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Worst Roommate Ch. 02

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Recap from Chapter 1: Three guys live together as roommates in the area around a big US city. One, the main character Mike, ends up having a no-touching masturbation sessions with Elise, his friend/roommate’s (Sean) girlfriend. His smaller head did the thinking and let things progress until Elise got herself off then managed to surprise Mike by latching her lips around his dick and finishing him off. The no-touching masturbation session was a partial failure since lips met dick, but they both got off on it. Continue for Chapter 2. There will be more lips-meeting-dick action.


After Elise stopped me from frosting a napkin, not much happened in the living room. She giggled, said, “that was fun” and then danced upstairs while I simply stood there shell-shocked with my pants and boxers around my ankles. Half-hard dick just hanging out.

I gathered myself eventually and made my way upstairs to my own bedroom while thinking over what just happened. On one hand, it was amazing. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had anything as exciting happen with a girl before that point. There have been good times with various ladies, but that was something on another level. Watching a girl finger herself and rub her clit less than 3 feet away, while stroking myself using her own juices… was definitely a new experience. On the other hand, I just stepped way over a line with my roommate’s girlfriend – who is over at our place all the time. I couldn’t tell him about this, he’d be incredibly pissed and would probably hate me and break up with Elise.

Inevitably, I had a hard time sleeping that night with all of the thoughts racing through my head. The next day, Friday, I didn’t see Elise since I get up earlier than my roommates when going to work. When I left the office at the end of the day, I joined some coworkers at a nearby brewery for drinks. I told Sean and Jake I’d be back around 10pm and we could meet up at the irish pub down the street from our house. Sean’s response was, “Sweet. Guys night.” I actually breathed a sigh of relief when he didn’t mention Elise. Acting normal around her would be tough – even more so with Sean nearby. But I had to find a way to talk to her about this without him around.

With food and drinks at the brewery finished, I arrived home to see Sean and Jake drinking and watching Beerfest in the family room. After they said I had time to take a quick shower, I hurried upstairs to get ready for the Friday evening. Since we were just heading to a local dive bar, I was quickly ready wearing informal clothes and within 20 minutes we were finishing our beers while walking down the driveway. Two of us made our crushed-can shots into the recycling bin – Jake isn’t much of an athlete and a terrible beer pong partner.

The pub is only three streets down from our place and we end up there most weekends. It’s nice to be friendly with the bartenders to the point we usually get free drinks or served quicker than most people waiting to order. This place was bar-only with a few dartboards and maybe 5 beers on tap. It’s small, but it generally doesn’t get crowded unless it’s St. Paddy’s day or a long weekend with people taking advantage of the extra drinking day.

Two Guinness, two Budweisers, two hours and a bowl of pretzels later, Sean was swaying a bit while texting on his phone and Jake was losing consistently at darts to a group of people we had started chatting with. I was next to Sean talking up a girl named Molly who had a bright smile, flat chest, but a booty that had me looking forward to when she’d turn and grab her beer off the high table we were standing next to. Things seemed to be going well, but Molly didn’t seem to be looking to run home right away this evening.

“So… we ready to go home? Whaddya think?” Sean asked as he staggered next to us and looked at me with shiny eyes.

“Um, yeah we can head off in a minute. See what Jake wants to do.”

Turning back to Molly, I asked if she’d like to meet up sometime for drinks. She smiled, put her number in my phone, and I was soon walking the few streets back home with Sean and Jake. I would have liked to have her join me, but getting a number and an accepted date isn’t a bad night at all in my book. Jake lamented his darts skills, Sean mumbled something about butt darts, and I simply listened and laughed.

When we got to our place and started walking up the sloped blacktop driveway, I noticed a figure sitting in the dark on our porch.

“Sean, you said you were on your way back more than 15 minutes ago!” Clearly frustrated, Elise had stood up and walked forward to meet us in front of the porch.

Instead of worry about listening to the eventual argument, I quickly went to the front door, unlocked it and turned on the lights to the living room. Bostancı Escort Jake and I grabbed a beer each from the fridge and settled on the couch to finish up Beerfest. Elise and Sean came inside after a few minutes and went straight upstairs. Her steps were steady up the old wooden slats, while Sean’s staggered steps followed slowly.

