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Vera?s Fantasy Ch. 2

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For those that haven’t read my submission Good Neighbours in a Lucky Summer and Vera asks for help with her fetishes – Part 1
this is a continuation but I think like the others it’s a stand alone story anyway.>/I>


Vera’s fantasy Part II – The plan comes together and a reward is received.

I sat in my room, not really concentrating on my homework as I racked my brains to devise a plan to help Vera fulfil her fantasy; it wasn’t easy with all the restrictions she had insisted on, especially the one about anonymity.

Several school friends came to mind, but they all knew where I lived and inviting them round to my house and then saying “Come on guys let’s go upstairs and fuck the neighbour.” Did nothing to hide the fact of who she was or where she lived. I also wasn’t sure which of my friends may have met or seen her when visiting me.

It dawned on me that the venue for our get-together would have to be somewhere other than the house, after a lot of deliberation on the topic I came up with a plan, now all I needed to do was to put into practice.

The next day I went to school as usual but couldn’t concentrate on anything as I was busily mulling the idea in my head. At lunchtime I called my two closest friends, Jim and Danny over to begin putting my plan into play.

Jim was big, that was the only way to describe him, at 18, he stood at 6’4”, he must have weight about 17 stones, broad shouldered with a muscular body. He had very blond hair and icy blue eyes, all in all he was a good looking guy and all the girls fancied him, the big draw back as far as he was concerned was that he very quite and shy and seemed to completely clamp up when any girl spoke to him and as he had never mentioned going out with any girl I was pretty sure that he was still a virgin.

Danny was not that tall, 5” 11”, but he was a bulky, not fat, but filled out all over, he did a considerable amount of weight lifting and was in the school swimming team, so like Jim he was very powerfully built. Jim had jet-black curly hair, which he kept short, something to do with his swimming, and emerald green eyes, he was a handsome guy and had a full of life personality, always joking and laughing. It was no secret, at school, that he had already lost his virginity to Betty, the year before she left to go to university and had since been going out with Juliana and judging by they behaved around each other, she had also submitted to him.

We walked off together, to the small park next to the school, and while walking I begun, “Hey guys you know my birthdays coming up next week, well my uncle istanbul escort John called me and said he was laying on a very special treat for me which I will love and will make him my favourite uncle for life, his always saying because his my only uncle and thinks it’s really funny, and that it has to be all hush, hush and he will call me this week with the details. Anyway are you guys interested?”

“But you said you were having a big piss up party with a DJ and everything at the park hall and I was really looking forward to it, now your chickening out, it’s not going to be much of a party with just the three of us is it?” said Danny.

“Yeah, man I was looking forward to it and I was going to have a couple of drinks and ask Sue T to dance and get her to come out with me now you’re screwing it up.” Jim piped in.

“No guys wait, I am still having the main event this is just a small trat from my uncle and it will be a couple of days before the party.” I told them.

“Now you’re talking Pablo my main man, two parties are always better than one.” Danny almost never called me Paul; he seemed to call me anything other than that, Pablo, Pavlo, Pavlova, Pal, Pappy and Pascal were some of the names he used, it didn’t worry me as he seemed to do it with all his close friends, Jim was Jimmy, Jimbo, Jammy and Jay to Danny.

Jim also seemed happy with the idea of a pave the way party as Danny described it.

After school, I went straight to my house and up to see Vera. I knocked on the door and she opened it, she was dressed in a small short dress made out of a silky clinging material that did nothing to hide her curves, the dress was very low cut and seemed to be held up purely my her nipples. I stood at the door admiring her and told her of my plan.
She was thrilled, Alison had gone swimming with the school and her husband was still at work, Vera pulled me in and closed the door behind her.

As I stood there she pulled me down to her and kissed me urgently on the lips, pocking her tongue at my lips until they surrendered and allowed entry, her tongue flicked around my mouth jousting with my own tongue until I followed her tongue back to its hiding place, once in there was no escape, not that I wanted to, she begun sucking at my tongue devouring it until I could fill the muscles in her throat pulling it in as far as it would reach.

