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What Did I Lose Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


My name is Alex Joy and I can’t believe this is my story.

Tina was my first college girlfriend. She was my first serious girlfriend too. My friends had all lost their virginity in high school but for me it just didn’t happen. It wasn’t like I didn’t try, it’s just that the girls I wanted didn’t want me and the ones that wanted me I just wasn’t into. My best friend Danny told me to just go ahead and do it but I couldn’t bring myself to lie to a girl for sex when I wasn’t into her.

I left for college a virgin, technically. Over the summer I got a blow job from Danny’s older sister and I’d kissed girls and done hand stuff but it seemed like every guy at college was more experienced than me.

Besides experience I just didn’t look like the kind of guy woman want to fuck. I was skinny, no muscle on me at all, my face was more pretty than handsome. I couldn’t grow a Mustache at of any kind let alone a beard, and even at a large state college I couldn’t catch a break. I thought I would never get laid, but then I met Tina.

I met her at church. Yes I was so desperate to get laid I started going to church. I figured it was the only place that being a virgin might work in my favor and I guess I was right. Not only was Tina beautiful she was also really horny. We met at Bible study and she got naked in my dorm room the same night. She wouldn’t let me fuck her until we got married, but she was willing to do a lot until then. Almost every night she stayed with me and almost every night she gave me a hand job. I learned how to finger her pussy in a way she liked and got pretty good at eating pussy. Still I wanted to fuck her but it was off the table. We had talked about maybe letting me fuck her ass but when we tried it hurt her too much.

Overall I was pretty happy and after 6 months we were getting pretty serious and I started to believe maybe we would get married some day. Things were about to get more serious when she invited me to spend Christmas with her and her father.

I was a little nervous, Tina described her father as way more religious than her(and that was saying something) I was worried my entire Christmas would be spent at church, and I wouldn’t even be able to get a hand job. I was relieved to hear that we would spend break in a hotel connected to the biggest indoor water park in the country. One hitch was we all had to stay in the same hotel room. Tina said her dad tried to get another room for me but the entire hotel was booked for the holiday.

When I met her dad it wasn’t as bad as I thought. He was a big man, muscular, there didn’t seem to be any fat on him at all (this was confirmed when I saw him in a swimsuit) When we met he was friendly and shook my hand. “Good to meet you Alex. Tina tells me you’re a nice boy.” His grip was like iron and he almost crushed my hand but his smile was warm and friendly and soon I felt like part of the family.

I still wouldn’t be able to fool around with Tina but her dad was fun, and Tina came out of the bathroom in her bikini I was really glad I decided to join them. Her body was perfect and the black sleek Mersin Escort material complemented it perfectly. It wasn’t a thong but it it showed a lot of her ass. Cheeky is how they described the style in my Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Mr. Smith looked impressive in his suit as well. His chest was hairy in that masculine way but not so hairy it was gross and his muscles looked like the were Chiseled from stone. He wore a pair of black shorts that seemed a little too tight. It showed off his ass which was as perfect as his daughters (I mean if you were into men)and the fabric didn’t hide much in the front either. His cock was clearly huge under there. If it was that big soft he must look like a porn star when it was hard. I felt a little insecure as I changed in front of him. My cock was average, well the smaller side of average, when it was hard. But soft it looked like a child’s cock.

I wore baggy swim trunks and felt a little out of place with Tina and her father. They looked like models and I looked like anything but, with my sunken hairless chest and skinny arms and legs. I didn’t feel bad for long though. Tina held my hand when we waited in line for the water slides and even kissed me once right in front of her dad. If he was uncomfortable with this he didn’t show it. Our first day was wonderful and by the end I was exhausted.

Mr Smith said he felt the same way and suggested we go back to the room and order room service. We took turns showing and wore the hotel robes. Tina looked sexy in her robe like she looked sexy in everything. She was a huge tease and flashed me her perfect breasts when her father went to answer the door when the food arrived. Tired as I was I was so horny. I was grateful that the robe covered my hard cock.

Mr. Smith had us join hands in prayer and he called on God to forgive our sins and punish the wicked. As he finished by thanking God for the food we were about to eat I was reminded how big and strong his hands were. His fingers were covered in rough calluses like a man who did manual labor for a living. My hand by comparison was soft and small, looking almost like a child’s hand in his. Then we feasted on hamburgers and French fries and finished with ice cream sundaes. I was stuffed and exhausted and even though it was early it was hard to keep my eyes open. Mr Smith suggested we go to bed early and I agreed. We could get a good nights sleep and have more fun in the morning.

Tina and her dad took the two beds in the room while I slept on a cot they had wheeled in. It wasn’t uncomfortable and the room was quiet and pitch black l. I couldn’t sleep even as tired as I was. I couldn’t stop thinking about Tina, her perfect breast, that beautiful ass. I wondered if I could sneak into the bathroom and jerk off.

I was just about to try when I heard someone stirring in one of the beds. A bolt of excitement went through me as I thought Tina might be feeling the same as me. But I could still hear her steady breathing, no, she was still sound asleep. It must be Mr Smith getting up to pee.

I could hear him untangling himself from the covers and take a few careful steps in my direction. His hand touched Mersin Escort Bayan the foot of my cot. I figured he was just being careful not to trip over me but he didn’t stop. He felt around until he found my foot, then it moved slowly up my leg. I thought he was being awful careful, and maybe he didn’t know he was touching me. I was still under the cover. I pretended to be asleep until his hand grabbed my cock through the blankets! I inhaled sharply intending to protest. His other hand clapped over my mouth stifling my gasp.

