Well I Never! Day 05

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Black Cock

Author: Jack Wellard Title: Well I Never – Day Five Part: 5 Summary: A brother and sister come to their dead mother’s house to sort out her effects in 2002. Keywords: MF, consensual, oral Version: 1.02


The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are offended by sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

The names in this true story have been changed, even though the some of the main participants are no longer able to read my account.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author, Jack Wellard. This story may be freely distributed with this disclaimer attached.

Copyright (C) 2011 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.


“Well I Never!”

Day Five

My internal alarm woke me at my usual time. Penny and Helen were still asleep as I crept out. After my visit to the bathroom I looked in again and they hadn’t moved so I went downstairs.

While the coffee brewed I started up Val’s computer and checked the email, only a couple more condolences. I powered it down.

Just as I was leaving the PC to finish the coffee I saw a vision coming down the stairs. Helen was naked, carrying a flimsy bathrobe. She looked fantastic!

“I wasn’t sure what the morning dress code might be Harry, so I thought I should have a back-up!” She was grinning broadly as she saw the effect she was having on me. “Close your mouth please darling Harry!” She kissed my closed lips while her fingers caressed my rearing cock with the touch of a feather. “I’ll save that for later, lover! OK?”

“So, no need for this then . .” She dropped the robe onto the kitchen chair.

“Coffee’s nearly ready.” I said, trying to quell my excitement. “I usually bring up a tray to the bedroom to wake Penny.” I opened the window and snipped two roses. I offered one to Helen. “I could say something corny about a beautiful rose for a lovely woman, if I did it would be true!” I gave her the rose and kissed her lips. “You really are gorgeous Helen.”

As I turned to collect the tray I saw a young woman coming up the garden path towards the front door. “Quick Helen, put your robe on there’s someone coming. Don’t open the door till I’ve got to the top of the stairs. I’ll get something and come back down.”

As I opened the bathroom door to retrieve a bathrobe I heard a shriek from downstairs. Quickly pulling the towelling robe around me I rushed down to see Helen clutching the woman to her. They were laughing and chattering, I relaxed.

“Uncle Harry!” Exclaimed the newcomer, “It’s me, Dee, Helen’s sister!”

I hadn’t seen the girls for many years, Dee, short for Deirdre was as beautiful as her sister!

I opened my arms and wrapped Dee into an embrace, forgetting that I didn’t have a belt on the robe! My naked front was pressed against a 19 year old girl. Helen saw my predicament and distracted Dee enough that I could peel myself out of the situation without too much loss of dignity.

“Helen, please give Dee a coffee. I’ll go and wake your mother, back in a minute.” I said.

Behind me as I climbed the stairs the girls chattered as they poured coffee.

Penny was stirring. “What’s all the noise so early in the morning?” She asked blearily peering up from her pillow.

“A bit of a surprise my darling.” I murmured as I caressed her face. “Dee’s here!”

Penny’s eyes opened wide. “Here! On her own?” She frowned and was already rising, rubbing her eyes and pulling fingers through her hair.

“I didn’t see anyone else.” I replied.

While Penny went to the bathroom I did some basic tidying in the bedroom, just in case! Penny came out a few minutes later looking awake, brushed and fresh, I had to kiss her. “I love you Penny.” I murmured as I held her close.

“I love you too Harry.” She said kissing back just as eagerly. “Now, I’d better go and see why Dee is here unannounced.”

I took the opportunity to have a shower and came down fifteen minutes later decently dressed.

The three women were huddled around the kitchen table, holding hands and looking altogether too serious for my liking. The coffee pot was empty so I started a fresh brew and joined the them at the table. I put a hand lightly on Penny’s back and tilted my head in a query.

Penny dropped her daughters’ hands and threw her arms around my neck. “Harry, it’s Arnold! He’s left us. Apparently he’s been seeing another woman for over two years. He’s gone to live with her, he went this morning taking his things. He even left his keys and a forwarding address. Poor Dee didn’t want to tell us on the phone and drove her old car down to break the news.”

Helen was holding Dee who probably was trying to work out her mother’s reaction and her need to hold me so tight. Penny was crying but Helen and I knew they were not tears of sadness.

The karaman escort fresh coffee smelled good so I filled my cup and refreshed some of the others. We were silent as we stirred the coffee. I picked up my cup and saucer.

