Wild College Days Ch. 05

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“Dude,” Gary said, tossing himself down in a chair, “is it true you and Kevin spit roasted Liz?”

The music pounded through the walls as another wild college party raged in the next room. Brad and Kevin stood in the doorway of the otherwise empty back bedroom where Gary had unaccountably dragged them.

“Yeah, totally,” Brad smirked.

“Right there on that fuckin’ bed,” Kevin added.

“Dude, seriously,” Gary grinned wildly, “you both hit that? At the same time?”

“Fuck yeah,” Brad’s voice rang with bravado, “I banged her snatch while she gagged on Kev’s dick, then we blasted her face.”

“You shit!” a woman’s voice shrieked, “You total fucking asshole!”

Brad turned to see his girlfriend Becky standing in the doorway behind him. The curvy blonde sophomore was dressed to thrill. Her tight, short skirt showed off her long legs and the tightly laced corset top emphasized her perky breasts. Just behind her stood the recent topic of conversation, Liz. The busty brunette’s halter top and mini-skirt matched Becky’s outfit so perfectly the woman must have planned it.

Brad cringed, tossing an evil look over his shoulder at Gary.

“Dude, you are totally fuckin’ busted,” Gary grinned.

“That’s right, sweetie,” Becky snarled. “Oh, I already knew you fucked Liz. That’s why I fucked Kevin the other day.”

“What?!” Brad yelled, turning his glare to Kevin, who seemed suddenly fascinated by his beer bottle.

“Shut up, honey,” Becky interrupted with mocking sweetness. “See, what nobody bothered to tell me is that you and Kevin had fucked Liz together. But now I know ’cause Liz told me and Gary here just confirmed it. Thanks, Gary.”

“Anytime,” Gary grinned.

“You son of a bitch,” Brad snarled.

“So here’s the deal, guys,” Becky continued, ignoring Brad. “Neither one of you is fucking me again. That’s right sweetie, we’re through.”

Brad stared at Becky, red faced and horrified. Kevin continued to stare at his bottle, while Gary grinned.

“And you, you shit,” Becky snarled, wheeling to glare at Gary, who suddenly paled, “you came on my fucking face! So don’t think you’re getting any.”

“You what?!” Brad yelped. Gary shrugged sheepishly.

“I’m not finished,” Becky growled, “’cause just to show you guys I’m not a totally heartless bitch, I will give all of you one last fuck.”

“Cool,” Kevin and Gary said together.

“But…” Brad started.

“Don’t worry. sweetie,” Becky purred at him viciously, “they’re not going to fuck me… and neither are you. But you guys can all fuck Liz one last time. Isn’t that right, Liz.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Liz smiled, “you guys can all have me, right here, right now.”

“But…” Becky added, giving Liz and evil grin.

“But you all have to cum on my face,” Liz finished.

“Cool,” Kevin and Gary said together.

“But babe,” Brad whined, stepping close to his apparently now ex-girlfriend and trying to blot out the others in the room, “I… I’m sorry. I fucked up. How can I fix this?”

“Do what I tell you, you fat fuck,” Becky sneered, “Fuck her and fuck her good, ’cause it’s the only pussy you’re going to get for a while.”


Ignoring Brad and Becky’s whispered confrontation, Liz sauntered to the center of the room. The lustful looks she was getting from Kevin and Gary filled her with a sense of power. Becky hadn’t really believed that Liz would have all three guys tonight, but Liz knew that she could have any guy she wanted, and tonight she wanted these guys. Ever since Becky had come up with this idea, the younger coed had been doing everything she could to keep Liz hot and horny, while refusing to let her come. While there had been plenty of times she could have found release without Becky knowing, Liz had obeyed the blonde’s commands without question. Finally, tonight, Becky had promised Liz she could come, as long she got all the guys to fuck her. Liz would have them all before the night was done.

With a slutty grin, Liz sank to her knees in front of Kevin and Gary. She quickly pulled her halter top over her head and tossed it aside. Liz squeezed her large white breasts together, pinching the big hard nipples while she licked her lips.

“Come on boys,” Liz purred, “whip ’em out. I want esenyurt anal yapan escort to suck those big hard cocks before you fuck me.”

