Wonderful Summer

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Big Dick

This summer was one of the most amazing ever. Summers in the Pacific Northwest are usually quite nice, but this was the most memorable. All in the same week, my wife Sara left for Washington D.C. for a business trip, and our son Jake started college at Texas A I made my way further in, deeper and deeper with my middle finger. Her sucking had slowed a bit as I finger fucked her, I could tell she was slightly distracted.

We had been at it probably 20 minutes or so, “Shall we go upstairs girls”? I got slight head nods from the both of them, Cora looked almost exhausted and Jessi pulled off my cock and looked as though she might orgasm, I pulled my fingers out of the both of them and brought my fingers to my face, it was intoxicating.

I turned off the TV and lights and took the girls hands and led them up to my bedroom. I laid down in the middle of my bed with Cora on my left again and Jessi on my right with my arms around both of them. I leaned to my left and started kissing Cora, and what kisser she was, so passionate.

Jessi turned on her side and started lightly kissing my neck with her right hand making its way to my cock. I stopped kissing Cora and turned to my right, Jessi looked up to me and we instantly and passionately kissed. My right hand reached over k├╝tahya escort to Cora and I started caressing her left breast while making out with Jessi. It was so firm and felt wonderful to hold and I could still smell the sweetness of their pussy juices on my hands.

Jessi broke off of our passionate kiss and swung herself over my legs. She sat up on her knees and positioned herself over my rock hard cock facing me, her body looked like a goddess in the pale light from outside. I leaned over to my left and started kissing Cora again, her lips were so soft and subtle.

Jessi was so still very wet, and her pussy made contact with my rod, it was extremely tight at first, but she rotated her hips a little and worked her way further down my shaft, I could feel her bottom out, but she kept working it and she stretched out deeper and deeper. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my daughter, and she felt wonderful. As Jessi was riding my shaft nice and slow, Cora swung around and straddled my chest facing me as well.

She was on her knees and eased her cunt to my face. I couldn’t believe the wonderful smell, and when her pussy made contact with my lips, it was indescribable. The piercing drove me crazy it was so sexy. I raised my hands and k├╝tahya escort bayan caressed her firm breasts. Her mound was as soft as her mouth; I dove right in working my tongue up and down her slit, sucking her lips in and out of my mouth, playfully biting at her mound, probing my tongue in her hole.

This went on for quite a while and could feel my load building, eating Cora out distracted me and allowed me to go even longer with Jessi riding my cock. I couldn’t decide what was better, Cora’s soft and tasty pussy, or Jessi’s tight deep pussy. I was so distracted by Cora, I suddenly realized I was at the exploding point, my cum shot hard again and again and again. Jessi was so tight I didn’t feel a drop of cum leaking down. As I was eating Cora, I realized I just cumed into my daughter, the feeling was incredible.

She rode me for a little while longer. As if communicating without saying a word, Jessi rose up and got off my cock and went to my side, Cora moved away from my head and swung around placing her pussy right over my cock, she started sliding down, she too was very tight, but kept working her pussy further and further down, it probably helped that my cock was covered in Jessi’s pussy juice. She was just as tight as escort k├╝tahya Jessi and it felt amazing as she slowly rocked up and down. Like Cora, Jessica straddled my chest, but this time, she faced Cora.

Jessi got up on her knees and brought her pussy to my face, she too was intoxicating, the sweetness, the smell, it was different than Cora’s pussy, but so amazing. I started stroking my tongue the length of her pussy, giving Jessi’s the same treatment I gave Cora’s, only this time it was slightly salty, I could taste a little of my cum on her pussy. As I went up and down her slit I made contact with her piercing, that alone was almost enough to make me cum.

I reached up to the front of her and cupped her breasts, caressing them and playing with her nipples. I realized at that time the girls had leaned in to each other and started making out. The fucking and eating of pussy had gone on for quite a while, as well as them making out. It was that time again, my load was building and building, I finally came with as much power as my last orgasm, my cum shot hard again and again.

The girls stopped kissing but Cora kept riding my cock for a few minutes and I kept eating Jessi and caressing and playing with her tits. Cora stopped and sat there for a minute, Jessi got off my face and crawled to my right. Cora got off my cock and crawled over to my left. They both looked tired. They both snuggled into my chest with my arms wrapped around them, I gave them each a kiss and said goodnight, they were asleep in seconds. This would defiantly be a wonderful couple of months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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