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I’ve been sitting on the couch, waiting for you to get home, bored out of my mind. My foot won’t stop tapping and twitching because I’m so anxious for you to get back. I’ve been thinking about you all day and how badly my mouth wants to be attached squarely to your pussy while I attempt to lick and suck you dry. My cock has been semi-hard for the past hour just from the thought of you getting back. I’ve been flipping through channels, but not paying attention, just going through the motions.

Finally, I hear your car pull into the driveway. I shut the TV off and toss the remote, not paying attention and not caring where it lands, as I rush to the door. I’m fidgety with nervous energy, and my mouth is already watering at the thought of what I’m going to do to you. The handle turns and you step through. You don’t see me right away as you look for a spot to set your bag and keys down, but I can tell you’re tired and have had a long day. This will not deter me in my efforts.

I step up to you, and as you finally turn to face me I take your face in my hands and kiss you long and hard. My tongue slides effortlessly into your mouth as I kiss you passionately. I suck on your lower lip, then your upper, then your tongue. I feel some of your angst from your day melting away as we continue to make out. My hands begin to roam over your body, seeking out your ass. I squeeze it hard, loving the firmness, pulling you closer to me so you can feel my cock pressed against you as it responds to our kissing. You chose to wear a skirt today and I silently thank you for it; it will make the next steps so much easier.

Bit by bit my fingers start to pull your skirt up, higher and higher until I finally have your underwear exposed. My hands start to massage the exposed flesh as I continue to kiss you hard. Your own hands have started to roam as well; your fingers running through my beard and then through my hair. I’ve lost track of time, but I know we’ve been making out for at least a few minutes. I love the feel of your mouth and tongue, but my desire is driven by the thought of something a bit lower.

My mouth moves to start kissing your neck and I start working my way down as I sink to my knees. On my knees I’m face to face with your underwear, dark blue with white lace. I push my face into your crotch and breathe you in. So intoxicating. My fingers find the waistband and I slide them down your legs slowly, as your fingers continue to work through my hair. My fingertips run along your legs as I drag your shorts to the floor. I help you step out of them and I toss them over my shoulder, knowing we won’t be needing them anytime soon. My finger tips run back up your legs, slowly, trying to memorize every curve and line. It’s so difficult to go slow like this, because all I want to do is devour you. I’m only going to be able to hold myself back for so long, and the clock is ticking.

As my hands reach your inner thighs, I slowly push your legs apart, forcing you into a wider stance. I look up at you, we make eye contact, and I know you can see the hunger in my eyes. I smile a wolfish smile and dive into your pussy.

My lips make contact with your pussy first, but my tongue follows closely behind as it pushes inside you. I alternate licking, sucking and tongue fucking you. My tongue swirling around inside you, attempting to touch every available inch of the inside of your pussy. I can feel you start to grind against my face, and I know the last of your crappy day is starting to fade into the background. All you can focus on is my tongue as it tries to pull your very essence out of you.

I can’t seem to get my tongue deep enough inside you, so on a whim I throw your legs over my shoulders and begin to stand. Surprised you grab onto my head as I rise up, your back sliding up the door. I reach full standing, your entire weight on me, but I don’t notice it at all. All I can focus on is how with you in this position my tongue has just found a way to get a few more centimeters deeper. My hands go to your waist to steady you, but to also pull you to me more firmly. Having you in this position my mouth goes wild. I move from your pussy to your clit and back to your pussy. Sucking, licking, flicking and nibbling my way over everything. I encourage you to ride my face and as I look up at you I see your head tipped back against the door, eyes closed lost in the pleasure of it all.

Seeing you like this makes me intensify my efforts on your pussy which allows you to slide your hand to your clit to stimulate it. Between the two of us we soon have you writhing around on my face unleashing an orgasm that wrenches through your body. I can güvenilir bahis feel you giving into it completely as you squirm on my face. I keep sucking and tonguing you until I know you are ready to come down. As your body starts to relax and soften, I slide each leg off of my shoulder until they are around my waist. I hold you under your ass, as your arms wrap around my neck. You lower your head to my shoulder, spent from your orgasm. You melt into me and let me carry you into the bedroom. I’m hoping you recover quickly, because now that my craving for your pussy has been partially satiated, my cock now wants its due.

I lay you down on the bed gently, and start to remove your remaining articles of clothing, item by item. Once I have you naked I step back to admire the perfection I have uncovered. I can never get enough of your body, the perfect lines and smooth stomach, your delicious nipples… your gorgeousness can be overwhelming. While your eyes are still closed I quickly remove my own clothing, never breaking my gaze, continuing to take in every bit of your body. As I stand naked observing you in your post glow, your eyes open and you study me as my own eyes wander over your beauty. I can tell you are nearly ready for me.

