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While the Wife Sleeps

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My family sleeps while I twist and turn in my bed. I am so horny i can barely take a full breath. My hormones are making me unbearably aroused but I lie here, next to my partner, frustrated and aching. It has been so long since my wife fucked me that I am growing desperate. Lesbian bed death seems pretty real after 6 months of celibacy and I have to find relief.

I keep looking at Craigslist and am so close to hitting reply on a few ads, especially on the one asking for a large breasted woman who wants to be suckled and have her tits pulled on for hours, her cunt serviced well. My aching, empty pussy and neglected ripe nipples need this attention. Would he have a big veiny dick? I haven’t had a man inside me for 20 years. I miss seeing a penis. I want to be thrust into by a real fleshy dick. I want a man to grab my long white blonde hair and yank me around. I want strong, hairy legs to weigh me down as he pumps into me, dominating me, not sweet caresses or soft whispers. I want salty sweat to fall on my face and huge hands to squeeze my ass, pull my voluptuous Beylikdüzü Escort hips higher. Fuck me fantasy man before i lose my mind.

My cunt is gushing, it begs for rough hands, a hard dick, and warm semen squirting. I want him to grind hard against me until I can’t breathe and every exhale is a gasp for more. I want to scratch him as he fucks me, I want to bite him as he drills into me, I want to wrap my feet around his waist and demand that he tweaks my clit. Ride me hard enough that I can forget I am cheating, that I took vows. Fuck me until all I can do is scream in frenzied agony, pleasure and semen, earthquakes shaking my legs, cramping my toes. Eat me out and scratch up my thighs with a bristly goatee. Leave my breasts swollen, full, heavy after the hot mouth, the hard pulls; force my nipples to be distended further than they’ve been in years, reaching for this man’s hairy warm mouth, raw. My pussy, make it stay throbbing and sore, to leave me grinning through sloppy kisses and shattering orgasms.

My frantic fingers Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan thrust desperately into me, fucking me while the fantasy man slides his dick along my hard clit. I finally cry out, a small, pulsing climax rolling through me. I pull my wet, sticky fingers from my cunt and turn to my sleeping wife. She does not know I fucked myself next to her, dreaming of my huge dicked craigslist man. For now, he stays a fantasy, but deep down, my pussy still has a hollow, hungry feel and I know I am almost ready for that big dick, wet mouth, and hard fucking.

Once my breathing returns to normal, my wife turns toward me and asks, ‘do you feel better now?’ Seriously? Do I feel better that I had to create a fantasy fuck to find a release while my life partner, the woman I pledged my life to, decided to fake sleep rather than grab one of my aching nipples and suck it in her moist mouth? While my pussy pulsed with need, spasmed under my own hand, her fingers wearing my ring refused to enter me? My cum on my fingers alone rather Escort Beylikdüzü than coating her tongue?

I stare at her wordlessly, knowing that to open my mouth would be to scream or cry. She simply shrugs a shoulder, turns on her side away from me, and proceeds to perhaps another fake sleep. If she’d gotten off listening to my hushed cries, the sheets rustling around my hips and fevered hands, I’d have been elated and willing to feed her this way whenever possible. She didn’t enjoy it at all.

As i stared at her old stained t-shirt covered back, I slowly lifted my phone to my pillow and answered that ad I couldn’t stop thinking about. I might not be able to find pleasure with her but I damed sure can find someone else to fuck me forwards and backwards. The next time I fuck myself in my marital bed while my wife ‘sleeps’, I will have a real memory to make me wet, a tangible smell of man sweat and semen to heat me up more, a traceable line another’s tongue laved upon my skin. I will remember the dick that left me red and swollen for days unbeknownst to my wife.

I hit reply and within 2 minutes receive a reply. Fucking a stranger, my future pleasure within reach. Before these breasts grow too old to even ache for a hard suckling, I will have sex again. Marriage, three mortgages, kids, I’ll keep it, but life will happen on the side. Sweet dreams wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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