We Are All Together Ch. 08

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Chapter: 8: They are called Incest.

She has closed her door. He opens the door. And in the dim light of the room, what he sees turned his head.

His elder sister was sitting on the bed full of rose petals in a deep red Benarasi sari, a traditional sari for the brides, wearing her jewelries like a bride.

Her face is covered in the veil; she is sitting at the centre of the bed, with two elbows close to her breasts holding them. Her hands were full of bangles and she was wearing a garland of Night- Jasmine with another in her hand.

He smelt the aroma of the garland and the perfume. She had planned this, a marriage! And how quick did she do it!

He came close to her, lifted her veil and saw her stunning beauty. She did the make up for a bride on her wedding night, the big, round, golden nose-ring glittering in dark.

He lifted her chin and kissed her wet on her lips. She whispered, “Take me to the Worship Room first. I want to make you my husband. That will be my first proof of obedience to you.” He took her in arms and carefully took her to the next room, their Worshipping room.

There was a decorated room as big as the other rooms for the gods and the goddesses. The incense was burning, the lamp was burning, and there was a plate of sindoor, the most important thing of and for a Bengali marriage. He stood before his sister.

She gave the garland to him and they exchanged the garland, the first step of marriage. Then the caught each other’s hand and walked round the holy fire of the lamp seven times.

She stood before him, taking the plate of red sindoor in her hands. He took some sindoor on his finger and made a mark of that on the temple of her forehead, they call sinthi.

She then embraced him, kissed each other and sat before the gods begging their blessings. At last, she touched Joy’s feet. He is her husband now.

They began to kiss each other passionately. She whispered, “Take me to my room, please.” But he had hardly the time to lift her and take her to anywhere else. He was sitting on the floor of the room, on a cushion before her.

He embraced her removing the sari from her breasts, fondling them under her blouse. He unhooked her blouse and taking one breast in his hand, he began to suck the other nipple. She began to moan.

“No, please, come to our marriage bed. Husband-wife must do it in their nuptial bed first.” She whispered.

But he did not pay attention to her. He opened her blouse and began caressing her breast, sucking her erect nipple in such a way that, she lost her breath. She was panting.

He asked her to stand up and straddle him. She stood up, tugging her sari up to her knee and straddling her brother, now husband.

He received her, wrapping his hand around her slander waist, where she wore the bridal sari deep under her naval. He kissed on her naval and she held his hair clutching as she came closer to her husband.

She was holding her sari up to her thighs, showing her hairy legs and calling her husband for more attention to her wealth she was hiding under.

He tugged her sari upper to her crotch and put his head under her sari. She moaned as he entered and let her sari fall keeping her brother-cum-husband under her sari, between her legs.

He wasted no time to ravish what he loved most. She was wet, she was dripping wet and the salty, sticky cum was running through her oh-so-hairy thighs! She was a real slut.

His tongue made his way between her pussy lips, and she moaned deep.

He was between her legs, sucking, licking and turning her mad. He gave a long lick from down her crack, and said, “You love it don’t you, you fucking slut?”

“I do, I do. I want to be a whore, and that’s why I married none other than you, darling brother,” said Keya, with a slight whimper in her voice. “Please treat me like what I am.”

Joy put the palms of his hands on his sister’s thighs and pushed his tongue back into her sweet tasting twat. As he ate at his elder sister’s slick center, he began to dig his fingers alanya escort into her soft supple thighs. Joy heard her whimper in pain and also in excitement as he could tell she was enjoying his rough treatment as well as his ministrations with his tongue. The deeply aroused brother lifted his left hand and brought it down on Keya’s thigh. THWACK!

Joy felt his sister, now newly married wife shudder and cry out, and then moan softly. Again his hand came up — this time his right — and down it came hard on her other thigh. THWACK!! Joy listened as his sister would cry out in pain and then moan with pain induced pleasure. Each time he hit her soft sensitive inner thigh her moans became more and more intense. Keya was now grinding her ass on the kitchen table. “Oh please, Joy. It hurts so nice. I like to be hurt Joy.” Keya began to moan even louder as her brother began to suck hard at her swollen clit. Joy pulled his mouth away for a moment and brought his hand up and then down between her legs, slapping her pussy hard. The sound rung in their marriage place, but not as loud as the scream; followed by the sighing gasps of his sister as she thrust her cunt up at him.

Joy immediately jammed two fingers into his sister and began to fuck them in and out forcefully, while with his other hand he pressed and rubbed her clit.