I was relieved that I didn’t have to face Elise – look into the same eyes I watched widen in orgasm the night before. Disaster avoided… for now.

The movie only had about 30 minutes left before we turned off the tv and both headed to our respective rooms. I was upstairs with Sean while Jake was on the first floor toward the back of the house. Before heading to bed, I stopped by the bathroom to piss and brush my teeth. Kicking off my shoes in the corner of the hallway, I began taking off my shirt and opened the door to my room before flipping on the light.

My shirt ended up in the pile of dirty clothes next to my closet and was soon joined by my socks and pants. As I leaned down to pick up my phone charger, I heard my bedroom door squeak behind me.

Dropping the phone cord, I turned to the door intrigued why it suddenly came open. There stood Elise, she was wearing a flannel shirt and I only saw legs appearing below. Her right hand was still on the doorknob and she was sort of cringing most likely at the sound she made.

“You should grease the hinge,” she said while transforming the cringe into a wide smile.

“Oh. Yeah. It’s an old house.” That’s it. Yup, I didn’t know what else to say. Was there something else to say?

“Well, a quiet hinge would make these trips a little more covert in the future.” She said this while looking me in the eye with a straight face. Elise wasn’t playing around, making a joke, or beating around the bush. My palms started sweating a little.

“Listen, Elise,” I started saying as the turned and slowly closed the door with her still in my room. “Last night was fun, but I think Sean would be pretty mad if he… if he…” I trailed away as I watched her grab the hem of the shirt and pull it up over her head revealing an olive skinned butt, back dimples, and perfectly straight spine before her hair swept back into view covering her all the way to her ass.

Turning to face me, she held the shirt so it covered her body. I simply stared as she walked lightly to me, stopping a foot away. “This is my choice. He’s passed out in bed. I’m up with my own needs. Desires. Besides, your other head doesn’t seem to mind.”

I followed her gaze down and saw that, sure enough, my hardening dick was poking through the front of my boxers – happy to be a part of this conversation. While looking down, I saw the shirt drop to the floor. I started bringing my gaze up to finally get a good view of her breasts, but she quickly dropped to her knees using the shirt as padding over my wooden floorboards.

By now, I was fully hard and poking really far out of the front slit of my boxers. Elise pulled the waistband up, carefully pushing me back through the slit, and then pulled the boxers down my legs. Before they even hit the floor, she had leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my head, using her mouth to pull me to an almost 90 degree angle (when hard I point pretty much at the ceiling).

“Uhhhh, fuck,” I whispered as I felt her tongue swirling around my head while her fingernails slowly slide up my calves, knees, then thighs before twisting around and grabbing my ass cheeks. I felt her pull me toward her as my dick slowly embedded itself deeper in her mouth. Elise only let about two inches slide in before she pulled back and repeated. Each time I sunk a little deeper. By the sixth thrust, I felt her nose wiggling back and forth on my stomach. I was fully in her mouth and it felt incredible. I couldn’t have pulled my eyes away from the scene happening in front of me if someone lit a fire in my room. She looked up at me with a smile written on her eyes – her mouth was a bit full to have her lips curl upward.

Slowly, she pulled back until my dick popped out of her mouth and bounced against my stomach.

“Think I can get you off without using my hands?” She asked me.

“Uh, yes. Easily.” She probably could have gotten me off without even touching me. Which I guess she sort of did the night before.

“Well, shoot. I wanted a challenge. Oh well, I’ll just have to live up to ‘easily’.” Quickly my cock once again disappeared into her mouth.

Elise would bob up and down starting with an inch or two in her mouth before getting me fully in, then repeat the process. Every so often she would let me slip out, then run her tongue from base to tip, flick the underside of my head (I’m circumcised), then repeat.

Meanwhile her hands Anadolu Yakası Escort would usually rub and clench my ass, but she’d also slide them up and down my thighs. At one point, she slide her hands up my thighs, circling around my cock just on the outside, then continued higher to softly grab my abs. She then slide them to my back, slowly sliding down until she was once again at my ass – grabbing and pulling.

