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What a Guy Won’t Do Ch. 02

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It was one week since I had decided to expose myself to everyone at the swim meet for the sake of understanding Jill Bergman’s horror at being displayed in the flesh and I had learned a lot about humiliation. It turns out it is pretty humiliating!

There were four people at the meet that had video of my wet nude body from four different angles. Or at least I should say four people who posted it on the Internet. Who knows how many private collections there may still be?

That night after an amazing evening with Jill—no we didn’t have sex, but we did make out extensively and it completed my life, at least in that moment. I don’t know what it is about that girl, but everything about her electrifies me.

Anyway, that night I checked the Internet and sure enough, there I was naked as the day I was born, sporting half a boner on every video site there was.

My face almost burned right off my head as I watched. I kept reloading the pages and watched as the number of views multiplied with increasing speed. How do people even know to look for these things? I sat up for hours watching, slowly realizing all the people that were seeing this and knowing that once something is online there is no getting it off. My dick was now in the public domain! My stomach was twisting like a butter churn. I was excited, embarrassed, terrified and aroused. I have to admit I looked pretty damn good. These people, whoever they were, achieved some wonderful lighting with their cell phones.

My mom and sister briefly talked to me about it the next morning and they agreed we wouldn’t acknowledge it ever again and we’ll just get on with our lives. And that was that. But in actuality that wasn’t that—that wasn’t that by a long shot.

There were still three weeks of school to go before graduation and I had to endure every comment you can imagine about every nuance of my body. I secretly got a huge thrill out of knowing that every girl in my school had seen me naked and it seemed the general consensus was I had a good body. But still, it was unnerving. Jill and I talked about it at length and we came to the conclusion that when it happened to her she was a victim, but when it happened to me it was funny. I wondered if any teachers had watched the videos, they must have. I noticed Ms. Jenkins kept looking at me and saying hello a lot more than usual! It was all very strange.

By the end of the week I was a major celebrity. Youtube alone had over 35.000 views and many comments—almost all of them positive and humiliating. There’s nothing like having total strangers from all over the world assessing your nude body.

I became known as The Naked Swimmer.

It was Friday at the end of school when Jill told me she had to go out of town for the weekend to her cousins wedding and I wouldn’t see her again until Monday at school. I was in total despair without her and I called work and told them I would be available for all the hours they could give me. I figured if I can’t be with Jill and I’m going to be miserable, I might as well do it at work. I worked five hours that night after school and a 15-hour shift on Saturday! Then on Sunday I worked another 6 hours. By the time I got home I was totally spent.

Here’s where the story of my life gets real crazy.

I went home and wanted to take a swim. Tired as I was, I also wanted to stay in shape, so I threw my swimsuit on (my recovered Speedo) and dove into the pool. The cool water felt great, but after only six laps I couldn’t swim anymore so I climbed out of the pool and lied on the pool chair next to the water. Normally I don’t lay out in my Speedo, because I hate the way they look, they are a little too revealing. At a meet or practice it doesn’t bother me, but just hanging around I feel too exposed. I know I was just naked in front of the world, but I’m painfully shy and even a little uncomfortable just sitting around without a shirt on. On a typical day by the pool I would wear my board shorts, but I didn’t feel like getting up. I threw on some sunblock, I don’t have a great tan and I burn easily. I relaxed and closed my eyes.

I immediately felt myself floating away on a comfortable cloud completely unaware that when I woke up my life would be different forever.

** Jen Tyler and Martha Jensen made their way to Mark’s back yard. They had heard someone swimming in the pool and were hoping it would be him. They had come with a video camera in hopes of creating a new interview with Mark about how he felt being The Naked Swimmer. Jen was the mastermind behind the whole thing and Martha just went because she had a thing for Mark, or more accurately Mark’s body. The two girls had gotten into trouble over the exposure of Jill Bergman incident at Camp Totochawka, but nothing too severe. It was a prank and they were punished accordingly.

They got to the backyard gate in time to see Mark exit the pool—much to their dismay he wasn’t naked! They watched as he applied lotion to his body. Jen quickly turned the camera on and zoomed in as he lathered Antalya Escort up.

“What are you doing?” Martha whispered.

“I’m getting some cutaway shots, don’t you know anything!” Jen replied.

