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Visit from a Friend – with Benefits

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[As is always true for me, there’s a germ of truth in this story. I hope it turns you on to read it as much as it turned me on writing it.]

Both Mandy and I were excited that she had finally arrived to visit me in New York. We had discussed and planned this for months. To be honest, Mandy and I are very different in our planning needs. I’m pretty easy going and spontaneous, and Mandy needs more structure and planning. But we had done it, and she was here.

I had met Mandy at work years ago. I was first attracted by her slim, almost boyish, body. She had a kind of classic face, like a runway model; a shapely, tight butt; and small, but shapely, breasts. She was also smart and funny, in a sarcastic way that I liked a lot. Nothing makes me lose interest in someone faster than a lack of intelligence or personality.

Mandy had been with men in the past, and if pressed, would say she was bisexual. But she had exclusively been with women for the last decade or so. Maybe that’s why we felt “safe” around each other, as it was our mutual assumption that she was interested only in women at this point. All that said, I found myself increasingly physically and sexually attracted to her, to the point that many of my sexual fantasies and daydreams came to center on her lithe body.

So I was more than excited when Mandy decided to come visit me in New York City. I had been here about ten months, fulfilling a lifelong dream. I had a great apartment, with an amazing view of Midtown to the north and the Financial District to the west.

Fast forward to the last night of Mandy’s visit. About 8:30p, after a nice dinner and drinks, we’re back at my apartment, watching the sun set over the city. We had changed into our PJs. Mandy was lying stretched out on my sofa, looking at the cityscape. I was sitting in a chair about eight feet away. Mandy was tired and a little drunk. She was kind of half drifting off as we talked, and her left hand sort of wandered over her body.

Then I noticed that her fingers had brushed between her legs! Surely I was seeing things. But a few moments later, the same thing happened. Mandy’s eyes were almost closed.

After a third brush, I said quietly, “Mandy, are you touching yourself?”

She started awake and got a little embarrassed. “Sorry,” she said, “I guess I was drifting off and dreaming a little.”

“No need to be embarrassed. I liked seeing it,” I told her. “Continue.”

“You want to see me touch myself?” she asked.

“I think that would be very beautiful,” I answered truthfully.

“Oh god, that’s embarrassing!” she said. But she closed her eyes and returned her fingers to between her legs, running them lightly over her inner thighs and her beautiful mound, that was becoming more prominent as her fingers pressed the soft cloth against it.

It was an amazing sight. I wanted Mandy so bad, and to see her in this intimate moment filled me with lust and desire. My cock hardened to its full seven inches.

“Baby, can I get my cock out? You’re making me so hard with your beautiful touching.”

Mandy opened her Elazığ Escort eyes, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Sure.”

The idea of showing Mandy, my platonic friend of many years, my hard cock, made it grow even more. I don’t think I had ever been so hard.

I raised my ass off the chair and pulled my PJ bottoms down to my knees. My big cock sprang out in all its glory. Mandy’s eyes got wide as she watched me take my meaty member in my hand and slowly stroke it.

“Oh my god, Andrew. That’s a beautiful cock. Honestly, I haven’t seen one in five or ten years. That’s so hot.”

Keeping her eyes on my manhood, she reached her hand inside her PJ bottoms and really went to work on what I imagined was now a very wet cunt.

“Oh fuck, Mandy. That looks so nice,” I said, continuing my slow stroking, but wanting to go much faster.

Mandy sat up and said, “Come sit over here,” patting the sofa beside her.

I got up and sat down right next to her. Her warm, soft, lithe body felt amazing next to mine, especially with my big dick dancing around for her to see.

She threw one leg over mine. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my leg. She asked, “Do you want me to stroke it for you?”

“Oh, fuck yes, baby!” I answered.

Mandy took my cock in her soft hand and gently stroked it in nice long strokes. It felt like heaven. I moaned quietly and closed my eyes briefly. Having my rock-hard cock stroked by my sweet friend was absolutely intoxicating.

Mandy leaned in even closer and began whispering in my ear as she continued to jerk me off.

“Have you ever thought about me while you were masturbating?” she asked.

Well, I was embarrassed, but even more turned on. I said, honestly, “Yes, baby, I have.”

“What did you think about?” she whispered in my ear, her lips so close to my ear that I felt her warm breath.

I was so turned on that I had nearly lost the powers of thinking and speech. Mandy’s every gentle stroke sent a wave of pleasure from my cock all through my body. I barely managed to say, in a hoarse whisper, “I imagine this, what you’re doing right now. I never thought it would happen.”

“Mmmm. I can tell how much you like it. What else do you imagine?”

“Well, very often I think about your butt. I imagine you on your hands and knees….” I was so turned on now, my nervousness and embarrassment was gone. I loved telling Mandy how her ass turned me on. I moaned and closed my eyes as Mandy’s hand squeezed my stiff shaft.

“Your butt is high in the air. I think you like showing me your ass and pussy.”

I was barely hanging on. When I told Mandy how I pictured her on all fours, with her butt in the air, she grasped me a little tighter and stroked me more urgently. She sighed and moaned in my ear, and I felt my orgasm rising. Though I would have liked the moment to last longer, my brain and my cock just weren’t having it.

“Oh fuck, Mandy, make me cum! Jerk my big cock and let me shoot my load all over!”

Her beautiful hand increased its pressure and speed just the right amount. Elazığ Escort Bayan She pressed her warm, soft body tightly against mine and whispered, “Cum for me, Andrew,” quietly into my ear.

