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Whoa! Jenny’s New Training Method VII

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Jenny’s New Training Method

Jason had forgotten about Jenny until she knocked on his door Tuesday evening. She smiled sweetly as he opened his door. “Hi, I’m Jenny. Coach Russel told me to come over here. She said you would give me some special training.”

Jason smiled back at the plump but cute cheerleader and invited her in. He quickly looked the girl over as she stepped through his door and into the living room. He liked her initial appearance. Her long silky black hair formed a dark halo as it hung around her face. It hung smoothly as it flowed down to the middle of her back. Her round face was accented by a button nose and hazel eyes. Her eyes seemed to sparkle when she smiled. Jenny was a very cute girl.

He then responded to her statement at his door. “That’s right, Jenny. I can give you some special training. I will be quite blunt with you. You are too heavy to do all you need to do to remain a cheerleader for very long.”

Jenny’s smile disappeared and she hung her head. “I know. I just can’t seem to do anything about it.”

“That’s alright, Jenny.” Jason put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed. “It will be my job and pleasure to help you slim down and become much more flexible than you are now. Some of my training methods may be rude and crude to you. You will probably be very sore before we are done tonight. However, I will make you a promise. If you do everything I tell you to do, you will be able to stay on the cheer squad. How often you get to cheer on game day is up to you and how hard you work both here and in the gym. Do you understand, Jenny?”

“Yes Sir. Just tell me what you want me to do.” Jenny agreed.

Jason smiled at her and said. “First you will call me Jason, not sir. Now Jenny, tell me all about yourself.”

“I am nineteen-years-old and a university Freshman. I’m five foot three and weigh approximately 225 pounds. My class work is excellent and always has been. Though I tried out every year I was in high school, because of my weight and lack of flexibility, I could never make the cheer squad there. It is my dream to be a cheerleader at this university. I’ll do anything it takes to make and stay on this squad.”

“Anything, Jenny?”

“Yes, anything.”

“Very well. Let’s begin. Jenny, do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, the boys don’t want a fatty like me. I have never had a boyfriend.”

“Don’t refer to yourself as a fatty, or any other derogatory term, from now on. It is self defeating. Okay then, you’re a virgin?”

“Yes Jason. I have never done anything like that.”

“That could explain part of your lack of flexibility. We can easily fix that. Now, remove all of your clothes.”

Jenny was frozen and appeared to be in shock.

“Jenny, I must see what we have to work with.” Jason told the girl. When she still didn’t move, he sent her a silent suggestion. ‘Jenny, from now on, you will want to do everything I tell you. You want to start by removing all of your clothes. In a little while you will want to ask me to take your virginity by fucking you. Soon after that, you will want me to fuck your ass.”

“Yes Jason.” Jenny responded. She then began unbuttoning her blouse. In a short time, Jenny stood in front of Jason naked as the day she was born. Her tits were large and drooped onto her belly. Her belly was well rounded and her ass looked like two hams in a bag. Her legs were shapely but large. Like the other girls on the cheer squad, Jenny’s pussy was shaved. Over all, Jenny had the makings of a nice looking Şehremini Escort girl if she lost one hundred or so pounds.

Jenny gasped but did not move when Jason reached out and hefted and squeezed her weighty tits. Her nipples quickly hardened when he fondled her. She gasped again when he rolled both of her stiff nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. “Jenny, it looks like your nipples are quite sensitive and want to come out to play.

Jeny giggled and nodded. “Yes Jason, my nipples are very sensitive.”

Jason then reached down and began petting her bald pubic mound and pussy. She widened her stance, and he found she was getting quite wet between her legs. Her vaginal lubricating juices were flowing freely. Her clit was erect and protruding from its hood. She shuddered and nearly fainted when he pushed a finger partially into her wet hole. He had to hold her tightly to his chest to keep her from falling. She threw her arms around his neck and squeezed. Jason tenderly kissed her willing lips.

She eagerly returned the kiss. When they broke the kiss, she breathlessly begged her new trainer. “Oh God Jason, please take me to your bed. I want to give myself to you.”

“Are you sure, Jenny? It will hurt, you know.”

“Yes! I know! Jason, please take me to your bed. I’ve never wanted anything more than I want to give myself to you this very moment.”

