Where Do We Go From Here? Ch. 01

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Sherry sat at the desk and stared out of the window of the office of the home she shared with her nineteen year-old son, Rick, and husband, Chuck; although to include her spouse in that group was generous. The navy captain was seldom home, spending more time at sea on his submarine than with her and their child. And if that was not bad enough, the younger man in her life was away at college during the week, and even though he came home most weekends, it still created a very lonely life for her.

The only saving grace was her two close friends, Sara and Megan, navy wives, too, whose husbands also lived at sea, all on ships in the same battle group as her husband. Likewise, they had sons who attended the same college as Rick. The three sons were all close friends and generally traveled home together.

On those rare occasions when husbands and sons were all home at the same time, the three families usually got together on Sunday afternoons for barbecues or some other meal-type activity.

During the week, the three women were together frequently having morning coffee at one or the other’s home most days or lunch some days or simply afternoon cocktails occasionally.

It was something to do. Otherwise, she was bored out of her mind—and did she mention, lonely? What made the loneliness even worse was the empty place in her bed. She was a very sexual woman. She and Chuck had always had an active sex life—when he was home—and the long celibate periods she had to endure were dreadful. As time went on, it became more and more difficult. A few years ago, she had discovered dildos and other similar devices. Sherry thought often about other remedies and often wondered where could she go from here, but so far, she had gone no farther than the use of her instruments.

As close as she was with Sara and Megan; strangely, the three had never discussed this issue, although Sherry suspected her friends suffered similar maladies. All three women loved their husbands and were faithful, so perhaps neither wanted to be the first to admit that they were becoming “restless” nor have the others think badly of them.

But Sherry would do as she always did: stew over this for an hour or so, go use a dildo or something, get off, and go on with her mundane life.

“Hi, mom.”

Sherry turned sharply toward the door. “Hi, honey. What are you doing home?”

With a twisted expression, he said, “Uh . . . it’s Friday.”

“Oh! Wow. Guess I lost track of time.” She grinned nervously, unable to push her previous thoughts from her mind. “Sometimes, the days just run together.”

“Are you okay, mom?”

“Oh, sure. Just gets a little boring around here sometimes.” She noticed him rolling his head around and twisting his neck. “I guess I could ask you the same thing.” She gestured toward his head.

“Oh, just a stiff muscle in my shoulder from grinding my teeth.”

“Are you stressed about something? Exams coming up?”

“No. Those are still a few weeks away.” Rick shrugged.

“Girl trouble?”

Now it was his turn to be nervous.

“Talk to me, honey,” Sherry said softly, seeing that she had struck a nerve. “Is it a sexual thing?”

“Mom! That’s not the kind of thing a guy talks about with his mother.”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous, Rick. This is the 21st century.” She clucked. “Besides, your dad is never around for you to talk to him. Not that he would have a clue how to talk about it with you.” Sherry was instantly sorry she’d said that.

“What are you saying? Is dad not a loving husband?”

Covering up with a chuckle, she forced her mind to come up with an explanation. “I just meant that he’s always focused in his ships. In his line of work, I don’t know how much he really understands this kind of human emotion.”

“Does he take care of you, mom?” Rick wanted to know.

“Of course. We live well, have everything we need.”

Pursing his lips, Rick said, “You know that’s not what I mean.”

“Oh, so you want me to talk about sex, but you can’t?”

“I don’t have any sex to talk about,” he jokingly confessed.

“A good looking guy like you?” Sherry was actually surprised, but more than that, she noticed what a good looking guy he really was. She always knew he was, but had she been taking him for granted all this time?

“I guess it takes more than good looks.”

“I thought you dated a lot.”

“I do. But it rarely goes beyond that.”

Sherry nodded her understanding. “So, is it a safe bet you struck out last night? Hence the stiff neck?”

“Not the kind of thing I’m comfortable admitting.”

“Honey, I’m your mother. You can tell me anything and I won’t judge you.”

With a huff, Rick said, “Okay, if you must know, yes, I struck out last night and I’m horny as hell.”

Sherry held out her hand for him to shake. “Well, join the club.”

“You struck out last night?” He very curiously asked.

