Virgin Sister

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After a tiring day at work, Reynard finished his shift for the day and followed his routine of checking on his little sister, as an excuse to see her forbidden fruit. She never knew about him watching her often. Peeking into his sister’s room, Reynard saw Rena doing coursework. Rena usually worked on her coursework bit-by-bit, and especially on a Friday night. Rena was younger than Reynard; Rena being eighteen-years-old and Reynard being twenty-seven. He wanted to make a conversation with his sister, but he was lost for words. Rena was laying on her stomach, studying on her laptop.

Taking in a deep breath, Reynard finally knocked on Rena’s bedroom door.

“Hey, Rena! Do you want some…eh…hot chocolate? I know it’s your favourite,” he asked.

Glancing at her brother in the doorway, Rena nodded excitedly. “Do you even have to ask? Yes, please!”

“Coming up!”

Returning to Rena’s bedroom once again, Reynard was caught off guard. Rena stripped off her t-shirt and trousers, all before taking her nightdress from a hanger in the wardrobe. Reynard spotted those large, perky breasts in the process. She was also wearing knickers and the fabric just so happened to be sunk in-between the slit of her arse.

“…It’s waiting for you outside, Rena.”

He left the mug of hot chocolate outside the door for his sister.

Fifteen minutes after giving Rena the mug of hot chocolate, Reynard noticed Rena’s bedroom door was open slightly. Intrigued, Reynard walked past the door frame, as he peeked through the crack of the open doorway. Reynard spotted Rena with her sizable chest out in the open. She was holding what appeared to be a brand new wand vibrator, and Rena was rubbing her clitoris with it. She was laying on her bed, her legs kicked back.

Society often dictates that Reynard should turn away, yet the erecting penis in his pants stated otherwise. He fished out his erect manhood from his skin-tight jeans and went on to stroke it to her masturbation episode.

“She’s so perfect – I want those fat tits around my cock,” remarked Reynard.

Moving out of view, Reynard stood next to the doorway and went on to stroke his cock to his large-breasted sister.

Hearing footsteps in the hallway, Rena stopped what she was doing and looked at the doorway of her bedroom. It could be kahramanmara┼č escort the wind, so Rena shrugged her shoulders and continued what she was doing. Gently caressing her swollen bean with the wand vibrator, Rena let out a shrill moan as a clear fluid spurted from her g-spot. Feeling exhausted from the masturbation, Rena set her wand vibrator onto her bedside table. Looking over to her mobile phone, Rena felt tempted to do something more than just masturbation.

“Hmm, I guess it won’t hurt.”

Picking up her mobile phone, Rena pulled up her nightdress and snapped a picture on her mobile phone. Rena took a photo of those large, perky breasts. She uploaded this picture onto a website, an account that her relatives knew nothing about. It was an adult chat website, and Rena often spoke to older men online…despite the fact Rena had never met up with any of them.

Thoughts of risk aroused Reynard. Unsure of what to do, Reynard popped another view into Rena’s bedroom. Reynard watched her naughty habits at play, and suddenly a thought struck Reynard’s mind. He knew he was going to get caught if he didn’t clean up this mess he had made, and he didn’t want to leave a large puddle of sperm on the carpet. Seeing as his sister was doing something she shouldn’t be doing, maybe there could be leverage for something that could benefit Reynard’s sister complex.

Taking the risk, Reynard coughed with a smile on his face.

“May I ask what you are doing, Rena? Do I have to tell on you or do you want to bargain?” Reynard spoke with lines that had just been rehearsed from the depths of his mind. Knowing what he wanted to bargain, Reynard told his sister. “Stay just like that and sit down on the bed,” instructed a perverted Reynard. His cock was still sticking out of his pants, hard as a rock.

Jolting with surprise at her brother walking into the bedroom, Rena blushed a vivid crimson in embarrassment. “WHAT?! Are you going to tell mum?” Rena questioned, along with a beg. “Please don’t tell her!”

Pulling her nightdress down, thus covering her breasts and stomach. Rena sat down on the bed like she was told, still as embarrassed as ever. She wanted to slap Reynard for walking in on her, but she didn’t when Reynard threatened to tell their mum about kahramanmara┼č escort bayan it.

