What Once Was Innocent Ch. 06

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During the short commute back home, Garrett found himself day dreaming about his few trips to see Makayla at college. She roomed with a cute, freshman girl in a dorm room so small, Garrett could almost stretch his arms out and touch two opposing walls at the same time.

Garrett had been introduced to her roommate when he helped her move in. The roommate had already had her things unpacked and was laying on her bed listening to her headphones. Garrett opened the door with a free head, balancing three boxes in the other. He scanned across the room and his eyes landed on the roommates bare feet, dangling off the bed. Her thin, caramel legs were spread slightly apart and the cotton shorts she had clinging to her ass were rolled down at the waistband, making just a tiny bit of the bottom of her ass show. He quickly sat the boxes down and helped Makayla with her load.

“That must be your new roomie, babe.” Garrett panted, sweat dripping off his brow.

“Yeah, she looks cute. Don’t get any ideas, Dad. I think she’s asleep.”

Makayla lightly tapped the sleeping girl on the shoulder, making her jump in suprise. She yanked out the ear piece and smiled.

“Hi, I’m Makayla. Sorry I scared you. This is my dad.”

“Oh it’s okay. I’m just so tired. We drove all night to get here this morning. I’m Sarah. Hi Makayla’s dad.”

“You can call me Garrett.” He smiled and offered his hand to her. She rolled over to accept the hand shake. He glanced at her breasts. From what he could tell, they looked nice; about a C cup, covered in a loose, sleeveless, cut-off shirt. She had a cute face; freckles on her cheeks, brown hair in a ponytail. She was a very pretty mixed girl, indeed.

That day was brutal. Incredibly hot, the drive was long and walking up endless stairs left him spent. Sarah offered to help, but Garrett insisted she nap as much as she could. Garrett sometimes ended up making double trips, as Makayla was busy unloading things out of the back of his truck and out of her car. He opened the dorm room door and found Sarah tucked in a little ball, asleep again. Her thin, pink shorts stretched between her legs; Garrett couldn’t help but peer between them, seeing just a tiny sliver of white from her panties. He was too tired to get excited.

The last of the boxes were stacked against the wall and Makayla seemed to have the same idea as her new roommate. She lightly sat on her bed, bouncing a little to see how it felt.

“Dad, come lay down and nap with me. You need it.”

Garrett slid in behind his daughter, lying on his side.

“Take that sweaty thing off, Mister! I don’t want to have to wash sheets as soon as I get here!”

Garrett peeled off his sticky t-shirt, draping it over the back of a desk chair, and laid down behind his daughter. She softly laid her neck on top of one of his arms and the other wrapped around her waist, knowing he wouldn’t see her much anymore. His hand instantly slipped under the bottom of her shirt; he had to feel her soft skin one more time. Sarah lay facing them, mouth opened and relaxed, obviously down for the count. Garrett felt sleep taking over him, but not before he lazily slid his hand down his daughter’s stomach and tucked it into her thin shorts, barely under her tiny panties, resting his fingertips on her smooth, bare pubic area.

After a good hour, Garrett woke, to look over the top of his daughter’s head to see Sarah sleepily looking at his muscular arm; his large hand still laying lightly tucked inside the front of his daughter’s shorts. He was surprised to see Sarah’s expression not full of disgust. She just lay there staring. He slowly pulled his hand away and noticed Sarah locked eyes with him immediately. He looked at her sleepily, seeing her smile at him somewhat uncomfortably. He rose up onto his elbow, watching her quietly move her eyes down his bare chest.

He calmly pulled his arm out from under his daughter’s neck and sat up on the edge of the bed, trying not to awaken her.

Sarah sat up on her bed, trying not to stare at his well-kept physique. She sat, cross-legged, her shorts worked up high on her small hips. The thin, pink crotch of them didn’t come close to hiding the white panties, tightly covering her nakedness. Garrett glanced between her legs, then whispered as he looked her in the eyes, “Would you like to go out to eat with Kayla and me? My treat.”

She stared at his his chest, obviously too sleepy to control her eyes. “No. I wouldn’t want to intrude. It looks like you two need time alone.”

Garrett hoped that didn’t mean what he thought it did. “It’s not problem at all. That way I can get to know the girl who will be sharing her first year of college with my little girl.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I am starving.”

Garrett woke his daughter up and, together, her and Sarah went to the hall’s bathroom to get ready. Garrett lay on his back, bare-chested, soaking in the breeze flowing through the window.