She continued to tape him as he put his head back and lied still. Martha looked at her. “Now what? I think he’s asleep”

Jen stopped taping and opened the gate to the backyard. The girls made their way over to him. They stood there giggling and looking at his wet body. Together they had watched his nude video over and over studying every part of him extensively. Now that body was right here in front of them and they were very pleased. Mark began to snore; he was down for the count.

“Mark?” Jen said in a loud voice. Mark didn’t move.

“Are you asleep?” Martha practically yelled. He didn’t move an inch. They both laughed pretty loudly.

“He’s out cold,” Jen said. She pointed the camera at him and started taping. She trained the camera onto his abs, which rose and fell with every breath. She followed a drop of water as it made its way down his chest over his bumpy stomach and absorbed into his Speedo.

“Look at that bulge!” Jen laughed. “This is Internet gold. Do you realize what we have here? The sequel to The Naked Swimmer! It’s the more graphic follow up! And it has to follow the rules of a sequel—BIGGER and BETTER!”

“How?” Martha was confused.

“He’s unconscious, we can do anything. We get this video, post it online and see how many hits we get, we’ll have to create a fake registration name, of course, but this is awesome!” Jen was down right giddy. “Look at that body! He is so hot. Touch it. I won’t film your face. Just touch him. Feel him.”

The truth was that Jen hated Jill Bergman. Jill was very attractive, but she was sweet, pure and innocent—all the things Jen wasn’t and she would do anything to hurt Jill, she saw getting to know Mark as a way of hurting Jill.

Getting to know him this well would infuriate Jill and pay her back for getting them in trouble.

Martha thought it over. “Okay, but don’t you dare get my face in the shot”

“I won’t, hurry!”

Martha kneeled down and carefully put her finger on his chest. She looked for a response from him, but there wasn’t one. She put all her fingers on him and slowly caressed his chest. Then she went down onto his stomach. His guts twitched at that. Apparently he was ticklish. Martha hesitated for a moment then went for it. She wrapped her fingers around his dick and carefully rubbed it. Jen laughed to herself, she couldn’t believe Martha’s boldness, but she loved it. The camera was capturing it all. Mark’s dick started to harden as Martha continued to massage it.

“Pull it off!” Jen whispered. “Get him naked!”

Martha needed no further encouragement; she peeled his Speedo down and exposed his fully erect cock to the camera. Martha slowly and carefully worked his Speedo off of him completely. Mark now lay there nude, the two girls hovering over him with a video camera capturing his naked hardness in 1080p digital wonder. Martha took his dick between her index finger and thumb and lifted it towards her at a 90-degree angle.

“It’s beautiful!” She said. She let it go and it sprang back to its natural state pointing toward Mark’s head. She lifted one of his balls and Jen focused in on how his skin rolled over the testicle. Then she picked up both balls and kneaded them with her fingers, his penis throbbed and pulsed with his heart beat.

Mark groaned and shifted in his chair. The girls stopped and looked at him, then continued.

“Crank him off, let’s see him blow his wad all over himself!” Jen was ecstatic. But they heard a noise that stopped them in their tracks. A car pulled into the driveway. Jen turned the camera off, Martha put the Speedo in her pocket and they ran off quickly jumping the fence on the other side of the pool and making their getaway.

Mark’s Mom and sister Cindy had come home with the groceries and unpacked them in the kitchen. As she was doing so she noticed Mark was lying out by the pool. The back of the chair faced the kitchen, but she knew it was Mark and he seemed to be sleeping. She worried that he didn’t use sunblock as he was careless to do so and she decided to make sure.

She made her way out to him while all the time looking at her azaleas to see if they needed trimming. When she arrived next to Mark she was shocked.

She literally stood there looking at him for a full minute not even sure she was seeing what she was seeing. There he was lying asleep on the chair completely nude with his erect penis sticking straight up on his stomach with his hand resting on top of it. If it was anyone but her son she would have found this scene to be very sexy, beautiful even, but this was her son and she didn’t know how to feel, it was like her brain shorted out.

“Mark! What are you doing!” She yelled. “Mark! Wake up!”

**I don’t know if I was dreaming or not, but I heard my Mom yelling at me from Antalya Escort Bayan a far off place. I slowly opened my eyes and saw her standing over me with her eyes bugging out looking at me like I was some alien creature. I didn’t get it at first.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her. I was a little annoyed at being woken up.