My hand moved down and under her dress, she spread her legs wide to give me access, I felt for the hem of her knickers and pushed it aside, there was an unbelievable amount of heat emanating from her cunt, my fingers probed istanbul escort bayan until they found the entrance and I pushed two fingers into the furnace, she was completely soaked with her juices, if just the mere thought of her fantasy coming true caused this reaction, what would she be like on the day I wondered. I begun finger fucking her and felt her nectar dribbling down my fingers and saturating my whole hand, she was in a frenzy now trying to fuck my fingers and moaning loudly. I pushed a third finger into her and pulled away from her face using my other hand to draw the dress over her tits and once they were in the open attacked them with my free hand and my mouth.

I pinched one nipple and bit the other, she was almost shouting now asking for more, I moved my hand away from her tit and dropped it down to her cunt from behind and added a fourth finger to those already fucking her, once it was wet I moved it under the knickers until it connected with the rubbery entrance to her arse and just pushed until it was allowed entry passed her sphincter, she didn’t seem to know what she wanted most, one minute she was pushing down with her cunt burying my fingers in as deep as she could and the next she was pushing her arse onto my finger trying to get as much of that in her as possible. She screamed “Ohhh, Ohhh yessss fuckk me harder mmmm cummmmingggg.” At the moment I felt her cum was over my fingers like a tidal wave and her muscles squeezing done hard on my fingers and then realising several times in rapid succession, I pushed her back gently but firmly and drew her down so that she was now on the floor of the hall, I got down with her lifting her legs up and wide I pushed my face in between her legs and licked her distended cunt lips and then plunged my tongue into her centre tasting her exquisite nectar before commencing to eat her, sucking her juices out of her so that I could devour them, if any had told me before tasting Vera that I would love the taste of a woman’s vagina and the juices flowing from there, I would have thought them mad but now I just couldn’t get enough of Vera’s secretions and was happily slurping away, like a pig at a troth, lost in my feeding frenzy like a man starved for a week. “Ohh Paul that’s enough I can’t take anymore I need your cock in me cunt now.” She demanded.

I stood up quickly the motion sending the blood round my body so fast it made me dizzy, I dropped my trousers and pants, my cock sprung out of its confines it was rock hard and throbbing, the veins stood out engorged with blood, the head was a dark purple colour escort istanbul covered in precum. I dropped down in between her legs and taking her ankles in my hands lifted them up high onto my shoulders and pushed my baton like cock towards its goal, she grabbed it with her hand and guided it quickly to her cunt, I pushed and was in up to my balls in one thrust. ”Yessss now fuck me hard, I am a cock hungry cunt and need a hard fuck noww.” She told me as she again begun to moan as I begun fucking her like a jack hammer, I would go in until my balls were crushed against her body then pull out just leaving a part of the head in and repeat the action automatically, I felt the spunk building up in my balls as they tightened ready for release and I quickened my pace, my balls were almost in pain they needed to discharge their seed, it had been a couple of days since I had cum and there was an obvious build up of fluid waiting to be released.

“Noooo fuckkkk I wanttt itt inn myy mouuuuth.” Vera said in between gasps, moans and puppy like yelps, I pulled my cock out and laid her legs down, quickly scurrying to her head, putting a hand behind her head I lifted her up and pushed my now slimy cock, covered and glistening with her cunt cream into her gapping hot mouth, as it begun its inward passage I felt my sperm begin its rush from my balls and through my pipe until it forced itself through the narrow hole and ejected into her mouth with an unbelievable velocity, she coughed as it hit the back of her throat, it almost made her choke, my cock made involuntary jerking movements as my seed continued to fight its way to the surface and feel her mouth to capacity until it trickled down the sides of her lips and stained her cheeks. She swallowed the mixture of her cunt juice and my fluids, and then opened her mouth to show me she had some still trapped in her mouth, I bent down and kissed her fully on the mouth, tasting our combined efforts with my tongue until she had allowed it to trickle down her throat. She pushed me gently of her and I stood up, offering my hand to her, she grasped it and pulled herself off the floor. She used her fingers to wipe the spunk of her cheeks and popped them into her mouth licking them clean, “ That was what I’m sure any doctor would have ordered for my cunt, had I seen one, but most definitely not for my back, I think I’ve rubbed the skin red raw. She laughed.

My cock was slowly beginning to rise, being in the same room as this sex queen was enough, I wanted to fuck her in her tight arse and moved towards her. She put her hand on my chest gently pushing me away, “No, we don’t have time now. You’d better go and I’ll see you on Wednesday as agreed.” I wanted to protest but knew it made sense so I gave her a peck on the lips, opened the door and left, walking done the stairs I thought about my reward for my efforts and wished Wednesday would hurry up.

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