Winter Break in St. Thomas Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of incest. If you find this subject disturbing or objectionable, please move along without reading another word. I didn’t write it to upset or offend anyone. I wrote it for one specific person and my only hope is it helps her on her journey. She and I are the only ones who know what that is, to my knowledge. Any constructive criticism on style, content, etc. is welcome as a growth opportunity for other possible future works. Any negative comments about subject matter will be diligently ignored, because I honestly don’t give a shit…

This is a continuation of “Winter Break in St Thomas”. It would be helpful to read the first chapter if you haven’t already…


I followed Ashley out onto the deck, admiring what I had wrought. She moved with grace, power and confidence, like a woman in charge, I thought. Her perfect tush undulated and swayed in the plain, white cotton bikini panties, drawing my eyes like a moth to a flame. Twelve hours ago, I would have glanced and looked away in shame at what I was now thinking. But that had all changed with the events of last evening…

My daughter moved smoothly around the table and took a seat. I circled her and took a seat to her right, so that the sun wasn’t in my eyes. “You forgot your coffee, Dad,” she stated simply. Yeah, she was in charge right now and she knew it.

“So, you planned this?” I asked in wonder.



“Well, when mom got the work trip and then Fabi got sick at the last minute, it all just kind of fell into place,” she stated with a shrug.

“So, the whole not rinsing off from the beach thing, you came up with that after Fabi got sick?” I asked incredulously. That was pretty devious thinking in a relatively short period of time.

“Oh, no. Fabi came up with that a couple of weeks ago,” she said with a giggle. “That girl knows how to get what she wants, I’ll give her that.”

I was stunned, “Ash, Fabi can’t know…”

“We’re both eighteen, Dad,” she stated simply


“I mean, that’s important, but there are other considerations, honey.”

“Don’t worry, Daddy. I know no one can know about us. She thought we were fantasy-planning how she could get you to sleep with her down here. We were just play-plotting while we were bikini shopping for the trip. At least, that’s what we thought at the time. Turns out, not so much…” she said with mirth.

“So, you talk with Fabi about how to get me in bed? She doesn’t think that’s weird?” still trying to wrap my head around how those conversations transpired. Seemed risky. And a good way to get ostracized at school.

“Well, at first she was just giving me a hard time and trying to get me to admit you are attractive. Once I finally did that, it just progressed from there,” she said with a wicked smile. “Sometimes when we were talking in bed and it was getting pretty graphic, I’d pretend I was getting grossed out and stop it. But it was really because I was getting so aroused and I was afraid she’d notice the wet spot or smell me,” my daughter giggled.

I couldn’t help but smile. For a couple of reasons. “So, how long have you thought you wanted to be with me, Ash?”

She got a very serious look. “You mean how long have I KNOWN I want to be with you forever? Since last fall, when I turned eighteen,” she continued after a pause. “That’s when I started thinking about how I could make it happen. Luckily, Fabi was a lot of help. She helped make me believe it could happen because she was so certain she could fuck you one day. She’s gonna be pissed if she ever finds out.”

“You know nobody can ever find out what happened last night, honey,” I said gravely, trying to read her reaction. “We could get in a lot of trouble. I’d lose my job. Mom would definitely divorce me and clean me out. Your future would probably be ruined…”

“I know, Daddy. We’ll have to be super stealthy so we can keep sleeping together until I at least graduate from college…”

“Ash, seriously…”

“I am serious, Daddy. After that we can move to Costa Rica, unless we think of someplace better. We can work at a bar on the beach somewhere. You can bartend and I’ll cocktail. You’ll make a fortune from all the horny cougars. And I’ll make good money, because, well…” Another wicked grin. Who was this woman??

I shook my head, “We can’t move to Costa Rica…”

“Sure we can. People do it all the time. We’ll just be another ex-pat couple. An attractive older American guy and his hot, much younger girlfriend. We’ll blend right in.”

“You’re serious.”

“Of course I am, Daddy. We’ve been in love for years. Now we don’t have to hide it from each other anymore, even if we have to hide from everybody else. It’ll be hard, but not that hard. We’ve always spent a lot of time together, so no one will think twice about it. We’re already a better couple than most people I can think of. Including you and mom…”

“Now, Ashley,” I interrupted, konya escort “hold on a second there. I love your mother very much. There’s nothing wrong with our marriage. What’s going on between us has nothing to do with that.”