This whole time I’d stifle my moans, try and keep my breathing even, and let her move me as she saw fit. At this point I was no longer fighting or even thinking of how pissed Sean would be, she was sucking any hesitancy out of me.

Soon enough I could feel that familiar tingling. “Um, Elise. I’m getting close.”

As soon as I said that, she pulled me fully into her mouth and I could feel her throat constricting again and again on the head of my dick. She was repeatedly swallowing while I was just inside of her throat. Needless to say, this blew my mind which caused me to blow my load.

“Oh, fuck. Now.” I managed to get this out before closing my eyes and letting myself go. Shot after shot were quickly downed by the little olive skinned beauty at my knees. After four throbs, she pulled back so just my head was inside of her mouth and that tongue of hers swished back and forth underneath. She breathed in deeply through her nose before swallowing again.

As I finished cumming, I felt my knees tremble and start to give. I put my right hand on her shoulder to keep myself upright.

Pulling her mouth off my dick, she giggled and said, “You alright there? Did I almost suck you off your feet?”

I could only chuckle and say, “Jesus. Yeah, something like that.” I felt I’d recovered enough and straightened up again. I rubbed my eyes and just kinda cupped my head – my mind was reeling from being sucked clean.

“Whoops, a little left.” I looked down to see her flick her tongue out and swipe away a drop of cum that had managed to miss the main party. She swallowed quickly then looked at me with that cheshire smile. This girl was going to get me into a world of trouble.

Elise stood up finally and for a moment we just stood there, each breathing a little heavier than normal. Then I stepped forward, pressed myself against her, leaned down, tilted her head up and kissed her. It started slow at first, but within seconds we were wrestling tongues and panting into each others mouths. But I pulled back suddenly – for a second her mouth was still open, tongue out, before she realized I’d pulled away. Elise opened her eyes and started to frown.

“On the bed. On your back. Your turn.”

Eyes lidded with a big grin on her face, she continued looking at me as she side stepped to my bed, let the mattress hit the back of her legs before sitting down. I walked to Elise and watched her lift her legs, placing her feet on the edge of the bed and spread her knees. In between her legs now, I once again leaned forward and continued kissing her, pushing her back slowly and surely until she was flat on her back.

Once again, I pulled away from her kiss – slower this time though. Now, I’m a bit of a romantic at heart. And when I have a girl naked on my bed, with her thighs hugging my waist, and my dick covered in her saliva – I make sure I treat her well. I moved my head down to the left side of her neck and began kissing. Under her ear, under the jaw, side of the neck, and to the collarbone. As my lips slowly moved down, my hands – once on her knees – slowly slide up her inner thighs. By the time my kisses got to her collarbone, my hands were both inches from her sex, but I kept sliding even has her hips rose at the closeness of my touch.

Switching to the the right side of her neck, I repeated the process. My hands moved from her thighs to her waist, sliding to the outside before moving in. My thumbs teased her belly button as my kiss reached the collarbone. But I continued south as my hands continued north. As I kissed between her breasts, each hand cupped a handful and lifted slightly. Glancing up at her eyes, I saw her watching me.

Giving her a big smile, I took the nipple my right hand offered into my mouth. My lips pursed on her areola and my tongue began to flick the tip of her nipple as I curled the fingers of my right hand slightly tighter. A few flicks more, I stopped and sucked in feeling her nipple suction into my mouth a little more. At this she let out a moan and her stomach trembled. Quickly, she brought her arm to her head and smothered her mouth with her left elbow.

I switched to her right nipple which my left hand offered up. Purse lips, flick tongue, curl fingers, and suck. The last action caused her other hand to slide quickly up my back and grasp a handful of my Ataşehir Escort hair. Keeping my hands rubbing, I began to kiss down. Between her breasts, along the peach fuzz covering her abs, tongue rimming the belly button, and finally to her lower abdomen.