Realizing what she’d said, Sherry quickly corrected. “No, no, of course not. What I meant was, to be honest; I’m horny as hell kırıkkale escort also. Your dad has been gone for four months.”

“I’m sorry, mom. Is there anything I can do?”

He apparently didn’t realize the implication of his offer. All she could think was, if only. “No, honey. Anything I can do for you?” she felt obligated to ask.

“Not unless you have a fix for my shoulder.” Rick grabbed his shoulder and kneaded it with a grimace.

Sherry considered what her son had said. Suddenly, her sexually deprived mind had a thought as wicked as it was offbeat. Without giving it the thought she should have, she said, “Well, maybe I could give you a massage.”

Rick looked up sharply, certainly not expecting such a solution. They regarded each other for a few moments. Thinking only of the possible benefits to his shoulder, he responded, “Wow. That would be nice.”

“Okay. Why don’t you go grab a shower and I’ll meet you in your bedroom.”

However, several minutes later, after she heard the shower shut off, she headed for Rick’s room, but wasn’t prepared to see him exit the bathroom with only a towel secured around his waist. Suddenly, she was aroused in a way she never thought possible. Eager to get started, she quickly located some massage oils that she and Chuck used and excitedly entered Rick’s bedroom. He seemed to have no apprehension, so she instructed him to lay face down on his bed.

Pouring some oil on his back, she went to work. Her first touch to the affected area caused him to grimace. “You okay?”

“It’s just sore.”

“I’ll be extra careful.”

“You don’t have to.”

With a smile, Sherry proceeded. It was awkward bending over to massage his back so she thought for a minute about the implication of straddling his ass, but decided to do it anyway and continued.

“That feels good,” he commented.

“Glad you like it.” She kneaded his muscles for several minutes, marveling over his physique that seemed to have developed without her noticing. She was also mindful of the fact that she was sitting on his buttocks, and she could feel him tighten them when her fingers dug in to his skin. That clenching rippled along her thighs and into her pussy, and that only seemed to heighten her already aroused state. Perhaps if they changed positions . . . “Turn over,” she instructed.

Rick managed to do that keeping the towel in place.

To play it safe, Sherry sat further down on his legs, but as she massaged his shoulder muscles and pectoral area, she noticed some movement in his crotch. Try though she did, it was difficult to concentrate on what she was doing with the bulge getting larger. As it was, his hands were resting against her knees because there was nowhere else for him to put them. His eyes were closed so he couldn’t see the exhilaration in her face.

But he did open them and look at her with a smile, and she returned a dreamy smile. She slid back a few inches as though to distance herself from her feelings, but that only made it necessary for her to bend further down to reach his upper body, not to mention that her breasts dragged across his erection. The heat was becoming more than she could bear. Her arousal was at a level it hadn’t achieved in months and she felt herself losing control of her actions. The evidence of this was when she bent down and her lips came within inches of his.

Finally, losing all control, Sherry pressed her lips to her son’s. He did not attempt to pull away, but rather kissed back as though it was what he was supposed to do, but there was concern on his face.

Rick sat up, the movement causing Sherry to slide into his lap. She broke off the kiss to catch her breath and question what she was doing, but with is face inches from the part of her cleavage exposed by her low-cut shirt, she could resist no more. She mashed her lips to his once more and kissed with a passion that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

When she stopped again, he said, “This is wrong, you know.”

Sherry looked him in the eye, thought for a second and asked, “What does your father tell you when he leaves for duty?”

With a frown, Rick responded, “Goodbye?”

“How about ‘take care of your mother?'”

“That too.”

“So, take care of me.”

“I’m not sure that’s what he means.”

“Does he specify?” she questioned.

“Well, no,” Rick answered honestly.

“Then I think we’re safe. Besides, it feels right and we both need it. But if you want me to stop . . .”

“A part of me thinks we should, but another part thinks you’re too sexy to stop.”

Sherry hadn’t expected that from her son. It forced her to kiss him again, pushing him back down. She went with him. She placed his hands on her body and he let them roam. She actually enjoyed it. She also realized she was rubbing her pussy against his hard on. Kissing down his neck and his affected shoulder, she asked, “Does that make it feel better?”

With a confused, but pleased expression, he answered, “Oh, yeah!”

