Eki 17

Western Rendezvous

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“We could meet once a year…would that work for you???” Those words turned over and over in my mind. It was the last thing she said before we parted a year ago, and now it was coming true. All year we had met on line, played our games and made love to each other over the net. Mad, passionate love. Living out our most outrageous fantasies from afar. How could we surpass the passion, the lust or the adventure of last year. Would I want to? The party with Monica and Marc was totally unplanned. Would something like that happen again? Would I want it to?

When I saw her in the hotel restaurant, It was like a high school kid meeting with the prom queen. I hadn’t felt like that in years. Even though I had seen her on cam nearly every day for the past year, I couldn’t believe how hot she really is in person. She was dressed to the hilt. Tight, sexy blouse unbuttoned to show plenty of cleavage. Short, tight skirt showing off her thighs. “What the hell does she see in an old fart like me?” I thought. “Don’t question it, just go with it.”

My name is Jamie and I was meeting Catherine once again. We met on line a couple of years ago and seemed to hit it off from the start. Catherine is a beautiful, sexy, passionate woman who for various reasons was not being satisfied at home. So, she turned to the Internet to help fill the void. We met on the “Happily Married, Sexually Unfulfilled” thread in Literotica’s Playground. We began talking, then started playing and finally met in person for the first time a year ago. That meeting turned out to be a sex filled weekend of lust and debauchery. Both of us did things that we had never done before. We met a couple named Marc and Monica and ended up at an orgy in their apartment. I didn’t know if this weekend would bring the same experiences, but here we were, meeting for a second time.

Catherine rose from the table and ran over to me. We embraced. The kiss. So passionate. God, she’s a great kisser. It’s been years since anyone has kissed me like that. Well, a year at least.

After our very public and passionate hello, I said “We could go right to the cabin and get down and dirty….Or we could sit down and be naughty. See how many eyebrows we raise.”

“You devil” she said. “I need to eat something anyway.”

Sitting next to her, I couldn’t help but look down her blouse. I still marvel at her breasts. I kissed her and discreetly undid one more button. I kept thinking, “eat your heart out guys. They’re all mine. At least for now.” Who knows about later. I kissed her and let one finger find its way to her breast. Nothing blatant. Just a little tease. Very gently, I stroked her breast, just brushing her sensitive nipple. She jumped and looked around to see if anybody was looking.

She grinned, “You bastard. You’re determined to get me wet right here aren’t you? God, I love it.”

That’s exactly what I wanted to do. Get her wet, dripping wet. I wanted, no needed, to feel her juices, to rub them all over her thighs, to smell her sex. I kept circling her nipple. First one finger, then two. Very gently, slowly. Just light enough to feel her smooth and sensual breasts. Just enough to make her want more.

We kissed. I whispered in her ear, “God, you feel so good baby. It’s been too long. I need you.”

“Ahem.” I turned to see the young waitress standing at the table, her eyes glued to my hand inside Catherine’s blouse. “I really hate to interrupt, but could I bring something to start with? Not that you haven’t started already. My name is Trish, and I’ll be your server tonight.” My first thought was to remove my hand from Catherine’s blouse. Since she seemed to be enjoying the show, I decided to leave it. Still stroking lightly, I asked for a bottle of their best local Riesling. Still looking at my hand, she grinned, turned and said “yes sir, cumming right up.” Emphasis on the “cumming” and “up.”

I whispered in Catherine’s ear, “God, baby. I missed you. A year is too damn long.” I moved my hand down to her thigh and began stroking. Slowly, softly. I moved to her wet pussy. On my way to our liaison, I wondered if you would be wearing panties. almanbahis giriş To my great delight, she wasn’t. “God, you’re wet baby. Really, really wet.

I started rubbing her lips lightly. Just enough to make her jump. She sighed. “Keep that up baby, and I’ll cum right here.” I couldn’t keep from sticking one, then two fingers inside her. Her pussy felt so hot. So eager.

While we were kissing, Trish came back with the wine. She looked disappointed when she saw that my hand was no longer in Catherine’s blouse. That is until I took it out from under the table and sucked on one of my fingers. Keeping my eyes glued to Trish, I gave the other finger to Catherine. She looked at Trish, took it in her mouth and sucked. I looked at Catherine and whispered, “I wonder if she’s wet yet.” Trish blushed, not knowing if she should stay and let me taste the wine or to leave.

I winked and nodded for her to open the bottle. Trish poured a dab into my glass. I swirled my juice covered fingers around the rim, licked it and tasted the wine. “Excellent, Trish. Couldn’t be better. Thank you.”

Visibly shaken, she turned to leave. After a few steps she turned, smiled and said “I’ll give you some time to decide on your order. Enjoy.”

My hand immediately returned to Catherine’s thigh. I love to feel her thighs. So smooth. So soft. So sensual. With my other hand, I gently pulled her face to mine. We kissed. Tenderly. Passionately. I pulled my hand from her thigh so I could wrap my arms around her. Our tongues found each other. God, I was getting hard.