Joy felt his sister push against his hands as he fucked her beautiful box with his fingers. “GOD JOY, GOD!! YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME!!” screamed the bride as her husband manipulated her cunt. “That’s it, Keya, cum for me, my WIFE, come for me …!” Joy said, using the name for his sister. It somehow made it dirtier to use that name and it appeared to have an effect on Keya as well, as she began to thrash and buck her hips up hard at his hands. “OH YES, JOY YES! MAKE ME CUM … HARD!!! AH AH … YEAH!!”

Keya thrashed about and Joy’s hand became flooded by his sister’s pussy juice as it ran down his fingers and through her inner thighs. Joy pressed his hand onto her tummy to hold her down and calm her somewhat, as Keya moaned and gasped for breath.

Joy brought his head from under her sari and looked at his sister and as she began to calm and to turn her eyes up to him, and flash her sweet smile — the smile he had known all his life –and took her down on his lap, straddling him, while he was sitting.

He opened the sliding of his Dhoti, taking out his rock hard cock and got ready. She was still in her sari, tugging it up to her waist where it was tied.

She put her weight on her knees to lift her bum, adjusting her pussy to be set just upon her brother’s pole, and then, she lowered her full, round ass, taking her brother-husband’s pole in her slick, wet cunt.

He held her slander waist in his hands, and let her slam her full, round, bumpy ass. She was really fast to fuck. She was pumping like there was no tomorrow. And she never missed a thrust! She was really a needy slut. She was panting and humping, sweating heavily. The musky odor of her sweat and the feeling that she was humping, made Joy hotter.

Soon she was out of her breath. She asked her husband, “Will you like to go forward, Darling Husband?”

He smiled; kissed her lips, sucking her tongue for some time and stood up, taking his wife as she was pierced on his cock, tangled her legs around his waist.

She was amazed at the strength of her brother-husband. He stood up, took her to the wall, and pressing her on the wall, he began to hump.

He slammed his rock hard cock deep into her, feeling her tight wet sheath grip and squeeze his cock as his shocked but still horny sister, arched her back and cry out in ecstasy feeling her brother penetrate her box.

Joy pulled back and rammed back in deep, feeling his sister slide backward from the force of his thrust. Joy pushed his cock deeper and fucked in and out of her wet sloppy cunt with long strokes. From her moans, he knew that she wouldn’t last long and didn’t care. This wouldn’t be the first time he fucked her tight cunt alanya escort bayan after they got married secretly, he now knew.

“Oh Joy, fuck me, fuck your slut, fuck your whore, fuck your wife’s cunt, and fuck it. FUCK IT!!” Keya cried out to her brother.

“OH Keya, SQUIRT, I’M GONNA CUM SO HARD!!” Joy felt his orgasm rising and knew it was over for him as he went over the top.

“YES!! YES!! My little brother, come in my hole—” Joy felt as if he had exploded as his cock began to jet into his sister’s sloppy hole, filling her up as he watched her eyes widen as he filled her up with his sperm.

“Oh Joy, cum inside me, yes do it, little brother,” Keya moaned with a smile on her face as she felt her brother’s cum leak out of her twat and drip down her thighs.

Joy leaned forward and kissed his sister on her red lips and then slipped his arms around her and sat on the floor and held her close as he continued to kiss her.

Keya’s legs circled her brother’s back and held her body closer as well. She felt so close and warm and loved she found, and that made her burst with happy feelings.

She loved to be sexual and fucking her brother was so wonderful as to almost put her beside herself. Her sari was in mess, she thought, let it be. The fuck was to enjoy, the wedding night is to remember.

Joy broke off his kiss and sat down in the floor, sweating like bath. His beautiful sister was now perched in his lap facing him with her legs draped over his hips; he supported her and looked at her pretty face, and smiled.

Joy could already feel his cock beginning to stir all over again. He wanted to fuck his pretty, slutty, whorish sister again; and soon.

Keya began to grind harder on her brother and as his cock sprang pleasantly back to complete life she squirmed and reached between her and her brother and grasped his cock in her hand and, raising herself she inserted his already throbbing member into her sloppy cum leaking box. Keya’s brother groaned as he felt his sister’s soaking wet but still snug cunt envelope him. Joy gripped her hips and began to bounce her up and down his cock filling her sisterly cunt up deep with each thrust.

Joy felt his cum squish out around his now newly stiff pole, and he was in heaven. He pushed that away though for now as he fucked his hot slutty sweet elder sister.

The two hot siblings fucked in this way for ten minutes before the brother began to fuck faster and deeper, bouncing his elder sister up and down harder on his rigid penis.

Both brother and sister gasped and came pressing and holding each other close as the brother emptied his balls into his sister’s cunt.


“I AM SIS, I AM!!! OH IT’S SO GOOD!!” shouted Joy as he came spurting into Keya over and over until his cum poured down over his balls, and onto the floor. Keya panted and laid her head on her brother’s chest.

