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Wizards of waverly place review

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Everything wrong with “Wizards of Waverly Place” by Klue
Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Female solo, Incest, Masturbation, Teen, Teen Male/Teen Female, Virginity

This is a story about the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place and the Russo family. Alex, the sister, Justin and Max, the older and younger brother, Alex’s friend Harper, and theit parents, Jerry and Theresa. Enjoy, and comment.
1: Theit?
2: It’s bad you didn’t say bust info and stuff like that.
The school bell rang, and the students piled out into the hallways on a Friday afternoon.
Alexandra Russo
3: Who dafuq is Alexandra!!
walked through the halls of Tribeca Prep. Her fine young hips swayed from side to side and all of the boys turned to watch her walk by. Her firm ass bounced a little as she walked, eliciting a few wolf-whistles.
4: In real life men will never do that…. publicly, as I was told.
Alex glared at those who did; she didn’t always appreciate the way people looked at her. Sure, she flaunted her looks a little,
5: Why would she do it if she didn’t appreciate the pay off?
but she wanted people to like her for more than that.
6: Uh… talk to them?
I guess these clothes I’m wearing don’t help out that much. She thought to herself. The black yoga pants she wore molded to her body, showing off her long, shapely legs, her curvy hips, and slightly protruding womanly parts.
7: Yoga pants but no yoga?? The hell!?
The shirt was tight enough that it showed her flat stomach and breasts to perfection. It was cut low enough that her nipples were a bare 1 inch from popping out.
8: Too bad Alex was never that hot.
All in all, her curvy young body was greatly desired by all the boys in school. Except her two brothers, of course. God that would be weird. She had not yet been in bed with a guy, so they were all looking to pop her cherry.
10: Eww, you bleed during that.
Alex really had no idea if she wanted to have sex yet, but the urges were there. Anytime she looked at a cute guy, she couldn’t help getting a twinge in her stomach. And someplace else.
Especially looking at Jeff Pole.
11: You shouldv’ve picked some like Mason, he fits better more than this “Jeff”.
With is long blond hair, bright blue eyes and athletic body, every time he looked at her it was like he pierced her through. Alex saw him just then, opening his locker. She admired the way his short sleeves showed off his bulging biceps. He turned and saw her staring at him.
Alex looked away quickly and tried to walk by him, but he stopped her.
“Hey Alex.”
“Hi Jeff.”
“Still need help with that Algebra homework?”
“Yeah, I’m not doing so well in that class.”
12: Alex is caring about school.
“I’ve noticed. So do you want to go to the school library and study?”
“Eh, not really. Once the bell rings I’m out of here.”
“Ha. I agree. Would you want to meet at your house? Or mine?”
Alex started to get that tingling in her body, thinking about being alone with Jeff. “Umm my house probably won’t work. I’ll either get pulled into working in the sandwich shop, making clothing with Harper, or if I escape that my brother Max is so annoying that we won’t get anything done.”
“Well my parents aren’t around tonight, so we wouldn’t have any distractions.”
“That sounds better. I’ll be there around six?”
“Perfect. See you.” Jeff closed his locker and walked down the hall toward the door.
Alex started walking toward her own locker, almost shaking with excitement. A whole night with Jeff! I can’t believe it!
The teenager reached her locker and put away her books, except her math one. I’ll need that. She thought, smiling to herself.
“Alex!” shouted Harper Finkle as she ran up to Alex. Harper was Alex’s best friend. More like sister, now that she lived with the Russo’s in Alex’s room. Before she lived in the garage, but it was winter now and that place got freezing. A bit thicker and heavier than Alex’s slim waist and 105 lbs, she was slightly less curvy and weighed about 120. But that didn’t make her that unattractive. She carried her thickness in a way that was sensual. The only thing that detracted from that was what she wore. Right now her dress was made of Doritos.
13: Well that doesn‘t sound like Harper.
“Yes Harper?”
“I got us tickets to go see that new movie, Alice!”
“Yeah! It’s at seven o’clock tonight!”