Jason then passionately kissed her again and slipped his tongue between her lips. Jenny responded in kind and sucked on his tongue as it probed her mouth. He then broke the kiss and took her by the hand.

He then led her to his bedroom. Once in his bedroom, Jenny immediately hopped into bed and laid on her back. She spread her heavy legs as an invitation to Jason. She was eagerly offering herself to her new trainer.

“Very nice Jenny, but please raise and spread your knees. I want to see that fresh young pussy of yours.”

Jenny complied with Jason’s request as best she could. She had very little flexibility in her legs, hips, and back so she was unable to raise her knees very high.

“Okay Jenny. That’s good enough for now.” He removed his clothes and crawled between her legs. He resumed petting her pussy. She was soon writhing on his bed and moaning in pleasure.

Jason laid down with his face nearly in her pussy. Jenny gasped when he gave her one long pussy lip parting lick from just above her asshole to her erect clit. He inhaled deeply and said. “Aaah, Jenny. There’s nothing like the taste and aroma of a fresh young virgin pussy. I love it.”

He continued to lick and suck her pussy and flick his tongue over her clit until she was rocking her hips and begging Jason to fuck her.

“Oh Jason, please fuck me. Please take me now. I want to give myself to you, now.”

“Alright Jenny, I’m going to fuck you, but first we need to get you bending a little more.” She whined a bit as he then pushed her knees up a little higher than she had been able to. “Here’s an exercise you must do at home every night. Give me your hands.” He put her hand on her knees from the outside of her legs. With his hands on hers, he told her, “Now pull!”

She pulled on her knees and he pushed on her hands at the same time. Her pelvis rocked up, her back arched, and her belly was flexed into itself. Jenny groaned at being stretched more than she was used to.

Stretching Jenny like that would help her improve her flexibility. It also gave Jason a good angle to enter her virginal pussy. He pressed his cock forward Escort Şehremini and spread her pussy’s outer lips.

She moaned as his cock burrowed into her horny hole. The next time he helped Jenny rock her pelvis up, he drove eight inches of cock deep into her tight virgin cunt.

Jenny screamed from the pain of her virginity being swept away, but she still remembered to pull her knees toward her chest. She firmly held her knees up as Jason let his cock soak in her tight pussy. He could feel Jenny’s pussy walls trying to adjust to the invader in their midst.

Jason began stroking in and out of Jenny’s tight devirginated pussy. She relaxed her arms and let her her knees down a bit when he pulled his cock out. She pulled them back up when he thrust into her depths again. Jenny’s tight pussy soon had Jason about to let go. “I’m about to cum, Jenny.”

Jenny pulled her knees up as high as she could and smiled up at Jason. “So am I, Jason. Give it to me. Fill me with your cum. I’m safe. I’ve been on the pill since starting college.”

He then slammed deep into Jenny’s cunt and bathed her cervix with its first load of cum. She pulled her knees as tightly as she could to her chest and panted as her body shook in orgasm.

“Oh Jason, I can feel you squirting in me. It feels so warm.” As he lay with his hard cock soaking in her cum drenched cunt, Jenny smiled up at him and asked, “Can we do it again? I want more of you inside me. Please Jason, I want you to fuck me again. Give me more.”

Jason, with his eight inch cock still fully buried in Jenny’s cunt, smiled down at her. “Sure Baby, if you want it again, if you want more, you can have it.” He thought to himself, ‘I need my cock to be nine inches long and have much more cum to pump into this horny hole.

His cock responded immediately and grew another inch. Without moving his cock’s head pressed harder against her cervix.

Jenny’s eyes opened wide and she smiled up at Jason. “Oh my, you are fantastic. Fuck me with that big thing, Jason.”

They instantly began their erotic dance again. As he drove his cock into her cunt, she grunted and pulled her knees up. “Umph, umph, umph.” Jenny grunted each time Jason drove his cock into her depths. She was about to cum again when Jason slammed deep into her tight hole. He began pumping his huge load of cum over her tightly stretched cervix. She screamed again. This time the scream was from the ecstasy of her orgasm and not the pain of loosing her cherry. She pulled on her knees as hard as she could. She held her knees as high as possible while Jason filled her with his cum.