“Easy tiger. Keep this up and I’ll fuck you right here, right now. We should either cool it for a while or go to our room now.”

I looked into her eyes, “I want you right now, baby. But let’s drink our wine and eat a little. I just want to look at you for a while. Marvel at how beautiful you are. God, I missed you babe. You have no idea how hard I am right now.”

Her hand moved to my crotch. “Oh yes I do, baby.”

We just sat there taking each other in while sipping our wine, my hand alternating between her sex and her breasts, her hand on my crotch. Every time my hand would move from her pussy to her breast, we would each suck one of the fingers. “Life is short” I said. “Eat desert first.”

Trish returned to take our order and seemed resigned to our behavior, so I didn’t do anything more to try to rattle her. We ate dinner and decided we’d had enough play. I desperately needed her. I needed to feel her wrapped around my cock. “If I don’t get release soon, I’m going to burst right here.”

She smiled. “Come on baby. I wouldn’t want to waste it in your pants. I want to feel you fill me with your load.”

We walked hand in hand to our cabana by the lake. I had chosen this place because of the lakeside cabins. The view from the veranda of the lake and mountains. I knew how much Catherine loved the mountains. I wanted everything to be perfect. When we’re together for only a few days once a year, every little detail means so much.

We walked into the cabin and the fireplace was going. A cooled bottle of champagne was in the ice bucket next to the roses I brought. Luckily, the moon was shining over the lake as if I had planned it that way. We didn’t bother to turn on the lights. The moon and fireplace gave all the light we needed. “God, baby, this is beautiful.” It reminded me of an old 1920’s love song, “Moonlight and Roses.”

“Moonlight and roses bring wonderful memories of you.”

We walked to the veranda and stood looking at the moon. I wanted to ravish her, but restrained myself. This first time I needed to hold her, to make love to her. Wanton lust would come later. I led her to the rug in front of the fireplace, opened the champagne and we sipped while drinking in each others eyes.

She said, “You’ve talked about making love in front of the fire, but I never dreamed it would really happen.”

“Believe it babe. I wanted everything to be perfect.”

My hand moved to her thigh. So soft. So smooth. I slowly moved to her sex. I needed to feel her pussy again. I needed to taste her again. almanbahis yeni giriş My fingers played with her pussy lips as I kissed her deeply. She laid back to accept my mouth and fingers. She wrapped her arms around me and returned the kisses while my fingers probed her pussy.

“Oh baby, I missed you so much. I missed your fingers in my pussy. Your mouth on my clit. Finger me baby. Finger my pussy. God, that feel so fucking good.”

I had three fingers in her sweet sex. Pumping in and out. She was so wet her pussy accepted them with ease. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and presented them to her mouth. She eagerly sucked them in, savoring her juices. I kissed her sex filled mouth. As I tasted her, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, removing it. She unsnapped her bra, exposing her magnificent breasts. Her nipples were hard as rocks.

“God, I love your tits baby.” I had to have them. I had to feel them. I had to lick and suck them. My hand moved down and fondled, massaged. They felt so good in my hands. So soft. So smooth. I needed to make her feel good. I lowered my head and began to lave my wet tongue all around her hard nipples while squeezing and fondling with my hand. Skillfully teasing her nipples, I lightly licked at her hard nubs.

“Suck ’em baby. Suck my nipples. Suck ’em hard.”

I sucked for all I was worth. I sucked and licked. First one, then the other. My hand alternating with my mouth and tongue. I nipped. She jumped. “Oh yeah, babe. Bite it. Pull it.” I nipped some more. Just a little. I wanted to make her feel good, not hurt her. “Oh God baby, That’s so fucking good.” Her hands were holding my head, not letting me move.

My mouth kept working her nipples while my hand moved to her sex. Her sweet, sopping pussy. I pulled her skirt up around her waist. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. I tried to pull my head away to move to her pussy. She held me there. I pulled away, moved to face her and kissed her deeply. “I’ve got to taste you baby. I’ve dreamed of tasting you for a year, and I have to feel your juices on my tongue, in my mouth, all over my face.”

I moved to her pussy and pulled her skirt off. She opened her legs to expose her sweet sex. To allow me complete access. I marveled at the sight, the aroma. It was more intoxicating than the champagne. My hands stroked her thighs. Up one side, then down the other. I love to stroke her thighs. To feel her soft legs.

I kissed her knee and began to move up her leg to her sex. As I got closer I began to taste the juices that had run down her legs. I licked, cleaning as much off as I could. My hands were stroking the outside of her thighs while my mouth and tongue were working the insides. The musky scent was driving me crazy.

My mouth finally reached her sex. I opened her lips and began to lick her hard, erect clit. I licked it like the sweet lollipop it was. Gently at first. Just enough to make her move her hips back and forth. I heard her moan. “Oh God. Oh fuck. Lick it baby. Lick it good.”

