Ağu 31

Weekend Fun for Our Secret Affair

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It’s Friday morning and I believe this will be our only chance to meet before Christmas. I have 2 hours for us, 2 hours of pleasure and I plan to give you my gifts, you don’t do gifts. In our messages planning today’s meet I ask if you will let me parade for you, if you will sit in your recliner in the family room and wait for my arrival, you agree to this, it is then that I plan to present you with my gifts.

The first being myself, my breasts wrapped in tinsel with a gold bow at the front, wearing my new crutchless red g string and black thigh high stockings, I plan to fuck you in these. I have your other two gifts in my hand, something for you to remember me by and something for us to pleasure or punish me with.

I find you hungover asleep in your recliner and I speak before I realise, you are startled awake. I place the wrapped gifts in my hand down on the bench so that I can approach you, soon you are hard by watching me parade, your eyes travel up my body taking in every detail. I walk around your chair and i let your hands caress me. When I stop beside you I bend over to give you the view of my arse, for your eyes to travel up my legs and rest on the skimpy red g as it rides up between my arse cheeks. You caress my pussy through the material and I begin to purr.

I hand you your gifts one at a time whilst explaining the 3 gifts I have for you, myself and my new lingerie, something for you and something to punish me with for giving you these Christmas presents if you chose that I need punishing. You untie the tinsel first to free my breasts, you moan in appreciation as you fondle them. I hand you the punishing me with gift next, you find it to be a whip, one that is better suited to you, more masculine and perfect for us than the previous one I had purchased that was a whip and tickler. You test it out on your open palm and smile with delight with the strength it has. I then give you the gift for you, I had thought of this after many messages from you about how beautiful my pussy is and I thought how can you have this forever, what can you look at and always see me. I found a pussy moulding kit, you can mould my perfection so that we both can admire, you could have it out on display and no one will know it is me or you can keep it private, your call. I am wet when you smile up at me, my gifts have delighted you.

I notice how drunk you are and I wonder if you will fuck me. I wonder if I should come back later instead but you walk me to your room and begin to caress me whilst lying on your bed facing each other. I rub my legs on you and feel what it’s like thru the stockings, a new sensation for me whilst my hands are roaming your body and your Balıkesir Escort mouth has captured mine in a passionate kiss.

You turn me around so that you are spooning me, I feel your hard cock thrusting against my arse, you help me take my knickers off but I leave my stockings on. Your hands are around my body so that you are caressing my breasts, your fingers are twisting and tweaking my nipples, I arch against you thru my first wave. Your mouth is kissing and biting my shoulder, soon you slide in between my thighs and enter me from behind, you find me wet and ready, you fuck me until I am moaning.

I relish in this sensation of your hard cock thrusting in and out of me, ramming hard against my walnut until I feel my orgasm rising, I let go as you come in me and I slide over the edge as I come too. My body shakes from the orgasm and you hold me. I turn around to snuggle and we fall asleep.

I lie there awake watching you sleep before I let my hands wonder over your body. I rub and caress you, I rub my leg over you. I scratch you. Soon I find myself building, feeling you under my fingers excites me, every muscle I feel, the strength beneath my hands, every shape and plane of your body, the softness of your hair that covers every inch of you, the nakedness of your mound cock and balls.

I want more, I move under the sheets so that I can lick and suck you to life. You moan as my tongue flicks over your helmet as I move my lips up and down your shaft, as I twist my face in different directs. You become hard as I rub and scratch your balls, my fingers travelling over your perennial. Soon you press me back onto my back and you finger me until I am gushing. I feel myself squirt and I spray onto my stockings. I buck under your fingers as my orgasm rides thru me and I want more, I climb onto you and ride you in cowgirl, I take you deep as I ride you fast thru my next wave, I lean forward as I feel your helmet go in and out of me.

I build and when I’ve had my more I lie on my back for you to fuck me but by then your pressure is gone and you can’t come, you hop off and try doggie, still no go so you lie on your back defeated. I on the other hand will not give up, I want your seed inside of me, I’ve had my orgasms and I want you to have yours.

I move between your legs so that I’m kneeling and facing you and I use my mouth on your cock, soon I have you built again and this time you hold my head until you find your release. You’ve fucked my face and I smile at you as I swallow your seed. I was happy to give you this chance again after you had pleasures me so well.

Soon it was time for me to go to work. You stayed in your Balıkesir Escort Bayan extremely wet bed as I had gushed so much that I missed the towel. You had originally told me I didn’t need the towel. You didn’t believe I would gush, that you was only going to fuck me the once for your own release. You proved us both wrong.