Too kırıkkale escort bayan delirious with pleasure now, Sherry slowly slid down his legs pulling his towel with her and exposing his large cock. The sight of it caused her to suck in her breath. She immediately reached for it and held up to better gauge its size. It never occurred to her that her son would be so well endowed. She gave the head a tentative lick, thankful that she had instructed him to take a shower. There was no stopping her now as she opened her mouth and took him in. Once she had him well lathered, she devoured him hungrily. Grabbing his balls with one hand, she deep-throated him, somewhat surprised she could still do it.

A throaty groan escaped Rick’s lips.

Sherry’s own sigh reflected her desperation.

Rick threw his head back as his mother now sucked on his balls as though she wanted to swallow them. She jerked his cock with her other hand. She had a huge smile on her face as she shoved his dick down her throat once again. He returned a big grin. With saliva dripping down her chin, she pulled him up so their lips could meet again in a wet, sloppy kiss.

Stimulated beyond belief, Sherry ripped her shirt and bra off in one swift move exposing her large, round boobs to her son. His grin widened. And with that, she leaned down to blanket his rigid rod between her milky breasts. She jerked him with her tits.

Hesitantly, Rick pumped his ass to fuck her tits. He had no idea his mother was so passionate. Like her, he was extremely horny, but he never thought that she would be his relief. Despite his concerns about the propriety of this, he didn’t want it to end now, so he pushed her away and reached for her pants to remove them. She offered no resistance.

Once he had her completely undressed, he spread her legs and zoned his tongue in on her glistening pussy. He hadn’t had much experience with cunnilingus, but hers looked so inviting he had to have a taste. Who knew when and if he’d get to do this again? He wasn’t even certain he was doing it correctly, but the intensity of her moans and her repeated “Yeahs” suggested he was satisfying her. Trying to ignore the fact that she was his mother, he stuck his tongue into her hole as deeply as he could, and that caused her to really start screaming. He sensed that she was coming, but since he hadn’t ever made a girl come, he couldn’t be certain. However, when her thighs locked his head in a vice-like grip, he knew she was having an orgasm. He felt extremely proud.

Her legs tightened around him to prevent him from any further contact with her highly sensitive pussy. So, he allowed her a moment to enjoy her climax.

When she finished, she pulled his head up to hers to kiss him. In the process, she lifted her knees to her chest so he was between her legs. Her pussy was wide open and she reached down and pointed his cock to it. Like a vacuum, it sucked him in. He immediately started pumping, becoming somewhat lightheaded at the incredible pleasure of not only feeling his dick inside a soft, wet pussy, but inside this one.

Once again a symphony of unintelligible sounds emanated from her lips accompanied by a big smile. If she wasn’t enjoying this, she was a damn good actress.

Sherry pulled her legs back even farther for him to obtain the deepest penetration he could.

“That’s it baby,” she encouraged, “just like that!”

He kept it up as her breathing increased as did the crescendo of her cries, and much to his surprise, he brought her to yet another orgasm. He couldn’t believe it. But he continued to pump away until she stopped him.

“Did you really come twice?” Rick asked the incredulity bubbling out of his mouth.

Sherry started laughing heartily, a combination of the joy she felt because of the intense pleasure she was having and as a response to his question. “Yes. You are really good!”

That made his head want to explode with pride. Although he was starting to realize that his mother was oversexed; either that or she had an immense amount of pent up emotion needing to be released.

And apparently, there was still more to be let go because she reached down and again grabbed his cock and pulled him up so that she could take him in her mouth and suck off her own juices. Rick found that to be incredibly hot and he tried very hard not to drown her in what would undoubtedly be a massive load when he finally erupted. But he still wasn’t ready because he wanted to make certain he held out until his mother was completely satiated.

When Sherry had his dick cleaned and shiny with saliva, she pressed it between her breasts, held them tightly around it and let him fuck her tits. Her huge grin indicated that she was enjoying it also.

Rick didn’t keep this up for long, and when he pulled back, her voraciousness had her turning him over onto his back and climbing aboard. He was still hard and she realized why older women liked to fuck younger guys: stamina. But instead escort kırıkkale of stuffing his rigid rod back inside, she pressed it against her pussy and lifted her body to rub against it. Seeing what she wanted to do, he held his dick up. It was a nice sensation. But somehow, it slipped inside of her and the position of her leaning backward added a new thrill. And then, when she just pivoted her hips back and forth, his head was spinning.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold out,” Rick panted.

