Ağu 31

Web Mistress Ch. 2

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(Continued from Web Mistress Prt 1)

Shit, I thought. I quickly pulled up my pants I almost shoved her panties back in the drawer, but on a whim, stuck em in my pants instead. I quickly tucked in my shirt and zipped my pants, just hoping I wouldn’t get caught. She called out she was home and wondered where I was. I tried to think up some excuse for why I was in her room but couldn’t come up with anything more inventive than, ‘Gee you have such a lovely home. I was just looking around’. It sounded really stupid and, maybe it was just me but also a little suspicious. I could feel her silky panties next to my cock and I couldn’t help but wonder if my throbing hardon was as noticable to her as it was to me. Part of me was scared to death of getting caught and another part couldn’t help but look at her perky nipples sticking out of shirt. She must have been sweating because her shirt seemed a little more clingy than before. She asked how her computer was doing and I told her I had it all fixed. It was just a simple thing and I’d show it to her so she would know how to fix it the next time. She said she would appreciate that but wondered if I could hang around for a little bit longer to show her. She said It had been really hot down at the laundrymat and she wanted to take a quick shower.

Oh shit, I had read about these kind of things on the Literotica website. This kind of stuff wasn’t supposed to actually happen but here I was, in this gorgeous blond girls house. She’s going to take a shower and I have her panties stuck in my pants. What the hell was I thinking? I had to get out of there. I told her I needed to leave but could maybe come back another time. She sounded a bit dissapointed but said she understood and said she’d give me a call or stop by sometime.

I quickly gathered up my stuff and left. On the way home I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I quickly pulled her panties out of my pants. I fondled them and put them up to my face. The soft cool feel of them next to my cheek, just made me want her next to my cheek all the more. But this was crazy, I was a married man with two children and a professional career. I had morals, ethics and values, or at least I was supposed to. Now I was driving home with a pair of stolen panties up next to my cheek. So much for morals and values. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. I was so guilty, I couldn’t stand it. When I got home, I put Sarah’s panties in my school bag, nobody but me ever looked in there anyway. When I walked in the house my kids yelled hi as they ran past on their way out to play. My wife, her usual Balıkesir Escort non-comunicative self was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. She said someone named Sarah had called and… that’s when I lost concentration. I started to panic. My wife knew. That’s why the kids had been sent outside just before dinnner. My ass was in trouble now for sure… My wife was asking me if I had heard what she said. I appologized and said no. She told me Sarah had called to let me know her computer was working great and thanks for fixing it for her. That was it, my wife then went back to cooking. My heart was racing. I had almost got caught. I had lucked out this time but how about the next? What then?

That night, I was still as horny as I had been all afternoon. I thought, after 7 years, I’d try yet again to get my wife to put out but as usual, she showed no interest at all. All she did was roll over and go to sleep, I persisted but she told me to leave her alone. I fell asleep with a hardon and a heartache.

The next week went pretty fast. We were extremely busy with the end of a quarter and getting ready for the start of a new term. I saw Sarah once the whole week but only had a chance to say hi before being interupted by requests for different projects to be done. Then came the night of graduation. As usual I went alone. It was tradition afterwards for many of us to go out to a local bar and grill and just unwind. Sometimes students would come as well. That night, Sarah came with us. I felt like going home to try to avoid any encounter with her I might have but also had an obligation of sorts to stay with my co-workers for a time. As the night wore on, Sarah became increasingly “friendly” as she kept touching me and asking me to dance. She even whispered a few inuendos in my ear. I thought it was pretty much all in fun and part of the night but still wanted it to be true. I kept thinking about her panties, still stuffed into my bag and wondered what kind she was wearing that night. Without warning, almost as though she knew what I was thinking she leaned over, put her hand on my thigh and said, “I gotta go to the bathroom before I pee in my pants but then again, I’m not wearing any underwear so that won’t be a problem.” Then she got up and went to the bathroom. I could barely move. Visions ran through my mind of what that must look like. Of course my hardon returned to cause trouble. When she returned, she said she needed to get home and get to bed, she had an early day at work the next day. She complained that she didn’t feel very well and asked Balıkesir Escort Bayan if I might drive her home… Oh yeah, I’ll drive you home alright, I thought. Geez, was I a dirty old man or what? Yeah, I asked if she was sure, she seemed alright to me but she insisted. OK, I thought, this is it. I’m gonna take her home, fuck her brains out and regret it in the morning.

