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Wait For It

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Anne hadn’t had sex in high school, but she knew sex would come. She wasn’t anxious about it. She didn’t know when the sex would come, but she was confident it would. All she had to do was wait, and sex would arrive like a beautiful, unexpected present all wrapped up in fancy paper and tied with an elegant bow. That’s the way she wanted it to happen.

So on Tuesday in Anne’s bedroom when Clinton Delphy pushed down his jeans and his penis popped out and pointed at her, she just smiled inside. Here it was! She was very excited. Soon she was going to open her legs and let Clinton push his cock up inside her pussy. It was going to be her first time forever, and Anne anticipated putting this long-awaited gift in her mental scrapbook. She wanted memories. She wanted to study this penis, her first, carefully, because when she thought about this moment afterwards, she wanted to be able recall it to her mind exactly like a photograph. She wanted to be able to close her eyes lie back in bed with her hand between her legs and see it bobbing before her. She wanted the excitement of her first fuck to be there for her always.

She had never really seen one like this, all swollen and bouncy. She leaned forward from where she sat on the edge of her bed and stroked his cock with her fingertips, admiring its thickness and smoothness. She had in mind what she was going to do. Her friend Marian had told her that they liked having their cocks sucked, even though you didn’t actually suck on them but rather made your mouth into a sucky pussy and let them fuck your mouth. She wanted to please him, so she took him in her mouth. She was a little surprised how little taste a penis had. It was warm and smooth and meaty, nothing more. She didn’t know what she expected it to taste like but she thought it might be gamey or salty. She sucked gently and made her mouth go up and down slowly. She could tell that Clinton Delphy liked what she was doing. That was good. He was breathing hard and stroking her hair. Sometimes he gently fucked her mouth and when he did she felt his balls and put her hands on his ass cheeks.

The only problem with this blow job was that while she was sucking him she couldn’t look at his cock, and she wanted to look at it. She wanted to memorize Clinton’s hard-on. Would he let her take a picture of it with her cell phone camera? She took his cock out of her mouth and holding it gently between her fingers and thumb she examined it, occasionally licking its head so Clinton would remain engaged and let her continue doing what she wished. She liked its soft little top helmet with its violet edges. She liked the vein that snaked down its shaft. She liked the tight bag of balls. She liked the way it swelled near the top and rose out of its nest of curly dark hair. It was simple, and very exciting. And it was hers. She put it back in her mouth and tried to swallow as much as much as she could, pushing it back down her throat as far as she dared. Clinton groaned. Anne smiled as much as any girl could smile with a cock in her mouth.

She had just taken it out again to catch her breath and do another penis survey, when something unexpected happened. Clinton groaned, his penis gave a lurch and ejaculated a squirt of hot cum into her open, surprised mouth. What! Anne was, to put it mildly, surprised. “Oh, yes,” said Clinton. A second squirt struck her nose and chin. She flinched. She simply didn’t know what to do. She froze. “Oh, pull it! Pull it!” Clinton begged excitedly. She pulled. (She didn’t know what else to do and it seemed an emergency.) Another eruption of goo oozed from Clinton’s cock and fell in a great sticky string onto her blouse. “Oh, more! Once more!” Clinton was in agony. Anne pulled hard several more times, milking his sticky cock as though it were a cow’s teat. A few more trickles came out. Clinton body shuddered and he closed his eyes. Clinton obviously felt good.

Anne did not. This formerly stiff thing which she held in her hand from which she had expected so much was now shrinking, drooping, getting wrinkly. Anne didn’t want that to happen. She still had all her clothes on and nothing had happened. She had been left out. The stuff in her mouth was not very pleasant tasting and she wanted to wipe her face, but she was concerned how doing that would look to Clinton. She didn’t want to appear to be saying, “Get this stuff off me!” But that’s how she felt. The gob on her nose threatened to run down her face. The smile inside her had faded.

Now Anne could have wept. Marian hadn’t told her that a man could come in her mouth after a few licks and sucks. She wanted more! She wanted to be fucked, to be naked and have her tits felt. She wanted to take a picture and paste this forever in her book of girlish memories. The Day I Got Fucked photograph, edged with frilly paper, showing her legs in the air and a cock stuck up inside, was supposed to be glued in her album. How was she supposed to remember this? Shit, shit, shit! She wished she’d never sucked his dick.

Clinton was embarrassed.

