Wheat Country Ch. 05

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Many thanks once again to tangentjoker who edited this story.

All the characters are age 18, or older. This story is about incestuous relationships.

Thanks also to anonymous who sent me information about the laws concerning incest in all the states.

For background, I suggest you read the first four parts of Wheat Country.

Vera, Sonja and I traveled around the southwest. Starting in Nevada, we checked several places in the southern and central parts of the state. We moved on to Arizona next. On to New Mexico. We checked the places on Susan’s list, but found only one that we thought nice enough for our short list: our list for the final selection.

We stayed at motels at night. If anyone got curious we were grandmother, mother, and son. We always got a room with two beds, or adjoining rooms. We had some great nights. I would eat both women every night. Then fuck one or both of them. Often they would make sixty-nine style love after we fucked and sometimes a ring of love.

We stayed in constant contact with Susan and Connie. After about ten days on the road, we decided to meet and take a break for a couple of days. We were in the San Antonio area by then. The next area we planned to check on was around New Orleans. We decided on Gulfport. Susan and Connie had to backtrack a little. We had to skip a couple of areas someone would have to come back to.

We decided to stay at an upscale motel. It was north of the city, near the interstate. We met there on a Thursday afternoon. We had two adjoining rooms with two beds in each. They were large rooms with microwaves, coffee makers and refrigerators. Each room had a large table with four chairs, a desk and computer hookups. We would have no problem staying three or four days.

There were a few hours before dinner time, so we sat around one of the room tables. We compared notes on areas we had checked so far. Each of the initial groups had only a few areas on their short list. We felt that the fewer areas there were at the end of the trip, the easier our final decision would be.

Susan said she wanted to check out an area further east than she had been so far. She thought that we could tack it on the end of our itinerary. No one saw any problem with her idea.

Sonja announced that she was pretty sure she was pregnant.

“I checked with a drugstore kit. It came up positive.” Everyone congratulated her. I felt a stirring of pride. She leaned over and kissed me. “Thank you, Jim.”

Connie brought up her search for Merged Families.

“I have contacted them,” she told us. “They are very close mouthed about their organization. We will have to give them some information about ourselves before they will tell us anything.”

We all sat thinking about it for a few minutes. Vera asked, “Connie, what kind of feel do you get about them, from contacts you have had with them?”

“There has been very little contact,so far,” Connie replied. “I got an email address, sent an inquiry and got back a brief message telling us they would need more information about us. I printed it out.” She passed a copy of the message around.

I noticed that they used MF Society for their organization name. The information they wanted was about our situation. It wasn’t spelled out, but it was obvious to us that they wanted to know if we were a family or only two family members. They stated quite plainly that their organization was only for families. There was no mention of incest.

Vera spoke first. “I think as long as we don’t give away family names, or locations, we can keep up a correspondence. What does anyone else think?”

“Is there any way they can track the computer?” Sonja asked.

“Either Jim or I can handle that,” Connie answered.

No one seemed to have any other questions, so Connie said, “I’ll follow up then. No family names, no addresses. Just basic facts. I can probably get something off to them tomorrow.”

“The lawyer has finished most of the work,” Susan said. “I expect a package from him. I told him to overnight it to the hotel. Sonja and I should be able to handle anything that needs to be done with it. We’ll let you know if we need other’s input. It’s mostly a matter of reading it over and making any corrections. Some signatures and we will be incorporated within a few weeks.”

By then, it was dinner time. We all went to the hotel restaurant. It was a very good meal and we were all pleasantly stuffed when we got back to the rooms. I would be with Connie and Sonja. Susan would be with Vera. We sorted our bags out. Then Connie and I sat down at the computer to start a reply to Merged Families.

Connie didn’t really need my help. She composed a message that included a chart of the family relationships. She wrote a short letter along with it. She made it a point to write. “We consider ourselves to be in a family marriage. We think of ourselves as a united family. To be more specific, each of us considers himself/herself as married to each and all of the others.”

There was more to the letter, including the fact that we were traveling kıbrıs escort at the present time. We both read it again, asked Vera to look it over, and sent it on its way.