“Ohh. I don’t think I can go.”
“What!? Why?”
“I’m going over to Jeff Pole’s house tonight to study math.”
“Alex…you know that boy’s reputation.”
“What about it?”
“You know he’s one of those ‘womanizer’ types.”
“So? He’s cute.”
14: This bitch…
“Well…just make sure you keep your head about you. Don’t do anything stupid.”
“Like what?”
“Like sex. Not with him.”
“And why not? I’ll have sex with anyone I want to!”
“Have your first time with someone you really care about!”
“I do care about him! You’re just jealous!”
“Why would I be jealous?”
15: Some ”Harper/Alex said would be helpful.
“You know. Our ‘experiments’.”
“What? How could I be jealous of that?”
“Whatever. I’m going to his house tonight, and you can’t change my mind! I’m not saying I’m actually going to have sex, but if it happens, it happens.”
“Maybe I can’t change your mind. But I CAN tell your dad where you are going.”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Watch me.”
“Or I could just put a freezing type of spell on you and keep you that way until after. Or I could wipe your memory of this talk. Take your pick.”
Alex could see real fear behind Harper’s eyes and she felt bad about it, but she wouldn’t let anyone influence her life. Because Alex was not just a normal hot teenager. She was a hot WIZARD
15: With a name like “wizards on waverly place”….
teenager with spells and potions at her disposal.
16: “potions”
Of course no one outside of the wizard world was supposed to know about it. But Harper had been such a good friend to Alex that her family-her father, Jerry, her mother Teresa, her older brother Justin and younger brother Max had decided to let Harper in on the secret. And Harper was afraid of their powers.
17: actually Alex messed up and Harper was let in.
She could see Harper hesitate, knew she had made her point, slammed her locker shut and walked out the school doors to the alley where she teleported home from.

At home, Alex walked into the Lair to study her magic for the day. Inside, Justin and Max sat on the chairs around the low table, playing wizard chess. Wizard chess was no different than real chess, except for the fact that the pieces responded to voice commands, moved according to commands, and when they attacked the other pieces, they really attacked.
18: Like, virtual chest?
Right now, Justin was crushing Max. Not surprising. Max was probably one of the dullest people Alex knew.
“Alex! I almost beat Justin!” exclaimed Max.
“And what universe are you from?” asked Justin.
“I did! I was one move away from a checkmate!”
“You were on move away from a checkmate if we had been playing CHECKERS!”
19: Checkmate is in chest, not checkers.
Alex shook her head at her brother’s bickering, and Max’s idiocy. She sat down next to Justin on the couch. He wasn’t quite on the far side, more in the middle, so when she sat down her shoulder was touching his shoulder and her knee touching his knee.
“So what trouble are you getting into tonight, Alex?” asked Justin, after commanding his queen to put Max’s king in checkmate. The younger boy threw up his hands in frustration.
“Oh sure. It’s a Friday night; your always out doing something prankish.”
Maybe I’ll be doing SOMEONE.
“I’m getting help for math.”
“Really. From who?”
“Jeff Pole,” she muttered under her breath.
“Jeff Pole? The sport jockey?”
“Alex…you know what those boys are like.”
20: Isn‘t he a boy??
“Jeff isn’t like that.”
“No? So all the stories I hear in the gym locker room from his own mouth aren’t true?”
“No. And I’m going there to study math, not ‘fool around’.”
“Just make sure you keep it that way.”
“What do you care?”
“You’re my younger sister. Of course I care.”
“You’ve never shown it before. But whatever. What are you doing tonight?”
“I, have a date,” he said in a superior tone.
“One of those nerds, yet again?”
“No! And what do you mean ‘yet again’? It was once!”
21: When?
“And it wasn’t pretty. Who is she?”
“Isabelle Walker.”
“I’m not!”
“She would have to be blind. And deaf! To want to date you.”
Isabelle Walker was a junior, the same year of Alex and one year below Justin. But she was one of the most popular and hottest girls in the school, same as Alex herself. Isabelle was a four and a half foot Asian whose breasts probably weighed more than her body herself, rumored to be 43 D size.
