Wife’s Fantasy, or Mine? Ch. 02

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Wife’s Fantasy or Mine? — Chapter 2

I get up early the next morning. Tara is still laying in bed, a satisfied smile on her visage as she dreams about her husband sucking a cock for her, and then replaying that scene on her clit afterwards in bed. She had been insatiable and had cum at least 3 more times after Ryan had left.

I text Ryan to see how he is doing. I notice that there is a game on TV at 3PM, so I mention maybe grabbing a beer and watching the game at Mick’s Tavern later. About 45 minutes later, I get a text back.

That sounds good. Meet you there?

I text back : No point two of us driving, I’ll pick you up at 2:45?

Sure, sounds good. Here’s my address, in case you want to put it into Google Maps.

I putz around the house a bit, clean up outside, and start doing some lawn work.

I am in the shed putting away the lawnmower when Tara stops by with a beer and half a ham and cheese sandwich for me.

“Hey honey! Thought you could use a break. I made you a ‘sammich’, hehe!”

“thanks, babe!” I give her a one armed hug and a kiss as I take the sandwich from her and take a bite. “Hey, I texted Ryan. We’re going to go to Mick’s for the game. It’s at 3.”

“Oh, good. I wasn’t sure how you’d feel this morning. That was a bit sudden last night.”

“Yeah, I did not expect that! You liked, though?” I ask.

“Oh baby, it was so hot. And knowing you did it for me was even hotter.” She squirms in close. “You were so sexy!” she says in her comehither voice. And she grabs my butt playfully. I look at my watch.

“Well, you’re going to have to wait, I need to shower and go pick up Ryan in 30 minutes.” She pouts. I love when she pouts. So cute.

I jump in the shower, and kiss her goodbye as I speed out the door and hop in the Jeep. I arrive at Ryan’s about 5 minutes late, and he hops in. “I was about to call, thought maybe you changed your mind.”

“No, man sorry, I missed your street and got turned around a bit.”

“No worries. “

We get to Mick’s and the place is a bit crowded. We find a standing bar table to watch the game, and at halftime, Ryan says, “Hey, you mind if we go? I have to work tomorrow, and if we stay, I might not want to get up in the morning!”

“Yeah, that works.” I wave down the barmaid and get our check and Ryan hits the restroom.

As we start driving, Ryan says, “Hey, I wanted to talk about last night, but didn’t feel it appropriate in there.”

“Sure, it’s a bar, but whatever. What’s on your mind?”

“I just wanted to make sure you are still cool. I kind of shoved my dick into your face, and I never bahis firmalar─▒ really asked if you wanted it. It felt kind of rapey, I guess.”

“Not at all, man. I could have said no. I’m a big boy now.”

“Yeah, I suppose. I just didn’t give you the chance to ask for it. You know, to say, ‘Ryan, I want to suck your dick’ instead of me shoving it in your face.”

“Is that why you left? You felt like you had forced me?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want you to have regrets and blame me.”

“I see. Well, no regrets, I liked it, actually. Surprisingly.”

“Enough to do it again?”

“Yeah I suppose. ” I was hesitant. I think for a second, and this time, I am more sure. ” Yeah. For sure.”

“But you’ll be able to ask next time?”

“I will. I will say, ‘Ryan, I want to suck your dick.’ And you’ll drop your pants and give it to me. Lol!”

Ryan laughed. “Yeah, that’s kind of how guys work, isn’t it? At the drop of a hat. So, after I left, things went OK?”

“Oh yeah, we went at it for hours, dude!”

“Heh, nice. It was a big turn on to have you suck me in front of your wife. The whole escapade was surreal. I jacked off when I got home thinking about it. Probably do it when we get home again tonight!”

I smiled and chuckled a bit with him. A thought popped into my head, and I made a turn a few blocks before Ryan’s place. There was a nature park that wasn’t frequented very much by families with kids just down this road, and had some trails for Jeeps and ATVS.

“Hey, this isn’t my street,” Ryan says as I make the right turn.

“Ryan, relax. I know. Just a quick detour.” I pull into the park, and head towards the east side where the motor trails are. “Ever been on these trails?” I ask him.

“No, I don’t know if I’ve ever even been in this park!”

I find a side cutoff, and turn the jeep into it, and then around a bend, so we aren’t visible from the main trail.

I turn to Ryan.

“Ryan, I want to suck your dick.” It’s barely more than a whisper. “Right now.”

“Uh, but Tara…”

“Last night, I did it for her. I liked it because she liked it. Today, I want to do it for me, see if it was just the “heat of the moment” kind of thing. Will you let me find out? Can I? Suck your cock again?”

I look directly at Ryan. He just nods.

