Wet Revenge Pt. 04

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Big Dicks

I was embarrassed. Every time I bumped into him at the corner shop or spotted him pottering around the garden, I remembered our wet, naughty evening together. It sent a jolt of longing to my clit and a twinge of shame to my head every time. I found myself forced to change my knickers multiple times a day because my little folds kept growing juicy and slick at the thought of it. The fact that I kept deliberately pissing my own panties didn’t help either.

I would deliberately drink pint after pint of water and slip into my comfiest, prettiest cotton underwear in preparation for a guilty flood. I’d begin in bed, just stroking the tiny nub of my clit and tracing my lips through the fabric until my pussy was dripping with thick, sticky arousal. Sometimes I’d watch porn on my phone at the same time – I liked to watch women peeing on each other, particularly if they were scissoring and they both let go at the same time, their lovely clear streams splashing each other’s pink porn-perfect pussies as they giggled and moaned and I longed to be invited to a similarly sexy sleepover so they could pee all over me too.

But mostly I just thought of my neighbour’s hot piss pouring out of his majestic cock and splattering the most delicate areas of my hot wet cunt through my urine-doused shorts, tipping me over the edge into orgasm. When I felt like I was getting close to coming, I would move into the bathroom and prop my phone against the tap of the bath. Then I’d climb in and press record, capturing myself eagerly playing with my pussy as I dared to release tiny squirts of desperate wee for the camera. As I’d drunk so much, they would alarmingly burst through my panties rather than trickle, and sometimes they even hit the camera. Eventually I would slip the gusset of my knickers out of the way to show my pussy to my imaginary audience, giving them a full view as I finally permitted my bladder to free what k─▒rklareli escort seemed like endless litres of gold nectar all over the bath tub. Sometimes I even tipped myself upside down, focusing the camera on my spread lips and making sure to include the cascade of fountainous pee splashing my face as I tasted my own stream, smiling as each squirt hits my tongue. I fantasised about uploading the videos somewhere but never had the courage.

My friend Susan, who I was staying with for the summer, was very good about my extended bathroom sessions and the constant laundry from my wetting habit, never once asking any intrusive questions. In fact, she’d forgotten all about my little naughty adventure round to the neighbour’s house to tinkle all over his floor while he emptied his bladder onto me. Which is probably why she saw no issue in inviting him over for drinks that night.

I was hesitantly fine with it at first – no way he’d say yes to drinks with the strange, filthy lady who kept using his property as her own personal potty.

“Don’t be silly! I’ve already asked him – he was delighted. He even said he’d bring a 12 pack of beers – although I’d rather he was bringing something else if I’m honest. Beer makes me piss like a hole in a boat!”

Susan made no secret of this when the neighbour came round that evening, constantly keeping us updated on how badly she needed to nip off to the ladies’ to relieve herself in between the pockets of lighthearted chatter. Just having to look at my neighbour while he spoke was torture, the memories flooding back into my mind as forceful as one of my bursting streams every time our eyes met. And maybe it was just the beer talking, but watching my gorgeous best friend sat at the table with her hand performatively guarding the mound of her crotch, bouncing up and down with exaggerated desperation and making her big, escort k─▒rklareli tan-lined breasts bounce as she did was turning me on.

I watched them jiggle wistfully, noting that we were both wearing very similar halter neck tops – only hers was nicely filled out, the blips of her nipples standing proud through the fabric even though it was warm. My tits were nice, but they were quite small. Big enough to have some fun with, with soft, slightly puffy feminine nipples that men liked to suck on – nipples that meant I couldn’t go bra-less as the staring from men annoyed me and aroused me at the same time, knowing these strangers wanted to pull my top down and suck on my juicy little titties until the puffs became points. I wondered what Susan’s pussy was like.

“Have you ever done that, Lisa?” Asked Susan, snapping me out of my daydream about her body. “Wet the bed?”

I nearly spat out my mouthful of beer. “Er, not really.”

“Yes you have, you liar! That trip to France for Katie’s hen night – you wet your knickers right through. It even went all over your top, you woke up covered in your own wee. It was hilarious.”

I blushed, averting my neighbour’s gaze. The truth is, my accident that night hadn’t been an accident. I was drunk and horny and overzealous in my masturbatory excitement, making leaps from merely tickling my clit to allowing myself a few squirts of piss in the bed to just letting go and soaking myself. I came so hard that I fell asleep immediately after and woke to Susan dragging me out for brunch – and noticing how wet my bed and pyjamas and even my hair was.

“I don’t know, methinks the lady doth protest too much.” Said my neighbour in between Susan’s peals of laughter, shooting me a flirtatious, knowing look. Susan stopped laughing. “I don’t know what you mean.” She said.

“Some people have a fetish for that sort of thing.” k─▒rklareli escort bayan He replied, looking only at her. My heart skipped a beat knowing the comment was meant for me, that he had loved unleashing his piss all over my clothed pussy after watching me soak myself to the bone. Not to mention the fact that he’d recorded me in his garden, naughty bits on display for the entire world.

Susan started laughing again. “And on that note, I think I’m off to bed! I’ll leave you weirdos to chat amongst yourselves. Oh, and don’t get too excited, but I’m pretty desperate for a piss.” She winked before putting her pint glass by the sink and padding away upstairs. I let my mind focus on the thought of her relieving herself, moaning and fondling her giant breasts as she released her stream into the toilet. And then it was just me and my neighbour and my worryingly full bladder.

He just stared at me with his mesmerising blue eyes. My knickers were wet. I could hear them squelch when I crossed and uncrossed my legs – but I hadn’t had an accident or treated myself to a little squirt of pee. I didn’t dare, knowing I wouldn’t be able to stem the tide and I’d end up pissing all over the chair, possibly even the table with the force of my desperation. No, the wetness in my panties was all thick, clear horniness from the tension of it all. Knowing he loved watching me peeing. Knowing that he was sat right there. Knowing that we could do whatever we wanted, that I might get a precious repeat of last time. Knowing that I had to go, badly. It was too much. I was jiggling my leg under the table to distract myself but it was only making my damp bunched up panties rub against my little clit, making me even more desperate.

I got up to run to the bathroom, but he put his hand gently on my arm and I stopped in my tracks. And what he said next gave me goosebumps.

“I’m going to give you a choice.” He murmured in my ear. “You either let me come with you to the toilet. Or you stay here and take your panties off. It’s up to you. Either way, you’re going to pee for me.”

Note for readers: what do you want Lisa to choose? Most highly requested option will be detailed in the next part. Thanks for reading!

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