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Who Says Rainy Days Are Bad?

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Richard surveyed the misty grey scene from his front door. There was nothing worse than trying to get the enthusiasm to go to work when the weather was dismal, apart maybe from having to walk the two miles of course. He toyed with the idea of taking the bus. But no, walking to and from work each day had certainly shifted the excess weight that sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day had brought him. It wasn’t as if there were torrential downpours anyway, and he did have an umbrella to arm himself with.

He set off. What he hadn’t counted on was how windy it would be once he left the shelter of the hill. The rain might have been light but it was swept up and swirled all around him as he battled onwards. The umbrella was of no use since the rain was coming from all directions. He just tucked his collar up as high as he could, hunched himself over, stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked on.

He’d of been wet enough without some thoughtless bastard steaming as hard as he could through a large puddle at the edge of the road as he approached the first roundabout. The guy didn’t even stop to apologise.

He was also fairly sure that he recognised some of the cars that passed him as those that he’d see every day in the car park. He was wearing an overcoat issued by his company, so people could hardly pretend that they’d not noticed him as they cruised by in carpeted warmth.

Richard was still cursing anyone he could think of when a fairly battered Rover pulled up alongside. A large Mercedes howled in indignation as its owner couldn’t be bothered to wait 15 seconds and pulled to the other side of the road to overtake.

Richard jogged to the car, and pulled open the passenger door.

“I think you could do with a lift.”

He was forced to push the lank hair out of his eyes to work out who it was. It was Alice, from the accounts department. He scrambled in before any more cars could complain, and Alice pulled away.

“A bit wet today,” she said. Anyone else he’d have given a sarcastic reply to, but Alice was always full of fun when he visited the accounts section, so he merely nodded. She had the heaters on full blast to demist the windscreen, and he began to swelter under his coat.

“Lucky you’re not a girl,” she laughed as he freed himself from it, “I can see your nipples!”

He reddened as he surveyed himself to find that he was literally soaked right through. “I’m sorry, I must be getting your seat damp.”

“Not the first time honey,” she laughed back. “Let’s hope it stops raining before we have to walk across the site, otherwise I’ll be in the same boat as you.”

“No one would get any work done,” he told her.

He glanced over. Alice was in her mid thirties, but still slim and she was always armed with engaging smile for everyone. That day she was wearing the cream blouse that was slightly too tight and you could make out the lacy pattern of her bra beneath if you looked hard enough. She always wore it with a navy blue skirt and black stockings.

They pulled up in the works car park a few minutes later. The rain was easing off, which was lucky considering they had a half-mile walk across Mersin Escort the plant site. Alice scrabbled around for something out of the boot before she locked up and they started walking.

“Here, you might need this. It’s my gym towel.” She handed him a fairly small white towel.

“Lucky I have my own office,” he told her, “I’m that wet I’ll have to sit around in this for ages. I couldn’t do that in the accounts section.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” she replied. “You’ve got a lovely backside, and I’d love to see it with just a towel over it.”

Richard looked across at her, but she wasn’t laughing, until he reddened of course. A thought struck him.

“I was going to show you the new accounts package this morning,” he said, “we’d better do that tomorrow, unless you fancy sitting there with me in just my underwear.”

“I wish we could honey, but how would I keep my hands off you?”

He looked at her with hope. Girls in his experience never said that kind of thing to him.

“Calm down Rich, or you’ll have to walk into work hunched over!” Alice said, as she laughed again.

Richard tried to think of a reply, but his cheeks were getting too hot for him to think straight. He could usually banter pretty well with Alice, but all those references to him semi naked in the office with her was causing his brain to tie itself in knots.

He was grateful when they reached the office building, and he was able to hide himself in his office with the door shut tight. Having his own office sounded pretty grand, especially since he was simply an intern. But staff cuts had meant that space was cheap. Even the cleaners had their own office for God’s sake.

He turned the wall heater up to its maximum setting and stripped himself out of his wet clothes. He dried himself off as best he could, and when the towel was completely damp he fastened it around his waist. It was just big enough to go around him, but it did leave a large gap up the side of one leg when he sat down. He found it strangely arousing to be stood almost naked in work. He went red just thinking about someone walking in. Not that anyone ever did. He was just an intern that everyone forgot about till they wanted a document scanned. Even then they’d phone him and get him to come to them.

He calmed down as he ploughed through his emails. Then one arrived from Alice.

“Busy later, how about we do that program run through now?”

“No problem,” he replied, “as long as you don’t mind me sitting here in just your towel!”

That thought perked him up again, but of course, Alice was only doing her usual teasing.

The towel simply wasn’t big enough to stay up properly, so he contented himself with keeping it near to hand whilst he checked his clothes draped around the heater. His heart almost stopped as he heard the door open. He made a grab for the towel as Alice gasped from the doorway. For the first time he saw her go red and that more than made up for all her teasing.

“I thought you were joking,” she said, hand half way to her mouth.

“Can you shut the door, in case someone walks past?”

As Alice turned to shut the door Mersin Escort Bayan Richard made sure he had the towel securely around him, and retreated behind his computer.

