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Welcome Home

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I talked to you at work today and it seemed like you were having a very bad day. I know just how to fix that. I am waiting for you when you get home. I hand you a glass of wine at the door, and kiss you. I lead you to the bathroom. The tub is already full with hot water, bubbles and oil. There are candles burning and the lights are off.

You start to say something but I just press my finger to your lips and stop you. I stare into your eyes and slowly start to unbutton your top. I slide it down over your shoulders, and caress them as I do. I then unbutton your skirt, and slide my hands down your legs to the floor. I wrap my arms around you tight, and unfasten your bra. I rub your back and hold you close to me. I whisper in your ear, “Relax, just let me lead you.” I slide my hands down your sides and slide your pantyhose down your legs. I rub your calves, and then up your thighs. I am on my knees in front of you, looking up into your eyes. I kiss your stomach, and then down to your panties. I slip my tongue under the waistband, and then grab them with my teeth. I pull them down to your knees with my teeth, then start to kiss my way up your thighs. I stop when I get to your pussy, and plant a gentle kiss right on your shaved lips. I slide your panties the rest of the way off, and then take your hand and help you into the tub.

I hand you your wine and tell you ” Just lay back, I will be right back.” I return with your favorite meal. I sit beside the tub and feed it to you. As I feed you, I tell you how wonderful you are, how beautiful you are, how happy you make me, how much I enjoy making you feel good, and how good you make me feel. I set the plate aside and pick up the soap. I lather up my hands really well, and start to rub them over your body. I start with your neck and shoulders, working and kneading them with my hands, massaging the tension away. I wash your arms, and then have you lean forward. I use the tips of my fingers to squeeze and massage your back. Then I have you layback, and lather up my Antalya Escort hands again. I rub the soap on your stomach, in small circles around your belly button. Then I make bigger circles, down towards your pussy and up towards your breasts. When I reach your breasts, I take one in each hand and gently squeeze them. I start to rub and squeeze them harder, and then rub the nipples with my thumbs while doing that. Your nipples become very hard, and a sigh escapes your lips.

I lather up my hands again and have you put your feet up on the edge of the tub. I start to wash and massage them, squeezing and rubbing the bottoms and between your toes. Then I move my hands up to your calves, and firmly massage the muscles on the back of them. I gently rub behind your knees, and then up your thighs. I move my hands in slow, squeezing circles up your thighs until I get to the top. Then I take my fingertips and rake my fingers up and down your thighs. You moan as my hands get closer and closer to your pussy. I cup it in my hand, and gently press on it. I rub the lips, and then start to rub my middle finger up and down your slit. I move it up to your clit, and start to move around it in slow circles. I work my finger in nice slow circles, and start to rub harder. I take my other hand and slide a finger inside you. I start circling your clit faster and harder, and slip another finger inside you as I tell you how sexy you are and how good you feel. I start to stroke my fingers inside you faster, and rub your clit. Your hips start to move against my hand. You spread your legs wide and arch your back so my fingers can get deeper inside you. I slip them in and out, and rub your clit till you cum so hard.

I give you a minute to recover, then take your hand and help you out of the tub. I take a towel and dry you off. I then lead you to the bedroom and lay you down on the bed. When I got your dinner, I put one of the dining room chairs in the bedroom. It is a small wooden chair with no arms. The chair Antalya Escort Bayan is facing you as you are sprawled out on the bed. I tell you to prop yourself up on the pillows. I hand you a new toy I have bought for you, a pink vibrator that vibrates, gyrates, and has a clitoral stimulator.

I sit down in the chair. I tell you to put on a show for me. You start to rub your nipples with your fingers. You make them very hard. I take off my shirt. You slide your hands down your stomach, and then to your pussy. You start to rub your clit, and you are still wet from before. You tell me how wet you are, and how excited you are. You take your new toy and turn it on. You rub it on your nipples while you are rubbing your clit with your hand. You move the toy down your stomach to your pussy. You move it around your clit and it sends chills all through your body. You press it right on your clit and leave it there, and it makes you cum again. I tell you what a good girl you are, and to put it inside you. My cock is getting very hard so I take off my pants and underwear. You see how hard my cock is, and I tell you to think about it as you slide the toy inside you. You slowly slip the toy inside your wet pussy, working it in a little at a time. Once you have it all the way in, you turn it on low speed. You start to work it in and out of your pussy, telling me how good it feels, and that you wish it were my cock. You turn the speed up a little higher, and start to stroke it faster inside you. It feels so good vibrating inside you. I tell you how much you are exciting me, and that I am going to fuck you so hard when you are done. I am stroking my cock, and telling you how much I like to watch you play with yourself and how much I love you.

This just gets you more excited, and you turn the speed up to high. You push it all the way inside you and put the stimulator on your clit. It feels so good, and your hips move up and down on the bed, as you get wetter and wetter. You pinch your nipples Escort Antalya with your free hand. You finally cannot take anymore and scream out with an earth shattering orgasm. I tell you how good you looked cuming, and that I am going to make you cum again and again.

I tell you to get off the bed, and crawl over to me on your hands and knees. When you get to me, you look up at me and take my cock into your mouth. You love the feel of my hard cock in your mouth, and the taste. You slide your tongue up and down the shaft, under the head, and down to my balls. You take it back in your mouth, and slide your lips as far down the shaft as you can. I grab you by the hair and start fucking your mouth, sliding into your throat. You moan around my hard cock as it slides in and out of your lips. You reach down and finger yourself as you suck it. Your pussy is soaked, and you want me to fuck you so bad. You mouth feels so good around my cock I could cum right now. You look up at me with my cock in your mouth, and say, “Please fuck me”.

I stand you up and push you back on the bed. I spread your legs wide, and slip my hard cock into you. You are so wet and ready; I can put the whole thing in on the first stroke. I start to pump it in and out you. I put your legs up over my shoulders, and stroke it hard and fast. You are already cuming again. I keep pumping my cock into you, and grab your tits. I pinch the nipples as my cock strokes inside you. After you come again, I pull it out, and have you get on your hands and knees. Your sweet ass looks so good stuck up in the air. I slip my cock back inside you. I grab your hips and start stroking it real hard. My balls are slapping up against you as my cock strokes in and out of your sweet, wet pussy. I make you cum again. I then lay back on the bed, and tell you to ride me. I know you cum the hardest this way. Your slide your pussy down over my cock. I reach up and play with your nipples while you slide up and down my cock. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around me. You ride it faster, and just as you start to come you feel my cock swell and shoot inside you. You throw your head back and scream with the most intense orgasm ever. You feel my hot juice shooting inside you and collapse on top of me. I wrap my arms around you and say, “Welcome home, baby”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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