Visiting Sis Ch. 13

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My weekend adventure with Shannin and Stacy continues. It will help if you read the story from the start.

I woke up as the sun was coming in through the window. I was lying on my back and had a beautiful, warm, naked body on each side of me. Stacy was on my left. My arm was wrapped around her and she was partially lying on top of me. Her left leg was straddling mine. Shannin was on my right but she was facing away from us. Her back was pressed up against the side of my body. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a few more minutes. Sometime later I felt Shannin get out of bed and heard her washing up in the bathroom.

I opened my eyes when she stepped out into the bedroom. She looked amazing. She was wearing her white silk robe. The sun was shining in the window behind her and I could see the exciting shape of her lovely body, silhouetted in the light silk material. My cock started to stir at the erotic sight. She stepped over to the bed and bent over to give me a kiss. She told me to stay where I was and not disturb her sister. She was going to go get something for breakfast and would be right back.

As soon as Shannin left the room, I disobeyed her order by reaching over with my right hand to start to caress Stacy’s shoulder, back and down to her soft round butt cheeks. She opened her eyes and smiled. I leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. Stacy responded by returning the kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth and then rolling her body over on top of me. She broke off the kiss and her body relaxed a little. She slipped her knees up around my hips so that she was straddling my legs.

She asked where Shannin was and I told her that she was downstairs getting something to eat. Stacy said she woke up during the night and thought that she had dreamed that she had seduced me, and then she realized where she was and who she was lying next to. She said that she was even more shocked when she realized that Shannin was in bed with us. She pressed up with her hands. She was sitting directly on my hips, her ass was on my cock and she was looking down at me.

She smiled, swayed her hips a little bit against my hardening cock and said, “I’ve been absolutely dripping wet since I realized that what happened last night, actually did happen.” To emphasize her point, she pushed her hips forward and her wet pussy slipped directly over my raging stiff shaft. She rocked her hips back and forth, her wet warm pussy gliding along the length of my cock, pinning it against my stomach. Stacy’s eyes were closed and her nipples were rock hard. I reached up and cupped both beautiful soft tits as she continued to use my body for her pleasure. Stacy opened her eyes, looked down at me, pushed forward with her hips and stopped when the tip of my cock slipped up to split her puffy lips. She smiled at me, changed the angle of her hips and let my cock slide up into her body. The feeling was exquisite.

She arched her back just as Shannin walked into the bedroom with breakfast. Shannin paused and Stacy stopped. I looked up at Shannin thinking maybe we went too far. Shannin smiled at me and said, “Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning when she’s filled with cock?” I had to agree.

Shannin set the food down on the night stand and slipped out of her robe. She took a strawberry from the plate and put it up to Stacy’s mouth. Stacy took the berry in her teeth. Next, she looked down at me, leaned forward, bent over and pushed the berry into my mouth. We both enjoyed the strawberry as she continued to slowly ride my cock. Shannin climbed up on the bed next to us and she started to rub Stacy’s tits. Stacy broke off her kiss with me, sat up and started to kiss Shannin.

My cock was rock hard and shoved deep in Stacy’s hot body. The sight of the two amazing women, French kiss was driving me quickly to the edge. Shannin moved around on the bed and positioned bornova escort herself so that she was straddling my head. I lifted my face as she lowered her pussy to my mouth. I let go of Stacy’s tits and grabbed Shannin’s ass so I could give her pussy a proper tongue lashing.

I slipped my tongue up and down her dripping, puffy slit. My nose was filled with the smell of strawberries. I stuck my tongue into her body and was treated with the flavor of the juicy sweet berry. I heard Shannin tell her sister that she’s serving me strawberries and cream for breakfast. They both got a good giggle from her comment. I didn’t care. In a few moments, Stacy’s body was about to be filled with my cream.

The more I worked my tongue into Shannin’s pussy, the more she groaned. Stacy was sucking Shannin’s nipples and she was really starting to squirm. I did my best to flex my hips, driving my cock up into Stacy. I could feel Shannin’s legs begin to tighten up against both sides of my head. I speared my cock upwards, harder and harder into Stacy, which caused her to suck with even more aggression. I couldn’t hold it any longer so I arched my back one last time. As I shot my load into her, I bucked so hard that I almost threw her off the bed. The jolt that I gave Stacy may have caused her to accidentally bite Shannin’s nipple a little too hard because I heard Shannin let out a loud yelp and then my face was flooded with her gushing pussy and strawberry juice. Stacy and Shannin held on tight to each other as I lye beneath them, groaning in pleasure as my aching balls emptied their sticky contents into Stacy. I held onto Shannin’s hips with both hands as she bucked and squealed in bliss.

