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Walt and Rhonda Ch. 06

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a fictional story in a fictional series of a fictional married couple proposing fictional sex outside their fictional marriage. If you find the subject matter objectionable, please move on.

You may want to read Walt and Rhonda Ch. 05 to get the background, but it’s not essential.


It had been more than two months since Walt and Rhonda had confirmed their deepest suspicions and most exciting fantasies about each other. After ten years of wonderful married life and loving sex they had each had sexual experiences outside their marriage, each hiding it from the other, terrified of being discovered while teasing each other that they were doing it, and at the same time hoping and wondering if the other was doing the same. Finally, at a party, they’d had the opportunity to separately see each other having sex with another person, and realizing their fantasies. Afterwards they had discussed it, and agreed that since no had had been hurt, and since they both enjoyed what they did, and they each enjoyed the idea of each other enjoying it, that they would continue, only without secrets. Hiding nothing from each other, no lies, no secrets; that was the pact they made.

For the first few weeks following their emotional reunion after witnessing each other’s dalliances, they had returned to their regular sex lives, making slow, wonderful love, considerate of each other’s needs and wants. They sexually reset their norms, making sure they were still okay, that these new events hadn’t changed them, or irreparably damaged their relationship. Each knew that the relationship had changed, had grown, or stretched to include new boundaries, but their personal, intimate relationship was strong as ever, once again firmly rooted in trust and open communication.

Rhonda was happy to have given up her outside activities, but was especially pleased with having lost the weight of her deceit, her lies by omission. As they rediscovered themselves these few weeks, she thought, it was a great relief to not have her secrets dangling over her head, weighing her down, and a bigger relief to know that Walt wasn’t angry, or jealous. In fact he was excited to hear some of her stories that night, some while she sucked his cock, and others when she was on top of him, riding his shaft. But for weeks after the party the subject had not been raised, and it had been just them, together, like old times.

A few weekends after the party they had gone to dinner on a weeknight (a WEEKNIGHT of all things, who would have imagined!), just to spend some time together. The restaurant was surprisingly busy for a Thursday, but they sat quietly, eating and talking. They chatted about work, and Walt mentioned that he might have to go out of town in few weeks. He hadn’t been away for a while, she realized, and wondered if he had been avoiding his trips because of their recent past activities. They had only occurred when they were apart. She considered bringing it up, but let the thought slide. Walt was relating the vendor he had to visit; he’d be gone four days, there were three plant visits, company officers, meetings. At his last trip he’d fucked the owner’s wife, and Rhonda felt a little tingle inside remembering Walt telling her what they had done. It had been pretty hot. Her pussy twitched at the memory, and her thoughts drifted to sex as they talked.

And she looked around the restaurant.

There were a number of couples seated around them, and more at the bar, visible from the dining room. She wondered if any of them were like Walt and her, prepared to share themselves with others; if their relationships were strong and loving and understanding like the one she shared with Walt. She smiled wistfully at the ones who looked happy and content, and felt sorry for the ones who ate in silence, existing together, not enjoying themselves.

It occurred to her then that she was trying to determine if she could detect, just by looking, if a couple had an open relationship. And she realized that if that were true, if you could see it, then they could surely see it in her and Walt. She blushed with momentary embarrassment. What would these people, these regular, ordinary people, think of her? Would they be shocked? Or would they just give a knowing smile, because they were doing the same thing? She drifted off, ruminating on the possibilities, until she felt Walt’s hand on hers.

“Hey,” she heard him say, “where’d you go just now?”

She came back to herself to find her eyes had settled on a young couple at a nearby table, and when she snapped back to reality she saw they were looking her way and grinning. She gasped in surprise, and turned away, blushing and flustered, to answer Walt’s question.

“Oh, sorry, I was just thinking,” she stammered. “I guess I drifted off a little.” She smiled at him to cover her thoughts and embarrassment. What would that young couple think of her? Her eyes darted back, but the young couple had returned to their meal and conversation. Aydın Escort She turned to Walt and he was looking where her eyes had been. When he returned to her, he was smiling broadly.

“You sexy, brazen hussy,” he whispered in a low voice, “were you checking that guy out?”

She was momentarily speechless, both because she hadn’t been, and because the subject of other people had not come up for several weeks. She looked at his face. He wasn’t angry. He was — what? Entertained?