On second thought, I’m gonna take her home, leave her there and go home and regret it in the morning. I know what I wanted but I also knew what was probably actually going to happen. We drove home, all the way she just leaned against me quietly holding my arm. I hadn’t had a girl do that since I was in high school. While if felt really good, it also made me quite nervous. I got her home and helped her to her door. She fumbled with her keys and asked if I would help her. Being a gentleman, of course I helped. I unlocked the door and helped her inside. I then turned to leave and she asked if I would help her with one more thing. She said she thought she might get sick and would I help her to the bathroom. Shit I thought, this just keeps getting more complicated all the time. So I helped to the the bathroom so she could get sick. She told me there were some washcloths in the hall closet and asked if I would get a couple for her. I asked if she would be ok and after getting her ok, I headed for the hall closet. I found several washcloths and took them back to the bathroom. When I got back, I stopped short. Sarah had taken her pants off and was just sitting there, with just her long t-shirt on. I couldn’t immediatly tell if she actually was going commando as she had suggested earlier or not but the thought did occure that I might have a chance at finding out in the next few minutes. She then did this thing that finally drove me over the edge. She stopped swaying, got real serious and sat up. She leaned back, as she did so, she raised her knees up, giving me a perfect view of her bare pussy. “I’m sorry, I was going to wear my favorite baby blue silk panties tonight but I seem to have misplaced them. So I just went without.” She looked right at me… I knew then that her whole act about being drunk and sick was just an act. The look in her eyes said “Fuck me” and I couldn’t resist.

I bent down and helped her to her feet. I then pulled her close to me and looked in her eyes. We kissed. I was so nervous, it was crazy for a guy my age to be kissing a girl her age. especially since I was so very married but god it felt so good and it felt so right. She pressed up against Escort Balıkesir me and ground her crotch into my bulging hardon. I couldn’t get close enough to her. I had fantasized about doing this for the last two years and now I couldn’t stop. I reached down and grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. She reached down and unbuckled my jeans. We just kept kissing, no words, just moans and grunts and other sounds of pent up passion being set free. My cock sprang free of it’s constraints as she pulled my pants down with one hand. I was harder and hornier than I had been in years and almost came the moment her hand wrapped around my shaft. She gave it a squeeze and whispered in my ear, “let’s go to the bedroom”. She kept kissing me and held onto my cock as she guided me out the bathroom door and into the bedroom across the hall. I pulled her shirt over her head and to my delight feasted my eyes on those perfect breasts of hers for the first time. We reached the bed and she shoved me down on it. Before I knew it, she had my pants off and was on top of me, her dangling breasts rubbing on my chest. She kissed my neck and worked her way down my body. I knew what was coming and I knew it was going to be incredible. I had fantasized about this for two years. Her lips wrapped around my now, hot and thobbing cock. I could feel her tongue swishing around and the barbell in her tongue gave it a feeling unlike any sexual experience I had ever had. Her hands kept working the rest of my body, stroking and rubbing me. She started licking me from my balls, up the shaft to the tip. Her hands, busy feeling, exploring, probing. I couldn’t contain it any longer. I held my breath, clenched my teeth and squeezed my toes to do anything to keep from orgasming but she so masterfully worked her magic I came in spasms, deep within my body.

I had never felt anything so intense before. It was such an overwhelming release of sexual tension, I was shaking, I wanted her more, needed her more. I had to hold her, to become one with her. She kept working my cock with her hand as I pulled her up to me. I rolled her over so I was on top of her, I then turned her over on her stomach and started kissing the base of her neck. My semi-hard cock bobbed around on her back and silky smooth ass as I kissed and licked my way down her back. My hands brushed lightly along the sides of her breasts, causing her to flinch.

There is a smell a woman gives off when she’s horny. It’s unmistakable and it can drive men crazy. As I continued down her back, kissing and caressing her, I could smell that smell. By the time I got to her ass I was in heaven once again. My hardon raging and begging to be burried inside her. But I continued to work on her, It was her turn and I was going to use every trick I could remember to drive her wild and give her the most intense physical experience of her life.

More to Cum…

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