With that, I lost all control, groaned like an animal, and let my cum shoot from my dick in total abandonment of my senses. It was the most intense orgasm I could remember. I felt so close to Mandy in that moment, and overcome with warm feelings in the afterglow of an amazing release.

We embraced and snuggled together on the sofa as we sort of drifted off, lost in our own thoughts, but sharing the intimacy of the moment.


At some point, we must have stumbled into my bedroom. Mandy had been sleeping on my inflatable air mattress in the living room, but after what had just happened, that seemed unnecessary.

We both sort of slipped barely into consciousness after what must have been a few hours of sleep. No doubt some city noise awakened us. We were in the “spoon” position, with me as the big spoon. As we snuggled into each other, I felt Mandy’s butt nestle into my crotch. It felt lovely. Mandy squirmed back even a bit deeper into my now nearly full boner.

I caressed Mandy’s body from my position behind her. Just gentle touches: to her shoulder, the curve of her waist, her slender thigh. Her toned body felt wonderful to my touch, her soft PJs adding to the sensuality. Though we had apparently repressed our mutual attraction for years, this new intimacy felt completely normal, if intoxicating.

I ran my hand over her hip, and slipped it down a bit to caress her butt cheek. She was making little snuggly noises, so I figured she was happy with the attention. I pulled my own hips back a bit temporarily, so I could run my hand over her whole ass, feeling her perfect crack as I caressed her. She gave a little moan.

Quick bit of backstory: as Mandy and I were getting to know each other, she often spoke briefly of “butt stuff,” in one way or another. Once, at dinner, she told me a story of waking up after a drunken night of sex, “with this chick’s fist up my ass.” I definitely got the idea that Mandy–like me–enjoyed some hot ass play.

Given that knowledge, I now took the opportunity to tease my friend a bit, by running my fingers over her butt crack–and directly over her little asshole. I was breathing shallowly at this bit of fun that I had fantasized about for so long. To actually have my fingers but a little fabric away from Mandy’s perfect little rosebud was VERY intoxicating. She gave more than a quiet moan when she felt my fingers on her tender, sensitive spot.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“Yes. It feels really nice. Keep doing that,” she said.

“Tell me what you want me to do, baby,” I said.

“Touch my asshole. Put your finger right over my little hole. Oh fuck, that’s so nice!” she said, with another moan.

Her words made me crazy with lust for her little ass. I pressed my finger a little more firmly onto her tight asshole, and rubbed it gently. It was a beautiful feeling Escort Elazığ for me, and must have been for her, too, because she continued to moan and push and squirm her ass against my finger.

I kissed Mandy’s neck as I continued to move my finger gently over her sensitive asshole. There was no doubt remaining that she was turned on, so I took the next move. Moving my hand up her ass crack, I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of her pajama bottoms. As my fingers moved back toward her butthole, Mandy used her hand to pull her cheeks apart slightly, and I made skin-to-skin contact with her tiny, perfect asshole. Mandy whispered, “oh fuck….”

As I began to explore her perfect little rosebud, I felt Mandy’s fingers slip into her bottoms from the front. As she touched her pussy and I touched her asshole, she began to move her hips ever so gently in the most erotic motion.

I was overcome with the need to feel her wetness, her softness. We did a little rearranging, and I slid my left hand into her PJ bottoms while I maintained my attention to her needy little asshole with my right. As my hand inched toward her pussy, Mandy put her hand over mine and guided me to her soft, wet cunt. I was filled with love and desire for this woman, and judging from the wetness of her pussy, she was feeling much the same way.

She pressed my hand firmly against her mound. I groaned as she pressed the base of my fingers against her swollen clit and ground herself against me with abandon.

Her pussy juices ran down to her asshole, giving me the lubrication I needed to take my worship of *that* beautiful spot to the next level. As I continued to fuck her beautiful mound with one hand, the fingers of my other hand began to explore her ass further. Mandy was very turned on by now, and pressing back against my hand, trying to get a finger up her ass. I was happy to oblige, and let out an involuntary grunt of excitement as my middle finger went up her tight asshole.

Sexy as fuck. I was so turned on now, and my cock was so hard, that I started involuntarily humping my shaft against my own hand, just to get some friction. Both of us had kind of lost touch with the world around us by this point, and were lost in the bliss of our animalistic urges. As we ground into each other and rubbed and prodded, I could sense that Mandy was headed toward a huge orgasm. With my middle finger up her ass, I used the rest of that hand to hold her perfect ass–the ass that I had admired for so long. I shoved my finger deep in her ass, cupped her cheeks in my hand, and used that leverage to increase the action on her pussy. She was now bucking uncontrollably against both my hands.

“Mandy, cum for me. I want to feel you cum as I hold you.”

With that, Mandy let out a guttural cry of pleasure and began thrashing her entire body in orgasmic ecstasy. Feeling her cum with my hand on her warm, wet pussy and my finger up her tight asshole, was astounding. I felt my own orgasm hit, as I unloaded in my pajama bottoms.

As we started to come down from the high point of our orgasms, Mandy turned a bit more into me and we kissed for the first time, her hungry mouth and mine joined in intimate enjoyment of our shared orgasms.

Spent, we lay in each others’ arms in unspeaking bliss. We fell asleep in our cum and our shared pleasure until the morning sun awakened us.

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