“Dad, I know you love mom. I do, too. Sure, we have our problems, but she loves me. And she’s a good mom. But you’re not IN love with each other. That’s obvious. Neither one of you was even upset when that work thing came up and she had to bail on this trip. I mean, not really.”

I started to say something, but I knew she was right. I rarely even thought about her as Tiffany anymore; she was Ashley’s mom. And that was probably how she thought of me. Well, Ashley’s Dad, anyway. Hell, we rarely even used each other’s names. She called me dad and I called her mom, except on rare occasions. We both liked sex, and we were good at it. But when it happened the last few years, it was just fucking…

Not that there’s anything wrong with fucking. But there was something missing between us. There was passion when we were in bed together, but it was the passion of two lustful people meeting a carnal need. Not the passion of two people IN love. Now, we were like a college couple, marking time with someone who we liked a whole lot until the real thing came along. And now, the real thing was sitting right in front of me. It just so happened she was also my daughter. Oh shit…

“What, Daddy? I know that look,” my daughter asked, with real concern in her voice.

“I’ve got to figure out what to do about mom. I don’t want to hurt her…”

“You mean WE have to figure out what to do about mom, right? We’re in this together. Right up to our incestuous necks, Daddy. But we’re smart, and we love mom, and we’ll figure it out.”

I just stared at Ashley as she got up, took two steps, pushed my knees aside and eased down onto my lap. Then she said, “But we don’t have to figure it out right now. Or tomorrow. Or even this week. We have time. You know what you do have to do right now, Daddy?”

“What now, honey?”

And she laughed. “You’re so dumb sometimes, you know that!”

“What?! What am I missing?!”

Then she stopped laughing and fixed me with what I could only call a sultry smile and said, “Daddy, you big stud…”

I finished it for her, “…take you to bed or lose you forever…”

It was a line from one of “our” movies. It became a favorite when Ashley was about eight and wanted to be a fighter pilot. We had worn out two DVD’s and still watched it a couple of times a year when it came on cable. It drove her mother crazy. We both knew it by heart and dropped quotes more than most people understood.

“Nah,” she cooed as she wriggled on my lap, “I’m not going anywhere. But you do need to fuck me right now.” I wouldn’t have been able to argue even if I wanted to.

“You’re being very bad, young lady. I may have to put you over my knee,” I teased.

“Ooooh. Now you’re talking, big guy.” Damn. She wasn’t letting me get away with anything.

Ashley rose from my lap, took my hand and guided me to my feet. She led me back inside and we walked past the uncomfortable couch. I dropped her hand, removed my shirt, tossed it onto the couch as we passed and followed my daughter toward our bedroom.

Our bedroom. Hmmmm….

Ashley removed her cami smoothly as she walked in front of me and dropped it in the hallway, continuing into the bedroom. She reached the bed and turned to meet me. Her arms went around my neck and pulled me into a warm kiss. My hands settled on her slim hips and our tongues met and explored. I felt her hands drop to the waistband of my shorts and her fingers slide under. Then she broke the kiss and slowly sank to her knees, taking the garment down until they dropped to my ankles. I stepped out of them as my daughter took my swelling cock in her hand.

She wrapped her hand around the base and looked at the head intently, noticing the drop of moisture already present. A small smile grew on her lips before the tongue, which had just been on mine seconds before, reached out to delicately capture it. Ashley drew it back into her mouth and savored it for a moment as she stared at the growing manhood in front of her. Then her eyes came up to mine.

“Daddy, it’s so big…” she whispered. Assuming (and, let’s face it, hoping) she hadn’t seen many in her young life, I took that for what it was worth. Her eyes returned to my cock as her hand started slowly stroking me. Really more of a caress. I cupped my daughter’s head in my hands as she paused to look at her new lover. Ashley parted her lips slightly and leaned into me. I felt her warm breath on me for a moment, just before her tongue made contact, tasting my essence again. Then her lips closed over the purple head and she started to slowly swirl her tongue over it. Her hand was wrapped around the base as she bathed and coated me.