Saturday found you hungover horny from your full day of recovery Friday. I visited you at 7.40am before going to Bunnings to cook a bbq for a netball fundraiser, I don’t have much time as I have to be there at 8am. Your messages have me wet and wanting, I undressed and came around to your side of the bed where you are lying with your rock hard cock waiting for my arrival, I bend over and touch my toes with my feet apart so that you could ky my arse, this morning you demanded my arse as you are rock hard and only needed 3 mins. This visit is for you.

I walked around to my side and placed a towel down before lying next to you, you kissed me as you knelt between my knees, you entered my cunt and thrust a few times as I moistened up before you pressed against my sphincter. You entered me and I felt myself building, I tried to hold my place to allow you easy access whilst you got your rhythm but I moved and you popped out. Soon you was inside my arse again and I could feel myself building towards an orgasm, I felt this pressure built in my clit so I reached down and pressed on my clithood. I felt my body orgasm from the depth and pressure of your cock in my back passage. I came as you found your release. I lay there recovering as you got up and showered. I smiled whilst watching you, to see you with such energy made me laugh so I got up, dressed and left knowing that when I returned I would get my more.

I returned just after 10 thinking I had an hour whereas you thought I had till 1pm so I stayed till 12. I got my more on your fingers and on your cock. Your fingers were magical flicking my clit as I built before thrusting deep inside of me to rub against my walnut as I spiralled over my waves of orgasm, You fucked me until I was crying out for more. I came on your cock as you thrusted in and out of me with the extra depth of you kneeling up and holding my legs up in front of you.

We lay there sated in each other’s arms talking. I felt my body respond to your body under my fingers as I scratched you. I wanted more so I moved under the blankets and took you in my mouth, I twisted my mouth on your cock as I felt you build, I flicked my tongue over your helmet. I continued working you until I felt you close to your release, I didn’t stop until I had your spurts hitting my throat.

I Escort Balıkesir had your seed release in all 3 of my holes today. I feel amazing with this knowledge, so wanton.

I leave sated knowing that when I see you tonight I will look at you knowing that you look at me thinking about how you own me, how you owned all 3 holes today. I am yours always. I feel powerful and know that when I’m on that dance concert stage later today you are with me, you are my strength to be my best, to enjoy myself.


I had so much fun Saturday night being a tart, making others happy and feeling wanted. I hid the times I could touch you by the fact I touched others. I hope I hid the times I caressed you whilst handing over the pool stick. I took risks but I hope they were not noticed. I am so sick, so hungover and I wake ill. When I wake midday I find that I can find time to come to you for a quickie. I respond to your messages of wanting me. I come thinking you will fuck me how you want till you find your release, I wasn’t concerned about me, I had no desire driving me other than my desire to please you.

You message me that today you want to give me pleasure, that today you will do what I want. As I drive to you thinking I hope I feel well enough by the time I get there I wonder what I want. I realise I don’t think I could suck your cock in case I gag and spew so I decide I want to orgasm on your face, to have you eat my pussy till I am at my peak and to then just have you enter me and fuck me. I wasn’t concerned if you hadn’t built by then, I was sure your cock would be happy to fuck me till you came regardless if I had pleasured him with my mouth.

When we walked up to the house and undressed you pushed me to my knees to take you into my mouth, I found myself moisten in response. Then you place the towel on the side of the bed for me to sit on, to lie back as you kneel before me. You are ferocious with your mouth and teeth as you nibble and bite my outer lips, my inner lips and clit. My body spasms through each orgasm as I feel your tongue flicking my clit and rubbing down my pelvic bone to enter my vagina, I hear you lapping up my thick cunt juices. I come again and again. I hear you gag as I’ve squirted on your face. Soon I find myself building again and I say to you to please fuck me now.

You respond immediately and rise up my body, you slide your cock into my cunt and begin to thrust in and out. I build as you kiss me with your mouth covered in my juices, I do so enjoy the taste of me on your lips. I enjoy the pressure of your cock inside of me. I clench and try to hold you in instead of pushing you out. I have practiced this on you all weekend. Soon I feel your build and I release my orgasm as you release yours.

You roll me over to my side as I am lying across the bed at the time. I snuggle you for a moment as I come back to earth. I can’t believe we have fucked 3 days in a row to equal uncountable orgasms for me and 6 for you.

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