Wedding Night

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Big Tits

Synopsis: Bargirl bride fucks the best man on their wedding night


***The work is copyrighted to the author ┬ę 2021. Please don’t remove the author information or make any changes to the story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your consideration. Dear Reader: Some people are not comfortable with their own sexuality and they object to cuckold and cheating wife stories. If you are offended by pornography, cuckolding, wife sharing or non-forced prostitution, please DO NOT read. If you enjoy this lifestyle, feel free to read on or contact the author. That is perfectly okay and we all have rights to our opinions and sexual preferences – to those people I would suggest not to read the story. All others please read on and enjoy. **

This story is a work of fiction inspired by real events.

My sexy slut of a wife Bambi has been fucking other men even while we were dating. Having said that, Bambi is a very fuckable creature with her petite slender brown body built for pleasuring men, her long silky black hair, as well as those voluptuous lips that looked as good sucking cock as deliciously lovely kissing. Not to forget her deep seductive and provocative eyes that could give a horny man an instant hard-on.

I had picked Bambi up in a beer bar where she had been freelancing weekends, fucking sex tourists for some extra cash. This little brown hooker really loved getting foreign cocks up her cunt. She was not too bothered by who was actually fucking her so long as they had a hard cock.

After a week of steamy sex, we had decided to get married. It had been love at first fuck. I remember feeling immensely proud and lucky to have found this girl. I especially enjoyed parading the young brown slut about town with me and seeing the looks of envy from other foreign tourists. Of course, a scantily-dressed sexy young Thai girl on the arm of an older foreign tourist was instantly associated with a bar hooker, but this did not bother me in the least; quite the contrary. One guy had even discretely asked me when she would be available. Rather than get angry with him, I had given him her number.

Apart from her stunning looks, Bambi had a pleasant and submissive manner about her that I had grown to appreciate. Most importantly however, Bambi loved sex, was good at it and fucked like a rabbit. She had informed me that sex with one man was not enough for her, that she needed more variety to satisfy her sexual appetite and keep her happy. If we were to live together, she told me that I must also allow her to sell her pussy in the bar. Desperate to keep her happy and content, I had shown myself understanding. I had accepted her needs, and reluctantly told her that I would not mind her having other lovers on the side.

Our wedding preparations came together slowly but surely, and we got to discussing our wedding night.

“Where do you want to go on our honeymoon?” I asked her.

“Our families will be here, so we cannot leave,” she responded, shaking her head.

“Well then, maybe we can go to a hotel and have fun instead?” I ventured, visualizing the possibility with a certain degree of excitement.

“I want to fuck Patrick after the wedding,” she declared, dropping an unexpected bombshell.

I looked at her with shock and surprise. My throat was suddenly dry. I had chosen Patrick to be my best man at the wedding. Ironically, he was also one of the customers she fucked regularly at the bar.

“Well, that is certainly an idea the think about. Maybe he can wait at least until the next day?” I responded diplomatically, not too pleased at the idea but at the same time not wanting to upset my bride-to-be either.

She pursed her lips, unhappy with my response.

“I have already told him he can come. I want fuck him, darling.”

I was upset. How could she decide like that without even consulting me? I thought, irritated and frustrated. She had presumed that I would agree without even informing me first.

“He will pay me 20,000 baht. He told me he wants to be the first guy to fuck me after I get married. He said that he would do the tests so that he can fuck bareback like a boyfriend. I am happy for him to be my first lover. You must be happy and accept, darling. He will give me all his juice,” she added.

My cock stiffened in my pants at her words, but at the same time, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. She had left me no choice.

“You mean you are going to fuck him all night?” I objected.

“Please understand, darling. You can fuck me the next day if I am not too sore,” she responded, irate.

“But it’s my wedding night, too. What about me?” I complained.

“Darling, I need a real man to fuck me. Your cock is too small. Patrick will make me a woman. He has a big thick cock and I really like to feel him fucking my small tight brown pussy on my wedding night. You can lick and prepare me for him if you like.”

“Your pussy will be too sore and stretched after Patrick. It always is. You won’t feel anything after,” bursa eskort I argued.

“It is my wedding night. You need to let me have a real cock,” she insisted. “Darling, I want to fuck him, please. Do it for me. You can fuck Nanny, your maid of honor, while I am busy. Besides, Patrick has already paid me, okay?”

