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Woman In Red: Beg Me!

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Every morning, I would arrive at my office and make my way up to the 44th floor. I was meticulous and my schedule would seldom varied. Maybe it was for that reason that some people called me anal. You know they were right…and didn’t even no it. I am anal. Six, or seven or eight inches in my anal. Oh ya.

This morning I was waiting at the elevator in the stately office building in downtown New York City, the town of…well, the town of weirdoes. My mind was distant in thought, as I felt a hand brush over my thigh. The feeling was both annoying and sexual.

I opened my eyes and looked to my left. I couldn’t believe it. Mr. Borden was next to me, rubbing up against me. God, he’s my boss. This is harassment. But shit, he is cute. I’ve always wanted him, and now I realize that he knew I wanted him.

His hand worked its way over my thigh and to my center. Oh god, I wanted his touch so badly, I turned and whispered into his ear, “Oh, Mr. Borden, make me cum.”

The elevator arrived and I walked forward, almost falling forward from the throbbing between my legs. I was at the back of the elevator and adjacent to Mr. Borden. I turned my head ever so slightly, begging him to run his fingers over my pussy.

I was finishing my period and my physical, sexual reaction to any kind of touch was enormous. My body, at that time, was so acutely orgasmic, that a wind in my air would make me cum. So it was more than just Mr. Borden. I could cum all day long, without stop if an old grand pappy was masturbating me. I was horny.

He looked back at me, and smiled. His eyes were so beautiful, sky blue with a shine reflecting the huge life force inside this man. He smiled, “not now baby, “ and I almost began to cry. I needed him and grabbed his hand. The elevator was so filled up, and the smell of love was whiffing about. Oh shit, I don’t care.

The doors opened and Mr. Borden and I had to exit. We were at 44. I held him not to go, but he yanked his arm away from me. I followed him. I couldn’t imagine what I looked like to my colleagues. I figured they were seeing a hair tussled, makeup smudged sex crazed lawyer. But of course, that was in my head. Everyone just kept on doing his or her own fucking thing.

Somehow I arrived at my office, and believe I said good morning to Lolitta, my sexy young secretary. (Oh baby, we’ll have to get back to that one, but one thing I’m sure of is that she wears very low blouses and accentuates her breasts to tease me. I know that. I can feel it, and am certain that I once saw her fingering herself under her desk and licking her lips at me. She knows I can’t have her. The bitch).

I sat down at my desk, and was surprised that the door had closed behind me. Did I shut it? And then I saw him. Mr. Borden was lying on the big fluffy couch in my office and he was entirely naked. I was stunned. Here we were, rising stars the both of us, in the most successful law firm in the world – about to fuck, in the fucking office.

I Maltepe Escort didn’t take any convincing to join in. I ripped my clothes off. I was frantic with lust as I watched this gorgeous man stroke his cock, a cock that I would have been proud to take home to Mom and Dad. It was stately. Nice length, good width and very beautiful to look at. I wanted him in all my holes. I was soaking.

I heard him speak for the first time and he said, “kneel down here in front of me, baby.” I got wetter with his command. I did as he said. He kept on stroking and it was obvious that he wasn’t far from cumming. I needed to taste him and moved my head so as to let him know. “Not yet, baby…you just watch me.”

I moved my hand to my nipples as was natural to me, and once again was commanded by Mr. Borden. “Don’t touch yourself, Ms. In-Red”.

I could feel the wetness between my legs. I was getting wetter at every note of his masculine, powerful voice. My mind and my pussy were reeling with excitement, but I obeyed his commandment. I was under his spell and just wanted to please him.

My eyes became riveted to his cock and his hand. They were moving in sync with one another and I was convinced that this was the most incredible thing God had given us. Intimacy. Love. Sexuality. Lust. Respect. Touch. Orgasm.

Oh my, what a life giving thing. What a life giving think, the head of his cock was purple and oh, so swollen. It was yelling for relief and I subconsciously moved forward with my mouth open. Mr. Borden moved back, away from me.

I, once again, leaned forward with my tongue licking my lips, but my hands by my sides. He grabbed my hair and pulled me (gently) back away from him. I obeyed. He took his other hand and directed one of his fingers into my mouth. I sucked, and sucked it. Oh it tasted so good. Mmh. Down my throat, Mr. Borden. Stick it down my throat. It was his cock. I know it wasn’t. But too me, it was his cock.

And I opened my eyes and watched him masturbate with the pride of a prizefighter. His eyes were closed and his chest was sticking out. MMh, his ass was bouncing up and down and his entire essence had turned into an orgasm machine.

I HAD TO HAVE HIS COCK IN MY MOUTH. The adrenaline in my body was making me stronger and I lunged at his manhood and escaped his grasp.

He succumbed to my will. He had answered my begging. Oh god. It’s in my mouth and it tastes so good.

Mmmh, I’m sucking on his cock. He is so good to me. He is my master. MMMh. It is so far down my throat. I think I’m in heaven. Yes, deeper baby. Deeper. I’m stroking his cock as he fucks my mouth.

And then without warning, Mr. Borden pulls out. “Please MR. Borden. Please, I beg you. Let me taste you. Let me suck your cock, “ I was crying.

With great compassion, and love, Mr. Borden leaned back, put his hands behind his head and allowed me to lick and suck his beautiful offering. I ravaged his cock one more time and sucked it as though Anadolu Yakası Escort anyone could take it from me at any time.