“What the hell are you doing?” She said.

“What?” then it hit me, something was VERY wrong. I felt a strange, yet very familiar feeling in my hand. My dick! I looked down and my hand was on my dick—my naked dick—my naked throbbing dick!

“What the fuck!” I yelled and jumped up. “I’m sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to swear,” then I realized I was still naked and I covered up with my hands. I looked everywhere for something to cover myself with but I couldn’t find anything. I just stood motionless my head looking in every direction for cover—nothing!

“Get inside!” she yelled.

I ran inside as fast as I could. As I ran upstairs I was away from her view so I let go of my penis for balance. Then everything got worse. My older sister Cindy came out of her room. “Was Mom yelling?” she said as she stopped and saw me. Again, I froze and saw her look down right at my dick.

“Aw come on!” was all I could think to say as I ran into my bedroom.

I paced around in a panic, I couldn’t figure out what happened and in a lot of ways I wasn’t sure THAT it happened, but it did. I kept looking down expecting my Speedo’s to reappear, but they didn’t. Finally after some serious sitting at the edge of the bed staring at the floor I calmed down and took a shower. It’s all I could think to do.

**Cindy walked downstairs. “I just saw Mark’s penis again!” she said to her Mother.

“He was outside naked, touching himself by the pool. He must have fallen asleep. I don’t even know what to think about that,” she told her daughter.

“So what, being The Naked Swimmer wasn’t enough, now he wants to be The Naked Stroker?” Cindy asked. “What is he a nudist now?”

“Let’s not talk about it. He’s embarrassed enough. Boys do things like that. We’ll just leave it at that.”

They sat there thinking to themselves. Mom wasn’t sure how she felt, she was concerned for her son, but the image she saw of a beautiful naked man asleep, innocent and helpless with his manhood throbbing in his hands had a certain quality that she couldn’t deny.

Cindy didn’t like boys. She was into girls, but the truth is when she saw the video of her brother online she thought he was kind of sexy and she found herself a little aroused. Now that she just saw the full on 3D-close-up-junk-fest, she really wanted to see more.

Hour’s later Mark came down from his room. His Mom found humor is his choice of clothes. It was a relatively hot day, but Mark came down wearing jeans, a t-shirt, shoes, a hat and a sweatshirt. She thought that if he could have worn a parka he would have. He went out by the pool and began searching.

**I searched everywhere, I couldn’t find my Speedo. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on, what, did I eat the thing in my sleep? Am I such a perve that I can’t control myself in an unconscious state? I mean, I know I’m eighteen, but still I should have some control. I saw my Mom and Sister walk out to me.

“Look I don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry you saw that, but I really don’t know how that happened.” I told them.

“It’s okay, honey. We know what guys do with themselves, but in the future not outside, okay Mark?”

“Mom, I wasn’t, I mean I do, but I didn’t, I mean . . .” I don’t know what I meant.

“It’s okay, Mark” Cindy said. “It’s not like we haven’t all seen it already.”

“Thanks, I didn’t feel quite embarrassed enough already. But I was wearing my Speedo, so where is it?” I was getting annoyed. I could feel my face burning red again. I felt like if I could take back exposing myself at that swim meet I would. Everything in my life got weird every since then. But then I thought of Jill, how soft she was and how her tongue felt in my mouth, the feeling of her breasts under the fabric of her shirt. I started to get hard again! Man, I am a pervert. Finally, I gave up and decided the best plan was to forget it chock it up to another embarrassing moment in life.

It had been a long and weird weekend.

**That night Cindy lie in her bed tossing and turning–writhing in fact, her hands finding their way down and touching herself. She was so horny. She couldn’t help but think of Mark in his exposed state. She envied him. She wasn’t actually turned on by her brother, but she was turned on by his situation. The truth was she really liked the idea of being buck naked in front of people even though she never had been and Mark had achieved this twice, once in front of the whole world! She couldn’t take it anymore; she had to see it again.

Cindy got out of bed and turned the computer on. She searched for “The Naked Swimmer” and found the HD version of her brother. She watched as he slipped Escort Antalya out of the water and stood guilelessly in front of the spectators. He was so naked, so wet, and so beautiful. She felt her loins burning, she imagined herself in that situation with the water dripping off her breasts and then . . . she noticed something intriguing.