Even though it was still early, Connie, Sonja and I headed for the bedroom. I was already getting aroused. There was a feel of excitement in the air. I hadn’t been with Connie since we left Las Vegas. Connie hadn’t been with her mother, Sonja, since Las Vegas, either. Sonja’s pregnancy was something else to be excited about.

Susan and Vera headed for the other room. We left the connecting door open. That had started to become the normal routine for us. Open bedroom doors. It had never been discussed. It just happened.

We were all three cuddled together. The kisses were getting hotter. Connie was lying between Sonja and I, dividing her kisses between us. She was starting to squirm as her body reacted to her arousal. Her legs were parted in an invitation.

I slid down to lie between Connie’s legs. She and her mother exchanged hot kisses and played with each other’s boobs. I wanted to eat Connie. I had missed her for the time we were traveling apart. I knew she was one of the united family, but I still could miss her even as I had missed Susan.

I relished the fragrance of her muff. I gazed at the beautiful swollen lips of her excited pussy. I did not want to wait. I could not wait. I needed to eat her. I needed to suck her juices.

She and her mother were hot. Connie’s body reacted to Sonja’s loving, to their hot kisses and caresses. The lust revealed itself in the motions of her body. Her hips lifted. Her legs widened. They demanded attention. They commanded me to bury my face in her fragrant cunt. Her hand was on my head. It guided me. It urged me.

My tongue licked. My lips sucked. I brought her already awakened body to an orgasm. As her legs spread wide I rubbed my face in her juices, her nectars, inhaling the bouquet of lust.

Sonja straddled her. Connie sucked at her mother’s cunt. I was only dimly aware, my consciousness concentrated on the wonderful pleasure I was bringing to a woman I love. Her body reacted to the erotic stimulus.

At one of the peaks, I pulled my head away. I moved to kneel with my hard cock erect. I lifted her hips and plunged my throbbing hard cock into her. I thrust into the pussy I had prepared. Her gasp of delight was muffled, her mouth buried at her mother’s cunt. She wrapped her legs around my waist to hold herself there. I grabbed pillows to stuff under her butt.

Sonja leaned back, to rest against my chest. I nuzzled her neck as I thrust my dick into Connie’s wet pussy. Connie welcomed him. As she felt him filling her excited pussy she licked harder at her mother. She buried her face between the folds of Sonja’s snatch.

The feel of two women’s bodies, the scents, the sensation of hot pussy enveloping my manhood. It was more than I could endure. I shot my load into Connie. I poured my hot cum into her cunt.

We all laid together recovering our strength. I was between the women. Their hot, naked, bodies pressed against me. I loved the feel of their naked flesh. I soon reacted to it. I could feel the faint stirrings of arousal in my dick. The women seemed to somehow sense it. They both started to fondle my still flaccid cock.

Sonja was more interested in Connie than me. She and I had been together for ten days, but she hadn’t been with Connie for just as long. I whispered to her to climb over me to get next to Connie. She did, leaving Connie in the middle between us.

We both made love to Connie. With hot kisses, touching, caressing, and fondling. Sonja’s head was on Connie’s mound. Her face was just above her daughter’s pussy. She enjoyed the scents, the aromas of past sex, of new arousal. She was licking Connie’s flesh just above the pubic hair capping her fragrant muff.

She swung around and laid between Connie’s legs. She licked Connie’s thighs. Her tongue searched, explored, and found the spots that Connie liked. It was a sensuous scene. Sonja was in no hurry. She was making love to her daughter. She was not just eating her.

Connie’s hands were on her mother. Felt. Touched. Caressed. I sucked Connie’s tits. She reacted to both of us. She was being loved by two people she loved.

Her mother buried her face in the folds of her cunt. As she did, I knelt next to Connie’s head.

Her legs over her mother’s shoulders, she turned her head to me. She made love to my cock as her mother, and lover, ate her cunt.

She rubbed my manhood over whatever bare flesh she could reach. Her face, her neck. Licking and nibbling, she roused my already hard manhood. It was throbbing when she took it in her mouth. Deeply into herself, into her hot wet mouth. Her lips pressed on him. Her teeth gently scraped him.

As she sucked my cock, she came from the ministrations of her mother’s lips and tongue. As she came again with stronger, more intense, orgasms she sucked me harder, until I exploded into her wet mouth. Even as my cum poured into her, she was in escort kıbrıs the midst of almost continuous orgasms.

