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What Do You See In That…

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“…picture?” she asked. She sat on his lap, slightly wriggling her butt into a more comfortable position on his legs.

He rubbed her nude tummy as they browsed through his computer’s image files together. He felt his soft penis pressed between his stomach and her side as they nestled, a brief twinge reminding him of the sex they shared in that chair a mere ten minutes before. Yet an eternity lay between then and now, an eternity caused by a confession.

Was he an idiot for confessing? He had been tripped up by his honesty before, but it didn’t even cross his mind to lie when she asked him.

“Do you ever look at porn on the internet?” she said, as her tight body caressed and rode his cock in waves, harder and higher with each motion. He couldn’t lie, and he didn’t. Then, after they came (her before him), she demanded to see his collection. His… secret stash, she phrased with a smile.

Once he saw she wasn’t mad, but instead bemused (and maybe even a little curious), he relaxed. Not busted. He lucked out, just a smidgen away from stepping on a relationship-crippling land mine. But she wanted to see, and he knew he had no choice. He opened the hidden file, and that’s when the questions came. The same question for each one, actually.

“What do you see in that picture?” she asked as the new one came up. It was a close-up of a pussy, with her legs spread, on her back. Over her dangled a thick cock, which she grabbed. Her fingers sunk into the soft flesh, pointing downwards.

He chucked. “Nothing too special, just I liked seeing her guide his cock in, the moment right before penetration. Her pussy looks so small with that thick head pressed against it.”

“I think she’ll take it just fine,” she said. Her arm was around his neck, gently caressing around his ear. “Okay, next one.”

He felt his cock stir upon seeing this one pop up. There was always something about water and nudity that fiercely aroused him. This photograph was of a young woman showering. She had her head up, nose pointed at the ceiling, long hair cascading down her back. Her eyes were closed, fully experiencing the moment. The shower stream hit her front at full blast, pouring over her collarbone, down to her made-for-your-palms-only breasts, and continuing to all points south.

“What do I see in this one?” he asked, preempting her question. She nodded. “Well, she’s not only young and nicely curved… her breasts are slightly heavy, but they look extremely suckable… almanbahis adres but I love how she seems to be enjoying the shower. Maybe not sexually, but definitely sensually.”

He brought his hand up to cup her breast, feeling its soft weight in his hand. “Wouldn’t it be so erotic watching her shower?” he asked. “Seeing her wet skin, clean and slippery…”

She laughed, not shying away from his hand. If anything, she leaned more into his grasp. He gave her breast a slight sqeeze, and she purred softly for his effort. “You’d like to get in there with her,” she said. “Pick up a bar of soap and rub it all over those tits, hm?”

He smiled into her neck. “Maybe. I’m getting into trouble here, aren’t I?”

Instead of responding, she just purred again and pulled up the next file. The opposite of squeaky clean, it featured white streams of cum in a closeup. A female hand, stroking a partially hard cock. Obviously seconds after he came, the thick cum was pouring out all over the pink head. It ran down over her thumb – which was rubbing the underside of his shaft – and then poured like a waterfall onto her supple left tit. Its nipple almost vanished under the white liquid, poking out like a defiant button.

“So,” she turned and kissed him not-so-softly on his mouth. “What’s the story with this picture?”

Looking at these explicit pictures, and having his naked wife look at them with him, sharing these visual fantasies… it was having a serious effect on his restored libido. Growing in slow fits, his penis inched its way up, sandwiched between their bodies. She’d have to be numb to not feel it.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he smiled. “There’s few things more erotic than a penis that’s just cum on a beautiful lady’s body… and nothing more erotic than a girl massaging a cock that’s just cum, loving every second of getting hit with it.”

She shifted again, this time deliberately rubbing his shaft with her back. He almost stifled a brief groan, then let it out.

“Next!” she declared.

It was one of his personal favorites, and he didn’t even wait for her to ask before volunteering the information. It was a girl laying on her side, eyes closed, lips parted. Her left leg was being hoisted by the man in back of her, who gripped her milky white thigh as he plunged his red cock into her cunt. Her yellow tank top had been pushed up and over her slightly swollen breasts, which pointed at the camera.