22: An Asian??
“”Not true.”
“Sure. Leave me alone, I want to study.”
Justin fell silent and started yet another game with Max.
23: Why doesn’t Max shout out a move when it’s Justins’ turn to throw him off??
An hour later found Alex Russo standing stark naked in from of the mirror that was attached to her door. She ran her hands over her smooth skin, over her firm, perky breasts, her flat, toned stomach, and lower.
Her fingers ran over her pussy lips once, sending a small wave of pleasure through her body. I should really save this for Jeff, if he wants it. Her hand ran over it again. But I suppose once can’t hurt.
24: Ohh it can.
Alex continued the passes on her pussy with her hand, the interval between each becoming shorter and shorter each time until her fingers just stayed there. She massaged the lips of her vagina, faster and faster and faster until she felt ready to slip two of her fingers inside. She hadn’t yet been able to put three in, she was too tight.
It became more and more pleasurable and it got harder to keep standing up.
25: Is she still standing??
Her fingers finally made it all the way in, and she began thrusting in and out. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body as she went faster and faster. Her left hand traveled up her stomach to her right breast were she tweaked and circled the dark, inch wide areola and hard nipple.
The young wizard moaned going yet faster and faster with her hand, picturing in her mind Jeff thrusting in and out of her with his hard cock. She came to her climax then and gasped as her cunt spasmed, forcing her to sit down on the ground. Alex slowed down the motion of her fingers in and out of her pussy gradually, until she stopped and just sat there in ecstasy.
While that was the best orgasm she had ever brought herself to, it paled in comparison to what Harper could do. How does she do it so well? Using her tongue probably helps.
26: So Alex and Harper are banging?
I wish I could have a portable mouth that…wait, I could.
27: Why??
Create a spell! I’ll have to remember that.
Now it was time to get ready. She opened up her closet doors and shifted through the extensive inventory of items. Alex decided to go with something close to what she had been wearing to school, black yoga pants with a tight, low cut royal blue top. She spent a minute deciding whether or not she should wear a bra. Hmm no, I think I will. I’m not one of those school sluts.
28: You are for wearing yoga pants without yoga?
An hour later, Alex stood outside of Jeff Pole’s house with her backpack. It was big, but not huge, squished between two larger ones. Alex walked up the walkway to the stairs and pressed the doorbell. She could hear the shrill noise of the bell ringing through the house, and the patter of socked feet against hardwood floor. The big door swung inward and Jeff stood where the door had been, wearing basket ball shorts and a Nike shirt.
“How’s it going, Alex?”
“Good, Jeff.”
“Ready to do this?”
“As I’ll ever be.”
“Come on in.”
Jeff stepped back to let Alex by and shut the door behind her.
“Down the hall to the left.”’
29: To where?
Following the directions, Alex found himself in a living room with several couched, a coffee table and a large, flat screen TV. Jeff walked past her and sat at the edge of one couch, and motioned Alex to join him.
Alex complied, sitting at the opposite edge of the couch as him.
“What are you doing? We can’t be three feet away to study math! Scoot over here.”
Hesitantly, Alex slid her butt over on the couch to sit a mere foot from him. Jeff slid her way so that their hips were touching. Alex took her math book out of the bag and placed it on her lap.
Jeff helped Alex with her homework for a good half an hour, and then they just sat and talked for about ten minutes. After that, they just sat there in silence. Jeff leaned in slowly, and kissed Alex on the lips. Softly. She didn’t respond, and Jeff pulled away. But Alex put her hands behind his head and pulled him back into a more passionate kiss. Her hands slid down to his chest and she pushed him back over the arm of the couch. Alex swung her leg over Jeff’s hips so she was straddling, as their tongues entwined fiercely.
Jeff slid his hands down her back to the end of her shirt, and pulled it up her back.
30: The hell would that accomplish?