“No, you idiot,” she joked, but her hand fiddled with her napkin. “No, don’t be silly.”

“You were, weren’t you? You were checking out that young stud eating dinner with his wife.”

“I was not,” she insisted, and her eyes drifted back to the young couple, who were smirking and stealing furtive glances at her. Oh, my God, she thought, I bet they think that I WAS staring at him! But even as she thought it, her eyes scanned the younger man, his relaxed body, his long legs under their table, his easy good looks, and the devilish smirk on his face. And her pussy confirmed her opinion.

“You were,” Walt grinned at her, “you just did it again!”

She felt her face go red and she put her hand up to hide her embarrassment. “Oh, God that’s embarrassing,” she muttered. “I was not checking him out before, but I admit I did just now.” She looked up at him and grinned. “And they saw me! It’s so embarrassing!” She dropped her hands to the table as the redness left her face.

Walt snickered at her. “Don’t worry yourself, dear,” he said covering her hand with his. “I think they enjoyed it.” She saw his eyes dart in their direction, then return to hers. “So, you would go for that? Is he your type?”

“Walt! Stop it!” Rhonda’s embarrassment returned, shocked to hear him asking such a frank question out loud, after so many weeks of not addressing the topic. She took a moment to accustom herself to the idea that she was openly discussing her potential for attraction to other men with her husband in a public place. She wondered why it didn’t seem more unusual. And more strangely, that discussing it publicly was, well, a little titillating, almost dangerous.

Her words were stern, but with a smile. “What are you talking about? I don’t have a type.” She lowered her voice, and put her hand on his. “Except you, of course; you’re my type.”

“Good to know,” he said, “I was kidding of course.” He gazed into her eyes and his lips curled a little into half a smirk. “But are you interested? What kind of man interests you?”

Before answering she had another momentary flash of being outside herself, observing her position, and being a little amazed that she would be openly discussing with her husband what makes another man attractive to her. “It’s not just looks, you know. Physical attraction is important, but there has to be more, a connection. I have to meet him, talk to him, feel comfortable. Remember Andy? The Car Rental guy? Like that. Not just handsome, but also an emotional match. I don’t just survey the crowd and settle on an attractive face with a hard cock.” She glanced sideways, making sure her voice was low enough. “Not that there isn’t a lot to be said for hard cock!” she grinned. “And that young man over there is with his wife, and I’m with you, so I can see he looks nice, but that’s not what I’m thinking of.”

“So,” Walt asked, smirking openly, “what if you were here, and alone, and horny?” he teased.

“Well, then,” she teased back, leaning in towards her husband, “I’d just tell him I wanted to suck his hard cock, provided he could go again, and fuck my brains out!” She saw movement from in the corner of her eye, and turned to see the waitress there, and the look on the girl’s face told her that her voice had been a little too loud on that last comment.

Rhonda lowered her head almost to the table and buried her face in her hands, hearing Walt’s laugh.

“Should I come back?” the waitress asked tentatively. And despite herself, Rhonda began laughing, too. She picked her head up.

“No, it’s fine,” she laughed.

“How is everything tonight? Can I get you folks anything else?” As she spoke she removed the empty plates. “Would you like some coffee or dessert?”

“Dessert sounds great,” Walt told her, and Rhonda agreed. The waitress smiled and left, returning with dessert menus. They selected quickly, and Rhonda waited until the waitress delivered the desserts before speaking again.

“I hope I didn’t scare her,” she said.

“”Yes,” Walt kidded her with sarcastic humor, “I bet she never heard those words before. I’m sure she’s shattered.” He grinned and lowered his voice. “You know, Ronnie, it’s exciting hearing you talk like that. It’s been so long since we teased each other.”

Rhonda looked at him, measuring her response, not sure she wanted to bring up how they had kept secrets from each other. “Actually,” she told him, “the last time may have been when we went away together.” They looked Aydın Escort Bayan at each other, both knowing that their teasing had led to their flings with others, and the discomfort of their secrets were not completely gone. Rhonda was determined not to let it ruin the evening. “And,” she added, grinning, “it’s about time we started again.”