I put two fingers inside her pussy. Stroking in and out while licking her swollen clit. Her hips began to buck. “Oh yeah. Yes baby, yes.” Her pussy wrapped around my fingers while her hands held my head to her clit. “Oh God. Yes. Yes. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” I felt her cum ooze all over my fingers and hand. She was squirting cum all over me. I quickly moved my mouth to her pussy to get as much as I could. I needed to taste her sweet cum. I licked. I sucked. She tasted so fucking good. Her sweet cum all over my face.

“My heart reposes in beautiful dreams come true.”

I wanted to keep her cumming. Keep flowing. I stuck my finger in her pussy to cover it with her juices, then went to her rosebud. My finger was so slick it went in with ease. I began stroking her ass with my cum covered finger. In and out. Over and over again. She kept shouting, “Yeah baby. God yes. Fuck my ass. Keep fucking my ass.” Her pussy tightened again and she had another orgasm. “OH SHIT. OH GOD. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Please stop. I can’t take any more. No don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. almanbahis ” Cum was flowing out of her pussy like I’d never see before. The aroma. The taste. We were both in heaven.

She finally stopped cumming. I took as much as I could in my mouth and moved up her body. I lowered my cum covered face to hers and we kissed. Long, hard, passionately. Our tongues danced in each others mouth. She sucked her cum from my mouth and tongue. Kissing my face, she cleaned as much as she could.

I had to have her. I was so fucking hard, I was ready to explode. She must have read my mine because she took my cock and placed it at her pussy. She was so wet, it slid in with ease. In no time I was all the way in. Up to my balls in her sweet, juicy pussy. God, we fit together like we were made for each other.

She wasted no time. She began to move her hips back and forth, fucking me. Fucking me hard. Fast. I moved with her. Back and forth. In and out. Stroking. Pumping. Fucking. She wrapped her legs around me and we moved as one. Fucking. Fucking.

It was my turn to pant and moan now. “Jesus Christ baby. Yeah. Fuck me baby. Milk my cock dry. Milk me for all its worth. Oh God baby. Oh God.” The more I talked, the harder and faster she moved. Back and forth. Fucking me. Fucking me. Fucking me.

“Cum for me baby. Fill me with your sweet cum. Fill me baby.” I couldn’t hold off any longer. I began to explode.

“Oh God baby, I’m cumming. Oh shit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGG.” I shot like I was a teenager again. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t shot like that in years. Filling her pussy with my seed.

“This night discloses love’s golden dreams sparking new.”

She grabbed my head and brought my lips to hers. We kissed. Our arms wrapped around each other and we kissed long and hard. Our tongues in each others mouth. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

We rolled over so she was on top. She knew what I wanted. She pulled herself off of my cock and began to move up my body. She stopped when her breasts were above my face. I had to have more. I took one, then the other nipple in my mouth. I kissed them, nipped them, licked them and sucked them. My hands were kneading them as I sucked. She moaned. She pulled away and continued to move up my body until her cum filled pussy was directly over my face.

She began to move her hips back and forth to entice me. My hands moved to her thighs. I rubbed them. I caressed them. The juices on the insides of her thighs was so slick. I stuck one, then two fingers in my mouth to taste her sweetness. I could wait no longer. My hands reached her cheeks and I pulled her pussy to my mouth. My tongue began to lap at her sweet juices. My lips kissed her lips as my tongue entered her. I lapped and sucked. I wanted all of her. All of us. Our cum. Mixed together. So sweet. I couldn’t get enough.

She pulled up and turned around and lowered her head to my cock. As I lapped at her pussy, she began to lick my cock and balls. She took my cock into her mouth and began to clean me off. Her hand moved to her pussy to get lube from her juices. It went to my behind and I felt her lubed finger enter my ass. Oh God it was wonderful. Her finger began to pump in and out of my ass while her palm massaged my balls. She finger fucked me. She massaged me. She sucked. I couldn’t hold off any longer. My balls jerked and I came again. Her lips held tight around my cock and she took every drop. It had been years since I came twice in such a short time. I couldn’t get enough.

She pulled off and turned around. She ground her pussy into my crotch and began to dry hump me. She opened her mouth and let my cum drip out to my lips. God, it was hot. So nasty. I opened my mouth to accept her gift. I wrapped my legs around her as if she were fucking me. We dry humped each other. Hard. We kissed, sharing our juices.

She kept fucking me, rubbing her clit against my cock. Rubbing. Fucking. Finally, she wrapped her arms around me tightly, ground into me hard and had another orgasm. She stopped grinding and laid there for a few minutes.

She rolled off of me and we wrapped our arms around each other. We couldn’t get enough of each other. We hugged. We kissed. We fondled. I look at her as the shadows from the fire illuminated her body. I still marveled at how I could be so lucky to have found her.

“Moonlight and roses bring wonderful memories of you.”

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