“I’m really sorry, Anne. şişli escort I didn’t know that was going to happen. You just got me really excited and I couldn’t hold on. I’ve been thinking about you all week and I guess I got too worked up. You felt so good and I just..well, you know.”

Anne still didn’t know what to say. She wanted to say something but the fact that the gob of spunk on her nose was making its way toward her upper lip and that she hadn’t decided whether to swallow what was in her mouth or spit it out kind of took over her mind. Politeness failed her. She decided she had to swallow. She wouldn’t be able to say anything coherent if she didn’t. She gulped and it was gone mostly.

“I was just a little surprised, Clinton. I was having a good time. I wanted to make you feel good. Can we try again?”

“Sure. I’ll call you this Friday. We can go out.”

Friday was not what Anne had in mind. Anne had in mind trying again right now, not on Friday. But she saw how this was going. Clinton was already pulling up his pants. He had leaving in his mind, not foreplay. “That would be nice, Clinton. I’d love to.” she said sadly. And then Clinton was gone and she was alone.

At least now she could clean her face. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked used. She felt used. A hot washcloth repaired the damage and mouthwash took away the taste. Anne brushed her teeth just to make sure the goo was all gone. As she brushed, she heard a male voice saying to someone, “I came in that bitch’s mouth and then I dumped her.” In her mind she went to the bookshelf, took down her memory album, opened to My First Fuck and tore out the page. The mental picture surrounded by frilly paper was torn into a billion little pieces and flushed down the toilet. Poor Anne. She would just have to patiently wait a little longer for good things to show up on her doorstep.

On Wednesday Anne went to see Marian at the little apartment on Bear Street that Marian shared with Fiona Tate. Fiona would be working so she and Marian could be alone together. Marian would listen sympathetically to her story. When she rang the bell Marian peeked out around the door.

“I was hoping it was you. I’m naked already. Come in.”

Anne came in and naked Marian ran on tiptoes back to her bedroom where she sprawled on her back on the bed and held out her arms to Anne. Anne undressed,carefully folding her clothes, and got into bed, giving Marian a chaste kiss on the lips as she lay back beside her.

Marian was her best friend. They had grown up together. When they were alone together they often took turns masturbating each other. Marian said it was always better when someone did it to you than when you did it to yourself. She was right. They had been doing this together for many years. They used to meet after school at Anne’s house on Wednesdays, smoke a joint in the backyard and talk. Marian was the more “experienced’ of the two and suggested to Anne one day when they were feeling high that she teach her about masturbation. They went up to Anne’s pink, suburban bedroom, took off their clothes and Marian fingered Anne’s crack until she came. For Anne the world changed that day. She hadn’t imagined something could feel so good. Then Marian explained to Anne what she wanted her to do and showed her how to do it.

Anne quickly learned to enjoy giving pleasure to her friend. Sometimes she told Marian little sex stories will she was rubbing her clit about boys they knew in school, telling her how big their cocks were and how it would feel to be fucked by them. One Wednesday Marian went down between Anne’s legs and licked her. Anne was a little squeamish at first about having Marian tongue her pussy, but it felt really good and when Anne had her orgasm it was big. Anyway they didn’t do “eating out” much and Anne could never bring herself to lick Marian.

It was Marian who had taken Anne’s cherry with a very big, rubber dildo she said her parents had hidden in their bedroom. Anne had liked the big dildo inside her and fantasized that she was being fucked by Michael Winter, a boy she liked at school while Marian fingered her with one hand and pushed and pulled the rubber dick with the other. Marian only brought the big fake cock a few times because she was afraid her parents would miss it. Anne liked it so much she searched her parent’s room to see if they owned one of their own, but her search was not successful. She couldn’t picture her parents using a big rubber dick, but Marian told her never to underestimate other people’s sex lives. Lots of people did stuff you would never expect. Anne didn’t find anything she didn’t expect.

Marian lay back on the bed with her eyes closed and her legs open, one knee cocked up. Anne sat cross-legged next to her with her finger deep in Marian’s cunt. Marian had a large sex. She was much more hairy than Anne. Anne’s pussy was sparsely furnished, small and puffy like a girl’s. Marian’s had big, dark lips that became swollen when she was fingered. Marian always said that Anne did her better than anyone. Anne sometimes wondered who else made Marian cum with their finger but mainly she took it as a compliment. Certainly, she couldn’t imagine roommate Fiona fingering Marian. Fiona seemed entirely oblivious to anything sexual.

