Why Does Jenni Like Elderly Men?

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I have been asked many times as to why I like older men. So here you go . . . the real reason . . .

Whilst a student at university, I shared a rented flat with four other girls who had left for the summer. I stayed a couple of weeks longer because of my part time job in a bar. The agreement was we would all move out for the summer, and return after some much needed repairs were completed; amongst other things, the fan in the bathroom and shower. The default was to leave the door open whilst in the bath until the shower and fan were fixed, and as we were all girls, it didn’t matter.

After getting up at lunchtime (ah, student days!!), I was relaxing in the bath with my head under the water and the door open with loud music playing, thinking about life.

I sat up in the bath as it was getting cold, and to my initial horror, noticed our very elderly (70s) landlord, Mr. M standing in the door way. I screamed obviously, as I never expected anyone to be there!! I had nowhere to go, as I was completely wet and naked with 34d tits and trimmed pussy on full display to our geriatric landlord. I saw him just stepping back slowly, and stumbling a bit, then falling in the hallway.

I shot out of the bath, to help him, and forgot momentarily that I was nude. He started apologising for frightening me, as he lay on his back in the hallway. He explained that he quite rightly thought that the flat was empty.

He was staring at my body as I crouched down to help him as I balanced on the balls of my feet. I don’t know what possessed me (probably as I hadn’t had any cock for a while), but I slowly spread my legs wide so he could see my 20 year old pussy, just a few centimetres from his face.

It really turned me on to be on display like that. I am sure he could smell my scent, and feel my horny heat, with his crispy old nose. I so wanted to slide my swollen pussy lips over his nose and let him lick me.

He certainly got a good look at me as I made sure he lay down for a while to recover. His eyes were darting from my face, to my wet tits, to my open pussy, to my glistening thighs, at such a speed I thought his eyes might roll out of their sockets.

I reluctantly got him to his feet, and he held onto me as we walked to the kitchen. I made sure to press my tits into him as he gripped bonus veren siteler me around the waist, with his hand on the top of my firm student thigh. I got him seated and slowly walked off down the hallway blatantly wriggling my bum.

I put a short dressing gown on in my room and returned to the kitchen and chatted with, and fussed over, Mr. M in the kitchen. We both apologised, he for giving me a fright, and me for being there when I shouldn’t have been. I explained to him about needing some more time, to which he agreed to letting me stay, if he could work around me.

We had a coffee and made arrangements for the forthcoming works. We chatted about the flat and student times, going out, and types of music, when Mr. M said that he liked my singing voice.

I realised later whilst in bed that night, that it was at least ten minutes before I saw him, that I had stopped singing. OMG, he must have have been watching me bathe for some time. Needless to say, my fingers wandered to my hot tight pulsating pussy. I got out of bed and crouched down in front of my full length mirror, and spread my legs to see what Mr. M had seen earlier. My pussy was soon moist as I slowly opened my legs to reenact the event of winking my pussy at a pensioner.

I realised then, that the electric feeling in my pussy came from the fact that I was, and am, an exhibitionistic slut. I finger fucked my pussy making myself so dizzy with lust that I fell over. Wow, a man fifty years older than me had seen my tits, bum and the inside of my cunt.

He returned the next day, just as I was getting up in my short dressing gown. As we had another coffee in the kitchen, Mr. M was looking me up and down, which turned me on. I let the front of my dressing gown fall open and made sure he could see my legs, pussy and tits. I made excuses to move around the room pretending not to notice as I bent over displaying my naked bum to him and side tit as the gown slowly unravelled to display me to old Mr. M.

I felt like such a slut when I said I had better go for a soak . . . with the door open, of course. I lost count of the times that Mr. M busied himself going past the door, as I deliberately lay on my back with little water around my naked, glistening body.