They parted mouths for three seconds as Jeff pulled the whole shirt off of her. They went back to frenching, tongues all the way in each other’s mouths. Alex moved her hand down Jeff’s chest to the hem of his shirt, taking that off in the same way Jeff had taken hers. Then Jeff put his hands around her waist and lifted her off him, standing her on the floor.
“What are you doi…”
Jeff pulled down Alex’s yoga pants to her ankles and she stepped out of them, revealing her lacy black panties, matching her thin bra. She bent down and grabbed Jeff’s basketball shorts and slid them off of him. She immediately sat back down on his lap, resuming kissing. Alex could feel Jeff’s erection through the thin material of his boxers and her panties, resting on her pussy. She grounded her hips into him, stimulating her clit as well as Jeff’s penis.
Jeff pulled his mouth away from hers and started kissing her cheek, neck and ear. He slid his fingernails down Alex’s back again and Alex shivered under his touch.
31: Wouldn’t that annoy?
He reached her underwear and started to pull them off.
“Wait…Jeff…I’ve never done this before. Can we take this slower, please?”
“Don’t worry Alex, I’ve done this plenty f times before,”
32: You shouln’t say that to your lady while you’re doing it…
33: *Of.
he replied, in between kissing her neck and chest, moving down lower all the time.
“Really,” she said, pushing herself off of him, sitting back so that he had to stop kissing her and sit back himself. “With who, exactly?”
“Well…several girls.”
“So I’m not that special then.”
“You are! You’re my favorite of them all!”
34: You didn‘t even do it, yet!
“Of them all. I wanted my first time to be special! With someone I love and someone who I know loves me!”
“Alex stood up off the couch and grabbed her pants, pulling the tight leggings back on, and did the same with her shirt. She grabbed her backpack and started to run out the door.
35: Who said this? Otherwise why is that quotation there?
“Where are you going?!” Jeff yelled as she left.
36: Well obviously.
She screamed back, starting to sob. “Thanks for the math help, jerk!”
Alex opened the front door and slammed it behind her. She was so angry that she didn’t bother teleporting home instead she practically sprinted home the mile and a half of New York sidewalk. She got home and immediately ran into her room, storming past her parents and Max in the living room, and threw herself on her bed, crying.
Harper came up a couple of hours later, but didn’t even asking her what was wrong, merely go to the bathroom and get in bed herself.
37: That soooooo doesn’t sound like Harper.
Justin Russo’s night hadn’t gone that well, either. He had taken his date, Isabella out to see Alice. All had been going fine until he leaned into to kiss her for the first time. A small projectile hit him in the side of the neck as he came within an inch of her lips, and he jerked back and slapped his neck violently. When Isabelle looked at him strangely, he muttered something about a fly and looked around furtively for his assailant. But there was no one sitting behind him in the last three rows.
Justin turned back around and picked up his drink, lifting it to his mouth to take a sip. Another small object hit his cup, at just the right angle to tip the drink, slipping it over Isabelle’s lap. Isabelle stood up abruptly in shock and looked at Justin. She picked up her own drink and dumped it on his head.
38: Is she blind??
She walked out of the row and out of the theatre.
39: *Theater.
Justin shrunk back into his seat as the other people in the theatre turned around in curiosity.
40: Theater.
He finally gathered his courage and eventually followed Isabelle out of the movie. With his head down his eyes darted to the side to check again for a person sitting behind him, but there was no one.
So Justin went home, took a shower to wash of the Mountain Dew, finished up some homework and hopped in bed.
I really wonder who that was who ruined my evening.
41:… Justin thought.
Minutes later, Justin head footsteps go up the stairs and enter the bathroom that was in between his and Alex’s room. Justin’s room was the first door on the right coming up the stairs, with the bathroom and then Alex’s. Max’s room was directly across the hall from the bathroom, and there was a hall closet after that. The hallway then went down for about ten feet and ended with a door on the right, which was Justin’s parents, Jerry and Theresa’s room.
Several minutes later the person excited the bathroom. Who could it be at this hour? Justin rolled out of bed and opened his door slowly. He stepped out onto the carpeted hallway, his bare feet padding silently the few feet to the open bathroom door. He walked inside and looked around, noticing that Harper’s toothbrush was the only one still wet.