Then Ashley started to move her hand. Up the shaft slowly konya escort bayan ’til it met her lips, then back down to the base. Up again, and it met her lips a little lower on the swollen flesh. Her head started a steady motion matching the rhythm of her hand. As she stroked and bobbed, her lips met her hand lower and lower on my cock and the strokes of her hand got shorter and shorter, until her hand wasn’t moving at all. Just acting as a stop for her lovely lips. She slowly picked up the pace, coating me with a sheen. Spit started to overflow her lips, dripping down her chin and onto her chest and thighs…

I took my daughter by the shoulders and lifted her to her feet. My arms went around her waist and pulled her into a kiss, hard and hungry this time. We could taste my precum on her tongue, confirming the reality of what we were finally able to do. We kissed deep and hard for… thirty seconds? Forty-five? A minute? Twenty?

We kissed until I decided I needed to taste my daughter somewhere else. I spun her around quickly. My hands covered her perfect breasts. I kissed Ash’s exposed neck as I started to knead her small tits, alternately lightly pinching the eraser-like nipples. Then I dropped my hands to her waist and Ashley turned her head to kiss me again. As our tongues met, my fingers hooked the waistband and tugged downward.

We parted lips as I eased toward the floor, planting kisses along the way. Forcing the garment off the perfect ass and down the supple thighs, until they dropped and settled around her ankles. When my lips reached Ashley’s firm ass, I kissed and licked and nibbled on the pliant cheeks, taking my time, devouring them. “Spread you legs and lean onto the bed, honey,” I instructed gently.

My daughter complied, stretching her long torso onto the mattress, one arm crooked over her head, the other resting at her side. She was open before my eyes, her rosebud winking above her glistening slit. I leaned in and blew lightly and she flinched. I stuck my tongue out and moved my head to give her a long, languid lick, tasting her essence now, musky and sweet. Ashley reached back and grabbed a cheek, opening herself up, giving me freer access. Her lips were splayed and wet when I ran my tongue between their length and she gasped. Then moaned, “Oh, Daddy. Oh my god, Daddy. So good…” as I repeated the motion several times.

I raised a hand and started to circle her clit with my thumb as I plunged my tongue into her opening, sucking on her as I fucked her with the warm, wet appendage. Ashley arched her back and sucked in her breath at the unexpected stimulation.

She released her ass and gripped the edge of the mattress. After a minute of this attention, I slid a finger from my other hand into her pussy and curled it toward her g-spot. I licked my way up, to her winking star. Again, she flinched. I flattened my tongue and bathed her slowly, enjoying the taboo act. Ashley rolled and waggled her hips under me. I formed my tongue into a point and circled her anus a few times before pressing inward. The wet tip forced its way past her sphincter. “Oh, Daddy. Oh, Daddy, yessssss, don’t stop doing that…” she pleaded desperately


My finger stroked her g-spot and my thumb flicked her clit as I tongue fucked Ashley. She grabbed two fistfuls of sheet and screamed into the mattress in ecstasy, grinding her ass into my face.

I felt her thighs tense. Her cunt and sphincter clamped down as she came, her nectar gushing over my hands as they stroked her. I froze and let her ride it out, shuddering and bucking against my face and fingers. She lay there gasping, her legs hanging limply to the floor.

I stood, took my daughter by the waist and rolled her onto her back. Her chest heaved as she fought to recover, panting heavily. I lifted her ankles onto my shoulders, resting them there as I took her in. I watched her firm breasts as the tempo of her breathing eased. My eyes drifted to her smooth mound, the lips open and glistening. Turning my head to the side, I planted a gentle kiss on the perfect arch of her foot and watched her toes recoil.

I took my hard, fat cock in my hand and swiped the purple head in her soggy folds as i said, “How you doin’, Ash?”

She looked at me through hooded lids and giggled, “Oh my god, Dad. Why haven’t you ever done that to me before?”

I cocked an eyebrow and intoned, “Wait ‘iil you see what I have in mind next, honey…” I continued to swipe myself in her wet slit, my leaking cock mixing with her natural lube. I watched as my daughter reached for her father’s dick and guided it to her cunt for the second time…

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your daughter. Make me cum all over your cock. The one that made me. Please, Daddy…” I pressed my hips forward and watched the head slide into her welcoming cunt. She gasped and I stopped, letting her get used to the unfamiliar intrusion. We stayed like that, watching each other’s faces, looking escort konya for the moment when it was okay to move again. Ashley signaled that by rotating her hips slowly and tugging my thighs toward her as she smiled luxuriantly.