I eventually could take no more and bedava bahis called to him, as he made yet another voyeuristic pass, asking him if the fan would be fixed soon. He stopped and came into the bathroom and stood over the bath and just stared at my tits and pussy. It was so funny, he forgot to look at my face. He said he would have to get an electrician in to fix the fan after the other jobs.

This slutty display went on for several days with neither of us acknowledging that I was nude; but, at the same time, allowing me to show off, and for allowing his hungry eyes to be filled with the image of my young body. I started wandering around nude which he evidently liked, as he followed me like a puppy; and only once did he tap my bum as I bent over to reach past him, as he sat at the kitchen table.

He told me that he would be back the following day with his friend, a retired electrician; I think in order to warn me to dress!!

The following day, I met Mr. M and his friend K, who looked even older than Mr. M. He was so sweet with his shirt and tie on. I was dressed in my dressing gown, but obviously nude underneath it. I was introduced as ‘the girl I told you about, the one with the lovely singing voice.’ K done exactly the same as Mr. M, and looked me up and down, though stopping at my cleavage, and licking his lips.

Mr. M was moving his head in such a way as to say ‘take it off’. His eyes were fixed on my tits, though he was sort of tugging the air with his face, in the hope that my dressing gown would follow!! I asked them both, if I had time for a bath before they started the works, and unsurprisingly they said I did.

I ran my bath and got in, and within seconds, Mr. M was in the bathroom with K, who just stood looking at me unblinking, as I lay back for them both to see. K then said ‘wonderful tits’ to which Mr. M rather frustratingly made him apologise for being ‘so crude”. Then, rather bizarrely, they started to discuss extractor fans, as I lay nude below them. They both, of course, kept looking at me, as I lay there showing off, and wanting to be ravished by the old boys and hear them discuss my body.

I finished my bath and returned to my room; but left the door open, as I dried my hair whilst fully nude beside the open door way. My two elderly deneme bonus voyeurs stood and watched the show for ten minutes without moving from their spot. I bent over to show my bum off, I unnecessarily dried my trimmed pussy hair with the hair dryer, played with a hairbrush around my slit, and I rubbed baby oil on my tits and thighs.

All of this, as if I were alone, rather than just being two metres away from two men with a combined age of 150!! I got dressed, walked passed them both without a word, and went out so fucking horny, I would have fucked anything or anyone. Lucky you never met me that day, dear reader!!

The next day, K was back, and as the bathroom was out of action, I took it a huge step forward. With my bedroom door once again open, I lay on my bed and got my Rampant Rabbit out and started to rub and pinch my nipples.

I was soon fucking myself with the Rabbit and cuming, knowing full well that they were both just outside my room turned me on so much. Needless to say, they both appeared in my room, and stood transfixed at my bedside as I battered my squelching pussy with my Rabbit.

I metaphorically and literally screamed out to be touched, and they both came to me, with K kneeling on the floor beside my head, and Mr. M sitting on the bed beside my knees. K started mauling, groping, and slapping my tits; and Mr. M rubbed both of my thighs, as I came and came.

My whole body was shuddering and fully under the control of the old men, I was their slut. I lay back gasping, with my legs open wide, with my sopping pussy pulsating for all to see. They took turns to finger fuck me until I came on both of their old worn hands. K was especially adept at rubbing my clit with his thick hard calloused thumb. He created enough electricity from my swollen bud to power the flat for a month.

The only sounds was their heavy breathing and of course the rather loud sound of my young sodden student cunt being ravished by two elderly men. Never in my life, before or since, have I cum soooo much.

As they both stood up, Mr. M inhaled my scent on his glistening fingers, and K licked my taste off his. I lay back sweating and panting. The strange thing is, I never acknowledged my nudity, nor did they ever mention it. Perhaps for fear of breaking some spell, or the fear of frightening me, I don’t know; but it was their silence that was such an erotic thing.

I had a couple of days left before returning home, and needless to say, they were fun, too; but that’s for another time . . .

That dear reader is why I like older men.

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