am caught up in a particularly gruesome scene in a bit of horror/erotica I am working on. I reach over to grab the mug of coffee I have sitting next to me.

As my hand gropes for the mug, you grab it before I do and place it in my hand as you leave a swift kiss on the back of my exposed neck. “Morning love,” I feel you purr.

I rip my eyes from the screen and set the mug down before I drop it. Swiveling about in the chair, I say, “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. Did I wake you? I was trying to make sure you got enough sleep,” It all comes pouring out of my mouth in a rush, and you just grin down at me.

“No, lover,” you kiss my forehead. “You didn’t wake me. I woke myself. I woke up, looked at the clock and realized you weren’t beside me. I was lonely, so I came out to join you.”

” I was just trying to get this part of the story out of the way and slip back into bed before you woke up, so that you wouldn’t wake up without me there. I’m sorry.”

You growl softly Şerifali Escort at me. And I grin up at you. “Don’t apologize,” you say. “I don’t mind. It’s not like I have to work tomorrow- er, today, umn, this morning.” You begin to laugh. “what are you working on that you’re so intent about?” you ask, peering over my shoulder.

The text on the screen reads, ‘It was a savage attack. Chris never knew what hit him, and after the carnage was done, the police were baffled to find the man’s head sitting on the dresser, gazing down on the naked, bound and ravaged body of his young lover.’

“Feeling a little brutal tonight baby?” you grimace.

I grin up at you. “No, just got caught up in the scene is all. Too much reading Stephen King, I suppose. Couldn’t help myself. Just let me save this-“

” And what?” you ask, that special, evil smile spreading across your gorgeous face. “I think I should try to make you stop having those evil, violent thoughts before you go back to sleep. Maybe,” you whisper, moving closer and running a hand up my silk-clad thigh, “just maybe I should help you convert them into just plain evil thoughts/. Your hand travels farther up my thigh and I moan.

“Oh really?” I look at your still naked form. You are erect. Already. I lift my head and grin up at you. “Oooooh, really?” I say again and lean over to kiss the soft skin ont eh head of your cock. Just let me save this and turn off the computer.” I swivel back around and save the piece by trying to hit alt-s and clicking on each window, but I can’t seems to hit the buttons precisely, because you lean against me, and I can feel you hard against my back. Your hands wrap around my shoulders, your sweet hands caressing the cleavage you can clearly see from your vantage point. The pajamas I’m wearing are fashioned after men’s pajamas, dark green silk, but sleeveless and not quite buttoned all the way. As your hands run across the tops of my breasts and I feel your hard cock against the soft skin just below my shoulder blades, I repeatedly forget just what it is I’m trying to do.

My pajamas are swiftly feeling more confining, so I reach up to undo one more button. Your hands wander even farther down into my shirt and you lean down to kiss my Göztepe Escort ear. My hands have stopped moving over the keyboard. They rest lightly over the keys, but occasionally, when you hit a particularly pleasant spot with your hands or tongue, my hands strike random keys and I accidentally open a new screen, and it begins filling with random letters, until finally I take my hands from the keys and reach to undo more buttons.

One at a time, I extricate the large white buttons on the pajama tops, your hands following each one down until they finally have enough rooms to take one breast fully into each hand. Your tongue still trailing across my ear, you take the nipples lightly between index and thumb, I gasp and my back arches. You whisper, “Enjoying yourself?”

A gasp and a few murmured yeses are all I can really manage to get out. I love he feel of your hands on my flesh. No one’s touch has ever burned the way yours does. It is almost orgasmic, just this, and then you release my right nipple and that hand moves farther down, to the loose pants, the band of which you slip your hand silently past. You gently run your fingertips across the soft hairs at the base of my stomach, and then down past that, where warmth and wetness reside. I am already so wet, so ready for you that you can feel me dripping. “Gonna have to wash those pajamas again, ” you whisper, and I laugh, knowing that it is true. I had to wash them just today, because I was wearing them last night, when you- but thinking about that gets me going even more, just like you knew it would, and my back arches farther as you run one finger over my swollen clit.

You know you have brought me to the point where I will start to fight back, and so you trail your finger back up my stomach, around my nipple, and them you release me. Again, I swivel, and we stare challengingly at each other as the hunger rages inside of me. I slip the pajama tops silently off my shoulders and drop down to the floor. I crawl toward you, stalking you, as it were, and when I reach you, love brings you down. In the growing light of dawn, our passion burns brighter than the rising sun. The screen saver flips on and bounces erratically around on the monitor of the abandoned computer and where Ümraniye Escort the brilliant light leave patterns across your skin I follow with tongue and teeth. Wherever the lights go, I go, until I reach your cock, which is standing at attention, and as I feel your hands wrap themselves tightly in my hair, I gently lick and kiss the head, down the shaft, teasing you a bit before I take the entirety of it into my mouth. It is your turn to arch your back as I tease the reaction I want out of you with my tongue. When I think you’ve had enough, you are right on the verge of cumming in my mouth, I release you and crawl slowly back up your body, until I come to rest at your side. I want to give you a chance to recuperate, before I continue.

Hey, you started it.

You look down at me, my head resting against your shoulder, my eyes reflecting the half-light and you can clearly see the “who, me?” expression. You growl at me and swiftly duck your head and kiss me as you swivel your hips to meet mine. My leg automatically goes up over your hip, and we lie there, face to face, on our sides in the half-light on the living room carpet. I rock us just slightly, so that we roll and as my back comes into contact with the rough carpet, you slam into me. You pull out just slightly, teasing me, making me thrust my hips up to meet yours and I am begging, “please, lover, please-“

Suddenly you are all the way inside me again, feeling my muscles clamp down around you, trying to pull you farther into me, pull all of you inside. We rock together int eh early morning gloom, story coffee and bed all forgotten as we lose ourselves in each other. Our rhythm increases with the pounding of our hearts as we pull each other closer and closer to the point of orgasm. With each movement, you get closer and with each plunge, you get stiffer and longer inside me, until I feel your body clench and allow mine to respond in kind. My legs cinch down on your waist as we roll together into orgasm. You cry my name, and I answer incoherently. You drive me so wild. I want to lay like this forever, feel you pulsing deep inside of me while your love pours out of you.

But now, as we disentangle ourselves and move hand in hand toward the bedroom, I can feel a full night of typing and thought come crashing down on my senses. I just want to lay tangled in a mess of limbs and sheets till I can’t sleep anymore. With you beside me. So we crawl into bed and you pull me close as the first actual rays of dawn brighten the shades and I fall into my dreams of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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