“Fuck yeah,” Kevin laughed, hastily pulling his jeans open and hauling out his already stiffening dick. Liz smiled at the sight of that long, thick shaft. Kevin was kind of an asshole, but he sure had a great dick.

“Oh yeah,” Liz sighed, wrapping one hand around Kevin’s proud shaft.

“Dude,” Gary chuckled uncertainly as he nervously unbuttoned his jeans.

“Mmm,” Liz purred. Turning to Gary, she reached her free hand down into his boxers and grabbed hold of his semi-hard dick. “Let’s have it, big boy. I really want to suck your cock again.”

Liz laughed as Gary’s dick practically leapt from his pants, growing rock hard in her hand. Smaller and thinner than Kevin’s, Liz still loved the sight of Gary’s penis, like she loved all dicks. With a deep sigh, she slid Gary’s shaft between her lips, easily taking him deep into her mouth. After deep throating Kevin’s long shaft, swallowing Gary wasn’t all that bad.

Gary groaned, wrapping his fingers in Liz’s curly hair and pulling her face down to his belly. Liz gagged as his dick pressed into her throat, but she pushed the reflex aside, swallowing convulsively around Gary’s shaft. He moaned again, louder as her throat massaged his dick. Satisfied that she had impressed him, Liz eased back on Gary’s shaft. She bobbed her head, steadily fucking her face on his dick for a few moments before taking him once more to the root. Gary thrust his hips hard against Liz’s face and she gagged again.

With a choking gasp Liz pulled her head up off Gary’s dick. A sticky line of saliva connected Liz’s mouth to Gary’s shaft as she grinned up him. He was panting, his face flushed. With a deep breath, Liz settled herself and then turned her attention to Kevin’s long, hard shaft, still gripped in her other hand.

“You ready for the big dog now, baby?” Kevin leered at her.

“Oh yeah,” Liz growled, her throat already a little raw, “give it to me, stud. Gimme that big cock.”

Kevin grabbed Liz’s head, pulling her face toward his dick. Smiling inwardly, Liz turned her head as her lips met the shaft, licking down the side instead of taking it in her mouth. Kevin groaned as she teased her way down his hard member, then crouched lower to nuzzle his balls. Liz loved the fact that Kevin was so vain he shaved his balls. She also loved rolling her tongue over his shaven sack and listening to him groan and twitch.

“Oh fuck,” Kevin groaned, “Oh suck me, you slut. Lick my balls. Oh god Lizzy, that’s so good.”

Liz knew how sucking his sensitive testicles tormented him, especially when he was longing for her to swallow his shaft, so she lingered. Her tongue pulled each round orb into her mouth. Her nose, buried against his crotch, drank in the musky scent of him.

“Fuck, Lizzy,” Kevin growled, pulling at her head. “Enough, enough! Suck my dick, you slut. Suck it hard.”

Moaning, Liz licked her way up his shaft again, rolling her tongue in teasing licks across the tip as she lapped up his salty pre-cum.

“Suck it!” Kevin growled, holding her head and thrusting his hips.

Liz opened her mouth wide and let him thrust into her face. His dick filled her mouth and pressed hard into her throat. Gagging, she pushed back against Kevin’s thighs, slowing him down until she could steady herself. Then, with a deep moan, she swallowed him whole, pulling his length all the way down her throat. Holding her head firmly, Kevin rocked his hips, fucking her face with slow, steady thrusts.

“I said fuck her, not choke her, Kevin.” Becky’s voice penetrated Liz’s lustful daze.

“She loves it, don’t you, Lizzy,” Kevin groaned. With Kevin’s dick still pistoning down her throat, Liz couldn’t answer.

“God, Lizzy, you are such a slut,” Becky sneered. “Get her up on the bed. Brad, I want to see you and Kevin spit roast her again. How ’bout it honey. Show me how you fucked her. “

“Yeah, let’s give her a show,” groaned Kevin.

“Oh for God’s sake, Kevin,” Becky snapped, “get your dick out of her mouth and let her breathe.”