She gently pushed her mother away from her pussy. She turned her head from my softened cock. She laid there with legs splayed lewdly. Sonja moved up to lie next to her. I continued kneeling by her head.

I watched her face. I could see her tongue feeling the slickness of my cum. She savored it, the flavor, the smooth velvety texture. I leaned down to kiss her and she let some of my cum flow between us. She turned to kiss Sonja and shared some with her.

“My God,” she murmured, “My God, that was wonderful.” She still had some of my cum in her mouth. Her tongue played with it. Her tongue slid through its thick creaminess. She finally swallowed. She pulled me down for a kiss, then turned to Sonja to kiss her. She laid back then with a look of contentment. Her beautiful hair spread on the pillow.

Sonja and I laid next to her. We fell asleep until morning. We woke, in the morning, greatly relaxed.

The coffee pot was set up, so all we had to do was turn it on. Susan and Vera had got up a little before us. When I looked into their room, they were already on their second cup. We all took our coffee and joined them there. They both looked radiant. I couldn’t help but wonder what they had done to each other.

We had a lot to do that day. We needed to catch up on our laundry. Susan was expecting papers from the lawyer. We thought we would get the cars serviced while we were there.

We all showered, Connie and I together. The other three ladies as a group, although it must have been quite crowded. We went to breakfast. The hotel had a very good buffet. We overate and didn’t feel like doing much for an hour or two. I took a nap. I woke to find Susan and Connie lying next to me, both asleep.

Everyone got moving again. Connie and I took the cars for servicing. The other ladies took care of the laundry. It was late morning when we got back with the cars. The laundry was all done and folded. The package from the lawyers had arrived. Susan put it aside until after lunch. Everything was caught up, so we decided to have lunch.

The hotel breakfast had been pretty good, so we decided to try the lunch. Afterwards, Susan and Sonja started on the package from the lawyer. Connie turned on the laptop. I laid down for a nap. Vera laid down with me.

We dozed off for about an hour. We woke to find things as we had left them. Susan and Sonja were finishing up the lawyer’s papers. Connie was at the computer. She looked a little excited. She appeared to be cycling through a bunch of websites, looking for something.

Susan and Sonja had a few things they needed Vera to look at. I sat down with Connie.

“We heard from the Merged Families Society,” she told me quietly. “I’ll tell everyone about it after dinner. Right now, I’m just surfing. I’m looking for anything serious on the subject of family incest.”

By dinnertime, everything was done. We asked at the desk about local restaurants. They directed us to a good one. We returned to the hotel after dinner and all sat around one of the tables. The itinerary was the first subject. I would be going East with Sonja and Susan. Connie would be with Vera. They would go back to the areas they had missed to come to Gulfport. Then they would turn back east, checking areas that my group had thought worth another look.

Connie brought up the subject of Merged Families. Everybody knew there had been a response, but none of the details.

“There is definitely such a group, and it appears to be composed of more than a hundred families, more or less like us. They are very careful in their correspondence. You really have to read between the lines.

“To be eligible, there must be at least four members in a family. They may be related by marriage, but at least two must be from the same immediate family. It must be a group thing. Both genders must be included, at least at the start of membership. It must be a true family union, like ours.

“There are yearly dues, about twenty-five hundred; and an initial application fee of five thousand. It’s not cheap, but not out of sight either. They offered to give us references, but only after they have checked us out.

“That check out process involves a visit by a couple of their representatives, one of each sex. It may involve several days.

“So, where do we go from here?”

“I think that first we need to decide if we’re even interested,” Susan said. “Second, we need to know what they can do for us.”

“I can ask about that second item,” Connie said. “Does anyone else have a comment?”

Vera spoke up. “I don’t think we want them coming to the farm. There has to be a better way to check on us than a home visit.”

“Anyone else?” Connie asked. “I won’t reply until tomorrow evening. That way, if you think of anything we can put it on the list.”

I was with Vera that night. The other three women were together in the other room.

We kissed. We played with tits, cocks, kıbrıs escort bayan and clits. We got each other ready.

I knelt between Vera’s lewdly splayed legs. My cock was hard and erect. When Vera felt him at her pussy, she grabbed him to guide him into herself. I slid smoothly into her. She held her arms up to me. She pulled my face to hers for hot, wet, kisses.