“I think you’re right,” he said, and reached for her hand, lifting it to his lips and kissing her fingers. “I love you, honey. I’m so lucky to have such a lovely, wonderful, sexy wife, and I am glad we stopped torturing ourselves.” He grinned mischievously. “Teasing each other is so much fun, and I confess, I am a little, uh, stimulated, hearing you talk so sexy and dirty.”

“Walt, are you getting a boner?”

“About half so far, yeah.”

“Well, then, if you were alone, and sitting there with half an erection, who would YOU go for? Hmm? Is that young man’s wife your type?” She looked at him slyly. “Or would you go for the waitress.”

“Honestly, hon, I don’t know,” he said, eating his cheesecake. “You remember what happened to me those times. I didn’t do the seducing. I was taken, by loose wanton women.” He grinned broadly. “Not unlike yourself!”

“You didn’t put up much of a fight, as I recall from your stories,” she grinned back. “Is that what attracts you to a woman? The fact that she’ll spread her legs for you?”

“Ouch,” he kidded, “you make it sound so cheap. But no,” he explained, “that’s not it. Obviously, like you said, there is some physical attraction, but there’s more. There’s plenty of attractive women in the world.” He looked at her, and touched her hand. “Not as attractive as you, of course.”

“Well done,” she congratulated him.

“But I don’t just lust after every attractive woman. There needs to be something more, a sexual spark, a sign of lust, a mutual, I don’t know, idea.” She watched him struggle to find the words. “There is something deeply alluring about a woman who knows she wants sex, who likes it enough to take a chance on a guy she just met.” He winked at her. “Like you, Ronnie.” She laughed and he continued. “The women who turn me on are attractive, sexy, seductive, and are attracted to me.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Again, like you,” he said, and smiled.

“You, sir,” Rhonda said, smiling as she pushed her empty plate away and reached for the last of her wine, “are a sweet talking devil, and I love you to death. And what sexy, horny woman wouldn’t be hot for you?” They laughed together as the waitress picked up the check, and they stood to exit. “But I’m a little nervous about sending you out in the world to be the unsuspecting victim of every woman with an itch to scratch,” she said, wrapping her arm around his, and leaning into his shoulder as they walked to the car.

“You think I’m naïve? A babe in the woods?”

“Maybe a little,” she giggled.

“It’s true, I admit it,” he said, holding her car door open. “I fell for your wily and seductive charms, didn’t I?’ He leaned in and kissed her as she sat down. Her hand touched his cheek lightly as their lips met, brushing lightly.

“You are something, mister,” she whispered as he pulled back, looking into her eyes. “You better get me home quickly, or I may have to go find some satisfaction for myself.”

“Not tonight, woman,” he said, standing outside her open car door. “Tonight you are all mine.” He closed the door with an exaggerated flourish and thumped his chest dramatically. She was still laughing when he got in the car.

That were still enjoying the humor as they walked in the door of their home, and Walt took her into his arms, holding her body close to his, but with his shoulders and head pulled back, looking at her silently, and smiling a little.

“What,” she said, searching his face for a clue to his thoughts. “What is it? Is my makeup running?” Then she saw a smile form on his lips. “Is there a bug on my face?” she kidded, and his smile broadened. She loved his smile.

“You,” he told her, his voice solemn and serious despite the smile on his face, “are the most beautiful, sexy, hot woman any man could ever want,” he told her. “I love you, Rhonda, and I love loving you, and I am the luckiest man in the world for loving you.”

And Rhonda felt her stomach flip and her knees go weak and her face moved to his and they kissed, slowly and teasingly like lovers; she thrilled at the fact that they could still kiss like lovers after ten years of marriage. Their hands were at each other’s faces, caressing cheeks, touching necks, and lips parted, tongues touched, then began probing, mouths open and pressing lightly. His hands moved around her, to her back, then to her ass, pressing her against him. She felt him getting hard against her.

Her lips left his mouth, moved to his chin, his neck, then down his chest, kissing him through his shirt as she bent, then knelt, her hands sliding down his chest to his pants as she kissed his growing erection Escort Aydın though his pants. She opened his pants, pulling the zipper down, tugged his briefs down below his balls and released him. She gazed lovingly at his half hard dick before planting a kiss on the tip, then licking the head. She heard him moan appreciatively.

“Is this how you would do it?” he asked, and she looked up at him questioningly.

