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Doctor in Metairie, LA Youngish (early to mid 30’s), petite, firm, slim and beautiful.

I was in Metairie getting my Mate’s Ticket and part of that meant I had to get a physical. The doctor’s office was across the street from the school and I went over there one afternoon to get it done.

I went in and after signing in I sat to wait. There were some other guys there and a few of us started talking some. They all commented on how good looking the doctor was. With my luck I didn’t think she’d be all that great, or I’d get a guy. When they pointed her out I looked through the receptionist’s window and didn’t see anything except big girls; so I figured it would just be a regular physical with out any excitement.

When my name was called I went back and had one of the girls I’d seen through the window escort me through the height, weight, blood and eye checks. I found out that my vision was 20/30 and made a crack that ‘You really can go blind’. The nurse looked at me and when she got it, she laughed too.

Still giggling from that, she led me to room and told me to strip except for my underwear, put on the robe, and wait for the doctor.

I did as she’d said, and when I grabbed the robe noticed that it was one of the cloth ones they liked to use in doctor’s offices in LA. It was soft, like it had been washed a lot and felt cool after the humid weather outside.

I was sitting there for a while when my heart stopped as the doctor came in; she was gorgeous! The guys out front hadn’t been lying, but even their talk hadn’t done her justice. She looked to be in her early 30’s, slim, trim and totally beautiful!

And there I was, just my underwear and a small robe; my cock was almost painful the way it jumped up.

‘Hi, how are you today? My name is Lisa and I’ll be doing your physical today.’ She was looking down at her clipboard as she said this, so I took the chance to try to move my cock to a more comfortable and less obvious position. ‘Your name is Glenn, right?’ Then she noticed my uneasiness and asked ‘Are you okay?’

I stammered that I was fine and that my name was Glenn.

‘What’s wrong?’ she asks, and when her eyes go down to my lap I almost die. To my surprise she gives me a sly smile and says ‘When guys are cocky I get mad, when they’re actually embarrassed it’s okay; sometimes they’re cute so….’ And now she blushes.

‘Yes?’ I ask innocently.

‘No, it’s… Anyway’ she asks with a smile ‘are you going to sit like that the whole time?’

I smile back and not trusting myself to speak, I nod to her.

Her smile gets bigger and she pouts. Then she smiles again and asks ‘What if I tell you a secret?’ I nod and she lowers her voice and says ‘Sometimes I like to see; when I don’t have a boyfriend.’ She says that and then blushes.

‘Um, can I ask you a question without you getting mad?’

She gives me a small smile and nods.

‘Well, um…’ I take a breath and quickly ask ‘Then it’s okay if I say that you’ll be one hell of a dream when I get back to my hotel; and I’ll be going back there when I leave here?’

I know she’s going to smack me but I had to say it. To my surprise, she smiles again. ‘What if I say that’s okay; if your underwear is off for the exam? No promises, but…’

‘Only if there’s a snowballs chance in hell that you’d think of a date with me. Just a date for whatever you want. Nothing else and I’ll wear extra underwear. Maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll wear frump cloths, but even then I think you’d be dream material!’

Lisa laughs at my expression, and then to my shock she pushes my gown up some and puts her hand on my thigh. It’s not very high, but the gown was short to begin with, so it’s more than halfway up my thigh. ‘Just a date?’

‘Well, as many as I can have with you; and I’ll probably beg.’

She drags her fingers down my leg as she moves away and I think I’ve blown it. To my surprise she says ‘Tell me a dream about me and I’ll promise at least one date. But those come off first.’

She has a leer on her face and I decide to go one further. ‘Anything you want if you’ll think about taking them off for me.’ I pause for a second, and then say ‘Yeah, I knew it; but I had to ask!’

We both laugh and then laugh again when we bump into each other; she’d been coming closer to do it!

She stands there against me for a minute and my cock is poking against her stomach. She gives me a smile and then puts her hand on my stomach to keep me against the exam table. ‘Stay and I will, but the story had better be good!’

All I can do is nod as I feel her run a hand down my stomach to get a hold of the bottom of my gown. She lifts it up and her other hand grips my underwear and pulls them down some. Then she slides the hand holding my gown up down and inside my underwear and grips my cock! I groan as her grip is warm and soft; to my surprise, she gives a small gasp and her eyes go down to look at my cock. She holds my cock as she pulls my underwear off, then lets go of my cock as she takes a step back. My cock is holding g├╝venilir bahis the gown up and it pointing almost straight up!

