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Volleyball Girls

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I realized what he was looking at, two high school girls who looked to be sophomore’s in volleyball uniforms, one was a 5’ 4” dirty blonde and tan while the other was an inch taller, pale skin and light blonde. They were wearing long white sleeve athletic shirts and black spandex shorts that barley covered their asses. They had B sized breasts and their hair was done up into messy buns, they were probably just hanging out after a game, but they were a sight to see while I was getting my dinner. After a couple aisles the light blonde reached down to adjust her shorts, and then suddenly they both turned and looked right at me.

Even though I hadn’t really done anything wrong I immediately felt out of place and proceed to go to the other side of the walk-way looking straight ahead. I noticed out of the side of my eye they went down the aisle next to them. “that was weird” I thought but I didn’t want to think too much about it, I just wanted to grab my sub and head home.

After I got my sandwich I headed to the self-checkout and again saw those girls out of the corned of my eye. “Someone over here has a crush” I heard and glanced over as I passed. The dirty blonde was cover mouth with her fist while tugging the bottom of her shirt down while the other had her hands on her hips and smiling. “well they probably wouldn’t be shouting if they thought I was some creep” I thought but I wasn’t sure if having teenagers hit on me was all much better. Once I finished checking out I heard the voice behind me “Okay we’re checking out now”, I looked over my shoulder to see the two of them with a couple of candy bars with their backs turned to me showing off their butts while looking over their shoulders and smiling. “Oh, what’s the harm in humoring them?” I thought.

“Is that all you guys need to re-fuel you need after game?” I asked them.

“weeell it’ll have to do for now” the light blonde said as both chuckled and shifted their nice toned and shapely legs. “Our parents won’t let us work during the semester, so we can’t splurge on much” she said with a pouty face. “Oh really?” I replied “mind if I cover your bill then?”. They seemed nice and were giving me a good show, so why not reward them?

“We’d really appreciate that mister” the light blonde said with a mischievous smile and her chest poked out. “Thank you” said the dirty blonde shyly and still a little hunched over. Both looked sexy in their own little ways, but I’d had my fun and was ready to head home.

“My pleasure” I said while I paid, “y’all have a good night”. They giggled and replied “you too!” and walked out behind me. I noticed the girls were still walking kind-of near me as I headed to my car which was parked towards the back of the lot. Once I unlocked it I heard them shuffle over to me and looked to see them with big grins on their faces.

“Hey mister wait!” said the light blonde. “What’s up?” I replied. “What’s you’re name?” she said. “Uhh my name is Mike” I said back. “Oh nice, well my name is Tiffany, and my friend here is Britney” she said. “You were really nice to us so we just wanted to… well…”, “thank you properly” said Britney, “yeah properly” said Tiffany agreeing with her friend.

I looked back at them confused and just asked “umm… what do you mean?”, “Weelll…” Tiffany said as she walked to the other side of me, “we just feel like we should treat you the way you treated us” she turned around stuck her ass right at me with her shorts riding up on her. “Aw shit” I thought “oh sorry girls I think there’s a miss understa-”. “Really?” asked Erzincan Escort Brittany cutting me off, I looked over to see her lifting her shirt up to expose her belly and swaying her hips side to side showing off her slightly muscular legs. “You seemed pretty interested in us earlier didn’t you?” she says while making an innocent pouty face.

“That was just a little fun, I’m actually too old for you guys” I said a little panicked. “Well we’d like to keep having fun” said Tiffany as she turned around and grabbed my right arm. “Yeah we don’t mind hanging with someone a little older” said Brittany putting my left arm around her hips as she came up tight against me. “I didn’t come here to break any laws” I said nervously. “We just want to spend a little time with you, what’s wrong with that?” Britany said as she rubbed her breast against me and biting her lip while she looked up mere inches from my face.