“Do what?” she asked, holding his shaft at the base with one hand, the other on his stomach as he worked his pants down past his hips, letting them drop to his ankles.

“Is this how you would do him, after you pick him out, and meet him?”

She knew what he wanted then. “Oh, yes, baby,” she said, and her eyes drilled into his. “I’d open his pants and drop to my knees and tell him I wanted to suck his cock with my slutty married mouth.” She opened her lips, still looking into his eyes, and took the head inside, feeling the spongy head squirm around her swirling tongue,

“Show me how you want him,” he whispered, “show me how you want his cock.”

She hummed her delight on his head and felt his hips twitch, and lowered her eyes and began to work his cock, loving the feel of his hard shaft in her mouth as she moved her head down, taking as much of him inside as she could fit, and sucking as she drew back.

“Oh, yeah, you beautiful, married slut, suck my cock,” he encouraged, and his dirty words inspired her, and she began pumping his shaft with her mouth and hand, swirling her fist as she sucked him. “Yeah, that’s it, oh, you suck my cock so good, you love a nice hard cock in your mouth, don’t you, you horny slut?”

She pulled off, rubbing his saliva-slicked head across her lips. “Yeah, baby, I love to suck a nice hard cock.” She licked a drop of pre-cum from the tip, stretching it from his cockhead to her tongue, then taking him back inside her mouth, sucking and bobbing her head.

“Doesn’t your husband take care of you?” he asked teasingly.

She pulled off again. “He takes good care of me,” she said, her face hot with desire, and her pussy leaking into her panties. “But he’s not here now, and you are, and your cock is hard, and I want you to cum in my mouth,” she hissed. She opened her mouth wide, laid her tongue out flat beneath his cock, and watched him watching her as she inserted his cock far into her mouth before closing her lips around it. She pressed down, forcing it into the back of her mouth, until she gagged a little. She began pumping her head enthusiastically, hearing him groan.

“M-mm, yeah, suck my hard cock. I’m going to cum in your married mouth, I’m going to shoot my cum in your slut mouth.” She felt his hips jerk and his cock pulsed, and she fondled his ball sack as she stroked his cock with her mouth, urging his release. Her saliva dripped from her lips, and she sucked, and pumped, and listened to him grunt and moan. When she felt him getting close, she looked up, stroking his cock at her open mouth.

“Cum for me, baby, cum in my mouth so I can tell my husband how good your cum tasted, how I swallowed your hot load of cum.” She kept her eyes on his as his cock swelled, and jerked, and she wrapped her lips around the head. She felt the pulse in her hand as the first spurt of his cum shot into her mouth, coating her tongue with his hot, salty load, and she held it in her mouth, letting his eruption fill her mouth, groaning as his semen emptied into her. She pulled back as he finished, allowing the last drips to coat her lips as she swallowed her mouthful.

She looked up at him, lips glistening with his seed, and smiled. “Happy? Did you like that?” She stood and threw her arms over his shoulders. “More important, do you think HE would like it?”

“No,” he told her, “the most important is that YOU enjoyed it. I love to see you enjoy yourself; it’s always been my greatest turn on, seeing you sexy and horny and hot. It’s my dream, seeing you out of control, unable to help yourself. What man could resist you?” He kissed her then, tasting the remnant of his climax on her lips. His arms caressed her back, sliding down to her butt, pressing his still half-hard cock against her. “When you put the moves on a guy, he doesn’t stand a chance.”

“What about you?” she asked, as his hands caressed her back. “What would you do to seduce a woman?”

“Oh, you want to see my moves?” He faced her, his hand on her arm, lightly grazing her skin with his fingertips.

“Yeah, I want to see your moves baby. I need to know that the women you fuck are impressed with you.” She grinned broadly. “I can’t have them thinking I didn’t train you right!”

He leaned into her, one hand at the small of her back, pulling her hips close to him, and kissed her lightly, the other hand behind her head, stroking her neck and playing in her hair. She returned the kiss, their tongues dancing.

“M-mm, that’s nice,” she said, breaking the kiss, and the hand from her back moved around, sliding up her front to slowly cup her breast through her shirt. “Oh, yeah, she likes that,” she cooed. He kissed her lips again, harder this time, then moved his hands to her shoulders and firmly turned her, so her back faced him, and she craned her neck as his lips found her throat under her ear.

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