“Come on, Reynard; I’m getting older and I’m getting super horny,” she explained. “I’m not a little girl anymore, I’m eighteen – I need to get off too, you know.”

Looking down at Reynard’s jeans, Rena freaked when she noticed his large cock poking out of his zipper.

“Were you…masturbating to me? See, I could tell mum about that too!”

“I don’t think you will tell mum because then she’d restrict all your devices,” mentioned Reynard. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to Rena. “Who are the pictures for?” Reynard questioned. “You should be showing everyone your lovely large breasts – even me,” stated Reynard with his hard cock on display. “I tell you what; if you can do something for me I’ll let this whole thing slide.”

“What do you want me to do?” Rena asked with curiosity.

Rena was Reynard’s baby sister, and she never knew him to be such a pervert. Glancing down at his erect manhood, Rena bit onto her bottom lip gently. It was terrible for Rena to want her brother’s cock, but then she remembered that she’s never had sex with a man before. Looking up at Reynard again, she suddenly straightened her back as she averted her gaze away from him.

“What the heck, Reynard? You’re my big brother,” she mentioned. “I don’t want to show you my breasts and I don’t want to have sex with you,” she snapped.

Despite being hostile all of a sudden, Rena did feel moist down below. But then, Rena met Reynard’s gaze once again.

“Y-You know that I’m still a virgin, right? I post the pictures I take on the internet. I don’t have a boyfriend…no boy in college wants me,” she explained with a huff. “But I want to have sex, you know? I get horny every day; I even have wet dreams,” she confessed. “I want to do almost everything with a guy. One of my biggest fantasies is to titfuck a guy, or have a guy make me squirt – the little things. I like to talk to older men on this website because they know how to make a girl feel good, whereas the boys at college are still…childish.”

Rena shared almost everything with her big brother, and she was able to do so since she felt so wet.

“I’m just as bound to desire as you are, and it’s not escort kahramanmara┼č fair if only you get your pleasures from life. I’ve waited long enough,” stated Reynard.

Moving closer to his sister now, Reynard placed his hand all the way up to Rena’s moist slit. Being inexperienced, the sudden touch of Reynard’s hand gave Rena a jolt. She smiled some, a blush still stuck to her cheeks.

“Well, how about it? You may say no but you’re also saying yes,” he chuckled softly in amusement.

Rising to his feet, Reynard stood at the edge of the bed with his cock staring straight at Rena. Speechless, Rena watched as Reynard stood up from the bed. She looked down at his cock, seeing it twitch.

“…O-Okay,” she gave Reynard a little nod of the head.

Lifting up her nightdress once more, Rena willingly showed Reynard her large breasts. They were heavy, perky, and they reached her waistline. Rena slowly squatted to the ground in front of her brother, she held onto her breasts and hugged them around his erect cock. She began to slowly stroke his cock with her large bosoms, all whilst she shyly looked at his groin rather than his face.

Rena gulped, shaking, “I-Is this…okay? Is this normal?”

Standing there with a titjob in motion, Reynard grabbed a hold of his sister’s long brunette hair and used it to direct her gaze to meet his own.

“You are doing just fine; you can’t do anything wrong,” stated Reynard with a clout of spit in between Rena’s cleavage. “Make it wetter – suck it slobbery then do some more tittyfucks.”

“Okay, Reynard.”

Getting in-between her breasts wet with Reynard’s spit, Rena continued to stroke his cock with her breasts. His cock was getting wet with his spit, and Rena decided to hug her plump lips around the tip. Suckling the head of his penis, Rena had a taste whilst her breasts worked on the rest of his shaft. She could smell her brother’s musky scent during the act.

Thrusting his dick in-between those plump breasts, all whilst being sucked on. He was close.

“Rena, I’m cumming,” warned Reynard.

He blew a mass of sperm over the entirety of his sister’s breasts. However, he heard a creaking sound coming from outside the room.

Rena screamed at the jizz all over her bosoms. Rena was just about ready to pounce on Reynard.

“What’s going on here?!”

Their mother stormed into the bedroom, finding her son and daughter up to no good.

“Rena, you’re grounded!”

Looking at her devil of a son, their mother sure thought better of him.

“Reynard, you’re twenty-seven! What were you thinking? Can’t you get a girlfriend that’s not your sister?!”

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