I step out of my underwear, then use my foot to flip them up. I catch them and then toss them on top of my cloths; then with a bashful smile I get back on the table. ‘Come on, it’s not that big; but oh what you’re doing to my ego!’

She laughs at that, but then says ‘It is larger than most I’ve seen. Your short and most guys’… cocks are like they are; but you… You’re hung!’

‘Ah, flattery, flattery; how about one idea of a dream is you as is in front of my camera. Me coming into view, standing beside you, and then pulling your dress up enough to expose your panties; ladies in lingerie are a fetish of mine. Then turning you around to expose your sweet little rear encased in those panties. Then turning you sideways to face me, and then me moving closer to kiss you. Then I’d back up some to turn you around so I could do it again from the rear. Then leaning you forward as I knelt behind you. Then wrapping one hand around my cock so I can stroke it, I’d lean forward to kiss your sweet little rear to say thank you for the dream?’

Lisa stands there for a minute, her eyes moving from eyes down to my cock, and then back and forth. ‘How about for every story you tell me, we go out on a date?’

‘That would be a nice dream,’ I say. Then I turn semi-serious and say ‘But that’s the erotic one. I spend more time alone than with girls since my divorce; most are nice, but some are kind of wild.’

Lisa smiles devilishly at me and says ‘Hold that thought. Let’s do the exam and then talk; you’re my last patient of the day; maybe we can watch each while we talked about fun things?’ When I nod my head she smiles and then comes to me and holds my hands on the table.

She says ‘That was a very good story,’ then leans closer to kiss me! As her body moves closer I open my legs. She moves against me and until my cock is sticking up between our bodies. She gives a sigh as she slides back and forth against me and I do too.

When she moves away we’re both breathing hard. I decide to take a small chance and take her hand. I move her a bit closer and then use both hands to open her doctor’s coat. She’s wearing a silk blouse that I’d compare to her smooth skin and I can’t see anything; except for the visible bumps her nipples make through her blouse.

She seems to know what I’m looking at and giggles, ‘Yes, I liked it a lot. Now let’s get done!’

I nod and we get started. It’s like any other exam except my cock is hard and she is a fantasy! When she has my lie back on the table, she slides a hand up my legs to grip and then caress my cock. ‘Very nice’ she says. ‘I’ve already done the ‘In-the-Exam-Room’ fantasy. I’ve even done the wild one with a girl friend, maybe I’ll tell you what that one is when we get done!’

I just groan as her free hand comes between my legs and her fingertips massage my balls.

With a smile, she finishes the exam; extending the part where she holds my balls and tells me to cough!

When we’re done I ask ‘What’s the wild one that you haven’t done with a guy?’

Lisa smiles and asks ‘Can I trust you?’ When I nod, she holds up a finger and leaves the room.

I figure that playtime is over and she’s getting ready to kick me out, or bring one of the bigger girls in.

I’m wrong and she comes back in a few minutes. ‘I had to let everyone know they could leave. I’d told them that earlier, but kept a couple of girls here to make sure I wanted to… Well, you seemed nice and all, but I didn’t know; now I do!’ Then she leans against the table next to me and asks ‘Can I trust you?’ again. When I nod, she lowers her head and says ‘I like to be dominated sometimes.’

She says that and then keeps leaning on the table; like she’s wondering what to say next.

She smiles, but doesn’t look up when I say ‘Cool!’ I’m wondering if she’s for real though, so I ask ‘For real?’

Lisa nods her head meekly and my cock gets even harder than it had been before. She sees it and I see her body give a small quiver.

I get off the table and position my cock right between her legs. Her skirt is in the way but I still press against her and whisper ‘And then some!’

I put her arms at her sides and then slowly pull her doctor’s coat off. Her breathing gets heavier, and although her eyes are closed, she’s still smiling. I move back some and then undo her skirt and lower it down her legs. Her panties are white and Brazilian cut. They’re pulled high and when I look lower I see that her pussy lips make a bulge. I use a finger to trace her opening and she shudders. I also feel her get wet, so I push some to get the tip of my finger in side her pussy.

When Lisa groans, I stand up and put my cock right against her lips and press against her panties until the head of my cock is inside her pussy. I push in and out a few times to see how much of my cock I can get inside her. Not much I find out, but when I pull back the head shines from her juices.