“I love this one,” he almanbahis giriş said with a husky voice. “It’s this one small detail” he pointed “right here. You can see how wet her inner thighs are…?”

She whispered “yes” in his ear.

“I love how it’s glistening in the light, how you know she’s really turned on doing this photo shoot, probably getting off on it.” While he was talking, he grabbed her hips firmly, then lifted her ass up a few inches into the cool air. Then, muscles tight to control her descent, he guided her damp pussy onto his now-throbbing cock. She took it in silently, the both of them feeling her silky wet insides swallow up his length as her body pushed her down.

“Another,” she moaned, her cunt muscles briefly gripping then releasing his shaft. It took him a few seconds to figure out that meant another picture…

She laughed as she slowly rode him. “Ah, I knew you had to have one or two of these in here,” she said. “The eternal male fantasy: two women. What is it about lesbians?”

He had one arm wrapped around her waist, helping her to lift and fall, the other sliding down her belly. His fingertips found her clit bud, and began massaging the skin on either side. It drove her crazy, he knew.

The picture in question was a pair of girls on a bed, one being pleasured and the other doing the pleasuring. The pleasuree was propped up in a sitting position, her head thrown back in a picture-quiet moan. Her ruby red lips stood in stark contrast to her creamier pink-pale skin. Hard and sticking out, her nipples were barely a shade darker than the rest of her skin. Her hand clutched her left breast tightly. Both women were dark brunettes, but she had a perfectly shaved clit. Her legs were bent and spread, as in a classic meditating position.

Her other hand was bunching and gripping the head of the girl going down on her. Coming in from the side, so as not to obstruct the view, the second girl was bent over the first girl’s leg. She was more tan and slender, her eyes focused on the pink slit as she stuck out her tongue. Her tongue lapped away at the pussy opening while her lips were pushed against the skin.

“What is it?” he said, taking time for both of them to drink in the details. “Do I even need to give that a serious answer? It’s damn sexy… twice the visual pleasure of my favorite gender in the universe. And sometimes it gives me ideas.”

She rode his cock strong, using her inner cunt almanbahis yeni giriş muscles to stroke it and push it as she impaled herself again and again. These pictures secretly turned her on, although she would have to be tortured into confessing it to him. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta maintain a moral upper hand. But knowing that even while looking at all of these pictures, he still chose her to be his one and only… it felt secure and erotic. She loved sharing his fantasies.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she rode a crest of pleasure. “What kind of – oh! – ideas?”

He felt his cock surge and his balls tighten. It wouldn’t be much longer until he exploded in a wet hot mess. His member was being worked hard, and he knew why. She was both pleasing and punishing him at the same time. He didn’t mind.

He leaned over near her ear as her body bounced up and down on his lap. “Who knows better how to please a woman’s body than another woman?” he murmered. “They know where to kiss, where to touch, where to press, and where to tease. I want to learn from that, because I want every fuck with you to be better than the one before it. I want to drive you insane with lust. I want to make you crave my touch as the thing that will make you cum screaming. I want to leave you draped over a bed, limp and sore, and extremely happy. This gives me… ideas.”

With that she came, her eyes fixed on the picture of the two girls, while slamming his cock hard into her belly and holding it there. She stopped breathing for a couple seconds… then let out a series of agonizing moans that carried for rooms. Her body shook rapidly while he held her, cumming in the arms of the man she loved.

The orgasm subsiding, she shivered and whimpered as she managed to extract herself off of his still-hard shaft. Her pussy felt like a passing fire. A bit shaky, she got to her knees in front of him.

“Let me give you a picture of our own,” she smiled. And like a porn star, she grabbed his cock and expertly started to pump it. Her juices coating it made it more slippery, more sensual, and she knew he couldn’t hold on much longer.

Looking at her, he groaned and shot his load. She opened her mouth wide and aimed his cock at her face. Stream after stream of white cum was pumped out of his cock by her hand, and she took it. It flew onto her forehead, her cheeks, into her mouth, on her tongue, and all over her throat. He watched her become coated with his semen and loved it… she was a perfect picture of sensuality and pleasure, loving the feel of her man’s cum and wanting more.

After that night, they took many more memorable pictures together. Somewhere along the way, he deleted all of his digital files… he wouldn’t be needing them any longer.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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