Stacy was grinding her pussy into my pubic bone to get every last drop out of my spent cock. I released my grip on Shannin’s ass and raised my hands to her mouth. She licked my fingers, getting them dripping wet. She took my hands in hers and placed them on Stacy’s tits. With my wet fingers, I started to pinch and twist Stacy’s nipples. I could feel Stacy’s fingers in her pussy alongside my softening cock. She bucked hard against me as she gave out one last gasp. Her body shook as she came all over my stomach. When her body started to relax, she rolled over onto the bed and all three of us collapsed. We spent the next hour cuddling, kissing, licking and caressing each other while also eating breakfast.

Shannin was the first to make a move at leaving the bed. She said that she needed a shower. Stacy said she needed one too but she was just going to head for the pool. She stood up, walked around the bed and out the bedroom door. Shannin and I looked at each other as I climbed up off the bed. We met each other at the door and started to walk down the hallway, following Stacy to the pool. When we got to the top of the stairs, I grabbed Shannin’s arm and asked her to stop for a moment.

I turned her around and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. I grabbed her hands and held them in mine. I started out saying, “Shannin, I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing person. You’re beautiful, smart, sexy and very outgoing. I’ve never met anyone like you. It’s difficult to tell you all of the things that I’m feeling right now but I do know one thing. Shannin, I love you.” With that, she put her arms around my neck and pulled me tight. She put her mouth against mine and we kissed. Her tongue slipped past my lips and into my mouth. I put my hands on her low back and squeezed her soft naked ass cheeks. Her body felt wonderful against mine. Her soft warm breasts pressed against my chest and she pressed her hot wet pussy against my groin.

After a long, lingering kiss, Shannin pulled back and said, “I feel the same way about you. I’ve never met anyone like you and I do love you too. I have for quite some time now but I figured you wanted bornova escort bayan to tell me first. When you bumped into me at the grocery store, I knew that you were going to be a very special person in my life. I’m happy that we’ve met and I’m glad we came on this trip. I have learned a lot about you, me, us and now my sister.” She gave me another kiss and said, “We probably better get down to the pool. Stacy will wonder what’s taking so long.”

Hand in hand, we walked out to the pool, naked. We jumped into the cool water where Stacy was waiting for us. As we swam over to Stacy, she looked at Shannin and asked, “He finally told you didn’t he?” Shannin nodded her head in affirmation. Stacy went on to say, “Last night in the bathroom was the first time in my life that any man, besides dad, has told me that he loved me and it turned out to be some guy who thought that he was screwing my sister.” I couldn’t tell if she was pissed or if she was just making a comment.

I felt bad and a little embarrassed. Shannin must have picked up on my response because she moved in close to us, wrapped an arm around Stacy and another around me and said, “Stacy. You will find a man who will one day tell you that he loves you.” She continued, “He will take care of you the way a beautiful woman should, he will put your needs first and he will completely satisfy every need, want and desire.” Shannin put her lips up to mine, gave me a quick peck and then turned to her sister, planting a soft, delicate kiss on her lips too. Then she said, “But until that happens, you can use my boyfriend and me for your source of Love, including all of your sexual fantasies.” I nearly choked when I heard this. Stacy was almost in tears as she gave Shannin a tight hug.

After a moment, they both reach out and pulled me into them. The three of us stood there in the pool holding each other. I didn’t really realize it but my body started to react to the cool water and the two hot babes pushing their naked bodies together and against me. I nearly jumped when I felt a warm hand delicately grasp my hardening shaft. I looked down just as Stacy said, “Shannin. I do like your boyfriend.” I closed my eyes as she slowly stroked me to a full erection.

Shannin replied, “I think he likes you too.” Then I heard her continue, “And, I like the feel of your body.” I opened my eyes and looked down to see that Shannin had slipped her hand beneath the surface of the water and was pressing it between Stacy’s legs. I smiled at Shannin, leaned forward and put my mouth to hers, slipping my tongue past her lips. A moan escaped her mouth as I too slipped a hand beneath the water and slowly started to rub her clit with my index finger. We continued to rub each other while also exchanging kisses. When I wasn’t kissing either of the girls, I was sucking a hard, sweet nipple.