I t├╝rk├že bahis put my hand on her waist and turn her to face me, then I slide that hand up to massage her tits through her blouse and bra. ‘Too much, take them off.’

Meekly, Lisa does as I’d said. I stand there watching her and stroke my cock; Lisa’s eyes are watching and I use a finger to rub her juices across the head. She licks her lips as she looks up and I say ‘No, not yet.’

When she’s nude except for her panties, garter belt, stocking and shoes I say ‘Now that ass is mine!’

I see her smile as she turns around and leans across the table. The height is about right and her ass is in the air nicely. I don’t waste any time as I get on my knees behind her. I slide I finger against her visible pussy lips for a minute, and then pull them aside so I can lick her pussy. I lick from the middle down, and then back up, all the way to her asshole. She gives a louder sigh as I work as much of my tongue into her ass as I can while I reach up to massage her pussy. She’s so wet that in no time I’m sliding two fingers slowly in and out of her. I move back some to watch and bring my other hand up to massage one of her firm ass cheeks. I also position my thumb against her asshole. Her groan is louder as I finger fuck her and there’s enough saliva from my tongue to work the tip of my thumb into her asshole. Her pussy gets wetter so pull my thumb out of her ass and use my tongue to get it wetter; then when I put my thumb against her asshole I say ‘Push back for as much as you want!’

With a low moan, Lisa pushes her ass backwards and with steady pressure, keeps going until most of my thumb is in her ass!

‘Oh God!’ I hear her moan and I feel her pussy and asshole clench my fingers as she comes. Her groans get louder and her pussy wetter as I push the last of my thumb into her ass. I keep fucking her pussy and ass until she calms down, then I pull away quickly.

Her head comes up with a start and I laugh. ‘You need to turn over or when I stand up I’ll want to use my cock in your ass!’

Lisa gives a small laugh and I laugh again at her speed of getting on the table.

I stand up between her legs and leer at her as I say ‘Then again…’ and nestle my cock against her ass hole.

Lisa groans and closes her eyes; but she also reaches down to pull her cheeks as far apart what little her firm ass lets her!

I actually almost get the head of my cock into her asshole before I pull back. Then deciding to enjoy it some, I hold the head against her pussy. Lisa’s mouth opens as I slide my cock into her pussy. She’s tight, so I take it easy and slide some in and out until I have all but the last inch in side her.

I fuck her slowly with most of my cock until I feel her pussy relax; then on the next stroke I slow down and push my whole cock into her pussy!

Her eyes open to look at me and I think I may have hurt her, but she smiles and says ‘Please fuck my pussy, please fuck my pussy!’

I do as she asks and as I look at her I marvel at the way her firm tits seem to stand up and her hard nipples even harder! They look so good that on my next in stroke, I hold myself against her and reach up to massage her pretty tits.

Her groan is in her chest as I feel her pussy gripping my cock. I fuck her pussy and massage her tits until I decide to see how wet she is. I slide on hand down her tummy and she shivers, but I bring it lower and then under her to grip her ass. I feel her hands still holding her ass and as I trace along them I feel that she has a finger in her ass and is fucking her asshole as I fuck her pussy with my cock!

‘Oh you’re a bad little girl!’ I gasp as I feel her pussy grip my cock even tighter and then get soaked as she comes.

She lets out a wail as her pussy grips my cock again and again as the spasms hit her.

I keep fucking her and really pump her as I get the last inch in and her whole body seems to quiver. When she calms down some, I slowly pull my cock out and surprised at the amount of come her pussy shoots on my cock. The release of that makes her jerk again and when I lean down to lick her pussy it’s enough to make her come again.

I feel her pussy tighten on my tongue and have to swallow, as her pussy seems to almost shoot her come out. I reach down as I lick her pussy and as I move a finger towards her ass she moves hers out of the way.

I slowly work my finger all the way into her asshole as I lick her pussy and her hips start to rise off the table. The next thing I know she has her legs on my shoulders and as I move up so does her body. I stand up enough that my cock pokes her in her back a few times, and then her hand reaches back to stroke me.

I lift my head enough to look at her and I see she’s watching me with a smile on her face.

‘Try it, she says with a gasp.

I shrug my shoulders and lower her back down on the table. When she pulls her legs towards her chest her pussy lips are even more prominent; and I have to lean down to slide my tongue along her slit. g├╝venilir bahis siteleri When I stand up and guide my cock towards her ass I see it glistens from her juices.