I pushed and slid the rest of the way into her tight, buttery grip, bottoming out in my daughter’s supple peach. We froze again and Ashley’s chest heaved a few times as her body adjusted to new sensations. Then she used her legs to lift her hips slightly and grind her pelvis at me. I took her waist in my hands and steadied her as I started a steady rhythm. Long, slow strokes, using all of my manhood to pleasure my little girl.

As we settled into a comfortable pace, Ashley closed her eyes, bit her lower lip with a little smile and rolled her head to the side, absorbing all the pleasure and love flowing between us now. She brought her hands to her breasts, cupping them, pinching her nipples, multiplying the sensations coursing through her young body. Soaking in all the feelings of finally fucking her father.

I watched Ashley enjoying the sensations coursing through her body, so happy I could give her that kind of pleasure. My gaze averted to watch my shining cock disappear into her cloying crotch, her young lips extending outwards, holding onto me, as I withdrew. The site was amazing. The feeling even better. Enhanced by our forbidden act. But I wanted more. I wanted more of her skin against mine.

I leaned down, pressing my biceps into the back of my daughter’s thighs and sliding my hands under her back. I lifted and scooted us up into the center of the king bed., my cock still firmly in place. My arms still uhder her thighs, I lay forward, folding her in half. Her breath caught in her throat as I reached new, untouched depths in her inexperienced cunt. “Fuck, Daddy. So fucking good. How do you feel so fucking good inside me…?” she babbled.

I smiled. Ashley wrapped her arms around my neck and we settled into a slow but building pace. She opened her hazel eyes and met mine. Pulling my head down, her lips met mine in a hungry kiss. Our tongues entwined, then she took my lower lip in her teeth as we thrust at each other. Urgency building, our breathing quickened as the pace increased. I could feel the familiar stirring in my loins and whispered to my daughter, “I’m gonna cum. Play with yourself. Cum with me, Ash…”

She reached down between us and found her clit as I pounded at her mercilessly. I pressed my face into her lovely neck, gasping as I fought to finish. Ashley got there first, her hips spasming and bucking up at me, writhing under my continued assault, crying out as she bit into my shoulder. Her arms clamped around my neck as I tumbled over the edge of my own orgasm. I felt ropes of semen blast out of me, splashing the walls of my daughter’s pussy. I continued to thrust deeply for a few strokes. Then I just buried myself as far as I could and rode the last spasms, collapsing on Ashley’s perfect body.

We lay there, my weight crushing Ash into the mattress, our legs interwined. Sweaty chests heaving from the exertion. “That was incredible, Daddy. I had no idea it could be like that. I want you to do that to me every day,” my daughter cooed in my ear.

I rolled to the side and turned Ashley to face me. We lay there like that, chests pressed together, noses practically touching. Our eyes met and we both smiled. “I’ll do my best, baby girl,” I promised. “Hope you don’t get tired of me any time soon.”

She rolled her eyes and said, with mock irritation, “Not likely, Dad. You made me work too hard to make this happen, you dummy. I’m not letting you go.”

“Roll over,” I instructed. “I wanna spoon.”

“Yay! I thought you’d never ask!” and Ashley flipped over facing away from me like a shot. I slipped an arm under her. She grabbed that hand and, with both of hers, cradled it to her breasts. I reached over her waist with the other and found her pubis. She parted her thighs slightly to allow me access. I placed my hand over her drenched sex, letting a finger settle into the folds. Then she closed her thighs over me and let me luxuriate in the wet heat.

I brought my knees up and nestled them behind hers, my flaccid cock nestled into the crack of her glorious ass. Ashley wiggled her butt at me and seated it firmly between her cheeks with a contented sigh. “Daddy, you’re leaking down the back of my thigh,” she giggled softly.

“Get used to it, honey,” I promised. “I plan on making it happen regularly.”

“I’m counting on it. I want this every day, Daddy. I’ve dreamed about this for so long.”

“Me too, Ash. Me too…”

“Thank god…” she whispered softly. Then we settled into a comfortable silence for a few minutes. Ashley reached down and pulled the sheet up over us to combat the combined chill of the AC and our drying sweat.

“What do you want to do today, little one? We could rent scooters and see some of the island. Or go hit some shops. We’ve barely left the resort so far,” I inquired.

“Oh, we have all week to do that stuff. I feel like more alone time with you, Daddy. I’m hungry for some reason, so let’s eat. Then more beach. If we go home without a tan, people will talk,” she chuckled. “Then we can come back here and make love again.”

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