“I was right, you do have an nice bum,” Alice told him, some of her composure returned. “Not to mention everything else.”

It was Richard’s turn to go red again. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you thought I was joking.”

“It’s my fault, I should have known you wouldn’t be dry already. We can do this tomorrow.”

She turned to leave. Thank God, said most of Richard. He felt almost sick in the pit his stomach thanks to the rush of the moment.

“We might as well do the run through,” he found himself saying. “You’ve seen me naked anyway, so just a towel won’t be so bad.”

“I guess not,” she replied. Was it his imagination, or was she a bit flustered by the idea? For all her bawdy teasing, had he just managed to call her bluff? But not even the thought of being almost naked next to a good-looking woman could stop him thinking fearful thoughts of the door bursting open.

“Though we’d have a problem if my boss came in,” he told her. Was that relief in her face?

“We could just pull the corner of the desk in front of the door so it can’t be opened,” she said with a smile. She stepped away from the door, so there was no choice but for him to leave the safety of behind his monitor to move the desk a few inches.

“That towel really is tiny,” Alice told him as she found and pulled a chair up next to his. He was going red again he knew. Perhaps this hadn’t been such a good idea after all. He had to walk behind her to get back to his desk so he had the opportunity to arrange things so it wasn’t so obvious how turned on about the whole situation he was.

Alice was certainly having a good laugh at his expense, and he cursed himself for ever trying to take her on.

“It’s hot in her, I’ll stick the fan on,” she told him. He took his seat next to her. The edges of the towel were facing her, and he was uncomfortably aware of the breeze from the fan on his thigh.

“Shall we begin?” she asked.

“Sure, I…uh.” He looked around, trying to focus his thoughts. At the other end of his desk was a stack of printouts of slides about the new system. Without thinking he stood up to reach for them. The towel was pretty tightly tucked around him, but it must have caught on something. With horror he felt it slipping away.

He brought the printouts down to cover himself whilst he cast about with his other hand for the towel.

“That really is a nice bum.”

He sat down quickly.

“Are those printouts for me?”

Mutely Richard nodded.

“May I have them?”

He shook his head. She pouted at him. He hadn’t dared look Alice in the face ever since she’d walked in on him, but now he had to. Her cheeks were flushed, and were her eyes larger than normal?

“Give them to me,” she told him. She was rubbing her legs together too, and that meant her skirt had begun to ride up her thighs. The thought of her stocking tops ended his resistance.

“You have a lovely body,” she told him breathlessly. “Stand up for Escort Mersin me.”

He looked down at himself as he did so. He’d never thought of himself as having a nice body, but she was certainly taken with


“Touch yourself for me.”

His hand was only inches from her face and he almost bucked himself into her face at the sudden sensation. She moaned slightly.

“More, make yourself come for me…”

He began to do so, trying to make every stroke count and stick in his memory. She ran her hands over her breasts, down her stomach and past her legs. Jesus, she was turned on by him!

“Let me come over your breasts,” he told her.

She hesitated at this, but the site of him naked and masturbating just inches from her face made her start unbuttoning her blouse. She barely took her eyes from his hand wrapped around his cock as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were full and round, with beautiful looking hard pink nipples.

“Just a second, I don’t want to come back with any stains,” she said.

As she stood up and removed her skirt she and Richard were just centimetres from each other’s bodies. His strained for hers, even more so when she was stood there in just her black stockings and white lacy knickers.

She sat back down and watched with rapture as Richard performed for her. She pulled him close so that she could have taken him inside her mouth if she’d wished. She started to grind herself against his leg, and it was the wetness he felt that made him explode over her breasts.

“Jesus,” she said. Then she said no more as she pulled his left hand down between her legs. He moved behind her, and for the first time felt the warm flesh of a woman pressed up tight against him. Her pussy was shaved, and so wet that he finger was inside of her before he realised. He found her right breast with his free hand, and squeezed.

Alice moaned as she bucked beneath him, and then he felt her shudder, and collapse back on to the chair. They both just lay against each other, panting.

“Jesus,” she said again, startling Richard out of his pleasant haze. “Jesus, we’re in work for fuck’s sake.” She pushed him off her, and then kept one hand over her breasts as she grabbed for the box of tissues on his desk.

She was suddenly bashful, and retreated to the other side of the desk to dress.

“Do you have to?” she told him as he stared at her chest.

“But we were just-“ he began.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she cut him off. “Jesus, I’m married, and we’re in work.” As soon as she was dressed she was out the door, leaving Richard confused.

What the hell had happened? She’d enjoyed herself, but when it was over she couldn’t wait to leave. His father was right. Women were another race.

His clothes had dried, and he dressed quickly after cleaning himself up. Not to worry, he was almost a man!

It was next to impossible to sit back down and try and get on with some work. He’d start with reading emails; that would be easy.

There was a new one from Alice.

“Sorry about that honey,” it read. “Sorry I had to dash. The walk through was great! I’m not sure I got it fully though. Do you have time to take me through it again tomorrow?”

He shook his head as he hit the reply button. Women really were another species. Still, it looked like he was going to have lots of fun finding out just how different.

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