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When Meetings Happen

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I met her on line months before. We had just sort of “bumped” into one another on a hiking site. I saw her posting often about this trail or that one, always interested in the way she talked about the trees and woods. The site we went too had soon opened a chat-room and we both seemed to quickly become regulars. It wasn’t very long and chatting had become our obsession as we slowly got to know each other. We had went through all the stages, first just being playful with our common interest, w easily went to a little cyber-sex finally exchanging phone numbers and having a phone sex a few times. It was different, getting to know some one in such a distant way. And now, we had decided to meet up.

I went to the airport where she would be flying in. I glancing at the arrival monitors as I walked in. It said her flight was delayed; I had gotten to the airport over an hour before her flight was scheduled to arrive, and now she was going to be even later. Should I go have a quick drink to help pass the time? No I wanted to have a perfectly clear mind and body when I met her.

This was crazy, I told myself; sure, we had chatted and talked but this was different. But then again I knew so much about her. She loved to tempt men but ended up alone on her trips through the woods. She had the tendency to think of herself as slutty. She liked to talk dirty as I had quickly learned. Who was I to complain about that? She loved to talk about shaving her body of all hair. She also talked about how much she loved to go down on men and give long deep blow jobs.

Then I received the E-mail of her telling me she planned to be on my side of the country. Could we get together?

I stared at the screen for a long while. Could we get together? It was the stuff men dream of on the Net, wasn’t it? It seems every guy is out here looking for a woman, but what do you do when you finally catch one?

As the second or two passed by, I wrote back and said I’d love to meet her.

Now here I was, waiting at the airport for a flight that was over an hour late. We had never exchanged photographs, so I had very little idea of what she looked like. She had told me what she’d be wearing, and I knew I could stand in the crowd and make an assessment of her looks before revealing myself. If she was a real dog, I could simply sneak away unobserved. But damn, I was too nice for that and would stick around regardless, I decided. Besides, we had revealed so much of ourselves to each other in correspondence that we had become friends. I couldn’t leave a friend, even an ugly friend, stranded in an airport away from home.

After my wait, the plane was at the gate and passengers were arriving–some running joyfully into the arms of waiting loved ones, others trudging slowly, not even looking around.

Then I saw her.

The dress she had described was there in all its stunning color. A red floral tank and it snuggled right up to her round bosom like she had pasted it there. She was a small woman with long dark hair and olive skin, and she was struggling under the weight of two large carry-ons. I stepped into her path. “Hello Devon”, I said.

“You’re here!” she shrieked. She dropped the second bag and threw her arms around my neck, clinging to me. I bent down to kiss her cheek, but she turned her head and our lips met, gently at first, then harder, lingering for a few seconds. Her lips parted slightly and I felt the quick flick of her tongue. I smiled at her as I picked up her other bag.

“This is all I brought,” she said. “I usually travel pretty light.” I had to back away and take her all in. Man was I really the lucky guy meeting up with the beauty. She stood on her toes and pecked me on the lips again and I couldn’t stop my grin.

I picked up her bags and she followed me to the doors. We walked through the early summer’s heat to my car. I opened her door for her my eyes never leaving hers. She flashed me a quick smile as she got in.

I unlocked my door and got in. She was still smiling. “Here we are,” she said, brightly. “Now what?”

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Well, they gave me plenty of peanuts on the plane,” she said,” but I’m still starving–but not for regular food. Could I get another kiss? I liked the first one.” She said all this as one long sentence, her nervousness showing. I obliged her with a kiss leaning into her.

Suddenly she was locked to me, and her hands stroked my face, my chest, and then moved down to my hardening crotch. “I just love a man with a nice hard-on,” she breathed, squeezing me gently. “Where are you going to take me?”

Trying to pull myself back together I said, “It’s a surprise, but one I know you will like” I said grinning at her mysteriously. We left Beylikdüzü Escort the parking lot and entered the interstate going north.

