What If…? Ch. 4

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After the shower, we get dressed and decide to do a little shopping. You insist on dressing out of my sight. When you come out you are dressed in a similar outfit as yesterday but a tad more conservative. I grab you but you slap your hand away insisting on leaving.

The drive to the mall is uneventful except for some hugging and kissing and the occasional panty flash. [note to self : wear underwear around you or deal with embarrassing bulges.] The countryside ride is refreshing. You are awed by the variety of stores and are happy as a kid in a toy store when you find out we have all day.

We go from store to store touching and feeling each other, like two horny teenagers. We come across this boutique when you decide to go in. The place is empty. You notice the cute salesgirl behind the counter. She asks if you need help and you decide to look for some underwear. Maybe the salesgirl can model some for you, you think.

The salesgirl helps while I find a corner to watch from. The flashes of skimpy underwear, that bizimkent escort you are wearing, certainly catches the salesgirl’s eyes. The nametag on the salesgirl’s firm chest says that her name is Tina and that she is here to serve you. [ don’t you love those suggestive name tags! ] You pick out a set that you absolutely must have.

You ask if you can model your new purchases for me. with a sly grin Tina motions to the backroom. You go into the backroom telling me to give you five minutes and to come in. The salesgirl waits until you are out of sight, to comment on the bulge in my pants. As Tina nears I know I’m in trouble. She slowly unzips my pants to release my cock, commenting on how full of cum my balls look. Two middle aged women enter the store while Tina is holding my cock. I gasp when I notice them. Although they are attractive, the idea of them running out screaming didn’t sound appealing. Tina was able to help them, the whole time hiding the fact that her other hand was on my bostancı escort tool.

The two women left with knowing grins. Tina hangs the be back soon sign and locks the door. The hungry look on Tina’s face says it all. She needs cock. She leads me into the backroom, the whole time he hand hasn’t stopped stroking my cock. When I reach the backroom and see you Tina feels my cock throb. She grabs the base and whispers not yet. Tina sees that your needs are more urgent, if that is at all possible. She pulls the thong, you just bought, aside and guides me into your wetness. You are so hot that I feel like I’m on fire. You gasp as I enter you slowly. You feel me twitching, sensing the urgency for my need to cum. I’m mesmerized by your soft hairless pussy as my cock stretches it open.

I look up only to see Tina lowering he sex onto your tongue as she plays with her small firm breasts. You are in ecstasy. My thrusts increase. All is a blur. I hear Tina hungrily beg you to save some cum for her. büyükçekmece escort I grab your ass and with a final thrust your funnel contractions around my cock prove too much for me and I explode inside of you as Tina soaks your tongue with her juices.

I slowly begin to kiss you tasting Tina on your tongue as my cock soaks in your pussy. Tina slowly gets off and walks, on rubbery legs, over to my side grabs my cock and goes down on it, not letting go until I’m hard again. It’s your turn to lower herself on her face. Tina is caught up in the moment and reluctantly sticks her tongue out to taste you. You can tell this is her first time tasting a woman’s sex. Tina’s first taste of pussy makes her insatiable and turns you on even more.

She begins to lap up the mixture of our juices out of you, as if she hasn’t eaten for days. In between licks she begs me to fill her. Her tight pussy is to much for any man to handle. As I feel my cum begin to travel up my cock I begin to suck hard on your nipples. You let out a blood curdling scream, as you cum all over Tina’s face. At the same time I cum so hard that you can actually feel your sex with each eruption. I slowly pull out of Tina wiping the dripping cum with her panties. You take the panties as a memento and kiss Tina leaving her in the afterglow.

To Be Continued…

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