“Helen, I’ll show you Val’s lovely roses.” I jerked my head for her to come outside with me.

Bright girl that she was she didn’t hesitate and brought her coffee to the open door. I closed it gently, nodding to Penny and smiling.

“Oh Harry, I love you. Will you be my new father please?” Helen said as I held her hand to step her over the edge of the rockery. Out of sight of the kitchen we sat in one of Val’s perfect arbours, roses tumbling around soaking us in colour and fragrance. There were two double seats, opposite each other. We occupied the one facing in the direction of the cottage, even though we couldn’t see it from there.

“I would be honoured, Helen. Would that spoil any further er . . classes?” I grinned widely.

“I dearly hope not, Harry. Yesterday was so fabulous, it made me realise that sex should not be serious and that it is wonderful in a such a loving environment.” Her bathrobe opened as she was talking and she drew one of my hands onto her breast.

“I know you wouldn’t do anything without Penny involved or approving, but I think we can have a loving cuddle while Mummy explains to Dee about you two.”

“Or even we three!” I whispered as I drew her closer, caressing the soft breast without trying to arouse either of us too much. We chatted about roses, Val’s garden and the future for quite a while before we heard Penny bringing Dee along the garden.

“Hi you two, what a lovely place to sit!” Penny called as they approached. I had removed my hand but Helen made no attempt to cover herself.

“Come and join us.” I said, standing up to make room for Dee alongside her sister. “We’ve finished our coffee, would you like me to bring some more?”

“No thanks, Harry.” Said Penny easing onto the other bench and pulling me alongside. I put my arm around her. “I’ve told Dee more or less everything that has happened since I came here on Monday, . . including yesterday.” She said, nodding and smiling to Helen.

“Dee is still a virgin and is very interested in what you have been doing for Helen!” Penny held my hand tightly, her own bathrobe was gaping rather like Helen’s. “Dee’s had a few boyfriends but hasn’t done more than petting and kissing. What do you think to taking on another pupil?”

“I may have mentioned before that I would do anything for you, my darling. If you think we can get four on that bed . .?” I grinned.

The girls laughed. Helen said “Well I have to go back to college this afternoon, so there’s a space tonight!”

“I really ought to get back overnight, I didn’t bring anything with me . .” said Dee. “. . but I was hoping to be back on Sunday, maybe then . .”

“We look forward to that!” said Penny, cheerfully. “That’s settled. Now Helen you had a special request for this morning, shall we leave you with Harry or could you cope with a loving audience?”

Helen turned to Dee and briefly explained what she had witnessed on her own arrival the previous morning and why she wanted to do something similar with me. She made it clear that an audience would be no problem for her, although she would not be performing for anyone but herself and her lover.

Penny asked “Where were you when you saw us without us noticing you?” Helen gestured to the far side of the garden. There was no seat in that area so we moved one so that Penny and Dee could be more comfortable.

I went indoors and brought back some cushions to make the seat comfortable and a large picnic blanket and more cushions for our trysting bed. Helen and I went to the pergola where we sat and talked. It was sexy talk, arousing talk. Helen still wore her bathrobe, even though it was not closed.

“I want Penny to stay here with me, did she tell you?” I whispered close to Helen’s ear.

“Yes. It’s a great idea, I think you would be very happy here.” Helen caressed my cheek and placed a delicate kiss on my ear lobe.

“We could bring some music to this corner and dance on the warm evenings. Shall we give it a try?” I whispered again close to Helen’s ear as I kissed the side of her neck tenderly.

I kicked off my shoes and took Helen in my arms and began softly singing and humming a slow waltz. It was my rendition of Allison Krauss’s relaxed ‘Dreaming My Dreams of You’. Helen followed perfectly and we danced slowly back and forth across the grassy bank. As I started to turn her in one corner I stepped away and twirled Helen still holding one hand. Her robe slipped down the other arm and she let it drop completely from her arm. I changed hands and she shrugged out of the garment and came back into the dance pose completely naked. Her smile was electrifying! We danced a few more steps when she stopped, gently unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it from my shoulders. Then she escort karaman unzipped my trousers and let them drop, I had no underwear.

