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Working Man Pt. 01

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Well here I am, 50 years old and out of a job. After working for 30 years straight, the last 20 for the same company. Working my way up to a senior management position, I got retrenched after new owners came through. It seems that “Middle Management” are the first to go, to clear out the peter principle type people, and I was one of them.

Now I need to find a new job and maybe something new in my life. My wife passed away 18 months ago from cancer. I have kids too, they are off doing their own thing. So here I am on my own, unemployed and not a lot of prospects, I mean, who wants a fifty year old working for them.

I looked at myself and wondered what I was going to do. I registered with the unemployment office, a lot of help they were. I had to register with an agency, who were more interested in making sure I followed the rules that the Government set out too make it as hard as possible to get any benefits.

So I thought I would get involved in the local community, maybe put back something and help some other people less fortunate than me. I really shouldn’t complain, I got a retrenchment package that would keep me going for at least 12 months, I own my home and car and have a good amount of super put away so I can be comfortable in retirement, it is just being thrown on the scrapheap at fifty that’s really got to me.

What are my interests, that’s the first thought that ran through my head. I always liked photography and fishing and always had an interest in art, maybe I would learn to draw or paint. I looked around my local area for an art group that would take a rank beginner like me, but then I thought why not just get some paper and pencils and fool around at home.

I spent the next few weeks going fishing, always with my camera, taking some photos of the local area and trying to catch some fish. Then I would go home and try to draw what I saw. Over the weeks I caught a heap of fish, some I ate and some I froze to eat later, took a lot of photos mainly of the local scenery and wild life and occasionally, of someone interesting I saw and I saved on my computer. I also gathered a lot of paper with lines on them, laughingly called drawings.

I was at the local community centre one day, checking out the bulletin board for an art group, when I bumped into a guy I had spoken to a few times. He asked me what I was up to and I said I was retrenched a few months ago and just taking it easy. He asked if I was interested in helping out a group who needed someone with my type of skills, I used to work in I.T. I told them sure and got the details.

A few days later they were going to meet so I went down to introduce myself. It was mainly women, with two other guys. They all seemed friendly and I offered to do what I could to help which they seemed grateful for. We talked over what they are trying to achieve and I made a few suggestions about what they can try that’s different. I suggested we set up a website, they said they had one so I looked at it and said we can do lots better.

There was one woman there in particular, her name was Maria, she was a few years younger than me, really friendly and smiled a lot. I liked her from the moment I met her. There was another named Anadolu Yakası Escort Ann, looked quite serious, she wore glasses and tended to look over the top of the glasses at people.

I went a few times and we started to get their stuff together, I was building them a new website, something simple with a “CMS” they would be able to manage easily. We used to meet at various places, sometimes the community centre and sometimes people’s houses.

On night we met at Ann’s place. She had a nice unit which was very tastefully furnished and had a cat. I think the cat might have owned the house and just let Ann live there the way she pranced around but I seemed to make friends with her, the cat I mean lol.

After the meeting was over and most had left I was about to leave and Ann asked me if I wanted a coffee, as she wanted to discuss something with me, so I stayed for a coffee. We sat there and talked, then she asked me about doing websites. I told her it was really just a hobby for me. She told me she had a business and needed someone to check out her website and see if they can make some improvements. Ann asked if I could look at her website tomorrow and maybe discuss things tomorrow night over dinner. I told her I could do it tomorrow and would love to have dinner tomorrow night.

I went over Ann’s website the next day, it was a pretty standard website and there were quite a few things I could do to make it stand out a bit more. I grabbed a notebook and wrote the things down I thought of so I would have something to go with that night.

Come 7 oclock I was knocking on Ann’s door. Of course I had a nice bottle of white wine, I asked Ann if she would like me to bring one first. Ann opened the door and I was a bit surprised, she had her hair done nicely and some makeup on and had on a light summer dress, above the knees and showing a bit of cleavage. Ann welcomed me in with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

I could smell dinner when I walked in, it was a nice curry and smelt delicious but not as good as Ann smelt. A nice smelling woman always get my blood racing a bit and this was no exception, I could feel a bit of stiffening in my pants and just hoped that Ann didn’t notice, or maybe I hoped she did notice and appreciated the compliment.

We went in and Ann got me to open the wine and pour us a glass as she got dinner ready and served up. She bent over the cupboards and her dress rose up her thighs giving me a very enjoyable view, which added to the stiffening in the pants.

We chatted over dinner, Ann asked me if I was divorced and was a bit stunned when I told her I was a widower, my wife having died of cancer. Ann was divorced 5 years and happily living on her own. After dinner we moved to the lounge room and Ann put some music on quietly and we sat and talked. Ann’s dress had ridden up a bit and she was showing a bit of thigh, something I find quite erotic. We were talking and laughing and enjoying each other’s company. It was obvious by this time we were attracted to each other and so eventually one thing led to another and we started to kiss.

In no time at all my tongue was in her mouth being sucked on, then her tongue was exploring my mouth. I Kadıköy Escort reached up and started to rub her sides and back then slid my hand round to her breasts. Her nipples were quite hard and I rubbed them and squeezed them a little bit. She broke off the kiss and undid the front of her dress and pulled it down to expose her bra, then undid her bra and took it off. We started kissing again and this time I caressed her bare breasts, her skin felt so soft and her nipples were quite large and light brown with pink areolas.

