Victim of the Game Ch. 01

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Inside of a prestigious hotel is a banquet being held. Johnny Trapper sees the woman from across the room, slowly chewing her meal. For an instant, he catches her attention. They stare at each other for a brief moment before the woman returns to her meal.

Johnny fantasizes about the woman while he is meddling with his food. He imagines her suckling his enormous member while he gropes her firm breasts as he gasps for breath. Trapper’s fantasy suddenly halts when, out of the corner of his eye, he sees the stunning beauty walk in the direction of the bathroom.

He admires the sexual talent from afar as he stares at her voluptuous ass, as it sways back and forth amid the crowd. Trapper begins to stand up, only to steal a glance from the woman.

He hesitates, but eventually Johnny makes it to the restrooms, only to notice that the sexy being he was following has disappeared without a trace. After realizing that she’s probably in the bathroom at this very moment, he hides behind a pillar concealing him from the woman’s view as she exits the bathroom.

Within a few seconds, the beautiful woman he adored from afar exits the bathroom in the same alluring way she entered. Her fine physical physique accompanied by her scintillating maroon dress causes Trapper’s member to enlarge in his pants. Johnny feels the tension. He wants to confront the amazingly sexy woman in front of him, but he wants to wait for his erection to subside. She is fading away along with her amazing behind as she walks away.

Johnny decides that he can’t lose so he dismisses his erection and chases after her. Trapper gets to the woman before she reenters the banquet room. He grabs her shoulder and quickly turns her around. Johnny was waiting for a reaction, an unsteady flinch from the woman telling him that she’s scared, but it never happened. He felt relieved.

“Hey,” Johnny says. “I saw you from across the room.”

“I know,” the woman replies. “I saw you watching me. I went to the bathroom hoping you would follow me.”

“Why did you think I would follow you?”

“I didn’t. I was hoping that you would

follow me. I felt like giving you a quickie, because you look like you have a big dick.”

“It’s never too late for one of those.”

“I believe it has. My friends are awaiting my return to the banquet.”

“Well maybe we can get together later.”

“Maybe,” she starts to giggle. “Maybe not.”

The woman erupts into roaring laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Trapper asks.

It only took a second for Johnny to figure out what she was laughing at. He tried to look at her face, but her vision was concentrating on something below her. In a second he realized that his erection has yet to vanish.

“I guess,” the woman starts. “I was right.”

“Right about what?”

“That you have a big dick!” The woman giggles violently as she points at his enormous erection in his pants. “I have to get back to my friends, so see ya’.” As she leaves, she casually slips a note to Trapper. The woman seductively trances away from Trapper. He tightly grasps the note he was given and reads the perfectly written message inscribed on it: Meet me later. Room 204.

Johnny Trapper had to wait patiently for over an hour before the woman he was attracted to left her table. She stared Johnny down as she departed from the banquet. Trapper followed her to the elevators. He looks towards the elevators, bahis firmalar─▒ but the woman is nowhere in sight. He searches the hall for any trace of the illustrious woman. Johnny spots her down the hall calling the private elevator, usually reserved for hotel personnel and administration officials. Trapper walks toward her.

“Why,” Trapper begins to ask. “Are you calling a private elevator?”

The woman replies, “So we can have our privacy. In the public elevators, we might be interrupted.”

“I thought we going up to your room.”

“We are, but who says we can’t have fun before that?”

The elevator arrives at the ground floor with a distinct beeping sound.

Trapper asks, “Why aren’t the doors opening?”

“Because,” the woman says. “This is a private elevator. You have to have clearance in order to enter one. You must have a key, which I have.”

The woman inserts the silver key into the slot and almost instantly the elevator doors open revealing the empty cabin inside. They both enter the elevator, with the woman walking to the right-inner wall to press a button corresponding to the desired floor. She presses the third floor.

She says, “We have all the time in the world to do this. The sound will beep when we get to the third floor, but the doors won’t open until I open them manually. So we definitely will not be interrupted.”

