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Why You Try Different Partners

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She was a class act woman in public who knew what she wanted. Her thirst for sex was like mine, in control of her. We found out we were both sluts.

Our first meeting over lunch after church meeting singles mixer. We talked and found we had a lot in common. We agreed to a first date on the next Friday We had a kiss goodbye in the parking lot she pressed her breast against me and french kissed, when I asked to try again we had full body contact kiss. I know she felt me dick getting hard and she pressed firmly against him. Wow, I wanted her right there but we both had kids to pick up.

On our first date I picked her up at her house and off to dinner about 5 blocks away. After dinner we went back to her house to look at the movie ads in the paper and have a glass of wine. I got a house tour that ended in her bedroom. We kissed for a while and we were both getting hot. I felt her up and she stepped away, only to toss off her knit top Beylikdüzü Escort and drop her front hook bra then back to me. I slid my hands down to her ass and pulled her to me firmly. I grabbed her tit and moved a hand down her ass then up under her skirt, she wasn’t wearing panties!! She spread her lags apart and she was wet!! YES!!

I reached to unfasten my belt and she stepped away again as I undid my belt, while she slid her elastic top skirt. OMG, she was naked as she dropped to her knees grabbing my zipper. She pulled my pants and under pants down to kiss devour my cock. I was never so happy to be wearing a long sleeve shirt with a tie and a tee. While she went wild on my cock I smelled then tasted her pussy juice on my finger to be sure she kept her pussy clean, yum. I took my time even undoing those stupid buttons halfway up the sleeve. When I was fully nude kissed him, stood up and kissed me, She led me to Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan the bed and said “Fuck me with that big dick”. I don’t know why I didn’t cum right then. I loved it she got turned on when we both talked dirty. It was about an hour later we took a break for the wine. We made love for hours.

On the second date, the same restaurant but this time in a corner booth (with me on the right because she noticed I dresses to the right) She kept her left breast against me a lot; her hand was on my cock when we weren’t eating- my hand was feeling her leg- rubbing the inside of her thigh and lightly brushing her pussy lips (I found the elastic top skirt front hook demi-bra and no panties was the way she dressed for every date). After the waiter offered a desert we declined and he went for the check. I slid my finger into her pussy then licked licked it telling her I know what I wanted for desert. We went Escort Beylikdüzü back to her house for more of the same. She kicked her flats off at the door and led me upstairs. She was naked in 5 seconds and back down on her knees. I always respond to the fuck me command.

During our second month together I made reservations for dinner but got to her house 15 minutes early. I jokingly said we could fool around as we were kissing She stepped back-walked to the back of the couch- bent over it- pulled her skirt up-stuck her ass out- gave me the “Fuck me right here.” command. I obeyed. A little later that month we went to a 7pm movie on a warm Saturday night then to a restaurant at the same mall. There was a 30 minute wait for a table so we walked out to a small creek behind the restaurant to make out and wait. It was dark and we started to make out. She stepped back, bent over against a tree, stuck her ass out and asked me to fuck her right there”. It’ so nice to lift her skirt up and find no panties and a wet pussy. That’s my kind of appetizer. I love warm summer nights. Mom was right a gentleman should always have a clean handkerchief for his lady. In public we were always prim and proper, alone we were both in slut heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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