I wonder what Harper was doing out so late? Justin turned to walk back out of the bathroom when an object in the trash attracted his attention. A single movie ticket sat on top of the tissues and other trash in the barrel. Justin reached down and picked it up. It was to the move Alice, at the exact same time and exact theatre that Justin and his date had been in.
43: Movie and theater.
Odd, I didn’t see her there…oh.
So it had been Harper who had been his mysterious assailant, he thought as he walked back into his bedroom. Not surprising really. Ever since Harper had known the Russo family, she had had a huge crush on Justin, one of the main reasons that he had not liked the idea of her moving into the garage. Now she slept in Alex’s room, because over the winter the weather got too cold to bear, and even though it was late spring, she hadn’t moved back down.
Dammit Harper! Why can’t you leave me and my dates alone! If it hadn’t been for you, I would have gotten that kiss, and most likely more.
44: At a movie theater?
The thought of that “more” caused Justin to think about it more, and soon he was sprouting a boner as the blood rushed from his head to his other head.
45: And his legs.
He lifted up his sheet to look at his not-completely-erect boner. I don’t want to deal with this right now.
So he rolled over on his side and tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away and he could sleep. But his mind kept inevitably turning back to his fantasies, and he knew he would never be able to sleep.
46: Jog!
So he rolled back to his back and brought his hand down to his cock and started to pump it up and down. Justin’s toes flexed as the tingling feeling spread, making him light headed. He could feel the pressure building in his balls and the top of his cock.
At that exact moment, the door to his room opened and Alex stepped in. Justin reached down quickly and grabbed the sheet, pulling it up to his waist. His cock felt to his stomach and the sheet covered it. It was quick enough that he didn’t think Alex saw him jerking off.
“Justin? Are you awake?” She asked in a quiet voice.
“Yeah Alex. What is it?”
“I’m upset and Harper and I had a falling out and she’s not talking to me.”
47: When did this happen??
“Can I stay in here for a little bit?”
48: Why Justins’ room? Wouldn’t she go to the couch?
Alex walked up to the bed and sat down on the left side. From the dim light coming in from the window, Justin could see her back clearly and that she wore only a big tee-shirt that went down halfway between her knees and hips. He couldn’t tell if she wore shorts or underwear under that.
“Not a good night at Jeff’s house?” He asked.
“No, not at all.”
“What happened, exactly?”
“Oh, nothing. Just realized how much of a jerk he is.”
“How ‘bout yours?”
“My what?”
“Your date.”
“Didn’t turn out to well, either. Someone sabotaged it.”
“How’d you know?”
“She told me that she had gotten tickets for that movie. Thing is, she never wanted to see it before. So she must have had a higher motive.”
“She did.”
They both fell silent, and Justin wondered when Alex would leave. The problem I his groin area wasn’t curing itself,
48: I his groin area?
and he wanted to take care of it. But she didn’t leave. She did something totally unexpected. She lifted the covers with her right hand and pivoted on her butt to slide her legs underneath the sheets, throwing then back over herself. Justin had a twin size bed, so she nudged him with her hips for him to slide over. He obeyed, and rolled to his side, facing away from Alex. Alex rolled over as well and pressed up against his back. Her left arm went over his side and her hand rested on her chest., and her right arm wormed itself under his side and let it lay there.
49: Why did Justin do this mirror thing?
Justin could feel Alex’s breasts pressing up against his back. It wasn’t helping his boner.
You’d better stop that, Justin. It’s getting dangerously close to incest.
50: Justin though…
But it didn’t stop. He could feel her breathing. Heat it, and feel it in his own chest. They lay there for a good ten minute, and it sounded to Justin that Alex had fallen asleep. But he knew that he wouldn’t be able to. He was about o move out
51: Your keyboard s awful.
from underneath her sleeping embrace, when her hand began to move. In her sleep, Alex’s right hand slowly slid down Justin’s chest, the stomach, and then…

Alex Russo was dreaming. She was spooning with Jeff Pole. He was naked. She slid her hand down hi front side and grabbed his erection. It felt like 5 to 7 inches long. And hard. But then Jeff spoke.