The woman steps backwards as Johnny shifts towards her. He presses her against the metal railing attached to the rear wall, while feeling her body underneath her dress. He gropes at the woman’s breasts and squeezes them with intense verocity. Trapper fondles her entire body, from rubbing her nipples to feeling her hairless cunt, as he kisses her dry lips. Before they even get started, the elevator reenacts the beeping sound, as the elevator stops at the third floor.

“Don’t worry,” the woman says. “We aren’t going anywhere just yet.”

Trapper holds the woman’s body steady as he unzips his pants, revealing his penis. He lifts the woman up against the wall and slides his shaft into her pussy, gently grinding her against the wall.

“By the way,” Trapper starts to ask. “What’s your name?”

The woman answer turns into a high-pitched moan. “Kaaat Daw, Dawson.”

Johnny began to push harder and harder wanting the woman to scream at the top of her lungs. At every chance, he tried to pound his cock deeper inside her. As Trapper sprang as far as he could into her pussy, he looked up to see the expression on the woman’s face. Some women make weird faces when they are riding a stiff cock, but not this woman. She owned the face of someone who was enjoying his sex drive, while at the same time enduring excruciating pain. Her firm breasts sagged and bounced at the rapid pace of Trapper’s desire to make her squirm.

Eventually, Johnny’s fast pace fucking came to a halt as he softly let the woman’s feet touch the ground once again. He pulls his shirt over his head and throws it in the corner of the elevator while the woman sneakingly takes off her dress as well. Kat Dawson bent down on her knees and grasped Johnny’s hard dick and softly licked around the edges, coming closer to the head, before stuffing his entire shaft into her mouth. Trapper felt the tension erupting inside her mouth. He was surprised at how incredibly good Kat was at downing his cock. He loved the intense feeling of his penis in her mouth as ka├žak iddaa she held it, sucking every inch of cock she tasted, as it throbbed inside her mouth. She violently forced Johnny’s penis out of her mouth.

Kat is about to lick it some more when Trapper forces her on her back. He flips his dick towards as a surge of semen shoots over her beautiful tits. She lifts her head up, wanting to taste some of his cum, but gets something else entirely. Trapper forces his smooth cock into her wide mouth, as she gets fucked in the mouth. Her curious grins and exasperating moans cause Trapper to look at the woman, beautifully sucking on his penis. He knows that she wants to taste his cum, but he wants her to earn it. Trapper wants to Kat to make him cum uncontrollably. He wants a total unexpected cum shot to sift through her mouth. Trapper wants her to choke on her own wishes. Now. He feels the tension flowing thoughout his dick.

“HERE IT COMES!!!” Trapper yells.

The explosion erupting inside her mouth rocked her head back as she choked, but covered well by swallowing everything that burst inside her mouth. Trapper flips his dick out of her mouth and shoots some more on her gorgeous face. She licks her lips trying to swallow every bit of his semen, before she grabs his cock once again for the ultimate showdown.

Kat Dawson jacks Trapper off as good as anybody could possibly do. She hears him groan in agony, as she clasped his dick until it got as hard as rock.

“I,” she manages to say. “Like it when you’re hard.”

“So do I, baby.” Trapper replies. “So do I.”

After Kat finished jerking him off, he laid down on her back, motioning for Johnny to stick himself inside her pussy. Not a second later, when he complied with her wishes. Kat rises her legs over his shoulders as he penetrates his cock deep into her cunt. She stares intently into his eyes.

“Fuck me,” she moans. “Fuck me hard!”

He didn’t want to disappoint her, so he gave her what she wanted. Trapper thrusted in and out of her vagina making her scream in intense pain. He watches as her breasts jumped simultaneously with his movements. As he went deeper and harder into her pussy, she grappled his body with her sensational legs making it easier for him to fuck her harder.

“Harder! Harder! HARDERRRRR!!!”

Trapper could sense she was climaxing as he wanted to give her the best orgasm she has ever encountered.