I felt backed into a corner and trapped with no way out. She had left me with no choice but to agree to her demands, so reluctantly I caved in.

Most stories I had seen on the internet about wedding sex revolved around either a girl giving into her natural desires, or the groom sharing the bride with his best man in some threesome. In reality, Bambi’s little escapade was more the fruit of her juggling the needs of her fianc├ęe with the needs of her nature as a hooker. Her total lack of any sense of morality or scruples meant that getting this john’s cock in her cunt was more important than my feelings. Selling her pussy to other men had corrupted her soul. Once a hooker, always a hooker. I had taken her out of the bar, but not the bar out of her. She would never stop fucking other. I was better off embracing and accepting it, deriving pleasure from it even. It was frustrating not to be the first and most important thing in her life but being married to such a dirty slut was most exciting and intensely gratifying.

Bambi had not just chosen anyone to fuck her on our wedding night. There was method to her madness, for Big Patrick was coveted by many women. Patrick epitomized the perfect specimen of the virile male bull if ever I had seen one. He was a handsome fellow; tall, bursting with muscles like a body builder under his tight shirts, sporting a square jaw, agreeable features and hair always cut short and neat. He seemed to radiate a rare sense of confidence and strength that came from the sure knowledge of his success with the ladies. Although his very presence gave an impression of physical power and virility, it was probably the contrast to his polite, soft spoken and charming manner that defined his charisma. As if this were not enough, nature had endowed him with a thick long 10-inch cock with an amazing stamina to go with it.

Patrick’s rugged, manly features and heavily muscled body acted like a pussy magnet in Thailand. The girls simply wet themselves at the very idea of sleeping with him, of getting their small brown pussies stretched and reamed by his oversized cock. As a result, he was going through a regular diet of several different Thai pussies a day. The giant had a particular fondness for petite and slutty bar whores. Perhaps it was the revealing way they dressed, or their eagerness to sell him their sexy brown fuckable bodies? Come what may, he was a regular visitor to Bambi’s beer bar.

Having Patrick as best man at our wedding was a natural choice. After all, he was one of Bambi’s most frequent customers at the time, fucking her at least once a week. Moreover, although I was not entirely happy with her whoring herself that night, I was certainly very aroused. Her virile bull would be the very first man to thrust his cock into her married snatch. As for Nanny, one of Bambi’s hooker friends, my spouse had arranged for her to be the maid of honor. This was so that she would have someone on hand to take care of my sexual needs while she was otherwise occupied. Like most bar hookers, Nanny would fuck anyone for a few baht. It had been easy for my wife to persuade the maid of honor to keep me distracted, leaving Bambi free to copulate with her lover on our wedding night.

Bambi had wanted two wedding ceremonies back-to-back. A Buddhist ceremony followed by a catholic wedding. That way, she could enjoy the experience twice in one go. Typically, one was not enough for her…

Although Bambi had been married before, she had done it Thai-style, i.e., a wedding photo, a village meal and no paperwork. The guy had knocked her up at 16 and the family had needed to save face, hence the shotgun wedding… This meant that it would be her first real wedding as her last one had not been recorded. As for me, I was already on my third marriage, so it was no longer such a big deal. Bambi, however, got herself baptized as a catholic and managed to get my first marriage annulled, even though I had produced three kids! That is Thailand for you. All this just so she could have a catholic ceremony, only to go on and commit further sin by working as a whore the same day as her vows!

Not only had she invited her extended family to the wedding, but she had summoned her entire village! Bambi had arranged to have them all bused in just for the occasion. My own family were vastly outnumbered, especially as her group were boosted by distant relatives who had crawled out of the woodworks for the chance of a free meal and booze, as well as all the usual village free loaders. The ceremony went on all day, and after exchanging rings and kissing the bride, I found myself married to the little slut. I guess it would all have been a little more romantic if I had not known that in bursa escort a few hours she would be off to fuck Patrick. The best man had taken me aside at the reception and told me with a wide grin:

“That new wife of yours looks so hot and fuckable. I can’t wait to fill her newly married cunt.”

Charming, I thought.

Later that evening, we had said our goodbyes to our family and guests, and then left for the Holiday Inn hotel where we had planned to spend our honeymoon night. We were both a little tired and quite excited.