We passed the twenty minute ride with small talk of hiking and all things we had talked about hundreds of times before. We kept shooting sidelong glances at each other, sizing each other up. Once our eyes met and we laughed, breaking the tension somewhat. We exited the interstate and turned onto a two-lane road leading into the woods. The countryside had quickly changed from urban to suburban to rural, and now we were surrounded by tall, quiet woods as we moved away from civilization.

We drove in silence for another fifteen minutes, finally turning onto a rutted dirt road leading further into the forest. We arrived at a small clearing near a lake and I stopped the car, smiling at her. “Here’s the spot,” I said, brightly. “Nicest place in the state!” She hesitated a moment before opening her door and stepping out.

I took her hand and we began walking along a winding path, our footsteps muffled by scatterings of falling leaves. Finally we emerged from a dark path into a small sunlit clearing. We stood at the edge, listening to the soft sound of wind moving through the whispering trees. I glanced at her, and we stepped into the clearing.

I spread a blanket in the dappled shade under the trees and we sat cross-legged together on the grass, our gazes kept locking together and small smiles were there at all times.

The moment was too much, we reached for each other, locked lip to lip feeling the flaming passion within each other. We pressed our bodies together and they seemed to mold as putty to one. Our tongues probed each others mouths and she began to make small mewing noises in her throat. She pressed her pelvis further against me and I cupped her buttocks with my hands and pulled her so she was against my now strained crotch.

After a long while of teenager lustful kissing and groping we broke apart, panting. I reached for the basket I had brought along and removed a bottle of wine. I could barely work my hands to remove the cork. Finally it broke free and I poured two glasses. She accepted hers with a smile, as she gazed at me longingly through her dark lashes. “You’re quite a surprise,” she said. “I’ve always been the instigator and sexual one all these months, and now, here we are with you making all the right moves”.

She raised her glass to me and gave me the most blood thinning little wink. We drank for what seemed like hours but were mere moments. We both would look at each other then away as we took in the beauty of the overhanging trees surrounding us. Finally, it could no longer be contained and we came together again.

This time there was a sense of urgency, as if our lives depended on being as close to one another as possible. The taste of wine on her tongue was nothing beyond magical. Then I felt her hands take on a path of there own and I felt them squeeze between us clawing for a grip on my belt. I released her slightly to give her soft hands room to work. She unclasped the belt and her hand did not pause for a second as it reached down into my tightened pants. We released our kiss just as she gripped my hot throbbing member. She smiled back at me; it was a lust filled grin with only one thing on its mind.

She pushed me backwards and I happily landed on my back. She tugged my pants and boxers down in one swift movement with the power of an angry bear. My member popped out fully erect and flopped down as if hiding itself from the sunlight it now saw. She didn’t even give it a moment and her mouth was on me. She stopped right at the head of my cock and flicked her tongue out to taste the glistening drop of pre-cum that was tipping there.

I shuddered as she took the entire length of my cock all at once. Her lips hit my pubic hair in with such quickness and I could feel her tongue busy against my shaft. I let out an uncontrollable moan as she moved her lips up the length, sucking hard, only to stop as her soft lips reached the sensitive head.

Now I’ve had my share of blowjobs over my years but this had already made me feel like it had never been done right. Whether it was the way she used her full lips to caress the head of my cock, or her rhythm, or the sound she made in the back of her throat as she took all of me, I can’t say. All I know is that I was close to praising Allah, God or Satan, if she would just promise not to stop. I didn’t want it to end.

Her mouth kept moving rhythmically up and down my shaft, ever coaxing me to greater pleasure and teasing my semen to come out and play. Her fingers had reached down to toy with my clinching sack. She began by caressing them, then squeezing Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan them gently, stroking as if they were her favorite pet. One of her fingers began light strokes of the sensitive skin between testicles and anus, but never once did her mouth lose its magical rhythmic suction.