About thirty minutes later, both kastamonu escort of the girls walked in and saw him laying sprawled out on Makayla’s bed, asleep.

“God, Makayla, your Dad is so fucking hot!” Sarah giggled as she dropped her towel on the floor, revealing her shiny, damp, light-brown skin. Her perky round breasts glistened. Her body was very tight, definitely a dancer’s body. She had such a nice, tight, round bubble ass.

Makayla turned to her sleeping father, then back to Sarah, looking at her body up and down. “Oh you should see his dick! It’s not huge, but God it is gorgeous!” Makayla gave Sarah a flirting, questioning stare.

“Well, I’ve been dying to check you out. I laid on my bed and watched you two sleeping. I saw him slide his hand into your shorts. Something going on a new roomie should know about?”

“I guess you could say our relationship is a little different then most daughters and dads.”

“Yeah, I can tell. But I gotta admit, if I had a dad like that, I think I would let him touch me too! So I ain’t knockin’ you girl. Hell, I wouldn’t mind pretendin’ he was my daddy, if you know what I sayin’. But right now I wanna see you.”

Sarah walked over closer to Makayla and tugged on her towel, sending it to the floor. Her breasts swayed from the release and her naked body stood, glistening with baby oil.

“My God, girl, look at you! Mmmm, these big, perfect boobs.” Sarah cupped one of Makayla’s breasts in her hands, lightly bouncing it up and down, then lightly ran her fingertips across both of them. Sarah licked her lips and looked Makayla in the eyes. “May I?”

“Be my guest, roomie.” Makayla watched as Sarah’s full lips came closer, opening softly and lightly wrapping around one of her nipples. She began to suck lightly, looking into Makayla’s eyes. Sarah cupped each breast in her hands, pressing them together as she made full, flat-tongued laps up and down both of her tits, flicking each of her nipples feverishly.

Sarah lowered herself onto her knees, looking up at Makayla wantingly. She stroked her hand down Makayla’s flat stomach, trickling her fingers down between her legs. Makayla’s back instantly arched, parting her legs to receive her new friend’s welcoming introduction. Makayla whimpered softly as Sarah pierced her tongue between Makayla’s folds, wasting no time to taste her juices. She lapped all the way up it, forcefully, making Makayla’s pussy lips spread wide against her tongue. Sarah stood up and drove her tongue into Makayla’s mouth and they both kissed passionately.

“You taste so good. This is going to be a great year.” She looked over at her roommate’s sleeping father and giggled, “Now let’s see that dick you mentioned!”

Makayla pranced her naked ass over to her bed, climbed softly between her father’s legs and slowly unzipped his pants. She tugged lightly at them, making him reposition himself a little, but she managed to get them down to his knees without waking him.

“Wow, that IS a gorgeous dick!” Sarah stared in approval. “He don’t even wear underwear. Now that’s hot. Ooh, he’s got some big balls! Damn, he shaves too? Girl, I wouldn’t say a damn thing if you told me you fucked him.”

“No, we haven’t fucked, but we’ve come close.” Makayla found herself aroused that another girl was looking at her father’s penis with her.

“But I HAVE done this.” Makayla lowered her mouth completely over her father’s sleeping cock, slowly sucking it until it was hard. Sarah sat on the side of the bed, leaning in close, astonished at how nonchalantly Makayla began sucking her own father’s cock. Sarah lowered her mouth down and began licking up one side as Makayla licked the other. Makayla held the base of his thickness as Sarah began working it into her mouth. She sucked fully, making explicit wet noises and slightly chocking as his cock head bottomed out in her throat. She let his dick jerk out of her mouth, stringy with both of the young girl’s spit, and looked into Makalya’s eyes.

“Climb up on top of him. I wanna watch you fuck him for the first time.”

Makayla looked as if she were thinking it over, then quietly straddled her father’s waist. Sarah held Garrett’s slippery cock and guided it to the entrance of his daughter’s pussy. Makayla held her pussy lips apart by two fingers as she slowly inched her way down her father’s erection.

SLAM! Garrett’s eyes jerked open and his head lifted quickly off the bed.

“Oh shit, sorry Dad, I didn’t know you fell back to sleep.”

Garrett was disoriented, wondering what was real and what was a dream. He noticed Sarah slyly staring at his crotch. He looked down and noticed he had a huge hard-on. She looked up at his stomach and chest and finally focused on his face. He rose slowly watching her eyeing his tightening abs.