We danced again, my eager cock gracelessly poking her soft-skinned belly. Then she let me go and made a slow spin, raising her arms above her head. Helen stopped, stood still and slowly let her arms fall gazing at my body and smiling. Together we laid out the blanket and I stretched out on it, my erection waving enthusiastically in the soft breeze.

Helen walked slowly around my prone body stopping by my head. She parted her legs and bent her knees, lowering her smooth vagina onto my mouth. I licked her outer lips and kissed her upper thighs, Helen sighed, placed her knees on either side of my head and bent forward. Her breasts brushed lightly along my ribs as she moved her head above my straining penis. I looked between our bodies and found her doing the same, we smiled and each told that we loved the other.

Slowly Helen’s mouth descended onto my cock. I pressed my mouth into her vagina and searched out her clitoris. As I licked and sucked on it Helen erupted with her first orgasm, I slowed but didn’t stop. I slipped a finger inside her very wet cunt and began to caress her G-spot. Helen moaned around my penis sending further tingles of pleasure through me.

We both sensed that we wanted to hold this precious point of ecstasy and our love-making and slowed to keep us suspended. After a minute or two in this blissful state Helen sat up and I rolled away. She lay where I had been and I stood looking down, just as I had done with her mother the day before. Slowly I bent my knees between her open legs and softly kissed her thighs. Time stood still as I caressed and kissed slowly upwards. I nibbled her puffy outer labia from bottom to top. When I reached her clitoris Helen writhed through a quiet orgasm. I stayed there licking around the clitoris sending Helen rolling through successive ripples of pleasure. I slowly kissed my way up her perfect body spending time adoring her beautiful breasts. I moved myself closer holding my cock poised in her entrance until she smiled her readiness for my penetration.

Helen held my eyes and said “I love you Harry, please fuck me.” I smiled and eased forward an inch. Helen’s eyes widened. “More, please Harry, more.”

“I love you too Helen.” I raised her knees a little and pressed fully home, grinding our bodies tight together. Holding hard in that position I just rocked forward and back, rolling my pubic bone across her clitoris. Helen groaned and her breasts flushed with another flood of pleasure. As she descended from her cloud of pleasure I closed my knees under bottom. Taking her hands I pulled her up until she was sitting astride my hips. I put my hands behind her bottom and pulled her closer and tighter. Helen’s hands caressed my back and neck so delicately.

Our eyes were locked together. We kissed the longest softest kiss while her pussy twitched around my cock and I jerked my penis in response. Our arms were wrapped around each other and we pulled closer.

“Harry.” She whispered in my ear. “This is so incredibly erotic. I want to stay like this for ever. We are like one person sharing heartbeats, I can’t tell which is your cock and my cunt, they are just melded into one pleasure zone.”

We kissed some more, our pulse rates gradually increasing. After what seemed like hours I leaned forward and gently laid Helen down, keeping her legs folded. Helen’s hands held her knees to keep them up and spread wide. I reached behind me for a cushion and tucked it beneath her head.

“Watch darling.” I whispered. I withdrew my penis completely as Helen looked down her body. Looking at her face I slowly entered completely and then withdrew all the way out again. My cock glistened with her juices. Helen’s expression was wondrous! Nature took over and my pace increased, her eyes glazed and her head slumped back, mouth open. She began a low moan as her next orgasm built and washed through her body. Mine could not be far away. As Helen’s internal muscles clamped and released my penis the inevitable climax exploded leaving my body shaking with passion. Our combined screams of joy sent the birds flying from the nearby trees.

As we recovered I closed Helen’s legs and folded her down so that she was laying on her side my softening cock still inside her. I spooned behind her and wrapped my arms completely around her body.

Some minutes later I was aware of gentle caresses and kisses all over my body. I blearily opened my eyes to see Penny and Dee kneeling alongside us. It was bliss to lay back, eyes closed and enjoy their delicate attention.

Did I doze? Probably! The clink of glasses brought me back to consciousness. All three were sitting naked around the edge of blanket drinking chilled fruit juice as I lay flay out in the middle.

“Ah, here you are darling Harry.” Chimed Penny. “Drinks on the lawn, very English, don’t you think!” They all giggled karaman escort bayan and clinked glasses together.

“Make mine a double please Penny.” I said leaning up on one elbow. “In fact, better make that a triple, I’m seeing three of everything!” Their tinkling laughter brought more joy to my heart.