I knew my time was getting near as my entire body was already fighting me wanting to thrust again and again into her wet mouth. Just then she gripped my balls with the force of a hammer and stopped her sucking just at my head. My first thoughts were of a huge letdown but it was not too be. She suddenly released my sack and took me all in her mouth quickly bobbing her head up and down. That had done it, I warned her and I was wracked with the most blissful, goose-bump filled orgasm I had ever experienced. She kept sucking at me gently, greedily devouring every drop I could give; she was lunching on me as though as starving woman in heat.

As the pulsing slowed, then stopped, she backed off her sucking and let my softening member with an audible plop. She smiled up at me and took her finger and wiped at the one missed drop on her lower lip. Devon looked at the substance on her finger. She then closed her eyes as she curled her tongue around it, sucking it in as if it were good chocolate.

She lies down beside me and put her head on my chest while she reached down with her hand and took loving hold of my half erect penis. I started to say something, but she put a finger to my lips and said “lets let it rest a while we are just beginning. She seemed to have all the time in the world for this, and I was not going anywhere.

As we lay there, basking in the breeze coming through the woods, she talked to me like an old friend. I just lie there unable to say anything at that moment. She stopped talking and smiled up at me with a look that said satisfaction. Gazing at me through her lashes shadowing her soft green eyes she moved upward. She pulled her body against mine and kissed me deeply. I tasted my own semen on her lips and tongue as she shared the leftover fruits of our shared pleasure.

I lie naked on the blanket, feeling the warm summer’s breeze as it dried the light sweat glistening on my skin. I reached for the wine bottle and silently filled our glasses. I hoisted mine to her, smiling. “That was unbelievable,” I said, truthfully. “Where did you learn that?”

She smiled at me, proudly. “I guess it’s just a gift,” she said. “I’ve always known how to treat the little man just right”.

She grasped me again, and I could feel blood rushing to the organ. I had wondered how long it would take me to recover from that last orgasm. She began to stroke me, first gently, more firmly, squeezing the shaft. To my amazement, I felt myself grow erect again. She grinned at me in satisfaction. “Mind if I suck you again?”

“Help yourself,” I replied, shrugging.

At once her lips were on me again, but this time I knew she’d have more time to spend before I came. She knew it, too, and she moved her hot, wet mouth rapidly up and down my tender cock, more forcefully than before, taking me just to the threshold of pain, where the most intense pleasure lives.

That is when I pulled her away; as much as I would have loved to cum in her moist mouth once again I was eager to share a little pleasure. I rolled on my side as she reclined on one elbow to look at me. I began to pull her dress over her head ever so slow; never letting my eyes leave hers. I could fall into those eyes and be lost forever, I kept thinking. I unsnapped her bra and freed her breasts. I looked down and they were wonderful, smooth soft skin with dark nipples standing slightly at attention as if begging in need. However, I could see in her eyes that she was not in the mood to be played with. She was ready to have those hot nights of our chats fulfilled. I quickly released her from her panties so we were both like animals in the woods. She hooked one leg over my hip and pulled me closer to her.

Idly, I stroked first one large nipple, then the other, feeling them grow harder under my fingers. She sucked in her breath through clenched teeth as I touched her. She tried pulling my body even closer to her. I cupped one soft ass cheek with my hand and her hips began to move rhythmically. I pushed her onto her back. She didn’t resist, staring at me through half-closed cavernous eyes. I began to move down. Her legs were slightly parted, and her prominent, swollen lips were deep pink from arousal. Gently I pushed her legs further apart, so that her mound was completely exposed to me.

I brought my face down to her belly, kissing the soft skin, moving slowly down to the joining of thigh and belly. I Escort Beylikdüzü traced the warm, moist skin with the tip of my tongue, hearing her breathing increase its tempo, smelling her arousal. Her musky sent took away the woods that surrounded me and I was truly a soul lost.