“I’m about to cum.” Kat screams.

“So am I.” Trapper yells.

“I want you to cum inside me.” She paused. “Now fuck me harder!”

Johnny kept pounding her with his dick until he heard the loudest scream he has ever heard. He wasn’t sure if anyone was outside the elevator, but if someone was, they heard it. He withdrew his cock from her pussy walls, as Kat smiled sheepishly.

Trapper kissed her as he asked, “Now how was that?”

“Incredible by all standards.”

They were confined in a passionate kiss with Kat stroking his still-hard dick. The female touch on his cock made him want her even more.

“I want some more of your dick.” Kat told him.

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “But not right now. Let’s go back to my room for some comfort. My back is killing me.”

Trapper just then realized he probably needed something comfortable to fuck her on, because these tile floors weren’t helping him. He kisses her once more, before lifting her on her feet. ka├žak bahis He runs his hand all over her steamy body, groping anything to get her aroused. Her tits were staring at him, and he wanted nothing more than to suck them. He slipped his finger into her cunt and felt that it was wet. Trapper shot his finger up into her pussy when she quickly removed it.

“Not now,” she pleaded. “Let’s go to the room.”

Trapper agreed to her wishes. Kat picks up her clothes and finds the key to the elevator. She quickly opens it and runs away naked, showing off her incredibly sexy body. Trapper puts his shirt back on along with his pants. He looks out the elevator door to see her running down the hallway. He chases after her, soon catching up with her. Kat fiddles with her keycard and drops it on the floor. To pick it up, she bends over revealing her sultry ass, exposed to the horny Trapper. Without thinking about it, he quickly flipped out his dick and jammed it into her anal opening, waiting for her to moan wildly.

“Oh,” she moans. “That feels soooo good.”

At that response, Trapper quickened his speed of fucking. As his pace quickened, her moans turned to screams. He pumped her as hard as he could as he grabbed her clitoris to distract her from the severe pain she is receiving on the ass end. Quicker than he imagined, Trapper was climaxing. He was about to explode. Kat could hear his soft moans. She winced when Trapper splurged in her ass. As Johnny kept pumping away at her ass, Kat got closer to her inevitable orgasm. He thrusted her hard.

“Oooh,” she moaned. “Keep going. Fuck me harder, harder. Aaaah! HARDER!!!”

Trapper felt her opening tighten around his hard cock as he felt her pussy juices drip from her cunt. He withdrew his stiff member from her ass and let her feed away on the cum surfacing on it.

“Your cum tastes so good.”

In one last attempt at swallowing all of it, she grasped his hard dick and drove it into her mouth for one last, merciful suck. Kat lets the cock fall free from her mouth as she picks up her clothes and the keycard she dropped that led up to her ass fuck. She inserted her key into the door, waited for clearance, and trampled her way inside, motioning for her horny partner to enter.

Trapper followed her in, hoping for some more grateful sex, but guessed wrong. She fled into the bathroom, obviously to change into her sexy red dress that drew his eye in the first place. Johnny took the opportunity to sift through her belongings. On top of her bed was a suitcase filled with provactive outfits, along with different variations of the dress she wore tonight. Underneath a silk skirt is where he found them. The pictures he was sent to retrieve were sitting idle on the backside of the suitcase. He shoved the photos into his pants pocket and pondered on how he was going to do it. There was only one thing left to do, and he felt guilty doing it. But his thoughts came to an abrupt end when Kat’s sexy figure came out of the bathroom in that fine dress.

Kat laughed and says, “My friends are probably wondering where I am, so I better get back to them.”

She watched the expression on Johnny Trapper’s face and told him, “Don’t worry. You can stay as long as you like, preferably I want you to wait until I get back so we can go at it again.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Trapper said.

“What do you mean?”

As she said, Kat knew how stupid it sounded, because the item grasped by Trapper’s left hand was a pistol. She knew her fate as soon as he raised it to head level, and she closed her eyes and silence is what followed…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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