At that, I dropped my keys between them. “Let me get that” said Tiffany teasingly. She proceeded to step around with her legs slightly parted and place her ass right on my crouch. Keeping her legs and back straight she then bent over to pick them up, I couldn’t help but moan slightly as she pressed me up against my car while she grabbed my keys. After she grabbed them, she didn’t move her body at all, she stayed bent over and dangled they keys next to her head saying ”See? We’re good girls aren’t we?” while she started gyrating her ass on my crouch. She could definitely feel my dick getting rock hard during this, and I had lost all the will power I once had.

“How about we go some place more private” said Britney, “Our parents are home so do you have any place in mind?”. “Uuh yeah…” I could barely speak at this point, “my place is just a couple minutes from here”. “Perfect!” exclaimed Tiffaney as she finally stood up, she put my keys in my hand and ran her finger under my chin, “we’ll follow you there”. Britney gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “see you in a minute” before she winked and turned around. The two girls were giggling as they walked to there car, hips swaying and leaving me in a trance as I stared at their asses as they got in their car.

Once they were in I quickly got in mine and started the engine. “This is crazy!” I thought, “I can’t possibly be alone with these sluts, it’s only going to end with me doing something I’ll regret forever!”. As I drove to my place with the girls following closely behind me, I was preparing to tell them off as soon as we got out. Things have gotten way out of hand, and I need to stop this before its too late. I live in a small complex and parked right in front of my door, I hopped out and saw them park in spot behind. Just as I was getting ready to tell them off, they came out with clearly a very different idea in mind.

They came out and faced me with huge smirks on their faces as they undid their buns and letting their hair fall to their shoulders. During the drive they had pulled their shorts up as tight as they could and dropped the waistline to just above hips, their slightly muscular legs were on full display and led my vision right to a very visible camel toe of their sweet little cunts. Instead of words coming out my of my mouth my jaw just dropped at the sight of how sexy these little sluts were. Then the pair took it another step forward and grabbed the bottoms of their shirts and pulled them up while swaying their hips just like a stripper would. Underneath they had on white sport bras as the only thing left for coverage, sporting some nice cleavage Erzincan Escort Bayan as the twirled their shirts around while continuing to smirk at me. They turned back and leaned over to toss their shirts into the car, sticking their asses right at me which now had their cheeks spilling out the sides.

My dick was sticking straight through my shorts now, and my will to stop things was all but gone. I went from “I can’t let this happen” to “I can’t pass this up!”. The pair walked up to me and asked seductively “So where do we go?”. I pointed behind me and said “right here”. “We’ll we should probably hurry before someone sees us” said Tiffany. “Yeah that’d be good” I said as I turned. As I started walking one of the two smacked my ass and both started giggling, oh god I couldn’t get through that door fast enough!

Once we were into my place I turned to face the two and was pushed into a chair by Britney, “Get him girl!” Tiffany said. Britney quickly straddled on top of me and ran her hands through her hair as she pushed her cleavage up in front of my face. I ran my hands along her thighs and sides as she grinded into my cock and wrapped her hands around my head while Tiffany whistled at the scene. After staring at her perky little breasts I was able to look up into her beautiful blue eyes, as intoxicating her body was, her face had a perfect blend between innocent and sexy.

I grabbed the back of her head and brought our lips together, she continued to grind on me as we made out. Our tongues were swirling around each other and moving between the two mouths, both of us moaning at the euphoria of it all. She pulled back briefly to yank my shirt off and marvel my lean and muscular body before coming back in for me, this time with her hands caressing my chest while played with her ass. After a few minutes she sat upright and proceeded to pull her top off and finally expose her succulent tits with small pink nipples that were extremely hard. I immediately put them in my mouth, causing her to gasp and moan as I alternated sucking, nibbling, and swirling my tongue around her perfect breasts.

While I continued to suck Britney’s titty I turned my head to look past her and saw what Tiffany was up too. She was sitting on the couch watching us and biting her lip, one hand grabbing her tits while the other was down her shorts touching her pussy at a fast pace. Imaging what her pussy must look like I started tugging at Britney’s shorts to them down, to which she stood up, turned around, and stuck her ass straight at my face as she bent over to remove her last parcel of clothing. I had an complete up close view of her big tight ass which she smacked before turning around and showing her pussy which was cleanly shaven.