Kevin laughed and pulled himself from Liz’s throat. esenyurt escort Liz, feeling lightheaded and slightly nauseous from his relentless face-fucking, knelt on the floor, breathing deeply. She knew she was a mess, with saliva drooling down her chin onto her breasts. With a quick gesture, she wiped the worst of the mess from her face. Then more slowly, she rubbed at the wet mess on neck and chest, turning it into what she hoped was a sensual performance of massaging her tits.

“Get up on the bed, slut,” Becky commanded, and Liz pushed herself to her feet.

Standing, she looked steadily at the guys. Kevin and Gary stood on either side, their hard dicks still in their hands. Brad stood in front of her, next to Becky. Liz noticed that his pants were off and smiled. He looked just the same as he had the first night she had fucked him, his thick dick and hairy balls hanging between his pale, meaty legs, below his ratty t-shirt. Becky, probably without thinking, reached out to hold Brad’s thick dick in her hand, rubbing it slowly as her eyes devoured Liz.

Liz stretched herself, reveling in their lustful gazes. She slid her hands down, along the sides of her wet, shiny breasts and down her belly to the waistband of her mini-skirt. Hooking her fingers through the elastic, she pushed the skimpy skirt and the tiny thong below it down to her ankles. Standing tall again, she turned a slow circle, showing off her shaven pussy and round ass to her audience. Turning her back on them, she swayed her way over to the bed and crawled up onto it.

“Remember this, Brad?” Liz purred over her shoulder. She turned to lay on her back, her hand sliding down between her legs, her fingers parting her swollen pussy lips. She smiled at the four sets of eyes watching her.

“Remember fucking my pussy,” Liz moaned, her fingers sliding into her wet folds, “Come fuck my pussy, Brad. Fuck my pussy and cum on my face.”

Brad glanced at Becky then stumbled toward the bed, his face grimly determined.

Kevin, remembering his part, grinned and clapped his hands together as he turned toward the bed.

“Hey,” Gary snapped suddenly, “what about me?”

“Come over here,” Becky purred, dropping herself into the chair.

“What?” Brad stopped suddenly, spinning to face Becky. “You said you wouldn’t fuck him.”

“Not that it’s any of your business who I fuck from now on, Brad,” Becky snapped, “but I’m not going to fuck him. He’s going to eat me. But if you do a good job, I’ll reward you.” She added to Gary, sliding a finger into her mouth and sucking it.

“OK!” Gary said, dropping to his knees in front of Becky’s chair.

Brad stood, frozen, watching as Becky pulled her panties off and spread her legs wide. Liz sighed inwardly, remembering the taste of Becky’s pretty pussy and the feeling of the blonde coed bucking and moaning. Liz felt her own twinge of jealously as Gary lowered his face between Becky’s lewdly spread legs and Becky moaned. Liz saw Brad’s fists clenching.

“Fuck her, Brad,” Becky commanded, giving Brad a sultry smile. “I’m going to watch you fuck her, then maybe I’ll let you watch me.”

Brad spun, turning his back on Becky and Gary, and faced Liz. His face was red and twisted with fury. His dick looked so hard it could pound nails. Looking at him, Liz felt a thrill of lust that took her breath away. Remembering what Becky wanted, Liz quickly flipped over onto her hands and knees, presenting her wet pussy to Brad. Kevin already knelt by Liz’s head, his hard shaft in his hand, though Liz honestly couldn’t have cared less about him. It was the thought of Brad pouring his lust and rage into her willing body that fired her.

Brad entered Liz with a single savage thrust and she screamed. He grabbed her by the hips and pounded into her, thrusting with brutal force. Liz’s whole body rocked under the relentless assault of Brad’s thrusting dick. Then Kevin grabbed her shoulder, steadying her while he rubbed his own dick against her face. Gasping, she remember his role in things and accepted him into her mouth. For the second time, she felt their two dicks penetrating her face and pussy. The pleasure of having them both, of knowing they both lusted for her, was amazing. Liz moaned. Brad esenyurt eve gelen escort continued his violent pounding into Liz’s wet pussy. Kevin just held her steady. The force of Brad’s wild thrusts was enough to force Kevin’s dick down Liz’s throat. It seemed to Liz that Brad was fucking her from both ends, using Kevin’s dick.