“Then don’t.” Sherry rolled back over onto back her and let him finish in the old missionary position. He pumped so hard and fast that she found herself coming again. And this time, that surprised her as well. She’d never come three times in one session with her husband. Was it the taboo of doing it with her son?

His mother’s third orgasm and the thought of it was more than enough for Rick to detonate. “I’m gonna come!!” he grunted between gritted teeth.

“Come on, baby, give me your cum,” Sherry urged. “On my tits!”

Rick was glad she specified. As much as he would have liked to come inside her, he thought that was probably not a good idea. No sooner did he pull out than he was hosing her breasts, nipples and abdomen with thick, pearly cream. Before he was completely finished, when there were still a few drops left, she grabbed his cock and pulled it to her lips so she could lick what still dribbled out. That unexpected move caused his dick to pulse and spurt out another drop, which she quickly swiped off.

Following that, Rick collapsed beside her, totally spent. Mother and son laid there in complete silence, neither knowing what to say. Out of nothing more than irony, Rick uttered, “So, where did you learn to massage?”

Sherry burst out laughing. “Of all the things I might have expected you to say . . .”

“Sorry. I thought we could use an icebreaker.”

“Why? Are you nervous? Do you have any regrets?”

“I don’t know,” Rick answered innocently.

“Well, you did just have sex with your mother. It’s possible that could have raised some concerns.”

“It was wrong, wasn’t it?”

“It’s not generally acceptable by society standards,” Sherry pointed out. “Whether it’s wrong, I guess, is a matter for us to decide.”

“I’m sure my thinking is clouded at the moment because I can’t get past how good it was.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“As well you should.”

“But we did just cheat on dad, didn’t we?”

“Son, you have no idea how difficult it is for me with him gone for such long periods of time,” Sherry bemoaned. “For what it’s worth, I masturbate. I even use dildos and vibrators, and while they do provide some relief, there is nothing like real sex. I hope you can understand that. I never thought about doing it with you before, but right now, it seems to make a lot of sense.”

“I guess I can see that.”

“I want you to sleep on it tonight, and if you’re troubled by it in the morning, we’ll discuss it more.”

“Okay, mom.”

Sherry slid out of bed in no rush to cover up, knowing her son’s eyes were on her. She actually relished the attention, despite or because of whom it was from. “What would you like for dinner?”

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her incredible body. She looked better than many of the girls his own age he dated. He had to at least tell her. “You’ve really taken great care of yourself.”

Smiling warmly, she said, “I try. Want to make sure your dad has something worthwhile to come home to. Dinner?” Sherry reminded.

“Whatever is easy.”

* * *

Easy was ordering pizza, which was delicious. But the great sex and relaxing meal was not enough to provide Sherry with a good night’s sleep. Of course, she knew that even though the sex was so good, her insomnia was largely because of it. Ironically, she was not troubled by the fact that she’d had sex with her son. What was more was disturbing was that she was not troubled by it. Her intense sexual desires had caused to her stoop to use her own son, and in some sort of twisted logic, she didn’t really see that as infidelity to her husband. Either that or her sex-starved brain simply chose to ignore it.

When dawn arrived, she let out a heavy sigh.

A few minutes later, Rick tapped on her door. “Are you awake?” he whispered in case she was still sleeping.

“Come in,” Sherry told him.

As he did, Rick’s eyes were immediately drawn to the extremely low-cut negligee his mother was wearing and generous amount of her breasts that were displayed. Even though he had seen her completely nude last night, there was still something sexy about revealing lingerie.

Sherry noticed something troubling on his face. “Are you okay?”

With a slight shrug, he answered, “I want to feel guilty about what we did last night. It should be wrong of you to have involved me because you were desperate, not to mention cheating on dad. Family members are not supposed to have sex. But my friends and I watch a fair amount of porn on the internet, and it seems that there must be great interest in sex between a mother and son because there is so much of it on the websites. In my wildest dreams I never thought it would actually happen to me, but since it has, I just don’t feel sorry. Dad’s not here and we both needed something that the other could provide.”

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