We rolled over so she was on top. She rode my cock. She leaned forward to let me suck her tits and for more wet kisses. She slid her clit along the hard shaft of my cock as she brought herself to an orgasm.

My hands on her hips, I pulled her off my cock and to my face to lick and suck her cunt; to feel her juices on my face. Then, back to my cock to slide into her pussy again. Our bodies slammed into each other, our rhythms together. We came together as I filled her with my cum. It poured into her hot pussy as her body shuddered from the excitement of orgasms tearing through her.

We laid side by side. We kissed and held each other until I was hard again. We ate each other then. I buried my face in her fragrant cunt. I licked her juices. I savored her scents and tastes.

Her lips slid over my cock. Her mouth slid down my hard shaft. Her tongue licked at me. Her lips sucked.

She was cumming before I was. Each orgasm was more intense, stronger than the one before. When my cum gushed into her mouth she was rubbing her wet pussy on my face, marking me.

I turned to lie next to her. I watched as she relished my cum. Then as she pulled my face to hers we exchanged each other’s cum. Both of us enjoyed the flavors and the bouquet.

As we fell asleep in each other’s arms, I hoped she would be with me again the next night.

The next day we didn’t do much. We did tour the area. We liked it, but not well enough for our short list.

We planned to leave the next day. That evening we went out to eat again. Afterwards we sat at the table in our rooms and discussed things.

Connie asked if anyone had anything to add to her reply to Merged Families. No one did.

I would be traveling East with Sonja and Susan. Vera and Connie were going back west and check out a few areas they had skipped when they came to Gulfport. There were several likely places, in the New Orleans area, and southwest Mississippi, that Susan said not to miss.

Vera and Connie were with me that night. It would be my last for a while with them. There was a lot of play between us. We ended in a ring of lust, with Connie sucking me. I ate Vera, and Vera was licking at Connie’s muff.

Vera and Connie got along very well in bed and out. It was always a bit of a mystery to me, considering the difference in their ages.

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel. After lots of hugs and kisses we got on our way. Sonja, Susan and I headed east towards Biloxi and Mobile. We wanted to check those areas. Susan had thought them worth a second look when she was doing her preliminary checks.

We spent the night in the Biloxi area. It was my first night with Susan since we had left Nevada. Sonja offered to leave the two of us alone. Susan said no, that she should stay with us.

Sonja went down on Susan. I watched, fascinated as she brought Susan to orgasm after orgasm. I got a chance to eat Sonja while she and Susan exchanged wild kisses. I ate Susan, too, before she pushed me onto my back and impaled her pussy on my cock. Sonja watched us while fingering her pussy.

They ate each other after I had cum. I laid there watching them, fascinated. My dick getting hard already. I fucked Susan again when I was hard. She shoved a couple of pillows under her butt to raise it for me. Her legs around my hips held me tightly as I thrust my hard shaft into her. Sonja lying crosswise to us was covering her with kisses again.

We went on to Mobile the next day. Then we worked our way north, crisscrossing Mississippi and Alabama, up into Tennessee. That was Susan’s goal. We started exploring eastern Tennessee and Kentucky. Over into the western Carolinas.

We found an area we fell in love with.

Susan said it best. “This is where I’ve been looking for. We drove around exploring. We called Vera and Connie. They were just finishing up around the New Orleans area. They said they could leave in a day or maybe two. It would take them two more days to meet up with us if they pushed it. We agreed on Chattanooga as convenient.

We continued our explorations while we waited for them. There were several good sized cities close to the area we were looking at. So accommodations weren’t a big problem.

The area was cooler than what we had in mind originally, but it was still warmer in the winter than our farm up in wheat country.

Traveling down a country road Susan saw a sign, “Hotel for sale.” We turned down a paved county road that skirted a mid-sized lake. There were a few houses around it, but it wasn’t big enough to attract many people wanting vacation homes.

We found the hotel for sale. It looked like it had been closed for a few years. We walked around it and didn’t see any broken windows. The roof looked sound. It was more like a country inn or a large bed and breakfast than a hotel. It was two stories, but had a large area. There were three wings off a central part. The property appeared to run down to the water. We weren’t sure of the total acreage.

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