My cock as been aching to feel your mouth nearly as much as my mouth was craving your pussy, so I step to the side of the bed, and with no questions or hesitations you grab me by the cock and pull it into your waiting and wanting mouth. You take half of my cock without problem and I moan loudly. Your hands find my balls and you gently begin to massage them as your mouth slides up and down my shaft slowly, gently working more and more of my cock in. I can barely stand because it feels so good. I am fighting the urge to grab your head and just fuck your mouth, but I’m enjoying what you’re doing so much I just want to relish it. You grab my cock at the base, and begin to drag your tongue from the bottom to the top, circling the head once you reach it. Over and over, randomly dropping your mouth all the way down onto my cock, taking my full length. Between your amazing mouth, expert hands and the fact that I have been dreaming about you all day, I know an orgasm is not far off. My balls begin to tighten, and sensing this, you start to fuck me with your mouth. Absolutely devouring my cock, stroking the base as your mouth drops down and up. My knees are getting weak, and I try to warn you that I am about to cum, but the moans drown out any words that I could possibly muster.

Finally I cum, and you lock your lips around my cock, gently sucking, swallowing, consuming everything that my cock is offering. The pleasure is so intense my body is starting to shake, my legs are getting weak. I have to hold myself up on the bed to keep from dropping to the ground. You release my cock, still wet with your spit and my cum. I look down at you, watch you take one big swallow and then give me a huge smile before asking, “What’s next?”

I can see the hope and desire in your eyes. But after the amazing things you just did to my cock with your mouth I know I’m going to need some time to recuperate. So, I take you by the hand, help you off the bed and lead you to the bathroom.

I turn the shower on, nearly as hot as it will go because I know how you like it. I let it warm up for a few moments before pulling you in with me. I take your face in my hands once more and kiss you hard, able to taste the saltiness of what remains of my cum in your mouth. I pull us both under the water, letting it cascade down our bodies as we kiss each other passionately. My hands are roaming all over your body: your back, your ass, your thighs, your shoulders, through your hair. I love the feel of your breasts pressed against me, and I can feel your nipples responding to my touch and mouth.

Not wanting to rush things just yet, I break away from our embrace and reach for the soap. I start to lather you up as I pull you away from the water. I stand behind you and prepare to clean you from head to toe, with the intent of getting every nook and cranny. I start at your shoulders, gently working the soap over your skin, up over the back of your neck, down the small of your back. Then my arms reach around and start working the soap over your stomach, that flat, sexy, beautiful stomach, wriggling my finger into your bellybutton so I can feel you squirm against me. Up under your breasts, and then allowing my soapy hands to envelope them, massaging them, my palms dragging across your nipples. Pinching and pulling your nipples, my thumbs focusing on the tips, feeling them getting even more rigid under my stimulation.

Making love türkçe bahis to your breasts with my hands as you push yourself back into me. Being able to touch you like this, especially your breasts, has brought new life back into my cock. Blood is flowing and you can feel it becoming harder against your ass. In response you push your ass back into me, allowing my cock to settle between your cheeks.

I continue worshiping your breasts, making sure they are completely clean before reluctantly sliding my hands back down your body. As they slide down, my body drops down as well, sinking to the shower floor, once again finding myself on my knees, only this time I’m behind you. I continue to work the lather over your thighs, and knees, shins and ankles, all the way to your toes, and then back up. My hands reach your pussy and I look up to you for direction. You look down at me and smile, placing your hands over my own and assist me in the cleaning. Eventually the cleaning turns into stimulation, and together we are rubbing your pussy and clit. I can feel your clit responding beneath our touch as you direct me in the ways you liked to be touched.

I slide my hands from beneath yours and move them to your ass. I get more soap and begin to massage your ass, loving how it feels beneath my hands, the absolute perfection if it. My fingers work into your crack, soap suds sliding down between your cheeks. I spread your cheeks and let my finger circle your hole, around and around. I work up a considerable bit of lather and gently push my finger inside you. Your hands go the to the shower wall to hold yourself up as I ease my finger in one knuckle at a time. Once it is fully inside you I begin to work it in and out slowly, while my free hand reaches around to find your clit. I take your clit between my thumb and finger, and pinch it softly, trying to increase your arousal, making it even easier for my finger to move in and out of your ass.

I let my finger pull completely out, and while still on my knees I direct you under the water once more to wash away the soap. The water slides down the work of art before me, taking the soap with it. Once you have been rinsed free of soap, I pull you back to me, spin you around, spread your ass and lick you from your pussy to your ass. One long hard slow drag of my tongue from bottom to top. Once I reach your ass I push my tongue inside, and wriggle it around, just as if I was devouring your pussy. I hear a soft moan and feel you push back into my face. I take one of my hands and slide it up your leg until I reach your pussy, at which point my thumb slides inside. My middle finger searches out and finds your clit as my thumb works in and out of your pussy. I tongue your ass and fuck your pussy with my thumb as you again hold yourself against the shower wall.

I work a rhythm: tongue in, thumb out, back and forth, trying to push you to another orgasm. I want to feel your body tense as another one electrifies your body. My speed increases, pushing you closer and closer. One of your hands moves to your breasts as you desperately stimulate your nipples, trying to help yourself over the edge as well. Your moans are increasing along with my speed. I can feel your body tensing, your pussy and your ass both clenching. And finally you release, your body shaking, your breath coming in heaves. You’re starting to sink to the floor, but I quickly rise and grab you. I take you in my arms and hold you as you come down from your orgasm, as the water washes over us both, trapped in our own little world in the quiet of the shower.

