Ağu 31

Working With Rex Ch. 03

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Today was a big day for Rex and his team, one of their most prestigious contracts was up for renewal. The client had always seemed pleased with their work, but there was always a chance another company might try and take the contract from them.

The mood in the office was tense that morning. They’d been preparing proposal materials for the clients latest campaign for the last month. They couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

Becki knew the meeting wasn’t until later in the afternoon, but everyone was on edge.

“I’m going out to grab some lunch.” Harrison announced suddenly, just before 12:00, “I’m too stressed to concentrate!”

Dave grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair, “Me too, I’ll join you. Becks?”

Becki looked at the artwork in front of her then back at the door, “You know what, I’m going to work through some more of this. Maybe I can get it done before the weekend then.” Dave nodded in acknowledgment and followed Harrison out of the studio door.

Ten minutes later a loud crash rang out from their small kitchen area. Becki heard Rex cursing loudly and went over to check he was ok. As she rounded the corner she saw a messy mixture of coffee and shards of broken mug all over the floor. Rex was crouched in the middle of the mess clutching his hand.

“Are you ok?” Becki asked, “Stupid question I guess… I mean, can I help?”

Rex sighed, the frustration clear in his voice, Bodrum Escort “Feels like a fucking omen you know? You work your arse off and there’s never any guarantee things will go the way you want.”

Becki knew he wasn’t just talking about smashing a mug, the impending review weighing heavily on his mind. “Rex, you’re bleeding!”

Becki reached out for his elbow, pulling him to his feet. He held his hand out to her without comment. Becki gently took his hand and checked the wound.

“You should probably have stitches, but I know you won’t be going anywhere today…” Rex scoffed, she wasn’t wrong. He had no plan on leaving the office until after the review.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Becki sighed, leading Rex out of the mess to the first aid box in his office.

Becki cleaned him up as best as she could. It was a deep cut, but cleanly sliced. Without stitches it was probably going to leave a scar. She pulled the edges together with tape and secured a dressing over the top.

Rex hadn’t taken his eyes off of her as she’d worked on his hand. Becki blushed as she realised she was still holding his hand, even though she had finished dressing it. She let go gently, aware of the awkward bubble surrounding them.

As Rex took a step towards her, Becki grabbed the front of his woollen sweater and pulled him against her. The force pushed her back as his body pinned hers against the Bodrum Escort Bayan wall. She gasped, taking in the warm washing powder scent of him. Becki slid her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his. She felt his broad hands run down her back to her waist. Like last time their kisses were hard and rough, a messy mix of breath and saliva as they pressed themselves against each other. Rexs hand left a trail of goose bumps along her skin as he slipped it under her top to clutch at her breast, the rough dressing on his hand dragging against her skin. She could feel his heart racing and his breathing quickening against her lips as he broke their kiss, trying to catch his breath.

They stayed pressed against the wall, nose to nose as they shared breath, their lips barely touching as they tugged at each other’s clothes. Becki pulled him towards her, forcing their lips together again. She opened her mouth to his tongue, moaning as he lifted her up, making short work of entering her. Becki kept her arms wrapped around him as he moved his lips to her neck, biting her firmly as he took her against the wall. Becki’s yelp turned into a purr as he sucked hard on the spot he’d just bitten. She tilted her head to the side, exposing more of her pale skin to his lips. He worked his way round her neck, biting and sucking in time to his thrusts, moaning against her damp skin.

Becki was lost to the Escort Bodrum feel of him inside her and as he sucked on her neck, the brief moments of pain only served to heighten her pleasure. In the distance a familiar sound caught Becki’s attention and she gasped. “Rex… the door…”

But he wasn’t listening, his release was so close he couldn’t focus on anything else.

“Rex…shit!” Becki tried to get his attention again, just as she felt the familiar sensation building, rolling through her as her own orgasm started. She clutched at him tightly as she felt his heat fill her, his panting breaths echoing in her ear.

“Harrison.. Dave…” Becki uttered, watching as realisation filled Rexs’ eyes.

“Shit! Right… shit!” Rex set her down on her feet and hastily pulled his trousers up, tucking his sticky softening cock away. Becki glanced around the room looking for something to clean herself up with. She grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped herself down as best as she could, chucking them in the bin with the medical rubbish from earlier. Rex let himself out of his office, closing the door on her. Becki could hear him speaking and the sound of Harrison’s voice answering him. As she redressed herself, she heard the sound of broken china being dumped into the bin. She grabbed the full bin from Rexs office and carried it out to empty it.

“Sounds like you had fun while we were gone?” Dave smirked, nodding at the bloodstained rubbish in the bin she was holding. Becki blushed, “Oh! Yeah, you know… because today can’t get any more stressful.” Dave nodded as if he knew there was more to it than a cut hand, but said nothing, leaving Becki standing there still holding the full bin.

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