“Are you ready to fuck Patrick?” I asked my blushing bride in the taxi ride over to the hotel.

I gave her a brief kiss on her red voluptuous lips. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and anticipation.

“Yes, darling. My pussy is all wet for him,” she replied, biting her lips in an embarrassed attempt to hide her arousal and excitement.

She leaned towards me and she kissed me mouth to mouth. My blushing bride’s unchaste lips were more passionate and aroused than ever before, her darting tongue entered my mouth provocatively. My cock stirred in my tight pants.

Surprisingly, no one had noticed Patrick and Nanny slipping out too, or even dreamed of making the naughty association.

“I need to get ready to fuck him, darling,” said my bride after we had checked in to the hotel and reached our room.

I looked at her a little surprised. She appeared just wonderful to me in her wedding dress and make-up. I realized that Bambi wanted to look her very best before fucking her lover.

To my surprise, she had decided to shower again, and I watched her redo all her make-up from scratch. I guess she wanted to get herself totally new, clean, perfect, and unspoilt for Patrick. I stood in the bathroom and observed her getting ready. Bambi always spent ages doing her make-up. I mean, the time it took her to put on her foundation, corrective liquid, make-up powder, mascara, blush, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil seemed interminable, especially when I knew where this was all leading to.

My bride looked into the mirror and applied bright red lipstick to her sweet lips. The color was provocative and vulgar, a sharp contrast to her seemingly innocent and angelic face. I felt a pang of jealousy and excitement. I knew those lips that I loved would soon be wrapped around Patrick’s thick man meat once more, leaving mine to the help…

Slowly she brushed her long reddish-black hair, staring into the mirror. I knew that she wanted to look as attractive and desirable as she possibly could for him. Bambi would not go to all this length and trouble if this were for me. Slipping back into her wedding dress once more, Bambi raised her leg and rested her little foot on the bed, giving me a nice view of her small, shaved pussy. I watched as she fastened her “hot bitch” sterling silver anklet to her leg, leaving no doubt about who she was. She did not wear any bra nor panties beneath. She had not worn any at the wedding either! She liked to keep her shaved pussy ready to fuck.

The result was utterly stunning. Bambi managed to appear both virginal and sluttish at the same time. Everything about her screamed “fuck me”. Something Patrick was sure to understand and act upon.

“Do you think Patrick will like me?” she asked, swaying her hips from side to side and giving me a coy and provocative look.

“He will want to fuck your brains out,” I replied, my throat dry.

“Good!” She said.

Patrick and Nanny arrived about half an hour later. When Patrick saw Bambi, his eyes lit up as he leered at her and said:

“Hello, sexy. Are you ready to take my big farang cock in that newly married pussy of yours?”

My bride had blushed, smiled and nodded.

“Would you like a drink first?” I had interjected, helpfully.

“Nah,” replied Patrick shaking his head. “I just want to get into her tight pussy.”

He put his arms around her and pulled her up against him. They began to kiss passionately, mouth to mouth, sending their tongues into each other’s mouth. I stood there agape. They were totally ignoring me as if I were not even there. It felt as if I was the one intruding on their married bliss. As I watched my bride make out with my best man, kissing him hungrily, there was no doubt in my mind that his would be the first cock to slip into her married sleeve.

Nanny chose this moment to reach into my pants, take out my cock and begin to wake it. This was not helpful as it made me feel the frustration and arousal even more intensely. What made it worse, I guess, was the way my wife was looking at Patrick, her eyes filled with love, affection and desire. When Bambi sold her pussy, she gave herself totally to the other man. She was the girlfriend, the whore. She was no longer my wife. As they kissed, Patrick slipped his hand under her dress and kneaded her breasts roughly.

“Come and eat my pussy, darling,” Bambi said speaking to Patrick lovingly, not to me.

She pulled him down onto the bed and parted her thighs wide bursa escort bayan in an unequivocally inviting gesture. She wore no panties beneath so that when she lifted up the hem of her wedding dress, her lovely small brown pussy was on open display for her lover to appreciate and access.