I held him by the ass. I found his hole and extended a finger inside of him. He was so tasty and smelled so sexy. His cock was moving with a flow, with poetry and I waited for it to explode in my mouth.

Mr. Border was breathing heaver and heavier. He was moving his body in crazy ways and grunting. His cock was moving faster. He was more concentrated in his movements. I was fucking his ass when all of a sudden…

…Mr. Borden came in my mouth.

Mr. Borden was coming down my throat. Spurt after spurt hit the roof of my mouth and tickled me. I felt my pussy respond in an appropriate manner. Without touching myself, I started to cum. And I was an ejaculator. A woman who would spray all over – and I did.

We’re cumming together. Cum is all over us, me and him and we are soaked. God, he tastes so good I want him in my mouth forever. MMMh. I’m cumming still. Oh shit. Oh, oh, oh, yessss!!!! His cum is dripping down my chin and I scoop it with my finger. Oh, he tastes so incredible.

It seemed like Mr. Borden and I had been cumming for hours. I was the first one out of our daze and noticed that it was 9:10 am, and we had been fucking for about five minutes. It wasn’t unusual for me to close my door for the first ½ hour of every day, just to get myself in order. But, according to Murphy, my secretary knocked at the door. She was crying and whispering through the frame that she needed to speak with me. I know she had been through a breakup lately and had relied on me for guidance.

I moved to the door, and opened it slowly. She looked through the crack at me and said, “could I talk with you, for a minute.”

My mind was still reeling from this moment of intensity with Mr. Borden that I actually bid her to come in. Mr. Borden and my secretary met eyes and I thought I was going to die. She smiled, and without warning slowly moved over to Mr. Borden. He smiled back, and I must say I was a bit jealous, and relaxed his body once again. Amazingly, my secretary began to peel off her tight clothing and bent down to kiss Mr. Borden, at the same time.

I tried to introduce them, but it quickly became evident that this was not a blind date. They had done this before and I couldn’t believe it was only 9 in the morning. Fuck. What will happen the rest of the day?

I walked over to the bar and poured myself a Johnny Walker. It went down so nicely and I felt warm inside. As I turned, Mr. Borden was pressing his cock up into my secretary’s ass. By now, she had thrown off her clothing, climbed on the couch, on all fours and gotten Mr. Borden harder than I had seen him before.

I was enthralled and began to make my way over to the fucking couple. Mr. Borden turned to me and commanded me. He told me to take the oil out of the top drawer and rub it all over my secretary’s body. I did as he asked.

The Ümraniye Escort oil in the bottle was warm; Preparations had been made for this. I sprayed the contents onto her back, and it began to drip down between her crack, where Mr. Borden’s cock was buried. I messaged the oil into her body, her back, her ass, and her breasts. I reached around and oiled her legs and her feet and did similarly to Mr. Borden at the same time.

I was hungry to get fucked by the both of them and started to kiss Mr. Borden’s gorgeous ass. Instinctively, he stopped me and pulled me around so that I was forced to sit in front of them and watch their lurid sex scene.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I shouted, “Please Mr. Borden. I want to make love to you. I want her cunt in my mouth. Please. Please.”

“No, not yet, baby. You just watch, “ he said as he smacked my secretary’s ass. His cock was deeply buried inside of her, and I could her this shapely woman moaning with lust. Her ass was wide open and lubricated with his cum and hers and oil…She was moaning louder and I turned on the radio.

Oh god, she was pulling at the pillows on the couch, clutching them like she was going to tear them apart. He was going faster now and cramming that statuesque cock so far up her ass. I was watching and needing. “Please, Mr. Borden. Just let me kiss her,” I begged.

He nodded. He was kind. I loved him so. I leaned down to my secretary and kissed her. Her lips were moist and she kissed me back with passion and romance. Her kiss lasted forever and her tongue found mine.

I began to move her lips over my nipples, hoping Mr. Borden wouldn’t object. I felt her tongue and lips all over my erect nipples as she sucked on me with incredible passion. I was feeling the orgasm build inside of me, once again.

I wanted to fuck him and her. I wanted to blow him and eat her. I wanted to have his cock up my ass and I wanted to strap one on to fuck her in the ass. I wanted to blow him, while she ate me. I wanted to sit on his face while she sat on his cock, and then change.

I was dreaming. The noises in my dream and in reality were mixing together and I could sense this miraculous feeling running through me. Sort of a mix of heaven and a great drug.

I was warm and a fresh, and friendly contractions began inside of me. I could hear through this sexual haze another woman cumming and a man yelling, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Masses of sex filled the room and I was convinced that I was floating. My toes were cumming and my eyelashes had cum. Every part of me was bursting with this love contraction. I was embroiled in an orgasm.

I was the first one to come out of the haze. I wondered why I was always the first. I noticed the time. It was 9:30 am. I had to open my door. With great fanfare I woke up my colleagues and ask them to wrap up as, “The meeting is over.”

As employees of a law firm they understood the importance of a schedule and integrity. At a blur, they finished gathering themselves, thanked me for a fine agenda and breakfast and promptly left the office.

I opened my door, straightened the picture on my desk and sat down and began to work on my next case: The State Vs. The Temptuous Madame. Mmh. Sounds like fun!

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