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What a Workout

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“Oh wow I am exhausted. That was a hard workout!” Jessica said as she guzzled down some water.

“Yeah it was. That last mile was a bitch up the hill back home. You want first shower?” I asked.

“Always the gentlemen aren’t you Max?”

“Always babe.”

“Ok I’ll hope right in.” Jessica started to walk towards the bedroom still a bit winded from the run. Max couldn’t help but stare at the ass his girlfriend had as it sashayed all the way to the bedroom, his eyes never leaving its luscious form. Jessica smiled to herself as she could feel his eyes on her ass as she walked. She added a slight bit more sway in her hips as she walked. She loved to tease him whenever she could. She knew he found her irresistible.

“God damn I am a lucky guy!” Max thought to himself.

Jessica went to her closet and started to peel away her clothes from her body and dropped them in the hamper. She headed to the shower as she hummed to herself a little happy tune. She turned it on and set it to a nice hot temperature and got in.

Max thought about the sexy sight it must be to see his naked girlfriend in the shower as the water ran over her sexy body. Just the thought was arousing him already. He groaned to himself. He wanted her. Badly. He grinned to himself. What was he waiting for?

Jessica was standing in the shower as the hot water ran down her head as she heard footsteps in the bathroom coming towards her. She looked up and saw a completely naked boyfriend standing before her.

“What Rize Escort happened to me having the first shower?” she smirked as she saw the rampant hard on no doubt caused by her.

He grinned back, “I am no longer feeling like a gentleman.” He stepped into the shower and pressed himself against her naked body. He leaned over Jessica and dipped his head in the hot water spray and tilted her chin up to kiss her. She sighed into his kiss loving the way his hands started to roam over her body craving his touch. He cupped her breasts loving how they felt in his hands. God, how she loved that his hands completely covered them. He rolled her nipples between his fingers eliciting pain and pleasure and loving how she moaned for him. He moved one hand slowly down and slid two fingers deep into Jessica’s very wet pussy. She shivered in surprise and pleasure.

“You know the affect your teasing does to me!”

“I do?”

“Don’t play coy with me I know you know what you can do to me with just a look let alone the sight of your ass moving back and forth.”

She grinned but said nothing. He replied in kind by shoving his two fingers deeper and faster into her loving the sounds she made as he did. He kept at it and her passion kept rising higher and higher until he placed his thumb on her clit and rubbed hard and she came explosively on his hand and fell back against him. He kept her standing with ease and watched as she came down from her orgasm.

He was not interested in giving Rize Escort Bayan her a break though and proceeded to get to his knees for what he desired. His tongue began to lick gently outside for the remnants of her cum on her thighs. He craved the taste and wanted more of it. So he went for the source. He split her pussy lips with his tongue driving it inside as his hands held her waist against his mouth. His nose brushing against her clit as he licked deep inside of her. He started to suck on her clit lightly biting it and flicking it with his tongue. Jessica started moaning loudly as she was nearing another climax fast.

She locked eyes with him and the desire and hunger she saw in them made her shiver with arousal. He stopped for just a moment and said “CUM FOR ME”. It wasn’t a request it was a command.

She came the moment his tongue went back to her clit screaming out “OH GOD MAX I’M CUMMING!!” Max eagerly drank every drop he could get. She tasted so good. But he wanted something else now. He turned off the shower and helped Jessica stand on her shaky feet and lead her to the bed. He laid her down on the bed and got on top of her as she stared at him hungrily knowing what was coming next.

He flipped her over onto her stomach and began to kiss from her neck to her back stopping to bite right between her shoulder blades. He knew she loved that spot. He kept making his way down to her ass as his tongue neared it she moaned in anticipation. He hungrily dove Escort Rize in and licked her asshole and stuck his tongue inside as much as it could go. Letting her feel the sensations his tongue can draw from her. After a few minutes of paying tribute to the amazing ass before him he pulled her to her hands and knees and lined up his cock with her dripping wet pussy and in one hard motion sank his cock completely into her. She screamed out in ecstasy and the sensation of being filled.

He started to fuck her hard immediately. This was going to be a hard fuck and they both wanted it that way. His hands went around her waist and he began to pump in and out of her all the way in and all the way out. He fucked her hard and she was dripping all over his cock as her pussy squeezed at him as she threw her hips backwards trying to meet him thrust for thrust. He pulled her hair back with one hand and she groaned loving it. He fucked her even harder now. He had lost all sense of thought and was fucking on instinct.

He wanted to fuck her till she came all over his cock. He took his other hand and began to slap her ass hard several times making her scream out in pain and pleasure. Her pussy was squeezing him harder and harder wanting his cum. But he wasn’t ready yet. He wanted hers first.

He knew what he could do to get it. He pulled out of her pussy and moved his cock higher and shoved every inch up her ass. The pain and surprise startled her but the pleasure did as well and immediately she came with him screaming out “FUUUUUUK IM CUMMING!” He yelled out as he did as well burying himself deep into her ass as he came deep inside of her as her ass clamped down on him.

They both lay there breathing hard as they stayed together and fell to sleep soon after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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