Patrick pulled down his trousers and I realized that he had been walking around commando at my wedding. This revealed a long, thick and chunky 9-inch cock. Her eyes went wide with wonder and awe. Her lover’s manhood was already hard and erect, ready to bone her cunt. She stared at him hungrily, her eyes filled with unchaste lust, before pulling him towards her. Patrick’s cock was much larger than the local male indigenous variety, much in the manner that a big black cock is to a white pussy, and Bambi loved to feel it stretching her out. Her bull dived between her legs as he wasted no time digging his dirty tongue into her freshly married cunt. His mouth closed on Bambi’s pussy and I saw him suckle on her vaginal lips, sending his tongue into her sanctified space, desecrating her. I swallowed hard and followed them onto the bed, Nanny trailing me and toying with my much smaller appendage.

Patrick’s tongue licked at her married pussy lustfully, getting it wet and ready for his big chunky tool to occupy. Nanny, much to my frustration, had picked that very moment to go to the bathroom, leaving me alone to play with my erection. As I lay beside my wife, Patrick licked and sucked at her pussy. I could feel her squirm with bliss at her lover’s cunnilingus. Her eyes were shut and she let out a small series of moans. All of a sudden, she turned her eyes shut, winced, threw her head back, and then reached over and pasted her lips too mine. She kissed me passionately as she experienced her first climax as a married woman on her lover’s tongue.

Patrick smiled, winked at me as if saying, I just gave your wife her first orgasm. Now, it was his turn to lay down on the bed and be serviced.

Bambi bent over his crotch, her eyes shining brightly with lust and anticipation. I watched, my mouth dry, as I saw her take hold of his tool in her left hand. Her mouth descended hungrily to swallow his big fat cock. Her little pointed tongue licked and swiveled around the cockhead, her eyes wide open, pupils dilated. Opening her lovely red lips wide to accommodate the large caliber, she pushed his thick shaft into her mouth. I watched and wanked my cock as her cheeks puffed and bloated as her lips stretched painfully to swallow the head. She began to suck, her head moving up and down the rod, squeezing and pumping hard at the base as she sucked him avidly.

Aroused, Patrick grabbed my little whore’s head with his paws and pushed her head down hard onto his cock, shoving his oversized dong deep into her throat hard. She slurped and gagged, but she did not stop sucking desperately. Holy Moly, I thought. He was going to choke her on it, and then dump his load in her face. His large girth must be destroying her.

If I had thought he was big and impressive beforehand, his bone had grown by another full inch when she sucked him. As he pushed her head up and down his shaft, pumping as much of his cock as he could into her mouth, I could tell that he was ready to fuck my bride.

“His cock too big for me, darling,” Bambi meowed, pouting and giving me a quick glance.

“You’d better mount him then,” I replied with encouragement.

Patrick grinned and lay back as Bambi climbed astride of his big frame.

I saw her reach beneath her legs and grab hold of the chunky hose. Positioning the fat helmet against the tiny opening of her married snatch, she squeezed the tip inside, parting her wet pink vaginal lips as far as she could. Even then, it was a difficult fit indeed. I saw her wince with pain and ecstasy as she slowly shoved the entire length into her small pussy, stretching her cute little cunt to the very limit and beyond. Bambi groaned loudly as the huge cock sunk deep inside her. What a dirty little bitch!

My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. She had taken that mammoth cock into her cunt unsheathed. Why, that huge rod looked highly unnatural, monstrous even, jammed between her tiny brown thighs.

Nanny was back now and sucking at my cock, making sure I enjoyed the sight of my small wife impaled by this virile hunk. I was ashamed to admit, but I had to use all my strength not to come there and then.

I watched on as my wife, eyes jammed shut, face flushed red with lust and excitement, began to ride Patrick wildly with a sustained energy she had never seemed to have for me. I watched her slide up and down his think glistening pole, letting out a small series of cries and kneading her breasts with both hands.

She was grunting like a little female bitch in heat as she eagerly fornicated with her bull. Suddenly, she stared straight into my eyes. Her eyes were wide open, in a drunken sex daze, her pupils dilated with ecstasy. I saw her tremble, bite her lips and cum hard on his cock as she continued to ride his painfully large cock. Her gaze held mine in an invisible grip. She wanted me to see the pleasure there, to feel humiliated and aroused by her adulterous and outrageous climax. I swallowed hard, incredibly aroused.

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