“Oh God, yes!” Becky’s voice reached Liz though the pounding of her pulse in her ears, “Yes Gary… eat me… oh that’s so good.”

Brad snarled, hammering himself into Liz even more brutally. She gagged as she was forced forward, her throat muscles spasming around Kevin’s shaft.

“Oh yes,” Becky cried, “oh God, yes… lick me, Gary… yes… like that…”

Brad roared. His dick pummeled Liz as she struggled to breathe around Kevin’s shaft. Kevin moaned, his hips rocking as he started to thrust against Liz’s face.

“Yes, Gary,” Becky moaned, “Yes…. Yes… Don’t stop…”

Kevin groaned. Liz felt his dick pulsing against her abused throat. He wrenched himself back, filling her mouth with cum before pulling out completely to spatter his final spurts over her face and hair. Semen and saliva drooled from Liz’s battered lips as she gasped and choked. She fell forward onto the bed as Brad continued to savagely drive himself into her.

“Yessss!” Becky shrieked, “I’m coming!”

With a savage grunt, Brad pulled himself out of Liz’s battered pussy. Violently flipping her over, he straddled her face and started whacking his dick. Brad’s face was red, his eyes were glazed with lust and rage.

“You fucking slut,” Brad snarled down at Liz, “You lousy whore.”

“Yes,” Liz whispered through her raw, abused throat, “Do it Brad. Cum on my face, baby.”

Brad gave a final roar. His body tensed and he unloaded a torrent of semen. The first powerful sprays covered Liz’s eyes and she closed them against the painful sting. Hot, sticky streaks of cum continued to rain down on her cheeks, her forehead and even into her nose. Finally, panting and sobbing, Brad seemed to fall off her.

Liz lay there panting. Her throat and pussy ached. Her eyes burned from the semen that covered them, but she knew Becky would be furious if she wiped them off yet. There was still Gary to finish. She heard him moan and even with her eyes closed, she knew that Becky was giving him his reward for being a good box-licker.

“Oh man,” Liz heard Gary groan a short while later, “Becky, you are a great cock-sucker.”

Brad, still laying next to Liz, made a faint sobbing groan.

A wet popping sound preceded the sound of Becky’s voice, “I’m glad you like it, but that’s enough for now. Liz is waiting for you. Aren’t you slut?”

“Yes,” Liz said, her voice raw, “come here Gary. I want your cum on my face.”

“Yes ma’am,” Gary’s voice replied.

Liz felt the bed shift under Gary’s weight. She tried to open her eyes, but the semen stung too much.

“Press those big tits together Liz,” Gary said as he straddled her chest. “I want to fuck your boobs.”

“Oh yes,” Liz purred, pushing her breasts together around Gary’s hard shaft. She lay back and enjoyed the feeling. The mixture of Gary’s pre-cum and Becky’s saliva made his shaft slick, and it slid easily between her firm, full breasts. As Gary thrust his dick back and forth, Liz played with her nipples, moaning and sighing to encourage him. Suddenly, Gary gave a deep moan. Liz felt his shaft harden and then pulse. His warm, sticky cum pooled between her breasts.

Groaning, Gary heaved himself upward and let the last spurts of his load fall among the semen already coating Liz’s face.

“Thanks, Lizzy,” Gary said softly.

“My pleasure,” Liz whispered back honestly.

The bed shifted as the guys climbed off it. A few moments later, Liz heard the party outside grow louder as the door opened. Carefully, Liz started to wipe the semen from her eyes and peek out. She saw Kevin strutting out into the party, no doubt looking for another beer. Brad slouched as close to Becky as he seemed to dare, glowering at Gary, who was pulling up his pants.

“Will she be ok,” Gary was asking Becky, rather sweetly, Liz thought.

“She’s fine,” Becky sneered, pushing Gary out the door while he was still trying to button his jeans.

“Come on, Brad,” Becky added, pushing her boyfriend out the door after Gary.

Becky cast a quick look back at Liz. Liz smiled, her hand creeping down to her battered pussy. Sighing, Liz started to rub her clit, pleasure filling her. Becky grinned at her and walked out the door as Liz closed her eyes and started furiously frigging her clit.

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