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It’s one of those days, you know. Nothing pressing to do, nothing needing immediate attention, dog’s been walked, cat’s been fed, too cold to run, too wet to ski, no new book to delve into. So what happens? I watch as he moves around the house, doing various things that have no meaning, moving a pile of magazines from one end of the table to the other, running his fingers through his thick curls while he reads the paper, his new glasses still sliding slowly down his nose as he gazes downward.

He grins as he catches me watching him and makes some comment about how he’ll go in this week to get them tightened. My puzzled look back at him makes him realize I’m doing more than watching his movements. I’m having thoughts, THOSE thoughts, about his cock again. I’ve been obsessed with it lately…well always, but even more recently. I rise and wander to him, my hand immediately tracing down the slight bulge through his jeans, my eyes finding his as I push him back into a kitchen chair.

“Again, baby?” he teasingly asks. I nod just once as I undo his fly and tug him through his shorts. His fingers curl into my hair, resting there as I engulf him with my mouth, moaning already. I suck him slowly, moving back and forth just enough to bring him to complete erection. My hand curls around the base, stroking him as I remove my mouth from his thick head, my free hand cupping his scrotum and pressing it up, my tongue lapping around it. I feel him slide closer to the edge of the hard wood chair, his hips bobbing up and down, matching the rhythm of my stroking. He’ll last awhile this time, the memory of our early morning fuck still fresh in both of our minds.

I pull both swelling balls into my mouth, my tongue moving around them, between them, the pressure from my lips increasing as I hear those moans of his. I nip him lightly, just to hear him suck his breath in. My hand presses the underside of his cock against my cheek, letting it rub there, my mouth now at the base of his cock, sucking tightly, my tongue working hard against that spot. His fingers grip into my hair, holding it back so he can watch it all.

I become aware of the pressure against my knees, silently cursing myself for not picking bahis firmalar─▒ out more cushioned flooring (is that available? remind me to check later). My brows crinkle slightly and he grins, knowing I’m uncomfortable, but will not relinquish the feast in my mouth until he makes me. My lips suck up the back of his cock and a split second before I swallow him again, he stops me, asking for me to just fuck him already, for god’s sake, get off the floor.

“Tell me how,” I say, smirking down at him as I rise, his fingers yanking my jeans open and shoving them down quickly. His tongue glides against my wet lips as I step out of them. I move to straddle him in this awkward chair but he stops me, and stands up, kicking his own jeans off. He reaches down and hands me the pile of clothes while his fingers find my hard nipples, and he twists them lightly as he backs me up the stairs.

I laugh out loud, knowing he’s imagining someone coming in and finding us there, those uninvited guests who we’ve told before to just come over and visit sometime. I almost stumble before we make it to the bedroom, but he catches me right before I fall against the door frame, pushing the clothes out of my arms onto the floor. By now, my thighs are drenched, my pussy is hungry, and his cock is red, thick, beautifully hard. He walks right by me and sits on the edge of the bed. I nearly jump on him, wanting to just knock him over and drive my cunt down hard onto him, but he holds me back and tells me to turn around. I do, of course, his hands pushing my thighs apart from behind as I descend down, his cock pushing between my cheeks. We just rub together for a few minutes, increasing our lust, my head back against his shoulder, his teeth catching against my skin as he kisses me. Then, he raises me up, just a little, and tells me to guide his cock in. I grip onto him, rubbing his thick head against my clit just before pushing him back, and gratefully, he releases me, his cock impaling me, in one deep hard push from both of us.

“I love this sight,” he moans in my ear, and I look back at him. He gestures in front of me with his head; I look to see our reflection, in the closet door mirror, left open this morning. ka├žak iddaa I see us: my legs hanging over his, his cock buried in my pussy, my clit swollen and red, his fingers kneading at my nipples. “Watch,” he says. “Let me make you scream,” he promises.

My hands cover his as he starts to push up into me, his cock glistening as it slides in and out. He works my nipples, rolling them until I moan, tightening his grip until I whimper. One stays at my left breast while his nails scrape down my belly. I see the red streaks appear on my pale skin, and I grind down into him, eager for his fingers to find my clit. “Stop it,” he admonishes me. He knows it’s hard for me not to fuck him back, not to work myself on his cock. Obviously, he does not care how hard it is, and stops moving completely until I settle down, reluctantly, impatiently. “Just watch.”

So I do, mainly due to the fact that I need to cum, & he wants me to watch as I cum. He starts again with my nipples, tugging them harder this time, twisting them with more force, ignoring me as I plead him to touch me more. My head drops back again, and he nudges it forward with his own, telling me to just watch, and be good. I grin at him in the mirror. Be good. Only he could say that to me.

My tits are bouncing now, and I can hear his shallow breath, his eyes averted away from the mirror. I know he’ll cum fast if he watches too long. I nearly yell out in glee as his hand drops to my clit, rubbing it tightly between his thumb and middle finger, rolling it as he pounds up into me. His index finger starts to tap at my exposed clit, his fingers now as wet as his cock. My cunt tightens around him, I hear him groan as I cum, already, so fast, so soon. I do nothing to stop this one. My hands are gripping onto his so tight that my fingernails are white with tension. But he doesn’t stop, he keeps it up, keeps rubbing at my clit, deeper now, a little faster as he fucks me.

My eyes are glued to the reflection, his cock ramming up into me, his fingers keeping up the pace. He moves closer to the edge of the bed, and starts to fuck me harder, making me cry out as his head bashes over and over into my cervix. The second orgasm is much more intense, ka├žak bahis my whole being shaking from deep within. I can barely breathe as he continues to stimulate my clit, and I slip into another, and another, my juices dripping off his balls, slow, thick drops. Still, I watch, holding as still as one can while taken over the edge so far. His fingers release my clit for moment, and his hands move to my inner thighs, lifting me off him completely. I’m always amazed at the strength in his arms.

I know what he wants. I reach down and find his slick cock. I hold it as he lowers me again, this time sending his prick into my ass, the tight hole straining for a second before the head pops through, making the both of us shudder and moan ridiculously loud. “Watch,” he says again. I’m continuously moaning now, his fingers again moving to my clit, only this time, he pushes three deep into my hungry opening, his thumb circling the sensitive nub. He fucks me gently now, sinking deep into me with each thrust, his fingers spreading and tightening within me as his cock moves in and nearly out. His left hand presses to my cheek, and guides me up and down his shaft. My eyes are burning now, I can feel tears dripping down my face, unable to blink. I am consumed with the image, his fingers busy in my pussy, his cock huge in my tight ass.

I can see the skin sliding against his shaft as he pushes me up. My own hands cover my tits, pinching my nipples. His teeth sink into my shoulder, and I know he’s close, his cock throbbing deep in me. “Cum again dammit,” he growls, his fingers ramming up into me. His thumb grinds against my clit, and I do, I cum so hard again, I would have fallen if he didn’t have such a tight grip on me. He raises his eyes. I watch as he pushes me up, one last time, and plunges my ass down onto him. I can feel him expanding, and I scream out, his cock stretching more than he ever has, his cum blasting into me. He fucks my pussy harder, working another orgasm out of me, my ass sucking him deep into me, our bodies bouncing together.

I shove his hand away from my cunt, and he feeds me his fingers, his cock still working inside of me. I can hear him grunt as he fills my ass, over and over, with lessening amounts of semen each time. I fall back against him again, and this time he holds me, he kisses me. He pulls me off him, and we climb back under the sheets, sleeping away the rest of the lazy day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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