52: Why is she fantasizing about Jeff the acclaimed jerk.
“Alex? Alex what are you doing?”

“Alex? Alex what are you doing?” Asked Justin franticly.
“Alex wake up.”
“What’s the matter…?”
“Let go of me, Alex.”
Alex opened her eyes and realized that it wasn’t Jeff’s cock that she was holding, but her older brothers. She let go quickly.
“Justin, I don’t know what happened. I was sleeping, and…”
“It’s okay Alex, you were dreaming, no fault of yours. Let’s just not have it happen again.”
53: Justin underestimates the brain.
But however Justin could pretend it was wrong; he couldn’t deny how much he liked it. They lay there for awhile, and Alex gaziantep escort didn’t move away from her spooning position. Severel minutes into their silence, Alex spoke.
“Why did you have an erection?”
“Was it because of me?”
“What? No! Of course not. You’re my sister!”
“I know. But still. It would be okay if you did.”
“No it wouldn’t! We’re family! Its incest!”
54: Doesn‘t hurt to try.
“I know. But think about it; neither of us can find the right person, who we love and who loves us. And we’re brother and sister. We love each other.”
“Yeah but we’re family. It can’t happen.”
“No buts.
55: No butts all right.
Now go to sleep.”
Again, they both went silent. Two minutes later, Alex spoke again.
“Well can I at least see it?”
“What?! No!”
“Aw c’mon Justin. I’ve never seen one. And touching it just then was…nice.”
“Just roll over.”
Alex pulled her arms away from him and sat up on the bed. Justin rolled over to his back slowly. Alex reached to the corner of the sheet on Justin’s side and peeled it back to his feet. His cock lay there for her to see, lying up at his belly button. She reached out with her right and poked it. It moved, and she smiled. She poked it again and then took hold.
“It’s so…soft. And hard. At the same time.” She squeezed gently, and Justin groaned with pleasure. “I’m guessing you like that.”
“Well…yeah. But we shouldn’t be doing…”
“Shhh.” Alex put a finger to his lips. “It’s okay. What no one knows can’t hurt them, right?”
Alex moved her hand up and down on his shaft, and Justin moaned again. Alex soon picked up the speed of her hand motions, faster and faster, feeling better and better.
“Alex! Alex I’m going to cum soon.”
“Good. I’ve always wanted to watch that.”
She bent down closer for a better look, not knowing just how close Justin was to erupting. He mooaned and groaned until he could hold it in no longer. His hips started to raise of the bed.
“Uhh I’m coming!”
56: *cumming.
Alex moved her hand faster and faster, and felt the tremors going up his cock. Then it shot its load up in the air, where it hit Alex’s face. The first strand hit her cheek, then her nose, then her forehead and then hair. Instinctively, she bent forward and took the head into her mouth. Justin felt something hot and wet enclose the tip of his dick and opened his eyes to see Alex’s mouth on his cock and started to cum even more. One. Two. Three strands of cum hit the back of her mouth and soon it was filled to the brim. When Justin finally stopped squirting, Alex slowly sat up, mouth open with Justin’s cum slowly dripping out and down her chin. She closed her eyes, closed her mouth and tipped her head back. Justin could see her swallowing. When her mouth was again empty, she bent back down and sucked Justin’s cock until it was clean. When his wilting cock was clean, she sat up and looked at Justin.
“So did I do it right?”
“Well…yeah. But Alex…we shouldn’t have done that. And by the way, you have some on your face.” He raised his hand to her face and wiped the cum off with his finger, and Alex grabbed his wrist, taking the finger in his mouth and sucking it dry.
“Why not?”
“Because! Its wrong, we’re family!”
“So? That doesn’t mean anything. I’m a girl, you’re a boy, we love each other. Nothing wrong with that!”