Anne sometimes wondered whether Marian was a lesbian but Marian seemed to like going out and getting laid. They shared everything and Marian had never told her about an experience with another woman, so Anne didn’t think Marian was a lesbian. They were just girlfriends who frigged each other. Anne surely didn’t think of herself as a lesbian and she was doing to Marian what Marian was doing to her.

She settled into making Marian’s pussy wet and sloppy and to make her cum harder than she had ever cum before. And she knew how to do it because she knew that good things weren’t rushed.

While her fingers circled Marian’s slippery bump, Anne’s hands felt Marian’s tits and touched her nipples gently. Marian had nice breasts, Anne thought. She leaned forward and took one of Marian’s nipples in her mouth and sucked, pressing her face hard into the warm softness and worrying the nipple back and forth as she sucked. Marian murmured encouragement.

The nipple hardened and Anne flicked it with her tongue. Anne sucked harder and squeezed the other breast gently before she moved her mouth to the other nipple and sucked it hard. Back and forth she went from nipple to nipple, pulling and tugging with her mouth. The finger below began to move faster lubricated by the wetness that began to flow in Marian’s hairy, dark crevice. Marian’s hand found Anne’s thigh and gripped it. Her hand sent messages about the state of Marian’s sexual tension.

Sometimes Anne’s finger went faster and pushed harder on Marian’s clit, jolting her. The hand squeezed harder and fingernails dug into Anne’s thigh. Moans began and “Oh,yes!” was heard more than once. Anne felt herself getting aroused by the feelings she was creating in her subject. She moved on.

The fingers of her right hand never stopped stimulating Marian’s now fully-erect, little female penis while two fingers of her left hand entered Marian’s cunt and began to finger fuck her. Marian was wet. She was breathing hard and a warm redness suffused her chest and neck. Anne could smell her, a warm milky smell. Marian’s body began to struggle on the bed. The other hand, the one that was not painfully communicating with Anne’s thigh, was pulling on the sheets.

“Did I tell you I got fucked today, Marian? My cunt is still wet. He had a big, cock with a great big head on it. I took him in my mouth and sucked on it like you told me to do and made him all slippery while he fingered my pussy. Then he shoved up me hard. Having a hot cock up inside you is one of the best feelings, don’t you think? I let him put it in from behind and fuck me like a dog while I reached back and felt his big, hairy balls. And then I sat on top and went up and down real slowly. It was so big, Marian! And he played with my tits while I fucked him. Then after a while he said he wanted to put it in my asshole and I told him he could and I bent over and spread my cheeks for him and he put that big, slippery thing against my asshole and just slowly, slowly pushed it all the way in. Marian,…..”

But her story was interrupted.

“Oh, fuck me,” groaned Marian, “I feel so hot! Please fuck me!”

One of the fingers that had been exploring Marian’s cunt withdrew and moved down from the cunt to a place below where it moistly circled Marian’s tight, wrinkly hole and pressed gently as if it wished to go inside. Marian’s pleasure exploded.

“You fucking bitch. You are going to make me cum!” Marian gasped.

The fingertip knocking at the wrinkled door slid in just a little bit and tugged gently at the sphincter muscle and then slid slowly as far in as it could reach and flexed. The other finger, the one on Marian’s hard little man in the boat never stopped moving. A second finger and then a third spread Marian’s tightest hole. Anne knew what Marian liked. Marian started to cum with a jolt and a cry. She roared with pleasure, her body arched.

“Oh yes, yes, yes! Oh, yes! I’m cumming! Do it…Do it! …Fuck, yes!”

Great waves of pleasure swept her body. Marian’s hands gripped her own breasts squeezing them hard and her hips fucked Anne’s fingers. She arched her back and twisted. And then she shuddered and fell back as all the sexual tension was released from her limbs and the peaceful calm that follows flooded through her. She sighed and small tremors continued for a little and then she seemed to Anne to just float silently on her feelings for a full minute. A smile came to her face and Marian stretched. Had she been a cat she would have purred. Then she gave Anne a hug and a kiss on the mouth that was not a chaste kiss.

Anne decided that the story of the blow-job-that-failed could wait until another time. Marian rolled over and opened the drawer of her bedside table and took out a big green jelly dildo.