Sarah had a tight, spaghetti strapped top on and a nice pair of short khaki shorts on. Apparently she had changed in the bathroom. Her skin was sheer perfection. escort kastamonu Makayla stood in white towel, barely enough to cover her ass, and started to blow dry her hair. Garrett tossed his almost dry t-shirt back on and sat, waiting on them to finish. He didn’t even divert his eyes as Makayla dropped her towel and bent over completely naked to retrieve a bra from one of the boxes labeled ‘clothes’. As she stood up, Garrett noticed Sarah staring at her in the reflection of her vanity mirror. Makayla quickly snapped her bra around her back, squeezing each cup to adjust the huge, globes in place. She sat, bare-assed, as she brushed her hair and put on her make up.

“So where would you two like to go eat?” Garrett felt the silence a little uncomfortable. Both Sarah and Makayla turned to face him waiting for each to answer. Makayla finally chimed in.

“Your choice, Daddy. Just pick a good place. I’m starving!” Sarah just shook her head in agreement, feeling like she had no say. She looked over at Makayla, noticing her legs crossed together, but was obviously not wearing any panties.

At dinner, the conversation was slow at first, but became much easier as all three of them learned of each other’s backgrounds. Sarah was from another state and had sought out the college for its well-known dance team. She had danced since she was five and from her chiseled body, any one could tell. Garrett had mentioned that she would have to show him some moves and caught a disgruntled look from his daughter, as if to say, “Keep it down boy.”

Garrett walked them both to their room and told Sarah goodnight and to study hard, something he felt dorky for saying.

“I’m going to walk him to his truck, Sarah. Be right back.”

Garrett sat in his old truck, it thumped and rocked as it roared at an idle. Makayla stood outside his door, leaning in the window.

“Be careful, Daddy. Thank you for your help. I’m going to miss you so much.” A tear formed in the corner of her eye.

“You worry more about these horny little boys and those books. Make me proud honey.”

Makayla leaned in for a kiss. The kiss lasted longer then it should between a daughter and her father, and soon their tongues were dancing together; sucking, licking and playing. This bond had definately become a more comfortable thing; both of them aware of each others cravings. They kissed for quite a while until the kisses became playful pop kisses.

“I love you, Daddy.” Makayla stared bewildered into her daddy’s eyes, occasionally looking down at his lips.

“I love you more,” he whispered. “I must go. You mother will be worried.”

“But Daddy, you didn’t have dessert.” Makayla looked around her then back at him, smiling naughtily.

She bit her lip and pinched her fingers against the bottom of her light, summer skirt and lifted it so he could see all of her stark, white panties. She looked down at them, held her skirt up with her arm and peeled them down from the center, showing her daddy her perfect, bare pussy. With her free hand she slipped her middle finger down along her moist slit, lightly stroking it, slithering the finger deep between the folds of her innocent pussy. She plunged it in and out, rolling the finger in circles inside her. She slowly eased it out, bringing it higher, shining wet in the dim street lights. She held it up and brought it to her father’s lips. He slowly opened his mouth and gently began to suck her sweet nectar off. He knew it would be a long time before he could taste her again. She pulled her finger out and looked at him innocently.

“God, I’m going to miss that. Best dessert ever.” Garrett looked at his daughter passionately.

Makayla let her panties go and let her skirt fall. She held her head a little lower; a tear dropping onto the asphalt. Garrett lifted her chin and smiled at her fatherly.

“You’ll get used to it, doll. And then you’ll love it. And I love you.”

“Love you too, Daddy.” Makayla’s eyes were now filling with tears. Garrett held back, trying to appear strong, to help her with the adjustment. He knew only two weeks ago, he cried his eyes out as he watched her back out of the driveway, on her way to orientation. She stayed gone that whole week and he found himself questioning whether he could lose her for four years. He watched he walk to her dorm and waved at him as she entered the building.


Garrett came out of his memory as he turned down the street he lived on and immediately became happier knowing his lovely daughter was now waiting on him, back from school for two full months.

Garrett’s excitement overwhelmed him as he stepped out of his truck, walking to the front door. He didn’t know what to expect. He pulled the door key from his blazer pocket and guided it into the dead bolt, hearing that faithful click. Garrett slowly opened the door.

He eased the door open.