Her small clit was beginning to emerge from its hood, and I traced the outline of her full outer lips with the tip of my tongue. She had told me once in a conversation how her pussy was very small and tight, and now I could see what she meant. As I pressed one finger into her gently, then another, feeling how wet and slippery she was, I knew that when I had my chance to be in her it would be wonderful. As my tongue explored the entrance to her and my fingers probed inside, her hips began to undulate from side to side. I brought my mouth to her wet pussy and was rewarded by hearing her sharp intake of breath. I put my hands under her cheeks to bring her wetness to my mouth.

The juices of her arousal flowed freely, filling my mouth, coating my face. I sucked at her slit, taking first one swollen lip, then another between my lips, sucking, nibbling.

I took her firm clit between my lips, sucking at it gently, and then flicking at its tip with my tongue. She was making inarticulate, growling sounds from somewhere deep in her throat. I pushed my index finger into her slippery canal, turning my palm upward, probing for her elusive, sensitive g-spot. Her sudden squeal told me I had reached it. I stroked the spot gently with the tip of my forefinger her hard clit rolling under my thumb. The growling sounds she made grew louder and deeper, as if we had been transported millions of years into the past and were carrying the weight of creating an entire race as we lay coupled in that warm sunlight.

She cried out over and over again, calling out my name, singing a passionate scale from guttural growl to impassioned shriek. I don’t know how many times she came–maybe she doesn’t know, but it was repetitious. After a long while, her sounds began to quiet down, until finally she was limp, her breasts heaving.

I on the other hand was anything but limp and I rolled over so my body full length was against her spooning, my hard member just feeling the warm moisture that was on her cheeks. She was quick to respond and made just the smallest move and I slipped up and right in side her. The head slipped in and she made a small noise of pleasure. I reached over and placed my hand on her hip and pulled myself all the way up into her warmth. Her hips wriggled from side to side in their own dance of desire.

It was as though she was reaching out to draw me into her body. I could feel her tightness as her strong muscles grasped my shaft. I began to move slowly in and out of her, the full length of my cock throbbing with excitement. With each stroke I could feel her pussy contracting rhythmically around me. Each long stroke I would withdraw just too where her pussy was tightening around the sensitive spot where shaft joins head. Then I would plunge deeply into her until there was no more to give.

Each time I stroked into her amazing tightness, she let out a short, animal like sound of feral pleasure. I plunged in and out of her faster and faster, now eager to shoot yet another load of semen deep into her, where it belonged.

We were becoming one with the woods, Animals that belonged.

I was breathing harder now, and I moved into her faster and faster. My balls were now bouncing against her with each new stroke. Our mingled cries were the sounds of two mindless, prehistoric beasts rutting in this deserted woods.

Suddenly, seemingly without warning, we climaxed simultaneously and loudly. She began to shake and rock back onto me. I rolled off the blanket, never letting her body leave mine. I felt small twigs and grass on my naked, sweaty skin. I clutched her slick body to mine. I could feel her muscles tighten their grip on my member seemingly milking it of its fluid. As I continued to thrust through the shaking I could feel the semen begin to run down her cheeks. Becoming quickly overtaken, she fell back onto me and let out a deep sigh.

My soft penis was released from her spent hole, followed by the milky flow of my semen mixed with her tasty juices. I brought my fingers to her tender slippery lower lips, scooping up the creamy fluid, bringing it first to her lips, then to mine. We kissed deeply.

The light was fading, casting long shadows through the trees. The afternoon’s warm breeze was turning chilly. We finished the wine for warmth, but soon even that was no protection against the cool evening.

Reluctantly, silently, we dressed, picked up our blanket and the remains of our picnic. We held hands as we walked down the gentle slope to the car.

I opened the passenger door for her, but she stood there for a long moment, looking up at me. Suddenly she was in my arms again, kissing me deeply, desperately. I stroked her cheek gently thinking of how this was just the beginning of a very long weekend.

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