In the Suggestions Column next to the video she saw one that looked like Mark on their pool chair. The video was titled The Naked Swimmer Part II!

Cindy clicked the video feeling a little uneasy, but also expecting to see a copycat pervert version of Mark’s video. Much to her surprise, shock, horror, sorrow, arousal, embarrassment, and amazement she watched as her brother lie sleeping, with a pair of female hands exploring his body, there was no sound and she couldn’t recognize the hands. The Speedo was stripped away and his hard cock sprang free. His balls were played with, his dick was stroked and all while he slept. The video had gotten her so worked up she stripped nude and did herself right there on the floor next to her computer. She imagined those feminine hands ripping all her clothes off and feeling her wet naked body exposing it to the outside air. She climaxed incredibly, then relaxed. When she had calmed down she started to feel guilty and began wondering how to break this to Mark and their Mom.

**I woke up earlier than usual the next morning to voices downstairs. I also realized I had to pee pretty badly so I got up. Naturally, Mr. Spanky woke up before me and was at full power. I only had on my boxers so I checked the hall to make sure it was clear, then I headed to the bathroom. In the past when this happened I would put my bathrobe on, because I was too shy to walk around in my underwear and be seen by anyone, but I guess with recent events I was being a little braver. I leaned forward over the toilet and pushed my dick as far down as it would go, I practically had to do a handstand to keep from peeing on everything! By the time I was finished it started to soften, I flushed, washed my hands and headed back to my bed. On the way back, I heard Jill’s voice downstairs she, my Mom, and sister were talking in a serious tone. I knew that couldn’t be good, so I quickly threw my sweatpants and T-shirt on and went downstairs.

When I arrived in the kitchen the three of them were sitting there talking.

As soon as I walked in they all stopped.

“Did somebody die?” was all I could think to say. Jill looked like she wanted to get up and hug me, but didn’t. My Mom looked the same way.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Jill.

“I came over to talk to you before school, but you were asleep. And . . . there’s a problem.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Mark . . .” my Mom, said, ” . . . I don’t even know how to tell you this. What happened yesterday . . . well . . .”

“What happened yesterday?” was my brilliant response. What could she mean, I wondered? Sometimes I’m not too quick.

“By the pool . . .” she said.

Enter the blushing face! I got very embarrassed by this and quickly looked away. “Mom! I don’t want to talk about that!”

“It’s not your fault, we found out what happened. It looks like two girls snuck in and did that to you.” she said in her “sad for me” voice.

I had no idea what she meant. Did what to me? What? Huh? Who?

“It had to be Jen and Martha. I’ll bet you everything I’ve got!” Jill said with an anger I haven’t heard in her voice before.

“What are you guys talking about? I don’t get it.”

Cindy broke in, “They came in while you were asleep, pulled your suit off and jacked you off by the pool!”

I sat down. Here were the three women in my life—all of whom I love more than I can say, in different ways of course, and they were discussing, yet again, my penis. “How do you know that?” I asked.

“Because they posted it online.” Cindy said.

My stomach fell out and I almost puked. My balls shriveled up and a cold sweat broke out on my forehead mixing with the redness of my skin.

I think I managed to be totally pale and beat red at the same time!

“Look it up, search The Naked Swimmer Part II,” Cindy said.

Why did she sound excited?

I walked over to the family laptop in the kitchen the one my Mom uses and searched. Youtube had already taken it down, thank God, for violation of policy, but there were plenty of other sites that weren’t so well patrolled. I played the video and watched as my suit was pulled off my sleeping body. I watched my penis, in close up HD, being manipulated by female hands while my face slept in the background. I looked over at the girls who quickly looked away, but had all clearly been watching it.

I clicked it off and sat there stunned. I think my brain had completely left my body at that point.

“I’m going to call the police and report this. If it was these two girls they are in a lot of trouble.” Mom said.

“NO!” I protested. “You can’t. If we make a big deal out of this it will become a news story and everyone will know. Geraldo will be chasing me through the school parking lot for an interview. We don’t say anything, just let it be absorbed by the Internet and people will forget about it. I’ll try to get the websites to take it down, we’ll threaten to sue them or something.”

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