When I was just above her pussy, I slide my hands down her sides, over her waist, and grasped her outer thighs. Her hips were just barely thrusting – I probably wouldn’t have noticed if my lips weren’t already suctioned to her pelvis. But, I didn’t give her what she wanted… not yet.

Moving further down, my mouth was poised just above her lips. Her smell was intoxicating, I just stared for a moment. About 24 hours ago I had this same sight before me, but this time I was an inch away and ready to be closer. But instead, I breathed out – my warm breath heating up her lips even further. Her thighs quickly sandwiched the sides of my head as I switched to a burst of cold air focused on her clit. As her thighs squeezed, I heard her forcefully breath in – although it was slightly muffled by her elbow. I repeated this twice more, each time receiving a more forceful reaction from Elise.

After the third time, I used my hands to part her thighs and pulled her hands down to hold them open. As she was spread wide, I let my left hand beginning kneading her right breast while my right hand simply covered her with my palm down. Heat was radiating out from her and I could feel my palm becoming moist. Sliding my hands down, I separated my fingers in the middle and slide up on either side of her outer lips. Elise moaned and bit down on her bottom lip – a valiant effort at keeping quiet.

Sliding up and down a few more times, I finally used my index and ring fingers to slide in the middle – opening her up completely. As her toes curled, I leaned down and gave a long slow swipe of my tongue from bottom to top with a final double flick when I got to her clit. She exhaled a sharp breath and mumbled, “oh fuck, please.”

I was done with teasing and dove in completely. About five more long licks of my tongue and her hips were rhythmically driving my mouth deeper into her. I covered the middle finger of my right hand with saliva before placing the tip at her hole. As I slide my finger forward, I moved my left hand to her left breast and pinched her nipple.

I clearly didn’t need to wet my finger, because I slid in swiftly as she thrust upward with her hips and arched her back. Luckily, she didn’t moan loudly or scream, but she took a long trembling breath in as I began sliding my finger in and out.

After keeping a steady pumping rhythm for a minute or so, I decided to up the ante. I’m all about taking my time and make a girl orgasm to the point where she might get a cramp in her foot. But, I was knuckle deep in my roommates girlfriend while he was passed out drunk in the room next door. I didn’t have all the time in the world. So I leaned down, wrapped my left arm around her thigh and pulled her open. My lips quickly sealed around her clit while my right hand added the ring finger next to my middle. The two fingers quickly got into the stoke and curl movement.

I’d like to say the above movement was swift and precisely enacted. But I’d be lying. Because as my lips started sucking on her clit, her right hand left go of her leg and tightly grabbed my hair. Meanwhile her left arm moved back up to smother her mouth in the crook of her elbow. It barely did enough to muffle the squeal she made as I rounded out the move with two fingers curling inside of her pussy. I relentlessly held on to her moving legs as my tongue began flicking around her clit which was trapped between my lips.

I timed my curl and tongue flicks to her breathing. Soon enough the speed of her breaths and my movements were picking up and within moments she was panting heavily. My fingers were a blur and my tongue tried hard to keep up the rhythm, but her shaking legs made it a bit difficult.

“Oh fuck, oh jesus, don’t stop. Right there, right mmphh,” Elise covered her mouth again as she began shaking. Her legs, her hips, and her stomach were fluttering endlessly as I held on and kept up the treatment. Finally, Elise’s whole body locked up and nearly pushed me off of her has her back arched off the bed and held still. I slowed my movements, but kept licking and curling as I rode out her orgasm.

A few moments later she relaxed her muscles and settled into the bed. I stopped my right hand and slowly withdrew my fingers as I rested my cheek on her inner right thigh while breathing softly across her sex. My left hand just rested on her stomach – feeling her slow deep breaths pushing up and down.

With a final deep sigh, she said, “Fuck yes. That hit the spot. Thank you.”

Elise moved up onto her elbows and looked down at me. Her hair was askew, her eyelids were heavy, and her mouth was parted as she still took deeper than normal breaths. The face of a well-pleased girl.

“It was my pleasure,” I said with a smile.

“Think we have time to fuck?” That cheshire smile.

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