“I’ve never really thought of it like that.”
57: Alex? Outsmart Justin?? JUSTIN???
“It’s because you grew up believing what our parents told us. You’ve got to go outside their boundaries sometimes to experiment.”
“In fact, lets do some more experimenting right now.”
“I’m up for that.”
Alex leaned down and kissed Justin and he kissed her back. He sat slowly up while they kissed, biting each other lips and tongues, tenderly yet with passion. He reached down and took hold of her shirt, lifting it off her head and she raised her arms to make it easier. He could see the plain white panties. She wasn’t wearing a bra. IN the moonlight, Justin could see her breasts and his crotch started to stir again. He stopped kissing Alex’s mouth and traveled down, kissing her neck, her shoulder, and her breast. Justin took the right nipple in his mouth and started sucking, flicking it with his tongue. Alex moaned with pleasure and rose up on her knees so that he didn’t have to bend down too far. Justin could tell that she had sensitive nipples by the way she shivered.
58: So no lady has non-sensitive nipples?
Justin placed his hands around her waist and slid his pinky’s under the waistband of her panties, slowly pulling them down. Alex moved her hips from side to side so they slid off easier. They reached her knees and Alex pulled her chest back from Justin’s mouth so she could sit down and let the panties go all the way off. Justin tossed them to the ground.
He could see Alex’s shaven pussy, the slightly puffy lips and the clitoris hood. His heart started racing and it pumped blood faster into his cock at the sight of his first real pussy, and his cock grew to its full seven and a half inches. Alex looked in his eyes and asked “You ready?”
“You bet.”
Justin pushed Alex’s shoulder back on his bead until she was lying flat down, her legs opened slightly. He positioned himself between her legs and put his hands on her knees, pushing them farther apart. Alex reached down and took his cock in her hand, positioning it at the entrance to her vagina. Justin pushed slowly in, making sure not to hurt her. He felt the tip of his cock against her hymen and thrusted forward quickly through it. She gave a short cry of pain, and Justin stopped, just laying on her.
59: Alex would definitely need scream louder.
When her quick breathing stopped she told him that she was ready and he went in farther until he was all the way in. Then he retraced almost all the way and then back in. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. He picked up speed and thrust harder and faster, and Alex moaned with pleasure, grinding her hips back up into him.
She climaxed and cried out, Justin’s cock awash with her juices. He continued going in and out, until she stopped shaking. When she did, she put her hands on his shoulder and pushed up to the side so that he was lying down. She sat up n him and sat down on his hard cock.
“Now it’s your turn.” She said.
Alex moved her hips up and down, stimulating Justin’s cock and causing him to groan. Her breasts flopped up and down and Justin reached up to grab them, playing and needing them with his hands. Alex moved faster and faster, ass slamming up and down on his thighs. Justin could feel himself starting to climax again for the second time in 30 minutes. He knew he was going to cum in Alex’s pussy soon, and…
60: You don‘t say…
“Alex! Stop! I don’t have a condom on!”
But Alex kept moving. “Don’t worry,” she whispered in his ear. “I’m on birth control.”
61: Seriously every girl is on birth control on this site.
“What…? Why?”
“Bad periods. Now shut up and just enjoy it.”
Justin did, and felt himself even closer, his bare cock being pleasured with her incredibly tight pussy. “Uhhhh” he moaned, and released. He came, cum filling up Alex’s pussy, dripping back down to the base of his cock. Alex slowed down, milking the last of his sperm. When he stopped, she stopped and collapsed on his chest, both of them breathing hard.
“Did you like it?”
“Absolutely! You amazing Alex, I love you.”
“I love you to, Justin.”
They fell silent, about to fall asleep. Then the door to his room opened. Justin felt his heart stop.
“Um. Guys? What are you doing?” Asked Max, there thirteen year old brother as he came into the room.
62: They didn’t lock the door and Max didn’t knock.
63: Why didn’t they cover themselves with the blanket? It will be easier to explain.
Sin total: 63
Rating:…………… OK

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