Makayla knelt just kastamonu escort bayan inside the door. Completely naked, except for the soccer socks. She looked at him shyly, knowing how good she was at her game by now. He scanned her body, inhaling all of her forbidden beauty. Those big, achingly perfect breasts sat proudly on her chest. He followed them to her tight, flat tummy, down to her supple hips that flared out more so from her widened legs. He immediately noticed the sharp, deep creases that connected her hips to her legs as she leaned over slightly on her knees. Her hands lay open on her thighs, her back arched, he knew her perfect ass must be sticking out as far as it could. His daughter definitely knew how to present herself.

His eyes traveled between her legs. He felt his cock quiver as he gazed at his daughter’s perfect, virgin pussy. There between her legs lay Bandy, her favorite teddy bear.

“Come here, Daddy. There’s something I want to do to you.” Makayla smiled, flirting with her father.

Dumbfounded, Garrett slowly approached his kneeling daughter. Her face met directly with his crotch. She looked up at him so innocently. Her tits pressed tight against each other from her arms.

“Shame on you Daddy! You shouldn’t be thinking of your daughter this way!” Makayla was reprimanding her father’s engorged cock. She pointed at it and shook her finger. She slowly began unzipping his pants, then unbuckling, the unbuttoning. The silky fabric offered no resistance as his slacks easily fell below his chisled hips and piled loosely around his ankles. Makayla’s eyes instantly opened wide as she smiled from what sprang forth.

“Mmmm, Daddy, that looks so good to your little girl.” Makayla teasingly licked her lips as she wrapped her small fingers around his shaft.

“Want me to relieve this for you, Daddy?”

Garrett just shook his head in agreement. Seeing his daughter, naked before him was too much.

Makayla’s lips inched closer to the tip.

“Are you sure you want your little girl to suck your dick, Daddy?” Precum oozed from the tiny hole before her lips.

“Ooh Daddy! Did that turn you on? Do you like seeing you beautiful daughter’s lips so close to your hard cock?” She slowly massaged more precum to the tip, until there was a sizable bead threatening to drip.

Garrett could feel his daughter’s sweet breath on his cock as she taunted him further. Makayla slowly slipped out her tongue and lightly licked the growing bead off the tip. Just the sensation of her wet tongue almost sent Garrett over the edge. He watched the small droplet elongate on her retreating tongue. She closed her mouth, swirling her tongue around.

“Oh Daddy, you taste so amazing,” she whispered quietly, looking into his eyes. She held his girth tightly in one hand as she reached for the teddy bear. She raised her body slightly to accept it between her legs and slowly wiggled down on it.

“Daddy, I want you to watch me fuck Bandy while I suck your cock.” She didn’t even give him a chance to agree, not that he could anyway. Her soft, young lips opened as she completely took him in. Garrett gasped in relief as his needs were finally being attended to. He watched her full, tightened lips making a seal around him. They kissed tightly against his pelvic bone, making him look like he had no penis at all. She slowly swirled her tongue against the underside of his cock as she revealed his entire length. With a slight smack of her lips, she held him to her lips, looking into his eyes. Her hips started to move back and forth until she felt the cold, plastic nub of the stuffed animal’s nose ease into her drenched pussy. She lightly began thrusting her clit against it. Her eyes closed momentarily, from the sensation, then opened to her father’s drunken gaze.

“Daddy? Can you imagine me in my room… years ago… my little legs opened… on my knees… Bandy tucked under my frilly, little dress, as I… mmm, gently rocked my innocent pussy against his hard nose? Mmm, not knowing what I was doing… but knowing it felt so good?” Makayla flicked her tongue across the tip of her fathers cock as she asked him.

“Mmmm, yes baby.” Garrett was about to explode. He quickly began wondering if his daughter could actually make him cum just by talking to him. Her voice was so sweet, so innocent sounding. So fucking dirty.

“Are you ready to cum in your daughter’s mouth, Daddy?” She began sucking slowly, making full trips from the very tip all the way down him.

“Been….r-ready,” he whimpered.

Makayla rocked back and forth, building her own climax. She sucked her father feverishly, making the juiciest noises. Garrett watched as her saliva covered his smooth balls, dripping between his daughter’s legs. he saw her eyes clench closed and felt the rumble of her moans against his excited penis; knowing she was really hitting her spot. He had a brief moment of clarity then. He looked at her, more gorgeous then anything he had seen in his life, there on her knees, sucking his dick. Satisfying her father. Her father… Garrett felt it come on like a freight train. He knew if he thought about it too much, he couldn’t contain himself. His clear thoughts reminded him that this was his very own daughter, naked before him, sucking her father’s dick.

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