Stacy had quickly developed a technique that kept me on the edge of cumming. Just when she knew I couldn’t last much longer, she would stop and gently squeeze my balls. Once, she pushed a finger up my ass. I thought I was going to explode but she stopped the stimulation just in time. Shannin apparently did the same thing to Stacy. She would rub Stacy’s pussy until her breathing became heavy and unsteady, then she would suddenly stop or at least slow way down. I could tell that Shannin was driving Stacy crazy with frustration because Stacy’s grip on my cock would tighten up and her hard nipples would puff way out.

Shannin was enjoying what my hand was doing to her body. I ended up pushing my thumb up her pussy and my index finger up her tight ass. Shannin was shoving her hips against me, aggressively fucking my hand. She was the first to cum. Stacy and I saw her orgasm building up. Her face and chest became flush. Just as Shannin took in a deep breath, Stacy and I looked at each other, escort bornova leaned forward and we each took one of Shannin’s nipples in our mouth. We both sucked hard at the same time and Shannin let out a loud, long scream. Her body tensed up. She squeezed her legs together, catching my hand like a trap between her legs. I felt her arm wrap around my head and she held both Stacy and me tightly against her bosom. Shannin continued taking deep, gasping breaths for a few moments then her grip on us started to relax. Stacy and I held on to Shannin and kept her steady for a few more minutes. We eventually lowered her into the water and just barely held her up as she floated on the surface of the water.

Once Shannin had recovered, she started to stand up. It was a good thing she was in a pool because her legs were really wobbly. She pulled me to her and gave me a kiss. When she broke off the kiss, she turned to look at Stacy and said to me, “Hon. It looks like Stacy needs to cum too.” As she said this, she lunged at Stacy, capturing her in a passionate embrace. Their lips locked together and I watched as their tongues intertwined. Shannin was on fire as she devoured Stacy. I slipped around behind Stacy and worked my hands between their bodies. One hand went up to Stacy’s chest while my other hand went down to her hot pussy. I pulled her body against me as Shannin and I sandwiched Stacy between us.

Shannin continued to kiss Stacy while I held Stacy’s hot, squirming body against me. My cock was now rock hard as it nestled into the crack of her ass. Stacy groaned as Shannin kissed her way down Stacy’s neck and stopped at her amazing chest. My right hand was still buried deep in Stacy’s pussy when I felt Shannin’s hand press against the back of my hand. Shannin and I both fingered and rubbed Stacy’s pussy as she continued to writhe in pleasure. Shannin put her lips to Stacy’s nipple and started to suck. Stacy took in a deep breath and let out a long moan.

Next, I felt Shannin’s hand as it slipped up between my groin and Stacy’s ass. She grabbed my cock and pulled it from between our bodies. I felt her pull down slightly and then I felt the steamy hot warmth of Stacy’s body. I leaned forward and gently kissed the back of Stacy’s neck. I whispered into her ear, “Mmm. Stacy your body is so hot and my cock is so hard for you. Shannin and I both want to feel you cum. You’re so hot when you cum. We love it when you cum. We want to make you feel good and we both love you.”

I stretched out the last sentence word by word as her body suddenly tensed up. Stacy screamed as I said the last word. Stacy’s whole body quivered. It was tense and hot. Her nipples poked into my hand as I gently rubbed her breasts. It was all very exciting to see this sensual woman discover an amazing intimate bond between a man and a woman and a woman and her sister. I could feel Shannin’s fingers as she continued to rub Stacy’s clit and pussy. Just as Stacy’s orgasm started to subside, mine took me by surprise and all of the sudden I loudly groaned, arched my back and shoved my hard cock deep into Stacy’s body, releasing my hot stick cum into her pussy. I held Stacy tight with both hands as my body jerked, shooting more and more cum into her. I could hear both Stacy and Shannin moaning and groaning along with me.

We must have stood there in the pool for another two or three minutes as we all regained our breath and our strength. Stacy turned around and gave me a kiss and a hug, saying, “Thank you for bringing my sister to me and thank you for being a wonderful man and an amazing lover.” I looked over Stacy’s shoulder at Shannin as she blew me a kiss and smiled at me. Stacy let go of me and turned around to hug her sister.

While they hugged, I walked to the edge of the pool saying, “All this activity is making me thirsty. I’m going to make some iced teas. I’ll be back in a minute.” I made the teas and brought them to the women who were already in the lounge chairs, soaking up the sun. I took my usual spot between the two and laid back to enjoy the warmth of the late morning sunshine.

The weekend will be ending soon and Shannin and I must leave. We will need to make the most of our last day together.

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