I broke the kiss and lent down, sucking her hard nipple into my mouth and nibbling on it gently, Ann held my head onto her breasts and moaned just a little bit. I sucked and nibbled one nipple then moved to the other, pulling them both with my lips and teeth. Then I sat up and started to kiss again. I enjoy kissing so much I can’t get enough.

Ann broke the kiss and told me to stand up. When I stood she undid my pants and pushed both my pants and underpants down so my cock popped out in her face. She took it in her hand and softly stroked me, then took the head in her mouth and started working her tongue over it, poking the tip of her tongue in the eye and sucking on me. She slowly worked her mouth down on my cock and cupped my balls in her hand, softly caressing my scrotum and making goosebumps rise. I ran my fingers through her hair then held her head as I thrust my cock deeply into her mouth, she took me right down without any problem and I could feel the head of my cock bump the back of her throat. She was amazing but I wanted to return the favour.

I pulled out and told her to stand up, when she stood we kissed deeply and I reached up under her dress and pulled her underpants off. I then turned her around and bent her over. Kneeling I pulled her lips open, the wetness like a string between her lips, and I slowly ran my tongue over her cunt. She had prominent outer lips and very small inner ones with a small clit, I licked her lips and stroked my tongue over and all around her clit. She put her hands on the back of the sofa and pushed back onto me as I gently worked my tongue all over her lips and clit, feeling her getting wetter and wetter. I ran two fingers over her lips and got them nice and wet and then slide them slowly inside her, she moaned loudly and pushed back more. Then she moaned loudly and the amount of wetness increased, she came.

I stood up and rubbed my cock over her lips up and down getting it wetter and wetter then I slowly slide my cock deep inside her, she pushed back on me and asked me to fuck her hard. I held her hips and started to thrust into her, feeling the inner walls of her cunt squeeze me as my cock slid in and out. I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her back, she pushed back and moaned loudly encouraging me on so I pulled her hair harder. We fucked like that getting more and more urgent until I could feel myself ready to explode, Ann felt it too and pushed back telling me to come inside her, to fuck her hard.

I thrust deeply then held for a coupe of seconds until the cum started to come out then I thrust madly deep in her injecting my cum into the depths of her cunt. I felt she came at the same Ataşehir Escort time. I thrust into her then slowly stopped, after standing there for a very short time Ann pulled off me, turned and sat down. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked and licked me clean, then licked all over my balls getting all our combined juices off and cleaning me up. I softly caressed her hair as she did it, enjoying the feelings from her mouth and tongue and the power I felt from her doing this for me.

We sat on the couch for a while just cuddled up in each others arms, relaxing and enjoying the afterglow. Ann looked at me and said that was unexpected, she asked me to stay the night and I told her I would enjoy that. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom, carrying her bra and underpants with her as I carried my clothes. Once in the bedroom she asked me if I wanted a shower, and led me into the bathroom, undressed me and ran the shower. She pulled her dress off from around her waist and led me into the shower. She washed my back and arse and front and cock and balls then down my legs and knelt as she washed my feet and toes. She then stood up and washed herself and we cuddled and kissed under the shower, my cock getting semi hard at all the attention I was getting.

We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off then moved back to the bedroom. We got into bed and lay there talking and cuddled up, quickly falling asleep. I woke a few times during the night to feel Ann’s warm body close to mine, it was nice cuddling up to someone after so long.

In the morning I woke up to find Ann moving around, she asked me if I wanted a coffee and I said I would like that. Ann was wearing a robe than came down to mid thigh, she looked very good, quite sexy and I told her so.

She came back with two coffees and put them on the bedside tables then took her robe off and lay down next to me. I reached over and ran my hand over her breasts, watching her nipples get hard and pucker up. She lay on her back enjoying the attention eventually reaching over and rubbing my cock, which was quite hard by this time. She rolled over towards me and we kissed, I pulled her towards me and started rubbing her back and arse. She told me to roll onto my back, which I did and she moved down to my cock. Slowly licking me all over my cock and balls she then took me in her mouth and sucked and licked my cock.

I got her to move around and sit on my face so we could both enjoy ourselves and I ran my tongue all over her lips, flicked her clit and pushed my tongue deep into her cunt. I sucked her lips and nibbled on them, something she seemed to really enjoy. She worked my cock deep into her mouth and cupped my balls.

I rolled her off and moved around on top of her, she lifted her legs and I slide my cock into her, kissing each other and tasting ourselves on the other one’s lips. She locked her legs around my back as I slowly worked up speed, fucking her deeply. She moaned and lifted up to me as I fucked her deeply, she started to grunt and make that face as I worked up and we both came, I pumped my cum deep inside her.

We lay like that for a while then she rolled me off, once again going down and sucking and licked my cock and balls clean of our juices, then coming up and kissing me deeply, her tongue in my mouth.

After we finished our coffee I got up and had a shower, on my own this time, got dressed and said my goodbyes. We kissed and I left after a very enjoyable night.

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