I turn towards him, and slowly reach out with my hand to his crotch, and place my hand right on his dick. He opens his legs up a bit and I start rubbing his hardening cock through his shorts. I reach over, and unbutton the shorts, and pull open the flap. I reach in, and like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, I ka├žak iddaa pulled his nice cock right out of his shorts, and it sort of popped out, fully erect.

I hadn’t really looked at it last night, so I take this time to really examine it. I hold it with my thumb and forefingers around the middle of the shaft and I turn it this way and that as I inspect his rod. His shaft is straight, with a slight upward curve towards his belly near the cockhead, and I would guess it is just a little bit longer than my own. I grasp the base of the shaft and I can wrap my hand all the way around, so it’s not some crazy monster, but the girth was nice and thick.

As I squeeze his shaft, I can see the veins along the side protrude, and as I drop my head closer, I see his head swell a bit and I drop my mouth right over it and down about halfway. There is a bit of a musty smell, and a tangy taste since last night. It’s not something I would have considered — that a cock smells like a cock – but I tried to take it all in from every sense. No closing eyes on this one! I bob a few times up and down his cock, and roll my tongue around his head. I hear a satisfied grunt from Ryan when I did that. I slide my mouth over the top, and I suck just a bit at the tip, and then kiss it with my lips, followed by a tongue lashing around the cock head.

I start moving down the side of his shaft with my lips and can’t quite get to the base. I tug on his shorts, and say “Take these off,” as I move back up his shaft. He quickly lifts his ass off the seat, and slides his shorts to his ankles. He then spread his legs as far apart as he could. My head went back down, and my left hand ran up his leg towards his balls. He jumped a bit when I ran my fingers down his inner thigh and then came up and cupped his balls in my hand. I gave them a gentle squeeze and I started giving him head with my mouth and tongue.

I fondled and twisted his sack in my hand. They were heavier and hotter than I imagined. I rolled them in my hand, and since I want to experience everything, I kiss his cock shaft all the way down. I can smell the musty ball sweat scent of Ryan as I get near them and I take a big whiff. It filled my nostrils and I loved the smell, so unlike a woman’s area, and while not dirty smelling, it certainly was not a clean smell. It was a manly smell. I reached out with my tongue, and tickled his sack with it. He groaned again, and lifted his ass up to allow me to get better access to his hanging balls. I suck one into my mouth, and I roll it around with my tongue. It feels so much different than the cock.

The cock is so smooth and slippery ka├žak bahis and yet rock hard, but the balls were hairy, textured, and pliable. I switch to the other one, and perform the same set up actions on it. I then start sucking a bit, and I taste a bit of saltiness as I savor the flavor of his warm sack. I am pumping his cock as I suck on his balls, and I turn to look up at him. His head is thrown back, he is straining his arms to keep his ass off the seat so I can reach his balls with my mouth, and my hand stroking him is becoming too much.

“Oh god, O h god, OH GOD!” Ryan yells out and I feel his balls tighten in my mouth and then they jump on their own, and I see a huge jet of sperm shoot out of his cock and land on my hand. I keep sucking his balls as they contract and release shot after shot of warm white man juice onto my stroking hand. A big drop of it falls and land on my upturned face and slides down my cheek towards my neck and ear. I look up at his amazing cock and can see streams of his cream leaking down from his cockhead onto my hand and down his shaft. I immediately release his balls and start slurping up his warm jizz. I get the immediately smell of bleach and then a more robust scent of sex as I take in his sperm onto my tongue and mouth. I slurp the excess off the base of his cock, and then move up slightly to where my hand is still holding his cock.

It is covered in white cum, and I release his cock and shove as much of his cum into my mouth and savor the flavor. “Mmmm, yes, tastes so good,” I say, and swallow that gooey mess. Not sure for effect or trying to convince myself, as I feel my mouth and throat coated with his thick juice. I then drop my head down on his cock and give it a nice tongue bath to clean up any missed part of his seed.

“Fuck, dude,” Ryan finally breaks the silence as I continue to lick and fondle his now shrinking dick. “I’ve never had my balls sucked. Ever. That was intense.”

I still have my head in his dick, licking it and making sure it is cleaned up, and I mumble, “Seemed like the thing to do.” Finally, Ryan starts to reach down to pull up his shorts, and I sit back up in my seat. It still all feels surreal. I am a happily married man, and I just blew a guy in a parked car. On purpose. And I liked it. A lot.

I start the Jeep, and we drive back to Ryan’s place, Ryan chatting away like nothing just happened, and I am a bit lost in thoughts. I reply with one word answers and nods on the 5 minute drive back. I am thinking, “what did I just do?” and at the same time, “When can I do it again?” I drop him off, shake his hand good bye, and say, “Text me later. Maybe we can grab a beer again sometime.” And by grab a beer, I mean suck his dick and drink his cum again.

“I’d like that. Will do. See ya!” and he hops out and heads inside.

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