“Okay now it’s your turn” she said with a big smile. She grabbed my shorts and ripped them off, my 6 in cock sprang out, which she stared and licked her lips at. She kneeled down grabbing my shaft and ran her tongue from the bottom of my balls to the tip of my cock causing me to shudder with pleasure. She worked her tongue up and down while caressing my balls before finally engulfing myself into her mouth. She proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I’d ever had. I knew that if this went on for too long I’d come to quick so I finally pulled her head back telling her “get back up here”.

She smiled at me and proceeded to climb back onto my lap, grabbed my cock and placed the tip right into the slit of her pussy. She slowly slid down gasping and moaning until it was finally all Escort Erzincan the way in, it had to have been the tightest pussy I’d ever fucked and felt amazing. She bounced up down while correspond driving my hips with her, after a few minutes she started to scream and squirm uncontrollably while I was about to cum. “Shit you’ve got to move, I’m gonna cum” I said, sounding like she could barely breath “go ahead I’m on the pill” Britney responded. A few seconds later I grunted and shot my load right into her pussy while she had an complete orgasm. She slid off my lap and laid on her back on the floor and stared up at the ceiling in awe. Gasping I stood up and walked over to where Tiffany was, her once pale cheeks now flushed and her shorts with a noticeable wet spot at her crotch. “You’re not tired yet are you?” She asked with a teasing grin, “I could go another round” I said back, “we’ll see about that” she replied as she slid onto her knees and took my dick into her mouth, after a couple of minutes I was fully erect again.

“Ah good girl” I said as I pulled her back up and started to kiss her neck before moving to her lips, “let’s get these off” I said as I pulled her top over her head, her nipples were hard as diamonds while here tits soft and luscious. I spun her around to grab both her tits and pull her body into mine. She moaned shifting her ass side to side while I massaged her breasts and nibbled her ears.

I bent her forward and she stretched her hands on the couch ,“Last but not least” I said as I grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. Her juicy toned ass that she had been using as a tool against me all evening was finally on full display, “well what do you think” she said knowingly looking over her shoulder, “you’ve teased me with this all night” I said as I clasped both my hands on her, “it’s time I got to play with it”. I spread her beautiful orbs apart revealing her little pink hole and brought my lips to it. “Ooooh god!” She exclaimed as I kissed and ran my tongue on her, “this must be her first time being eaten out like this” I thought, she couldn’t stop moaning and gasping. I used one of my hands to start fingering her while eating her, and this drove her absolutely wild as she started gasping heavily.

“If you loved that then you’re going to love this!” I said as I slid her legs apart, “ahhhh are you going to-” “yes I am” I cut her off as I placed my dick right between her cheeks and slowly started to push in. “Ahhhh…” she groaned as she arched her head and back as far as she could, “how’s it feel slut?” I asked, “it.. it hurts… but it feels… so good” she said between big breaths. Her juices were down our legs as I pumped back and forth, both of us in ecstasy of pleasure and nearing our finishes. “I’m gonna cum soon” I grunted, “please… please do it in me”, “alright… have it your way” I finished saying and a few pumps later my second load shot straight into her ass as she squirmed and withered in orgasm.

She collapsed onto the coach while I just fell back onto the floor, both of us breathing heavily at what we had done. “Wow that was quite the show” said Britney holding her phone and looking at us “the team is going to love this!”. “Team…?” I asked as I looked over at her, “Yeah, I took a video

and sent it to our volleyball team” she replied. “YOU WHAT!?!” I exclaimed. “Haha yeah of course, they don’t like the boys at school either” she said, “No…” I stammered back, “No there can’t be a record of this… and I certainly can’t do this with others”. “they love what they’ve seen and I already gave them your number” and winked at me, and just then my phone started dinging with notifications, “Oh poor you…” said Tiffany just catching her breath “… you have fuck a whole team of hot and horny girls” and winked at me as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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