The water is still cascading over us, and thankfully it’s still warm. I’m holding you tight against me. Amazingly your nipples are still hard, even in the warm water, a testament to just how good I was able to make you feel. You’re breathing is finally start to slow down, resuming a more normal pattern. You’re still slumped against me though, seemingly exhausted from our evenings activities. I’m hoping that you aren’t tapped just yet, because there is still one thing that needs to be done. My cock still needs to find itself buried inside of you.

The shower has allowed me to recover, my cock at attention, trapped between us, pressing against you just below your belly button. You seem not to care, or perhaps you are just too tired to notice. I take your chin in my hand and tilt your head back, so I can look into your eyes. They are somewhat glazed with exhaustion, but as I lower my mouth to yours and kiss you hard, I see a spark in them, and I know you have just enough energy for one more go.

As my tongue explores your mouth my hands move to your ass, pulling you tighter against güvenilir bahis siteleri me. My cock couldn’t be any harder, it yearns for you so badly. My hands slip to your breasts and I begin to play with your nipples, pinching and pulling, rubbing and twisting, all while I continue to kiss you. Sucking on your bottom lip, nibbling gently. I can feel your body beginning to respond. You aren’t slumped against me quite so much now, and you are kissing me back with just as much veracity as I am.

My hands slip back down to your ass and I slowly lift you up. Your legs instinctively wrap around me. Your pussy just above my waist as I slowly start to lower you back down. You immediately know what is coming so you reach back and around, grasp my cock by the shaft and guide it into your pussy. Bit by bit my cock slips inside of you until you finally bottom out, my dick buried in your amazing pussy. I put your back to the wall of the shower, and hold you there, with my cock as deep as it can go. I’m just enjoying the feel of you, how your pussy envelopes me so perfectly, conforming to my cock, accepting it, wanting it. I twitch my cock a couple of times and feel you respond by pushing down onto it harder. Your pussy feels so good that I don’t ever want to feel anything else. I just want to lose myself in the pleasure of this moment, to let it wash over and consume me.

But my cock has other desires. Slowly I lift you back up and drop you back down. I repeat this, slowly over and over, up and down. Each time you bottom out, a small moan escapes from your mouth. Soon you’re grinding down into me just as hard as I am pushing up into you and we are finally fucking. My mouth is at your neck, your ear, your lips. As my cock makes your pussy its own, I try to consume anything I can get my mouth on.

I can feel the water starting to cool and I know we don’t have much more hot water left. Before we are left standing in cold spray, I pull you to me tightly and exit the shower, heading straight for the bed. My cock remains inside you the entire way, as you continue to grind down onto me.

I lay you down on your back once we reach the bed, reluctantly pulling my cock from you so that I can position you the way I want you. Once you are further up and centered, I climb onto the bed, sitting on my knees I push my cock back into you. Just as I reach the deepest point once more I take your clit between my finger and thumb and squeeze softly. Once more I resume fucking you, sliding my cock out then pushing it back in, while my thumb rubs over your clit.

I look down at you, your eyes closed, mouth open slightly, soft moans coming out. The curve of my cock causes the head to drag against that sensitive spot every time I pull back, and I can feel your pussy and body responding. So I quicken my pace, moving faster and faster, harder and harder, never for a moment releasing your clit. Continually trying to get my cock deeper and deeper inside of you, but always trying to keep the upward pressure of my cock against your pussy. I need you to cum for me, I want it so badly and I am trying my best to hold back my own orgasm until I know you are there. I want to feel how your pussy clenches down on my as that orgasms takes you.

I look at you, willing you to open your eyes. By accident or because you sense it, your eyes open and we lock onto each other.

“Baby, I need you to cum for me. To cum on me. I’ve never needed something so badly. I’ve never had a need ache like this within me. Please baby, cum for me, do it, cum on my cock.”

As the words exit my mouth my pace quickens even further, and I am rocking into you so hard now. Absolutely driving you to an orgasm. My own is building inside me, I can feel my balls tightening.

The lust in your eyes is driving me over the edge, and I can tell how badly you want to cum.

“Please baby, do it for me. Do it for my cock. Now, do it, cum so hard for me.”

I can feel your body tensing, your hips rising off the bed, bucking into me as I pound into you. Your pussy getting tighter with each thrust, milking my cock. Squeezing it. Clenching. Until finally you release and your orgasm rips through you. Your pussy is so tight now. Your moans so sexy. I can’t hold back and I unleash inside you. Our orgasms ripping through us, seemingly moving back and forth between us, almost as if our bodies are becoming one.

I continue to fuck you, and with each thrust my cock pushes more cum inside you, until finally I am spent. Your pussy is still squeezing me, softly, but without its previous urgency. Your breathing is heavy, as is my own. I lower myself down onto you, propping myself up with my arms. Content to just be like this, my cock still inside you, your body slowly coming down from the high. I kiss your eyes, your nose, your mouth, softly. My mouth moves to your ear and whispers, “Oh, by the way. Welcome home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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