I put it right against her asshole and press slowly. I feel her asshole loosen some and am able to get the head of my cock inside. I press a little more and some more of my cock goes in. I slowly work back and forth, working more of my cock into her tight asshole and Lisa groans for more. I have just over half inside when I see her give a grimace; so I don’t push any more in. Her eyes are open and she smiles as she figures out that I’m not pushing any more in. Her asshole is tight though

and her body starts to quiver again and I know she’s getting ready to come again. She does and as her asshole grips my cock almost making me come, I can feel her come shooting out of her pussy against my pubic hairs; the sensation almost makes me shoot my own load. This come lasts longer than the other and some how I keep my cock inside her tight asshole as she clenches her cheeks.

When she’d done it’s not a moment to soon. I ease my cock out of her ass as I look at her gorgeous body and as my cock pops out of her asshole I glimpse one, and then two shots of my come as they shoot out and hit her tits!

Somehow I stop myself from coming my full load, and we both look at my cock as it stands over her pussy. For the first time I notice that she has a neatly trimmed muff and I lean closer to slide my balls across it.

I catch Lisa’s hand as she tries to grip my cock and warn her ‘If you touch it I’ll blow my load. I was wondering if you like to suck cock?’ I smile as I ask, and she smiles back.

‘Can I please?’ she whispers.

I move out from between her legs and help her off the table. Her legs are weak and her body comes against mine. My cock is caught between us and is so slick from her juices that it slides between us easily. I have to pull away though and move to lean against the table.

Lisa Looks up at me and then leans closer to kiss me. ‘Now it’s my turn’ she says and lowers herself to her knees.

As takes a hold of my cock and lowers her mouth I stop her. When she looks up in surprise I say ‘Sorry, but I wanted a mental image of you and how lucky I am to be here,’

‘For that, I’ll remind you that you said something about a camera.’ Then she smiles and moves closer. She’s looking at me as I watch her take my cock in her mouth and I groan. She giggles and then looks down to watch as she moves her head back and forth taking more of my cock into her mouth.

In a couple of minutes she has my whole cock in her mouth and down her throat. I groan as I feel it get even bigger and she has to back off some. I put a hand on her head to pace her and she puts her hands on my legs; then moves them to grip my ass.

I have to pull out after a few minutes so I don’t come and she seems to realize it. She smiles up at me as she turns her head and licks my balls. Her tongue is warm and I groan. When I give an involuntary jerk, her tongue slides across my asshole and I groan again. I hear her giggle and she moves lower so that she can lick my asshole.

‘You like that, huh?’ she mumbles.

For an answer, I raise myself enough to sit on the table. She smiles and I watch her head disappear as I feel her tongue slide down my balls to my asshole. She stiffens her tongue to try to get inside some and I groan again.

After a few minutes of her tongue in my ass and her warm hand stroking my cock I have to push her away so I can sit up.

Lisa moves back some so that I can put my feet on the floor and then my cock is in her mouth again. This time, she works to get all of my cock down her throat again and when she reaches down to massage my balls I lose it.

I feel my balls tighten in her grip and my first shot goes right down her throat. She pulls her head back some so she can stroke my cock and I seem to fill her mouth with my come. My eyes close in ecstasy as I feel my come shooting into her warm mouth. When I think I’m done, I look down to see her suck my cock all the way inside her mouth and my body jerks as I come a few more shots.

I stand there for a minute to catch my breath as Lisa softly licks my balls making my body jerk a few more times. My cock is still hard and I move my hips to slide it along the top of her head making her laugh.

Slowly, I lower myself down on the ground next to her and she comes into my arms. I can see that my come did overflow from her mouth, but I kiss her anyway. When I lower a hand down her chest to cup one her tits she quivers and when I lower it further to cup her pussy it feels like she’d come again.

She breaks the kiss with a groan and says ‘Yeah, I came again.’

We both laugh and I ask ‘So, as good as she was?’

Lisa makes my ego rise higher as she says ‘A bit bigger and just as many orgasms. What’s next?’

I get a small smile on my face and say ‘I’ve read there’s a swing club in New Orleans. If you’ll consider letting me kiss your ass on demand…’

Lisa laughs and says ‘I’ve wanted to try that place, and I think my girlfriend will make a willing bitch for both of us!’ Then she laughs as my jaw feels like it hits the floor. ‘Just remember whose you are and I’ll be yours; okay?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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