“Your turn,” she said.


Anne met Ritchie after the movies on Friday night. A whole bunch of them went to eat pizza afterwards and Ritchie was there with Lydia Palmer. They sat at a big round table and laughed and drank beer. Ritchie smiled at Anne a lot and afterwards he asked for her phone number which she gave him. Then they all went home. Anne watched TV for awhile and was thinking of bed when the phone began to ring. It was late and she thought about letting the machine pick up the call, but answered it anyway. Ritchie was calling. He was outside. Would Anne like to go for a little ride? Anne said she would come down. They drove around for a little while talking and listening to the radio and then Ritchie pulled into an alley and parked behind a dark building.

He asked if he could kiss her. Anne said yes and soon she and Ritchie were sucking face and trading tongues. Ritchie’s hand was under her clothes and feeling her breasts through her bra and Anne’s hand was down undoing Ritchie’s belt so she could stick it down inside his pants and feel his dick which she had already squeezed several times through his pants. When Anne reached down and grabbed her newest cock, Ritchie’s hand went up between her thighs and pushed aside her panties and went straight for her swollen little bud.

Oh, Annie really liked that. She was hot. Two minutes of that and Anne told him that she wanted to be fucked right now. They tried to do it in the front seat but there just wasn’t room in the front seat. “Outside,” said Ritchie. He led her to the building. “Turn around and take off your panties and open your legs.” Anne kicked her panties behind her and put her hands against the wall of the building. She was nervous that someone might come and see them but she was also excited to be fucked. Let them watch!

Her skirt was lifted and then she felt a big, hot, hard, cock get pushed up inside her. Oh, that was good! Her legs trembled and she pushed herself back to get all of it. She didn’t care if anyone was watching. “Fuck me,” she told him.

Ritchie smacked his cock into her so hard her breath was jarred out each time he thrust. “Ooof! Ooof! Ooof!” She wanted to reach back, grab her cheeks and hold them apart so she could get it deeper inside, but she couldn’t take her hands off the wall. Ritchie was holding her hips and he was holding her too hard but she didn’t want to say anything because he might stop. Anne was wild with excitement.

She was standing on tiptoe and her arms ached from holding herself away from the wall. He felt so big and so hard! The violence increased as Ritchie sensed that he was going to cum. They both gasped and struggled and then Ritchie rammed his penis as far into Anne as he could and with a groan shot his stuff into her.

Anne felt electric. After a minute her heartbeat began to return to normal and she regained her senses. She covered her exposed parts and stood up. Ritchie was leaning on his car, his head hung over as though he’d just finished a race. He was breathing hard.

“Why don’t you come home with me?” said Anne.

“I can’t. I have to go.”

“No! Why?”

“I just have to. It’s not what I want but it’s what I have to do.”

“I liked it and I want to do it again. I’d like to do it again upstairs in my bedroom with you.”

“I liked it too, but I have to go. I’m due at work in ten minutes. I work at night.”

Ritchie drove her home. Anne she was disappointed in herself. This was her first fuck and, though she felt stupid about it, she had never really gotten to see Ritchie’s penis. She’d felt it, but she’d never actually looked at it. She was sure it was bigger than Clinton’s but Clinton’s had never gone up inside her so she wasn’t sure. So, no photo in the scrapbook of sexual memories. If they’d gone upstairs she could have taken her time, memorized its length and features. She had to admit that she had been thoroughly fucked. That was a good thing. She could be happy about that. And she might get a second opportunity.

As she went up the steps she remembered that her panties were still lying on the ground in some alley in the city. She didn’t care. She hurried in. Anne wanted to look at herself in the mirror to see if she looked different somehow. She felt different. She certainly felt sticky between her legs.


Marian called and said she was having a little party and could Anne come over and help with that. Anne went over.

Marian peeked around the door. She was naked. Why was she naked?

“Hi. Ted is here. Come in. I want you to meet him.”

Ted was a polite young man. When Anne came in, he rose from the couch to greet her. He too was naked, holding a joint in his left hand. His long penis wasn’t erect and bobbing about like Clinton’s but it had probably been hard recently. It was not droopy, but thick, long and it curved out and down like the path of something thrown from a building charted on graph paper. Its one eye looked down on the prospect of his right big toe. He was not circumcised. Anne had never seen an uncut one before and she immediately wanted to inspect it.

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