He was incredibly strong, I thrashed in the cot unable to free myself from either of his grips. “Stop it!” He hissed in my ear and tightened his grip to make his point. I thought he would crush my jaw or rip my cock off and I froze! “You were thinking about Fucking my daughter Alex!” I tried to shake my head but I couldn’t move.

“Don’t lie to me Alex, you’d be Fucking her now if I wasn’t here! She’s a Christian girl Alex and I won’ let you defile her. Maybe I’m wrong, only God can see into your mind. I wouldn’t be a good father if I didn’t make sure every man who got near her was worthy.” He was almost on top of me now. As he said this he released his grip on my cock, sliding his hand under the covers only to grab it again. Why had I gone to bed in just the roan? I’d never been touched like this by another man. The calluses on his hands felt almost nice against the soft skin of my cock, even though nothing about this situation was nice. Slowly he move his other hand off my mouth and shushed my sigh with his index finger while the hand on my cock started to stoke me.

“I have to punish you Alex, I can’t have you thinking about my daughter that way.” His lips were touching my ear now and his hot breath sent shivers down my neck. “Maybe you’ve fucked her already! Is it true Alex? Have you fucked my little girl?” I shook my head frantically, afraid to speak. “No I suppose not, you’re too weak for that.” He said the last word with disgust. “But you want to fuck her don’t you? Your cock doesn’t lie.” I couldn’t deny this. “Or maybe your a pervert Alex. Maybe you like having your girlfriend’s father stoked your cock. Is that it? Were you hoping this would happen? Are you a dirty faggot Alex?”

I tried to deny it but his hand felt so good. I was breathing harder now and not just out of fear. His other hand was inside my robe now and when he pinched one of my nipples I came… hard. I bit my lip and grunted as my cum exploded under the covers. His cum covered hand released my cock. Maybe he’s done I thought, but I quickly realized it wasn’t so. I cringed as he wiped my cum from his hand on to my face.

“Why do you cringe Alex? Does your cum disgust you? But you were going to put this disgusting stuff inside my daughter? Why would you do that Alex? Lick it clean Alex! If it’s good enough for my daughter it’s good enough for your faggot mouth! Lick it clean!”

Feeling helpless I did as he told. I had tasted my cum before. It wasn’t disgusting. I licked off every drop and continued to run my tongue over his rough hand afraid to stop. Next he shoved his index finger in my mouth. Not knowing what to do I sucked on it Escort Mersin and he moved it in and out of my mouth. A thought occurred to me. Was he going to stick his cock in my mouth? My body shivered at the thought.

“I’m not done with you yet Alex.” He tossed my blankets aside and I laid there fully exposed, covered only by the darkness in the room. He turned me on side and the fingers still wet from my mouth started probing my ass. “No!” I gasped and tried to move away. He pinned me down his lips again touching my ear “Shut up faggot! Do you want Tina to see you like this? Maybe you want her to see the faggot you are.” My eyes teared up and I choked back a sob, but I stopped trying to get away and let him continue.

His finger was inside me now, I felt so helpless. Even worse my cock started getting hard again. “You must be a faggot Alex. Do you play with yourself down hear?” I managed to choke out a denial. “Are you sure Alex? Your ass is very welcoming to my fingers.” To make his point he inserted a second finger and my cock became fully hard again. Soon he was Fucking my ass with 3 fingers. I clamped my hands over my mouth to quiet the moans I couldn’t stop from escaping my throat and again I came, harder than before.

I don’t know how long I lay there, the tears kept coming. Then he lifted me like I weighed nothing and set me down on my stomach on his bed. My robe was completely off now and I lay there naked waiting for what I knew was coming next. I felt the heart radiating from him as he positioned himself over me and his weight came down on me crushing the air from my lungs. When I felt the head of his cock press against my ass I panicked. It was huge! Much bigger than his 3 fingers. There was no way it could fit inside me! But there was nothing I could do! Once again a hand covered my mouth. The musky smell meant it was the hand he had fucked my ass with. I tried to scream as he forced his cock inside my but I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs.

He started Fucking me, slowly at first. The pain consumed me but I stopped trying to fight it. Somehow my cock was getting hard again and I came a third time before he got to his full speed.

The rest of the night was a blur. My body must have slipped into shock. Again and again he fucked me, changing position every few minutes. When the first light of the morning came through the window I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders. My head hung over the side of the bed and I could see Tina still sound asleep. Could she sleep through anything? Mr Smith continued softly grunting over me until finally with a long moan he filled me with cum.

The next few minutes we cleaned up the evidence of what had happened. I was surprised how little I had bled throughout it all. Mr Smith brought me into the bathroom and climbed in the shower with me. He gently washed every inch of me. I stopped caring about being caught but Tina slept on.

An hour later Tina woke to find us dressed in fresh robes and sitting down to breakfast. “Sorry I slept so late” she said sweetly a and got up from the bed to hug and kiss me. “What’s wrong?” She ask seeing me wince in pain.

“His back is just a little sore from that cot” said Mr Smith before I could answer. Tina frowned “you poor thing, I’ll take a turn on on the cot tonight.”

“Nonsense ” said Mr Smith. “Alex is practically family, he can share this bed with me. We can’t have him cripple his back when we still have another week here.”

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