It amazed even Jason when he kept pumping squirt after squirt of cum into Jenny’s pussy. He had soon flooded her depths. His cum was leaking out of her pussy’s lips past his cock and running down the crack of her ass.

Jenny could feel the wetness of Jason’s cum tickling her asshole as it rolled down the crackof her ass. She finally began to relax. She dreamily smiled up at Jason and let her knees go. They fell back to the bed.

Jason slowly pulled his nine inches of cock from Jenny’s cunt. When his cock cleared her hole, a mixture of his cum, a little blood from her torn cherry, and her pussy’s juices flowed out and rolled down the crack of her ass. She giggled when it again tickled her asshole.

Jenny leaned up on her elbows and looked down at the cock that had taken her cherry. “My God Jason, how the hell did you ever get that thing in me, and when will you put it in me again?”

“Jenny, Şehremini Escort Bayan the next time I put it in your pussy, I’ll drive it through your cervix, and pump cum directly into your womb. What do you think of that?”

“Oh wow! It sounds wonderful. But will you fuck my ass with that monster now? I really want it in my asshole too.”

“Okay Baby, flip over and get ready to be butt-fucked. Get up on your knees.”

While Jenny got into position with her ass up and head down. Jason grabbed his bottle of baby oil. Jenny saw the oil and smiled at him over her shoulder. “No Jason, please use our own lubricants. My pussy and your cock seem to have provided enough lube for my virgin pussy, so I think we can lube both of my holes the natural way.”

“Okay Baby, if that’s what you want.” He began fingering her soaked pussy and transferring their juices from her oozing pussy to her ass. When he was able to easily shove two fingers into Jenny’s ass, he dipped his cock into her pussy one more time. He then pressed his cock’s head against the crinkled brown hole that was Jenny’s asshole. He pushed and his cock’s head easily popped into Jenny’s ass.

“Umph!” Jenny grunted with the entrance of Jason’s cock into her virginal asshole. “Oh yeah. Now fuck my ass, Jason!”

Jason slowly and steadily shoved nine inches of thick cock fully into Jenny’s virgin ass.

“Oh my God! Damn that thing is big. It didn’t hurt that much, but it’s got my ass so full I don’t think I can take any more.”

Now, we’ll start to work on your arms and legs. Start pushing your asshole on and off my cock, Jenny. Build the speed and power of your strokes until you’re taking it as fast as you can. You can do this at home too. When at home push back until your butt is sitting on your heels with your belly on the bed. Then go forward until you are pressing those great tits of yours into your bed.”

Jenny did exactly as she had been told. She was soon firmly shoving Jason’s cock deep into her asshole. He held her hips only to guide her thrusts. His cock slid into her asshole with little effort on his part. He loved watching her massive tits sway under her body as she used his cock to fuck her own ass. Jason held his cum until Jenny’s orgasm over took her body. As she rapidly, rhythmically, and forcefully thrust her ass back on Jason’s nine inches of cock, he flooded her ass with as much cum as he had pumped into her pussy.

“Oh yes, Jason! Fill my ass with your hot cum. It feels so good. I’m so glad you agreed to train me. This is a wonderful way to train.”

Jason then gave Jenny another suggestion. ‘Jenny, you will exercise hard and get on a diet. The university medical center can help you with your diet. Do not cheat on the diet. If you work hard and stay on the diet, you will be amazed at how soon you start to slim down and begin to do some of the moves Coach Russel wants you to do. In addition to the exercises I have already shown you, you should do as many sit-ups as you can. That will tighten your belly. Also, some of the cheerleaders are part of a group of girls that come to see me on Friday nights. They get nude as soon as they enter my door and usually end up well fucked. Do you want to be one of my girls?’

Jenny answered excitedly. “Oh yes, Jason. I’d love to be one of your girls if it means you will do to me again what you have done tonight.”

“Good! I think there will be a new girl here this Friday. Sharon is my girlfriend and she can fill you in on when to be here. I hope you have a good time. Maybe you can get in better shape at the same time.

Jenny kissed Jason passionately, dressed and left. Jason thought about making his cock return to its former size, but decided not to. After all, his other girls should enjoy it as much as Jenny had.

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