“Oh my, that is a mess down there,” she giggled looking down at the spot her cunt and her brother’s cock joined. “We have quite a clean-up brother,” Keya sighed laying her head back on her brother’s chest.

“I was thinking something like that too,” said Joy. “I mean can you imagine if Priya and Shreya found out about this someday when they come back.”

Keya looked up at her brother and smiled sheepishly. “You know Joy, about that,” she said.

Joy looked at his sis and frowned.

“About what Sis?” he said looking at her funny smile.

“I kind of don’t think they will be all that upset. Moreover, they will like to join us and they are eager to fuck you, like I did.” “And, one more thing, we did it before the Gods.

They did not disapprove it, which means, we can live on as husband and wife forever, can’t we?” She kissed her brother and smiled, then said, “Yes we can.” “And, say, who wins the game this time? We didn’t discuss this time.” “Oh my! I’ve completely forgotten! Ok. Forget this time. After all it’s our marriage night.” She planted a wet kiss on his lips pressing escort alanya him on her boobs. He was rock hard again. He was still in her. She felt her cum-filled pussy go filled once again.

She was feeling hot, eager for more fuck. She whispered, “Please, take me to bed. It is so rough here. I want to lie down under you.” He didn’t object. He rose with her. He was still inside. She entangled him with her legs and hands. Her husband was carrying her to their bed.

She was waiting for this. Her dream to marry someone who can fuck her like a whore has come to true. They entered the room and he placed her on the bed gently.

She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling on the floor. She was wearing her sari tugging to her waist. He parted her legs, still deep in her, as she lowered her back on the bed.

Joy took a deep breath before guiding his huge head inside her. Keya almost sat up.

“Oh my god! Joy!,” she moaned.

Joy kept pushing the head through her stretching lips. A broad smile flashed all over his face as he managed to send the whole of his head inside her. Keya’s head swayed either way as she was biting her lip struggling to hold a whimper.

“Ahhhhhhh…. ummmmm,” Keya murmured with a brief lusty smile. She looked up to see how far her husband had managed to get inside her.

Joy began giving her a few slow thrusts letting his dick to feel her warmth inside her pussy. After letting his huge meat stay inside for a few seconds, he gently pulled out his dick completely out.

As she tried looking up to see what went wrong on her both elbows, he quickly drove it deep inside her pussy all over again. She squealed and he let her legs came around his waist to wrap him.

After a few continuous strokes, Joy stopped after hitting her bottom. They kept watching each other’s eyes with a smile of pleasure. She was looking so sexy in her bridal dress! This made him more excited! He humped standing on the floor.

He kept repeating these gentle teases for a while before he began working faster and harder. Soon they were closing in towards just the momentum more than enough to give both the pleasure of a great fucking session.

Joy apparently knew the art of changing gears just in time as she went about pounding her mercilessly. His eyes sparkled in delight watching her breasts slamming against each other. Keya’s moans were getting louder and she kept biting her lips every now and then.

She began pleading after a while, “Fuck me, Joy. Don’t stop for anything. Unhhh…mmmmm…yessss…feels so goooood….”

Joy’s hands eagerly grabbed her breasts and began kneading them. “Yes, Joy…my darling, my God…..fuck me….explode inside me…..unhhhhhh…yes, yes, yessssss…..yesssssssssssssssssss, cummminnnggggggggggggg again” cried Keya, as she shuddered in an orgasm, triggering what seemed like her husband-brother’s eruption.

“Unnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…unh…unh………yesssssssssssssss……….let me die in your pussy now….squeeze me, ohhhhhh, mmmmmhhh, yessssssss…fuckk…fuckkk…fuccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” screamed Joy as he lifted his elder sister’s ass off the bed, his cock impaled deep inside her, spurting his love seed deep into her body.

“Yes,” Keya whimpered. “Just like that.Yes….cum inside me, darling, fill your pussy with your love… mmmmh….yesssss” moaned the bride, as her groom was still humping her in a steady rhythm and she was grinding herself round his still hard cock.

Her body continued to spasm in little shivers as the after-shocks of her orgasm hit her.

The whole atmosphere went electric with their intermittent moans and squeals. Joy’s dick began swelling inside her pussy and her body wasn’t anywhere behind to her climax.

“I am Cumming toooooooooooooooooooo … ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooood…. Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt.”She screamed.

“Keyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god… diiiiiiidiiiiiiiiiiii,” Joy groaned as well. He was delighted at the prospects of a simultaneous orgasm. .

Joy’s dick was soon bathing in his Aunt’s cum after which his dick twitched and exploded into her.

She collapsed on the bed, and her brother fell on her. They were hardly had any energy left for the night! They slept a sound sleep together.

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