Helen threw her arms around me. “That was so amazing Harry, thank you so much.” She kissed me. Penny and Dee were smiling happily.

Penny said “It was an incredibly erotic thing to watch. You were both so beautiful!”

“When I set off with a heavy heart this morning.” Dee said. “I had no idea that I would be sitting naked in a warm garden with my family having watched my sister making the most amazing love with my uncle!” She smiled at Penny. “Please can I sign up for classes?”

We chatted on, then Penny went in to start preparing lunch. The girls and I picked up the tray, blanket and clothes. As we started for indoors Dee said “Sorry I had to keep my panties on but I’m in the middle of my period. However that didn’t stop me becoming incredibly aroused as soon as you two began dancing. My juices were pouring into my panty liner from that moment on, I’d better go and change it!”

“I’ll come up with you Dee, I need a shower.” Said Helen.

Penny held me close thanking me for what I had done for Helen. “My pleasure!” I responded which brought a big smile to Penny’s face.

“Right brother, time for more work. Can you lay the table please?” Penny asked. “Helen has to go back to college after lunch. Do you have any plans for the afternoon?”

“Nothing urgent, do you have something in mind?” I replied laying cutlery on the table.

Laughter came from upstairs, Penny smiled. “It’s great to hear them getting on so well. They didn’t used to like each other, did you know?”

I shook my head and putting out fresh glasses.

Penny continued. “I’d like to go back to the house with Dee and make sure she can manage. Do you want to come?”

“I’d love to. I’ll just phone Kitty to make sure the ladies are OK for Monday’s get-together.” I said and moved to the phone.

I had just finished talking with Kitty when the girls came down. Both were dressed, both looked relaxed and happy. I looked at Penny, she nodded and we went up to the bedroom and dressed.

Lunch, as always, was really enjoyable. Good food and good company, what more could you want!

Helen had very little baggage, it was carried to her car in one trip. We all hugged her, kissed her and wished her a safe journey. She was planning to return on Sunday evening to stay for a couple of nights. I wondered if I could stand the pace!

As Helen drove away we started preparations for our own outing to Penny’s house. We decided not to pack any of Val’s items which the girls might find potentially useful as the house might now be sold as part of any divorce settlement.

Dee went ahead in her own car and we set off a little later, calling in at the supermarket to pick up provisions. At Penny’s house we found that all of Arnold’s clothes were gone plus many books, CDs, music system and PC. I think he had been moving stuff out all the time Penny was away at Val’s. The front door only had one lock so I offered to fit a deadlock, just to make sure Arnold couldn’t get in with a spare set of keys.

Luckily Arnold hadn’t taken all his tools and there were enough to cut the hole in the door and make the necessary adjustments on the frame to receive the deadlock bolt. Once it was fitted we gave a key to Dee with instructions to lock it whenever she was not home. I checked the security of the other doors and windows.

Dee was happy to stay, she had plenty to do and planned to come down to Wiltshire on Sunday afternoon. Penny contacted her lawyer to start the relevant divorce proceedings, the conversation was lengthy but Penny was glad to have that out of the way. Both she and Dee seemed surprisingly cheerful as we said our goodbyes and set off for the cottage.

It was well into the evening when we got home. Penny immediately went into food-magic mode. I turned on the PC and checked the phone for messages. There was a phone message from the mysterious Jack to say he would call round after lunch tomorrow, Saturday, about two-ish. He told us he was staying at the pub and we could call him if the suggested time was inconvenient. The emails were more condolences, no further guests for the funeral. As Arnold had taken the PC from Penny’s house we decided to change all her financial passwords and PINs, just in case! That all took quite a while and we were glad to finish and move on.

I closed the curtains and lit candles for the table and started one of Val’s CDs playing quietly – Dusty Springfield. Penny had things under control and had turned to me as I went into the kitchen.

“Harry, I’ve got you all to myself again for a while and I’m going to make the most of it. Get those clothes off right now and give me a cuddle!”

We were undressed in moments and holding on tight to each other. The warmth and love that flowed between us relaxed us considerably.

Penny murmured “Well at least Arnold has saved us one problem. I don’t have to tell him I am leaving as I was expecting to. That was going to make Monday even more difficult. I guess he’s not coming now, I hope not!”

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